MEMORIZE Chapter 452

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00452 Forgotten Heroes. ————————————————– ———————-=

That’s right, that’s right, that’s right!

The sound of a ferocious animal howling echoed through the air. In the sky, there was a bone dragon soaring high into the sky with its wings spread wide.

Suddenly, the dead people’s eyes were no longer looking at us. As if we were not even paying attention, we were all raising our eyes to the sky and emitting terrifying hostility.

Only then did I come to my senses, so I quickly looked back at my clan members.

“I don’t know what the situation is, but this is an opportunity to take cover. “For now, we will try to increase the distance from this location as much as possible.”

After speaking, I quickly grabbed Ansol’s hand. And just as I was about to move, I felt a slight resistance from the hands I was holding. Out of panic, I tried to pull it a few more times, but each time I tried, the resistance only grew stronger.


“Yes… !”


“Ugh… !”

Ansol didn’t say anything. Rather, he was passively showing his refusal by pulling his hand towards himself.

Tears are still flowing from my eyes. However, staring into space with wide-open eyes, it seemed like he had no intention of moving a single step, at least from this spot.


I was about to say something, but suddenly stopped. I’m not even angry anymore. In these situations, anger is useless.

I slowly looked around, trying to remain as calm as possible.

A dragon that suddenly appeared in the fortress. And the skeleton men who deal with such a dragon.

‘if… .’

A thought passing through my head gave me goosebumps.

Ansol had earlier allowed the ritual of summoning the dead to take place properly. At the time, he didn’t understand why, but when the situation became this way, he was able to understand. If the dead people had not been summoned, we would have been left standing still to deal with the dragon that appeared in this fortress.

‘This situation right now… . Did you foresee everything? then?’

It was then. The foggy and hazy sky changed completely in an instant. It was dyed red, as if twilight was setting just before the sun set.

At the same time, the movement of the Bone Dragon, which was flying while avoiding the shower of arrows and magic, suddenly begins to slow down.

Eventually, it spread its wings wide, looked straight down, and shouted loudly, with red lights flashing around its eyes.

At that moment, I suddenly felt like the sky had opened. No, the sky wasn’t open. The clouds floating in the sky opened to the left and right, and burning raindrops began to pour down like lightning through the gap.

Shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo!

The burning raindrops that fell like heavy rain became longer as they went down. And just before it hit the ground, it turned into a stream of fire and fell right at the place where the dead were gathered.


Huge explosions erupted from all directions along with a loud noise that made my eardrums tingle.

It’s like a carpet bombing from the sky. The bombing started from the right, crossed diagonally, and spread widely, even exploding the building.

Fortunately, the central square was spared and was spared direct impact, but the aftermath was unavoidable. In an instant, flames erupt and the exploded pieces fly out. Soon the roar gradually died down, but the sound of burning fire was already filling the place.

Good luck! Grumble!

The fortress began to burn.


Suddenly, the sound of someone falling to the ground was heard. It looks like his legs gave out from not being able to withstand the bombing just now. The other clan members seemed to be standing quietly, but their intentions were probably the same.

The situation we found ourselves in now was neither a battle nor an exploration. It was a war.

“everyone… .”

Before continuing, I looked at Ansol. Then he looked back at his clan members and opened his mouth.

“Me and Ansol will remain here. But everyone else, please get out of this place quickly.”

Even in the midst of the emergency, all the clan members looked at me with puzzled faces.

It was a decision made after careful consideration.

There were two options. Either stay here or avoid it.

Actually, the best way was to avoid it. Sol Ahn is doing that now, but she just had to force herself to go.

The user information, as well as Ansol’s abilities that we had confirmed so far and a little while ago, were not properties that could be taken lightly. There must be some reason why Ansol wants to remain here.

So, I decided to trust Ansol’s choice.




“no, I do not want!”


“I don’t like it?”

“I don’t like it!”

The clan members’ unanimous answers consistently betrayed my expectations.

I raised my face solemnly, wondering if I would dare to refuse the Clan Lord’s orders. But I had no choice but to get off right away. Rather, it was because Ususu’s eyes were focused on what kind of nonsense he was talking about.

My lips feel dry. I am grateful for the clan member’s answer and I greatly appreciate his intentions.

However, the clan members here now are almost all elite level Mercenary users. This wasn’t the power to lose in vain.

Therefore, I planned to take advantage of the battle between the dragon and the dead to evacuate most of the clan members, and then move after considering the situation.

And looking at the offensive just now, it doesn’t look like the dead people will win. Although its purpose is terrifying, the good news is that it is a single entity. At least, this means that there is no possibility of being surrounded in multiple layers.

I decided to push the idea. For now, Ansol and I will continue to monitor the situation. And assuming the worst came to the worst, I thought I would be able to escape somehow if Ansol was the only remaining clan member.

“are you okay.”

At that time, a small voice flowed into my ears.

He wiped his puffy eyes with an eyeliner and pointed in one direction with his wet hand. When I turned my gaze in the direction indicated, I saw dead people aiming at the sky. Thousands of dead people were looking up at the sky with their arms holding their weapons pulled back.

– Occidite Eos!

Then, the moment an unknown cry was heard, swords, spears, arrows, and magic rose into the sky at the same time. Although the amount was so enormous that it completely filled the sky, I couldn’t help but believe my eyes for a moment.

Things that came to mind, came to mind.

It was literally like that. So, rather than firing concentrated shots at the dragon, it just soared into the air with heavy fire. In other words, it could be said that it was just thrown high into the sky. Then the Bone Dragon glanced down, flapped his wings vigorously, and soared into the sky.

An attack I don’t understand. Just when I was wondering what on earth I was doing.

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!


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A loud shout was heard once again, and a purple curtain was created in the air. The curtain, which occasionally sparkled with light as if there were stars in the night sky, suddenly made a loud noise as if a motor was running.

Shoo shoo shoo! Shoo shoo shoo!

Shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo!

The various attacks that rose into the sky began to shoot into the center of the curtain in an instant. It penetrated like water being sucked into a sewer, and as soon as it passed through the curtain, it became a single dot.

Soon, a dot with incredibly vast power bursts through the curtain and extends forward.

It was spectacular. The concentrated power of hundreds and thousands of dots rushed like a meteor, leaving behind a long tail. It quickly chased after the flying dragon and exploded into its body.

And after a while, the explosion of dots colored the entire body of the Bone Dragon as if it would engulf them.

Quack quack quack!

That’s right, that’s right, that’s right!

And that moment.

“───. ───. ───.”

With a soft muttering sound, Ansol raised his staff to the top. I immediately turned my head.

‘… … .’

But looking at that scene, I didn’t dare say anything. because… .

“───. ───. ───.”

The sight of Ansol quietly reciting a spell with his eyes tightly closed looked more holy and sacred than ever.

I felt like I was seeing a savior.


I was sad. I was just sad.

From the moment he set foot in the ruins, Ansol had to feel emotions rushing in from all directions.

The sorrow engraved on the ground.

The sorrow that seeped into the building.

The sadness contained in a mere piece of bone.

No, it’s a feeling of sadness engraved throughout the fortress.

All of these things were shouting at Ansol.

We are wronged!

I am so angry and resentful!

While feeling infinitely pitiful for him, Ansol thought.

What happened here? What on earth happened that caused such deep resentment to become resentment?

The answer was visible on the wall.

While everyone was interpreting the writing on the wall, only Ansol saw something different.

A long, long war.

And the final battle that could put an end to it.

It was not a war that ended in one or two years. It was a war that lasted for decades.

Decades. It is the time from when a child is born to adulthood and reaches middle age.

A child who grew up experiencing the horrors of war was destined to lose everything.

A newborn child had to lose his father as soon as he was born. He had to lose his mother in an unexpected attack. He had to lose his older brother and older sister during the war.

At that time, it was that kind of era. It was such a cruel time.

Countless miserable and terrible times have passed.

And finally, the final battle that could end this era has arrived.

Among humans, specially selected humans, without exception, volunteered to enter the mountain range. They all knew. If you go into these mountains, most of you will die. It’s difficult to come back alive.

Nevertheless, although it was difficult to avoid the fact that everyone volunteered, it was because everyone wanted to do it.

Let’s end this awful era now. Even if they die, they should not pass this era on to their brothers, sisters, children, and descendants.

I will bring back the peaceful times of the past.

Man under one such belief, no.

The ‘heroes’ entered the mountain range.

And then the final battle began.

The dragon’s offensive was fierce, and the humans on the dragon’s side were cunning. As expected, it had to suffer a lot of damage, but in the end, the dragon could not break the humans’ faith.

At the end of the war, countless blood flowed and formed a puddle, but the victory that emerged went to humans.

But the end of the war did not mean the end of everything.

Two curses from the Dragon of the End, Magna Carta.

One was literally a complete curse, and the other was a curse that was close to a prophecy. The former curse covered not only humans but also mountain ranges.

The remaining curse of the latter prophecy was only passed on to the great hero who commanded the heroes.

And the result.

The great hero accepted the curse.

The humans who survived the great war had to experience despair before they could even enjoy the joy of victory. After the long war ended, all that awaited them was a meaningless death.

Even after death, they were not free. It was right for each of them to ascend to the place they believed in, but due to the curse of Magna Carta and the great hero who accepted it, they were unable to leave the mountain range.

The curse inflicted upon him during his lifetime affected him even after his death, turning him into a ghost wandering the mountains.

Quack quack quack!

That’s right, that’s right, that’s right!

At the sound of heaven and earth opening, Ansol suddenly came to his senses.

In the air, there was a bone dragon that was staggering but was flapping its wings again, and there were skeletal people standing there looking at it resolutely. They were quietly preparing for the next attack, as if they knew that this attack would not end.

So, Ansol became even sadder.

These are people who sacrificed everything they had in their lives to fight.

These are people who were stabbed in the back by a commander they trusted and knew nothing about.

These are people who wandered the mountain ranges alone for thousands of years after their death.

These are people who cannot enjoy what they deserve and are completely forgotten by the world.

If so.

Now that they have been summoned to reality, the dragon of the apocalypse has also been resurrected.

And without hesitation, they chose to fight once again.

No one knows, but I have been feeling unfair for thousands of years without being able to ascend to heaven, and I was betrayed in the face of victory.

The faith I had when I first entered the mountains was still alive.

I have only one belief: I will bring back the peaceful times of the past.

They were worried about the resurrected dragon going out into the world, so they drew their swords once again, prepared for eternal extinction.

Magna Carta recovered and the human heroes prepared to attack again.

Looking at them, Ansol slowly raised his staff. Before he knew it, the soft light flowing from her wand was flowing through Ansol’s entire body, spreading a soft light.

Ansol quietly opened his mouth.

“miracle… !”

A brilliant light erupted from Ansol’s whole body. A pillar of pure white light rises into the air, drawing a round oval. Then, an angel with white wings flapping appeared in the center of the oval, accompanied by a group of blindingly bright lights.

Ansol said.

“Angel, angel… .”

The angel quietly opens his eyes and looks down as if telling him to make a wish.

“please… .”

The battle had already entered a lull for a while.

Just as they were about to attack each other, both the Dragon and the Dead were surprised by the sudden appearance of a huge angel. The miracle that Ansol activated with more earnest heart than ever was emitting an overwhelming presence that encompassed the entire fortress.

Ansol opened his mouth in a desperate tone.

“Please save the people buried here… !”

A desperate cry. The angel widened his eyes for a moment and then tilted his head.

However, as soon as he saw the dead people gathered in all directions, a benevolent smile appeared on his face.

After a while, the angel calmly nodded as if he understood the entire situation. Then Ansol’s face, which had been sad all along, brightened up.

-Salvation… .

It was a moment when a short chanting sound rang out in the air.

The angel looked in the direction where the deceased was and gently spread his arms. Then, when he gives a warm smile like his mother’s, the angel’s whole body begins to shine brightly.


A light so intense that it covered the entire area fell from the sky and fell to the ground.

In a land where darkness had existed for thousands of years, the miracle of warm light was finally realized.

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