MEMORIZE Chapter 450

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00450 Great War, a reenactment of that day. ————————————————– ———————-=

Before I knew it, a long time had passed.

“Boo… . I just hope nothing comes out like this… .”

Yujeong’s soft words broke the silence that had continued since climbing the stairs.

In some ways, you could call it crying, but I didn’t say anything. Because I was having somewhat similar thoughts. Of course, we didn’t want nothing to come out, but it was a simple hope that only what we were looking for would come out.

But I knew that couldn’t be so, so I kept my guard up and looked around.

It was not possible to see far due to the thick fog. However, after seeing the scenery so far, I thought that this fortress had a structure similar to a city.

Of course, the fact that it is essentially a fortress and a military defense facility remains the same. The 5-story building that was vaguely visible to the left also had a structure on its roof that appeared to be a surveillance tower.

Not only that, but the streets were orderly and there were occasional signs of cover, which clearly showed that the building was built in preparation for a dragon that could fly.

‘The more I look at it, the more I can’t help but admire it.’

Even though I thought it was really great, I suddenly felt worried.

Naturally, these buildings were built to protect against intruders.

Strictly speaking, we were no different from intruders. The dead people I have experienced so far have shown their own systematic tactics during battle. If, by chance, dead people appear and use these structures… .

Rattling, rattling!

Tap! Pajik!

Rattling, rattling!

It was then. Just as I was assuming the worst, I heard something snapping. The sound of walking through the piles of bones was constant throughout. Therefore, although the noise in the middle was actually subtle, it was definitely audible.

“Clan Lord. Please wait a moment.”

At the same time, a request was made to stop, spoken in a calm tone. It was Cha So-rim’s voice. I immediately raised my hand to signal a stop and slowly turned around. Cha So-rim was standing with the correct posture and looking down.

“Is there a problem.”

“I think I just kicked something… . “I found something strange.”

“Is it something strange?”

“yes. A small object shining ominously between the bones… . Please wait a moment.”

Cha So-rim quietly nodded her head and slightly bowed. While she was quietly watching the scene, a thought suddenly flashed through her head.

I quickly bent down and stretched out my arms towards him. Fortunately, I was able to grab Cha So-rim’s hand just before picking up the item from the ground. I felt his hand shaking.

“K-Clan Lord? W, here… . Well, if you suddenly do this… .”


Cha So-rim must have been so embarrassed that she blinked rapidly three or four times. I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but I calmly shook my head.

“User Cha Shaolim’s Arcus Necklace contains anti-magic power, right?”

“yes? yes yes. is it so. “No, that’s true.”

“That’s good, but don’t hold it with your hands just in case. “Just tell me where it is.”

“yes? What is that… . ah!”

Cha So-rim tilted her head for a moment. However, perhaps because he had a lot of experience, he seemed to understand what I wanted to say right away. This is because there is a high possibility that items discovered in this manner will be subject to a dangerous curse.

Soon, when Cha So-rim lowered his eyes gently, he was able to find something with a gloomy glow, just as he had heard before. The third eye was already activated.

『Token of the cursed contract.』

‘Token of contract?’

I slowly stretched out my hand. And as I rummaged through the bones, I was soon able to grab the token of contract that could fit in one hand.

There were blank stares for a moment, but they quickly subsided as I used my hands to generate the power of fire. This is because I have extremely high magic resistance, and I was able to purify the curse with Hwajeong’s ability.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

The small fire of reconciliation slowly ignited into a token of the contract. As expected, the gloomy light immediately faded and its original clean color was restored. The shape is round and there are unrecognizable patterns drawn in the center. I looked again with my third eye.

『Token of a purified contract.』

“I… . Clan Lord. This hand… .”

“huh? “Oh, I’m sorry.”

While I was looking at the contract certificate for a while, I heard Cha So-rim’s muffled voice. Now that I think about it, our joined hands are so warm that I think I’ve been holding them since before without realizing it.

I immediately let go of his hand with a simple apology, and put the token of the contract I had been examining in my arms. In some ways, this item can be considered an achievement, but we were still exploring in the middle of the fortress.

I opened my mouth quietly.

“It’s no big deal. But just in case, if you find something like this on your way… . No, you don’t have to search so desperately.”

“Please tell me,” I tried to say, but the moment I raised my gaze, I had no choice but to correct myself. Before I knew it, I could see Hanbyul secretly scouting the surroundings and Yujeong diligently removing bones with his feet.

It was natural to be greedy for results since entering the ruins, but in the current situation, results were a secondary matter. I don’t know why, but Cha So-rim suddenly giggled and took a few steps back.

After checking with Hanbyul, who was shaking his hands as if he was wondering when he had done that, and Yujeong, who returned with a sad look on his face, I moved back to the lead.

“Then, let’s start again.”

Soon, as it slowly moved forward, the noise of stepping on bones began again. Strangely enough, it felt like it was louder than before.

How much time has passed?

Although it was a slow pace as I checked each item one by one, I felt that the surrounding scenery was gradually becoming clearer.

I thought my eyes had adapted by now, but no. The fog, which was so thick that it was impossible to see 10 meters in front, began to gradually lighten. At the same time, I felt that my feet, which had been pushing through the bone all this time, were feebly kicking in the air.

I slowed down slightly but quickly checked the floor. The slight elevation disappeared, and before I knew it, a clean marble floor appeared.

Although the dust was thick, I was able to notice one thing unusual. There are no bones visible in this area. And the fog was very thin.

As I looked ahead, I noticed a building that I had never seen before in Hall Plain. No, should I say it’s not a building, but a kind of wall? Or a headstone?

I don’t know the details, but anyway, just like the floor, what appeared to be a white wall stood tall. And around it, what appeared to be statues were surrounded on all sides.

“Oh my. “It seems quite likely that it is here.”

“… I don’t feel anything strange. “Let’s go inside first.”

After answering Vivien’s question, I walked into what I thought was the center or square of the fortress.

The fog was definitely light here. The further I went in, the more my vision returned to normal.

After passing the statue and stopping in front of the wall, I slowly looked around. As if I was right, as I stood here, I could clearly see the surrounding area. The square, which appeared to be about 200 meters wide, had nothing except the wall and statue in the center.

“This statue… . “I think it’s a personification of the mythical inhabitants.”

Seon Yuun looked at the statue with sharp eyes and said.

It was definitely as he said.

Although there are traces of wear and tear over time, the statue has maintained its approximate original form. The four statues built around the wall each held a spear, a shield, a staff, a person praying, and a bow. It seemed like they had erected statues of famous residents from mythology.


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I next turned my attention to the wall.

Considering that the top part was rounded, it had a strong impression that it was a tombstone, but it was large enough to reach 2 meters. This too was very worn due to the force of time, so I quietly raised my hand and carefully rubbed the wall.

And then he stopped his hand right away. This is because I felt a subtle texture in the area where I swept it.

When I lightly blew on it and looked at it, I could see that certain letters were engraved on it. Since I know quite a bit about archaic language, I started interpreting it without delay.

‘… … .’

However, I didn’t know.

There were letters that could clearly be interpreted, but they were only those that corresponded to interposition particles or final endings.

This means that the writing on this wall was not archaic. Considering that letters have continued to develop in Hol Plain, it is highly likely that this is a letter used during the mythological period.

Thinking that Vivien might know, I immediately turned around.

Clan members were looking at the wall with me or standing around the statue. After giving instructions not to let down our guard, I immediately opened my mouth to Vivien.

“Vivien. “This way for a moment.”

“huh? “What’s going on?”

“Come here and look at this wall.”

“why. “Is there anything written there?”

Vivien ran over to me and looked at the area I pointed to. And he looked at it for about three seconds, then he opened his eyes and said.

“Huh, this is the language used in the mythical era, right?”

“So you can read it?”

I asked with anticipation, but Vivien shook her head excitedly.

“No, not possible. The language we use is a development of what has come down from the mythical era, but there are distinct eras. This is the language used even in ancient times to refer to ancient times, that is, the distant past. “Nowadays, many things have been put into practice, and few people have learned it in the first place.”

“… is it.”

“Tsk… . Just wait. “The language itself has developed a lot along with magic spells, so maybe there’s something I can read.”

“Okay, then please…” . “Hey man.”

While I was nodding my head with regret, I was lost for a moment. Because Vivian raised both his hands and started rubbing the wall. I was worried that it might completely collapse, but fortunately the wall was safe.

“after. Well then, let’s get started. “But don’t expect too much.”

Vivien shook off her darkened hands. She looked like she didn’t care at all. However, his face immediately changed to a serious one, and he calmly raised his right hand. Then he immediately puts his index finger and gently touches the beginning of the letters on the wall.

Soon, Vivien’s interpretation began with her fingers scanning the engraved letters.

“Uhm… . Umm… .”

But is it still difficult to interpret it? Even though he was already several rows down, Vivien could not say a single word.

Then, the hands, which moved slowly at first, gradually begin to become faster. If you think about it, Vivien was also a resident 100 years ago, but even so, it seems that it was difficult to read the letters during the myth.

When I was halfway to giving up, Vivien’s fingers suddenly stopped. Before I knew it, my index finger had crossed half of the wall, and Vivian was also half-bent at the waist.

And after a while, the first words finally came out of Vivien’s mouth.

“It was unreliable… . No, I can’t believe it… ? No, past brother. “There was none.”


“no way… . At that time… ? Such an incident… ? work… ? What will happen is… .”

“… … .”

It seems like you can’t hear me right now. Vivien was completely absorbed in interpretation.

Vivien stared at the paused part for a while, as if there was at least some part that could be interpreted. However, as he soon went down again, the interpretation seemed to have been blocked again.

The index finger scanned the engraved letters at rapid speed.

Then, at some point, Vivien’s lips opened again.

“The curse of Magna Carta… . that… . To whom… .”

The conversation stopped again. Still, I suddenly had a glimmer of hope that there might be more and more things that could be interpreted.


From then on, Vivien’s index finger went down like water, almost to the last part. As I looked at Vivien squatting down, I felt a twinge of regret.

I wondered if there might be a way to clear this fog written down, but my expectations were wrong.

Anyway, since it was confirmed that there was nothing special about the central square, it was now time to look for buildings that looked unusual.

Just as I was thinking about that and was about to put my hand on Vivien’s shoulder, Vivien’s lips suddenly parted again. The index finger had almost stopped at the last part.

“I am… .”

Vivien frowned deeply. Then he pushed his face closer and checked again and again, then tilted his head and continued speaking.

“No we…” . A hero… . I hate it… ?”

The unexpected words made me repeat Vivien’s words.

I, no, we hate heroes.

‘… uh.’

And then, a thought quickly passed through my head.

These are the words that came out of Ansol’s mouth before climbing the first stairs.

‘I hate heroes.’

Although there was a difference between me and us, I immediately turned my head away. And the moment I found Ansol, I was shocked.

Before I knew it, Ansol had come to the side without me noticing, and was looking at the wall and Vivien with a very nervous expression.

“Sirje… . Imercio… ?”

And when I heard the interpretation again, I reflexively looked down at the wall. The index finger that had been scanning the wall was now slowly moving towards the end.

“In Tenebras… .”

It was then.

Ugh… .

A weak flow of magic power felt momentarily. It was literally just a moment, but I could feel it. An ominous flow of magical energy slowly began to occur around me.

“what… .”

An imprint of magic power and a magic circle. No, I couldn’t see anything. However, I felt very embarrassed when a sudden flow of magical energy occurred, but that was not important at the moment.

‘You can’t let me talk!’


So, I was about to reach out without delay and make him stop.


The hand that was about to grab Vivien’s shoulder stopped midway. Someone grabbed my arm. When I turned my gaze in bewilderment, I saw Sol An with his eyes shining brightly.

“Ansol? You now… .”

“Let it happen. Brother.”

“W-what? “What does that mean?”

“If you don’t… . “We’re all going to die!”

Ansol’s meaningful voice.

Before I could even ask what that meant, I had to listen to Vivien’s interpretation, which I thought was over.

“… Letus. It was Mortus. Ugh, it’s hard… . It’s over now. Hey Kim Soo-hyun! “Did you call me?”

Without even thinking about answering Vivien’s words, I just looked at Ansol. Ansol returned with his usual sad face, but somehow he showed signs of relief.

I slowly looked away and stared at the wall.


And, it was that moment.

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