MEMORIZE Chapter 413

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00413 7. Yoo Hyeon-ah’s shadow (2/2). ————————————————– ———————-=

It was the moment when my heart, or rather Hwajeong, opened its mouth.

Squeeze! Puzzle! Patchool?!

Strangely enough, Magi, who had been running wild just a moment ago, calmed down in an instant.

Hwajeong continued.

– Oh my, Suraya~. long time no see. But why are you here?

Partschut! Partz tsk tsk!

– oh my… . Look at Inseok. Why is he like this… . It’s me, Hwajeong. It won’t hurt you. huh? Just stay still.

Patchool… ? Partschut… .

– That’s right. Yes, yes. kind… . I won. He was such an innocent guy when I first saw him a thousand years ago. How could it have turned out like this?

I felt dazed for a moment. Suramachang’s energy, his ferocious appearance from a moment ago, was disappearing every time Hwajeong spoke to him.

I understand that they are stepping back since their energies are compatible. However, the reason Hwajeong spoke to him in such a friendly manner… .

“Merchionary Lord! Mercenary Lord!”


At that time, a deafening voice struck my ears. So I lifted my head in a daze and saw Gong Chan-ho snorting vigorously.

“Merchionary Lord! “Gwae, are you okay?”

“ah… . Yes, yes. Okay, I think it’s okay. “No, it’s okay.”

I still didn’t know what was going on, so I stuttered for a moment.

After shaking my head to come to my senses, I looked at Gong Chan-ho once again. But before he knew it, he had lowered his gaze with a shocked expression.

So, when I followed his gaze and lowered my head, a very strange sight caught my eye.

Good luck! Grumble!

Partschut! Partz tsk tsk!

The dark red demonic energy that covered his right arm as if it were thorns was already enveloped by the clear energy of Hwajeong. Such a sight… . It looks like Hwajeong is embracing Sura.

It was then.

– hey. Companion.

Now that I think about it, just when I felt that Surama Chang’s rampage had stopped, Hwajeong spoke up.

At that moment, I quickly looked at Gong Cheon-ho and Seong Ha-yan. Both of them seem to be in no mood, but if they answered verbally here, they would probably be suspicious.

‘Could Hwajeong read minds?’

then… . Hwajeong?

-Why are you harassing our Surah?


What are you talking about. Why am I harassing him?

– He’s really angry right now? He said he didn’t like it but you kept touching it. I heard they tried to forcefully occupy it?


I thought that the expression on the topic of windows was quite mania, but I was at a loss for words. I don’t know what Surama Chang meant by ‘occupation’. Still, it was true that I added force in order to test my strength.

– Hmm… . I want to know strength… . Right. good. Then wait a moment.

Did he read my mind again? Hwajeong told him to wait a moment and gently shook it like a wave.

– Hey, hey. Suraya. Hey… .

“Well, Mercenary Lord. This… . “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Are you okay?”

At first glance, I raised my head and could see Gong Chan-ho and Sung Ha-yan approaching very close. Before I knew it, the worry had subsided and I was looking at my arm with a curious expression.

After gathering myself for a moment, I tried turning the window around.

“yes. it’s okay. For a moment, I thought something big would happen, but fortunately my magic resistance held up… .”

“okay. then… .”

Gong Chan-ho’s expression becomes subtle. It seems that he has no idea whether enduring this rebound effect will be beneficial or detrimental to him.

I clicked my tongue and added.

“yes. We have clearly confirmed the extent of the backlash effect. “If we go to an official trial, I will testify about this.”

“thank you!”

“no. Of course it’s something that needs to be done… . ah. However, this window is not visible as a normal window. “If you don’t mind, may I look at this window a little longer?”

“sure. ha ha ha.”

Gong Chan-ho smiled widely, as if he was finally relieved. Hearing the sound of laughter, I raised my hand holding the spear high in the sky.

By the way, it’s really scary.

Even when I read it with my third eye, I thought it was an incredible ability. But when I heard it for myself, it was literally no joke. Although its form was simply a stick, the dark red magic energy flowing through its arms had a horrifyingly destructive nature.

Evaluate honestly and objectively. Of the four swords I have, none are better than the Surama Spear. To that extent, the Surama Spear could be considered the strongest or worst weapon.

– Companion. Get ready.

At that time, Hwajeong suddenly spoke again.

What do you prepare?

– You want to know strength? I asked for it. So, even if it’s just for a little while, Surama Chang will accept you as its master. So get ready.

The owner of Surama Spear… ?

– okay. ah. I guess I’m going to start now. I guess I want to get away from you quickly. Anyway, I will help you a little, but you will still have to brace yourself.

wait for a sec. If you are the owner… . no way!

Out of shock, I immediately opened the user information window.

It was that moment.

– Let’s start.

With a word of Hwajeong,

Kudukduk! Kudukduk!

Change has begun.



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Suddenly, I let out a loud moan as I felt my grip being torn apart. There was no warning. It felt like a huge tsunami crashing in without warning.

Ku-doo-doo-doo, ku-doo-doo-doo!

The demonic energy that was thought to have calmed down starts shaking violently again. On the left, energy gushing out like a fountain envelops the entire stick, and on the right, energy gushing like thorns rises powerfully. Then it gradually became thicker and began to form a single shape.

Gooooo… ! Gooooo… !

The storm of magic energy that swept like a tidal wave was soon unable to envelop the stick and swept the surrounding area. As a result, a tremendous amount of pressure suddenly hit me and my vision was shaken. It was almost like there was an earthquake.

At the same time, there was so much noise that it felt like the sound of someone shouting was being drowned out.

“Tsk… ! Big… !”

I held on to my violently shaking right hand and closed my eyes. At the same time, I bit my tongue hard. I feel like I’m coming back to my senses a little bit.

If we define Surama Spear’s magic power as ‘resistance’, now Surama Spear’s magic power was subtle. Should I say that he is showing off his power to the fullest, as if he is saying, ‘If you can take it, take it.’

Good luck! Grumble!

If Hwajeong hadn’t helped her along the way, she probably would have missed it long ago. Withstanding the overwhelming pressure that took my breath away, I slowly opened my eyes.


As if this was his true self, Surama Chang screamed so viciously that everyone went away. The appearance of a long stick had suddenly completely changed.

The total length is about 2 meters. At the left end, demonic energy was blooming like crazy, and something like a sharp awl was sticking out. At the far right, a gently curved scythe flashes an eerie light. The awl was as long as a child’s arm, and the sickle was long enough to hug a huge tree.

Is this the true form of Surama Spear (壽拏魔槍)?

Then a message appears in the air.

『Surama Spear (壽拏魔槍) recognizes user Kim Soo-hyun as its true owner!』

『Strength increases by 6 points!』

At the same time, a feeling of satisfaction fills my whole body. My whole body trembled and I stared into space.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Kim Soo-hyun (1st year)

2. Class: Sword Specialist Master

3. Nation: Free mercenary

4. Affiliation (Clan): Mercenary (Clan Rank: Performance is being evaluated.)

5. Jinmyeong • Nationality: Master of the sword • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Male (25)

7. Height • Weight: 181.5cm • 75.5kg

8. Alignment: Lawful • Chaos

[Strength 102(+8)] [Durability 92] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 92(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

The strength ability has become 102!


I couldn’t control this indescribable thing, so I let out an exclamation. How on earth should I express this feeling? Pleasure? Feeling full? A sense of liberation?

It was a very refreshing feeling, as if the chains that had been binding my entire body were released all at once. My whole body feels refreshed. I don’t feel any pressure anymore. Something inside me was changing greatly. The magic powering the circuit felt more cheerful than ever before, and it felt like each cell was waking up and sending out tremendous power.

I feel like I can destroy everything that stands in my way right now!

It was then.

– hey! Don’t take too long. The longer you drag it, the greater the burden of the storm will be. You know what I mean, right?

I suddenly came to my senses after hearing Hwajeong’s warning.

“ha… ! ha… !”

My heart was still pounding and I was excited, but I forced myself to calm down. And then I remembered what my third eye had warned me about.

The moment I thought I had overcome it, the Surama Spear would swallow me up.

“Whoa… . Phew… . Whoop.”

It would have been difficult to hold on like this now if it weren’t for Hwajeong. As the saying goes, there is nothing good that will last long. So, after taking a few deep breaths, I set the window at an angle. A black scythe that emits an eerie light is aimed at the cloudless sky. I stared at the blue sky for a while.

and then.


With a single movement of energy, he lowered his arms toward the sky with all his might. The energy that flowed along the trajectory soon changed to a dark color and surged powerfully.


A formidable demon energy that I had never felt before rises, roaring. As it passed through the air, it soared into the sky in an instant and stretched out for a long time. It looked as if a long line had been drawn in the sky.


At that moment, although it was clearly just passing through the air, the eerie sound of something being cut rang out. When I opened my eyes to see something, I had no choice but to open my mouth.

So bad, so bad!

Magi mercilessly tore through the sky.

And the scene that followed the split sky was dark and empty… .

… okay. It was like looking into space.


7. Yoo Hyeon-ah’s shadow.

The night was deep. I lay in bed and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep. I sighed softly, feeling helpless and empty for no reason.

Several days have passed since I returned from the academy. But when he compares his time at the Academy to his time back… . What can I say? Should I say that I can’t get used to it? Even though I wasn’t there even for a single day, I feel like I experienced a lot at the Academy.

‘Meet Gong Chan-ho… . Bringing in Park Hyun-woo… . And I held the Surama Spear… .’

Ko Yeon-ju ultimately found Gong Chan-ho not guilty. However, Kim Min-hee’s clan had requested a hold, so the official announcement was being postponed. The intention is probably to obtain the ‘crystal of truth’, but is it really easy to obtain it?

After a while, while I was squeezing and opening my right hand without meaning to, I suddenly found myself groping the bedside. As soon as I felt the gentle feeling of the record, I lifted the paper and unfolded it in front of me.

– [Exclusive] Chaos at the Academy. Did the sky split open following the instructor’s death? Due to an unknown phenomenon, there has been a surge in users visiting the temple recently… .

Recently, the number of users visiting the temple has been increasing. I guess I got called about three times too. Seraph’s stomach is probably burning by now.

I smiled bitterly, thinking that I would have to visit the temple soon.

‘… … .’

And then, the feeling of despair came again.

Actually, I know the cause of this sense of despondency. The reason is that just a short while ago, the strength ability increased to 102 points. I can never forget the infinite power and the tremendous sense of liberation I felt at that time.

Maybe that’s why my body can’t seem to adapt when I get back to its original state. In other words, should I say that I have learned ‘taste’?

‘Maybe I should have just not given it back.’

Actually, that can’t be true. Due to the death incident, Gong Chan-ho’s weapon was already widely known, and Surama Chang also hates me. If it weren’t for Hwajeong, he probably wouldn’t have been able to hold on and threw it away, let alone splitting the sky.

I let out a long sigh again. Then, after squeezing and opening his right hand for a while, he spoke absentmindedly as a thought suddenly occurred to him. The target was my heart.


– huh? why?

Hwajeong answers as if she had been waiting for that moment. I was startled at first by the quick response, but was able to calm down right away. If you think about it, didn’t Hwajeong always appear suddenly?

– If you call me, say something. Don’t be surprised.

As Hwajeong scolded me, I calmly composed myself. And then the conversation started.

okay. You did that before. If you want to use yourself properly, raise your stamina to 101.

– It did.

then… . What if? What happens if I increase my stamina to 102 or higher?

– Hmm… .

Will you also change like Surama Chang?

– well? I don’t think I have any obligation to say that. Maybe I shouldn’t say it yet. Anyway, it’s difficult to answer.

I whetted my appetite at Hwajeong’s direct refusal. So, Hwajeong and I are partners. I am in a position of lending strength, it is not a one-sided relationship.

– joy. yes. I know the topic well. Anyway, do you have any other questions?

I’m curious. I thought for a moment and then came up with an idea.

Now that I think about it, you came out when I heard Surama Spear this time, right? Last time, even in front of Yongyeom, he came out on his own.

– huh.

If you think about it, you often appear when fire is involved. Does that have anything to do with your appearance?

– at all. Yongyeom came here because he thought you were a little dangerous, and he thought you were a little arrogant. And Sura was a child I looked after before.

Just that?

– okay. That’s it. I didn’t always come out when you faced the fire, did I? For example, once when I met a woman in the forest, or during a war.

I nodded my head at Hwajeong’s refreshing answer.

– Even hanging out together requires a certain level of dignity.

It’s like that.

By the way, are you referring to Baek Seo-yeon, whom you met in the forest earlier? She would be somewhat of the level you mentioned.

– What a mess.

A heat wave can be considered the greatest fire that humans can handle… .

– That’s funny. Explain why I have to deal with fire, the best of all men.

Hwajeong’s voice full of pride. Suddenly it occurred to me that if Hwajeong had a face, she would be snorting her laughter right now.

– Come to think of it, you. I want to take this opportunity to tell you to break the habit of relying on me too often. huh? Do you know how annoying and pathetic it is? you stupid. and… .

Hwajeong seemed to think that this was the right time and fired without stopping like a machine gun. Actually, I had nothing to say about this, so I could only blink blankly.

‘… … .’

In the past, I would just go in without saying a few words, but today is different. Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. I was trying to ask about 102 and what it is like.

It was around this time that Hwajeong’s nagging left a bitter taste in my mouth for a while. Then, a thought suddenly passed by.

– ah. Of course, I’m not saying this because I’m absolutely worried about your body… .

Then why are you in my body, which is just a human?

It was then. Hwajeong’s voice, which had been chattering non-stop, suddenly stopped. So, when I guessed that she came out and went back in on her own like before, I suddenly felt a hot energy flowing through her body.

Good luck! Grumble!

The energy flowing from the heart quickly takes over the magic circuit. Then it moves so crazy that I can’t follow it.

“Ugh. Now, wait a minute.”

As soon as the white flag was raised, Hwajeong’s movements stopped.

– Bit by bit… . Each… .

So, when I said it out loud without realizing it, I felt that Hwajeong was very angry about something.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

– Listen carefully.

Good luck! Grumble!

And a ray of chloride that leaked out soon reached my nose and started pressing it.

– The reason I lend you my strength is simply because it went against your earnest will. yes? I never fell in love with someone like you. Do you understand?

“no. “Who said what?”

– You idiot. joy! Get ready to go outside soon!

Good luck!

When I asked a question incredulously, Hwajeong burst into flames and suddenly disappeared. I shook my head vigorously as I watched the sparks soon scatter. This is what it feels like to wash your face with fire.


“I don’t know.”

I stretched out loud and yawned. My body unexpectedly warmed up, and now I just felt tired. I couldn’t sleep until just now, but now I feel like I’m going to fall asleep if I close my eyes.

I threw down the record and slowly closed my eyes. And while waiting for the darkness to come into my head, I thought about my conversation with Hwajeong.

Now that I think about it, the last thing I said was… . Get ready to go? What does that mean?

And, it was that moment.


When I heard the magical sound telling me to leave the Mercantile House, I jumped up. This… .

It was the activation of a security spell installed in a warehouse on the third floor.

I put my hand on my earring and quickly ran away.

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