MEMORIZE Chapter 412

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『Surama Spear (壽拏魔槍)』

(General description: A sacred spear, Sura, which has been passed down in legend for a thousand years. It is a sacred weapon recorded in the myth of the Battle of Heavenly Demon in the ancient Hol Plain.


While being passed down for over a thousand years, Sura has imbued with a lineage of incalculable darkness. Sura, who was intoxicated with the blood accumulated over a long period of time, became infected with demonic nature at some point.

The current sura (壽拏) is no longer a new song. A magical spear that constantly thirsts for blood and cries out for destruction against the wearer.

That is, Surama Spear (壽拏魔槍).

(Caution: The flame latent in Sura grants the wearer continuous hardships and trials. Be careful. The moment you think you have overcome the demon nature, the magic spear will swallow you mercilessly. It will.)

(Detailed explanation: 1. Increases the wearer’s strength by ‘unconditional’ 6. 2. The wearer….)


After moving to a quiet place with Gong Chan-ho and Seong Ha-yan.

“I feel really wronged.”

As soon as I sat down on the seat provided nearby, I heard Gong Chan-ho’s complaint. Seeing that his complexion is filled with apprehension, the words “We’ll see” seem to be bothering him.

“… I think it would be better to wait for the Shadow Queen’s judgment for now.”

“B-but! but… .”

Nevertheless, Gong Chan-ho seemed extremely anxious, looking at me and Seong Ha-an alternately, his lips quivering. Soon, Seong Hayan pats his despairing back with a worried look on his face.

‘This… . ‘I’m in no mood to talk at all.’

No, before that. Is this Gong Chan-ho really invincible?

I let out a short sigh at the unfamiliar sight of ‘Invincible’. And I calmly organized my thoughts about the death incident. In order to ask questions, I thought it would be better to first make them aware of the current situation.

“The key is that she touched the window.”

The moment he spoke, Gong Chan-ho raised his head. He had eyes that were shining earnestly, as if he were looking at a rope.

“User Minhee Kim’s argument is simple. The woman had no reaction when touched, but when user Kang Seong-hoon touched her, she experienced a large rebound effect that caused her death. So, if we can provide a clear answer to this issue, user Gong Chan-ho’s innocence will be proven.”

Gong Chan-ho seemed to understand to some extent. However, the fact that he still looks glum seems to be a problem in providing a clear answer.

“That’s it… . Actually, I don’t even know why.”


“After a while. Mercenary Lord. Please listen to me. first… . “The woman next to me is Seong Ha-yan, a trainee who is not yet a user.”

It was a sudden introduction, but I quickly looked away. Seong Hayan looked at me blankly and bowed her head.

“hello. “It’s pure white.”

“… Mercenary Clan Lord. “This is Kim Soo-hyun.”

A pure voice that leaves no trace of fault. It was a voice so clear and beautiful that white snow came to mind.

anyway. When he slightly raised his eyebrows as if to ask what was going on, Gong Chan-ho looked embarrassed and continued speaking.

And what followed was nothing special.

Gong Chan-ho was an instructor who taught melee classes. However, because it was his first time as an instructor, he made many mistakes and was very confused in the beginning.

Then one day, on his way back from an outdoor lecture, Gong Chan-ho forgot his Surama spear. So when he hurried back to retrieve it, he happened to see Seong Hayan holding a Sura magic spear.

“I still feel dizzy just thinking about that time. If a backlash effect occurred… . ah. Of course, I don’t know why it didn’t happen… . haha.”

Gong Chan-ho paused for a moment and smiled shyly as he looked at Sung Ha-yan. She also smiles, her cheeks turning red.

Judging from their appearance, I was able to guess their relationship. We probably became close friends quickly because of that incident.

At that moment, I became irritated for no reason and opened my mouth even sharper.

“… Does that make sense?”

Gong Chan-ho quickly erased his smile and looked serious again.

“also… . “It won’t be enough, right?”

“… “Umm.”

I touched my forehead for a moment and then quietly opened my mouth.

“Then we have no choice but to hope for a correction of the truth in the end.”

“But I can’t afford to seek correction of truth…” .”

“There is no need for user Gong Chan-ho to obtain that. “If you want to clearly determine right from wrong, the other side will come to the rescue themselves.”

“But if by chance he is proven guilty… .”

As if there was no way to relieve his rising anxiety, Gong Chan-ho kept making assumptions. So I tightened my neck to tell him to stop now.

“The one who has the advantage in the current situation is user Gong Chan-ho. Because even though he was not allowed to touch the weapon, the user Kang Seong-hoon was forced to touch it. Taking that into account, it is highly likely that death will be determined to be due to negligence.”

“really… . “Is that so?”

“Instructor Go Yeonju is a Mercenary Clan member. “We talked about it for a while, and it wasn’t much different from what I thought.”

Gong Chan-ho looked up at me, blinking his eyes pitifully. When I saw his face, my eyebrows furrowed without me realizing it.

‘really… . strange… .’

To be honest.

My first meeting with Gong Chan-ho was a huge disappointment.

Who is Gong Chan-ho? Wasn’t she the strongest windbreaker who shook the entire Northern Continent, ‘Invincible’?

‘Invincible’ Gong Chan-ho was so outstanding and so powerful that he was checked by all clans. I still remembered the reputation of being called a one-man army after defeating ‘God of War’ Cha Seung-hyeon and ‘Crazy Bitch’ Band Da-hee.

‘okay. Wouldn’t this be enough to make it worth dealing with? ha ha ha!’

Also when you fall into a trap. The image of him quietly smiling and pulling out the ‘Surama Spear’ at the thousands of users surrounding him is still deeply engraved in my mind.

however. If so.

“haha… . Please be kind to me. Mercenary Lord!”

What on earth is this servile appearance?

After biting back with a bitter taste in my mouth for a while, I quietly nodded.

Did I finally feel relieved? Gong Chan-ho breathed a sigh of relief and bowed his head to me. And even added, “Thank you.”

I slowly shook my head as I looked at Seong Hayan who immediately lowered her head.

After a while, an awkward silence fell and some time passed.

I knocked on the table for a while and then broke the silence.

“Come to think of it… . “I heard that you did a great job in this war.”


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“Yes, yes?”

“I heard that you were hired as an instructor in recognition of your achievements.”

“aha… . oh my. It’s just a small ball. “Can it be compared to Mercenary Road?”

Meanwhile, Gong Chan-ho glances at me as if observing me. If so, it means that you know me to some extent.

I tilted my head slightly and continued speaking once more.

“I heard that you don’t belong to any clan yet. Are you working alone?”

“Oh, that’s not it. “There are colleagues who work together for as little as a few months or as long as several years.”

“then… . “You mean it’s still a caravan.”

“Hey. Still, I have plans to create a clan soon. I don’t think we will be pushed out in performance evaluations due to this war. haha.”

Was it like that? Actually, I was expecting it to be like this, but I couldn’t help but feel bitter.

Gong Chan-ho’s user information is enormous. The fact that its strength ability is 101 is enough to call it a top 10.

So, why was this huge number of users unknown until now?

Actually, there is nothing to think about. There was only one correct answer to that.

That is, Gong Chan-ho has deliberately hidden his abilities until now.

I think you probably had similar thoughts to me at the beginning of Holplane. In other words, he will live quietly until his foundation is firmly established. Or maybe it’s because of my personality.

Of course, I don’t know when I got the Surama Spear. However, it is difficult to say that Gong Chan-ho hid it so well alone, and it is highly likely that outstanding colleagues around him helped.

‘Shin Hyo-chan… . no. There is a high possibility that it is Hong Joo-hee. ‘I assisted Gong Chan-ho for the longest time.’

A thought suddenly crossed my mind and I stared at Seong White. It looks like we’ve already interacted, but if you haven’t been scouted yet… .

I opened my mouth with the feeling of grasping at straws.

“User Seong Hayan. “I heard you’re getting pretty good grades at the academy.”

“yes? “Oh, no.”

“Is there any clan that offered scouting?”

“Oh, that’s… . Thank you for your words, but… .”

However, Seong Hayan carefully trailed off his words. When I saw it, I was able to roughly understand what was going on. I sighed deeply again.

In fact, the future has already changed and Gong Chan-ho may no longer be my enemy.

But that is only a possibility. For me, who has experienced the power of 101, I felt uneasy about lightly passing over the variable of ‘invincible’.

Who knows whether that Surama Spear will aim at me and my colleagues in the future or not?

“ah… . haha. Mercenary Road. Actually, I have already scouted them. “He decided to follow me after completing the academy.”

Was my silence unsettling? Gong Chan-ho’s carefully followed explanation neatly cut even the last straw. At the same time, the future invincible looks suspiciously at me.

It has to be that way. He asked a series of nuanced questions that seemed like he was investigating something, and flirted (?) with Seong Hayan, with whom he seemed to already have a deep relationship.

I thought about quitting at this point, but I couldn’t help but feel regretful.

After gathering my thoughts for a while, I decided to take a step back.

‘There is no way right now.’

So, just as I was about to change the topic, the Surama spear hanging on Gong Chan-ho’s waist caught my eye.

‘If only I could prepare for Surama Chang… .’

Surama Spear was a piece of equipment that suddenly disappeared at some point after Gong Chan-ho’s death. Users turned on their eyes and searched, but could not find it. As such, it was also the equipment shrouded in the most mystery.

At that moment, I decided. I decided to keep track of Surama Spear just in case. Then apply saliva to your lips first… .

“After a while. All right. “If you’ve already scouted me, there’s nothing I can do.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“yes… . “Then shall we go back to the topic?”

“yes? “Are you talking about it?”

“That stick that looks like a spear.”

When he pointed to Surama Spear with a nod, Gong Chan-ho tilted his head.

“Honestly, there are some things I don’t believe, and I’m also curious… . User Gong Chan-ho. Can I take a look at the weapon? “Hopefully, I can help you a little more.”

“Yes, yes? ah. of course.”

Gong Chan-ho was taken aback for a moment, but quickly picked up the Surama Spear and held it out in front of me. He seemed to give it to me so easily that I almost panicked, but I soon came to my senses when I saw him gripping both sides of the window tightly.

“Never just look with your eyes. “It can be dangerous even if you get close, so it’s best to keep some distance.”

I immediately shook my head. If you keep your eyes peeled, you will be defeated in all battles.

‘Surama Chang, Surama Chang. That damn Surama Spear. I don’t know how much it is, but we need to find out how much potential power it has.’

I had already examined each ability with my third eye. However, since there is bound to be a difference from actually holding and swinging it, I planned to touch it and feel the rebound effect.

So I looked at him intently and quietly opened my mouth.

“Can I touch the weapon myself?”

“yes… ? ah! “I absolutely cannot!”

“it’s okay. I have high magic resistance. “I’ll just touch it once and if it doesn’t feel right, I’ll take it off right away.”

“It’s not possible! No matter how much you call yourself a Mercenary Lord, you can never do something like this! Well, just look with your eyes. please… !”

I tried to coax him a bit, but Gong Chan-ho vehemently opposed it and shouted. Seeing my arm showing signs of reaching for the spear again, I continued speaking quickly.

“no. Don’t worry. What on earth is this… .”

The distance from the window was already very close. I acted like I was asking if anything was wrong and quickly moved my arms.

Gong Chan-ho quickly tried to bite me, but my agility ability was only 98 points. So I was able to successfully place my hand on the Surama Spear before it was completely removed.

“Oh, no… !”

Partschut! Partz tsk tsk!

『The magic energy of the Surama Spear creates a repulsion effect!』

『The glory of the sky and the glory of the sun are activated in response! It is judged as ‘partial defense’!』

『Battlefield Protection (Rank: EX) is activated in response! The ‘Partial Defense’ judgment will be upgraded to a ‘Full Defense’ judgment!』


Was he surprised by the huge discharge phenomenon? I felt my grip loosen for a moment and gently pulled out the spear, and the man and woman looked up at me blankly.

I prepared to use Hwajeong just in case, but there was no need to. You can feel a slight rubbing sensation, but that’s it.

I lightly turned the spear, which was emitting dark red electricity, once. And I shrugged my shoulders at those who were looking at me from afar.

“see. “Are you okay?”

“Uh, how… ?”

Gong Cheon-ho still stutters as if he cannot believe it.

But I didn’t let down my guard. This is because although it was possible to simply hold it, it did not yet produce actual force.

So, after quietly gathering my chest, I slowly used my magic power to push it in.

And, it was that moment.

Puzzle! Squeeze!


“Huh, Mercenary Lord! Let go now!”

『The demonic power of Surama Spear is running wild!』

Ugh! Ugh!

『Victoria’s glory protects the user’s body against demonic energy!』


I almost missed it for a moment, but thanks to ‘Victoria’s Glory’ I was barely able to suppress a groan. Even though we were thoroughly prepared, the magic energy that flowed back in an instant was truly terrifying.

Is this really because it is a kidney weapon that has been around for a thousand years? The power of a thousand years concentrated in one move in the right hand was truly at a level that could not be ignored. In fact, it feels much more burdensome now than it did with Marvolo de Eilite.

I dig it!

Ugh! Ugh! Wooooow!

It’s so heavy in my hand that it feels like being pricked by hundreds of needles. As soon as I lowered my gaze, the Surama Spear spouted out its magical energy as if telling me to let it go right away. And the faint energy of light surrounding my body resisted with all my might.

However, I can see the subtle energy disappearing quickly. There was nothing I could do here other than basic resistance. The magic power currently connected to the Surama Spear was my magic power. If magical power is generated here, the power of Surama Spear will also be amplified.

Pajik! Puzzle! Squeeze!

“Keueueueueuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu be be this thewesome!”

I gritted my teeth while barely holding on to the rampaging Surama Spear. And I thought.

‘at last… . Should I use Hwajeong?’

Currently, we are barely holding on thanks to the ‘glory of Victoria’, but the moment this energy fades, the burden will increase further.

Pajik, boom! Pubbung! Pubububung!

Now even an explosion.

‘Plague. I guess I really dislike it. The swords weren’t like this.’

I couldn’t afford to think any more, so I took a deep breath. And it was just as I was trying to awaken the sleeping power in my heart.

It was then.

Good luck! Grumble!

– oh?

Squeeze! It’s shaky… ! Dismissal… ?!

– Oh my, oh my. Boy. Aren’t you Surah?

Before I could wake up, my heart spoke.

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