MEMORIZE Chapter 414

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00414 7. Yoo Hyeon-ah’s shadow (2/2). ————————————————– ———————-=

The passageway was dark in the middle of the night. But I focused on running without even having time to think about this or that.

The security spell installed on the third floor rang. What this means is clear. It is said that an intruder entered the warehouse where the results obtained from exploration were stored.

Of course, it could have been the work of an internal clan member who did not have permission to enter, but considering the various items in the warehouse, one cannot be so complacent.

So I quickly crossed the dark hallway and went down the stairs as if I was flying.

It was when I had just come down to the third floor.

“How dare you touch Jim’s body!!!!”

Phew! slam!


A familiar scream echoes through the hallway along with the sound of liquid exploding. When I looked towards the place where the sound came from, I caught something jumping into the air and flying through the air.

The thing flying toward me in a gentle curve was none other than Vivien. I reflexively stretched out my arms.


As I gently accepted it, minimizing the impact as much as possible, I saw Vivien’s severely distorted face.

“Ugh! “Oh, it hurts!”

“Vivien! “What’s going on?”

“shit! That damn bastard… ! Shit! Let go of this! ───! ───! ───!”

But Vivien didn’t even look at me. He stood up roughly as if he was very angry and immediately started chanting a spell.

As I thought about finding out the situation, I immediately gained strength. And as I gazed in the direction of the warehouse, the reality of the intruder slowly began to become visible.

‘That… .’

Is the height similar to that of an ordinary adult male? Skin that was pale rather than white and dark blonde hair that had assimilated into the darkness. Although he has a Western appearance that somehow shows off a noble aura, he does not appear to be a user from the Northern Continent.

“after… . “I wanted to leave quietly, but another scum has appeared.”

Soon, a slightly high-pitched but distinct male voice was heard. Then, he calmly brushes up the hair that hangs down to her shoulders. Soon, a cold flash of light appears through her hair, and she stares at Vivien as if glaring at her.

And the moment I met those shining eyes, I was able to intuitively sense it. The intruder we see now looks human, but is not human. That’s right… .

‘It’s a vampire.’

For a moment, I wondered why that guy was here, but I aimed for ‘Victoria’s Glory’ for now.

What mattered now was not curiosity. As long as the intruder is a monster called a ‘vampire’, and as long as he is holding a bottle of ‘elixir’ with golden liquid in his hand. He is definitely my enemy.

“Human. This body personally warns you. If you let me go gracefully now, there will be no unnecessary bloodshed… .”

And before he could finish his sentence, I kicked down the hallway with all my might.


Pitch-black darkness passes over my skin, and the distance from the vampire instantly shortens. But the guy wasn’t embarrassed. His expression was calm, as if he expected me to attack him.

He slowly raises his arm.

“Humans are always the same. “How can you be so foolish?”

In an instant, a fishy smell wafted in. On the raised arm, a chunky blood-red liquid is swirling around between the shoulder and wrist. Earlier, I felt something strange, and it seems that his ‘blood’ was the identity.

A moment later, the fingertip was aimed at me.

“One warning will be enough. “I have no intention of stopping you from drinking beolju.”

At that moment, the swirling liquid was concentrated on my fingertips.

“Be prepared! My blood will consume you!”


Then, it spreads wide like an umbrella and crushes me as if it were going to swallow me up. It seemed that Vivien had probably fallen victim to a similar trick.

As I saw the blood-covered snout approaching me in an instant, I urgently summoned my magic power.

‘I need to get rid of it as quickly as possible.’

What can I say?

Actually, having experienced various things, I don’t think it’s that urgent. However, I don’t know why, but I felt that my ears were strangely bothered.


So, when I immediately activated this type of rotation, my field of vision changed in an instant and I was able to occupy the vampire’s rear.

Before I knew it, the vampire’s blood was devouring the place where I was. The man’s slanted face is full of arrogance.

I lowered my sword with all my might, hoping that his arrogant face would be contorted in pain.


“The Hut!”

Did you feel danger for a moment? The blade, aimed at the top of her head, grazed her shaking head and cut into her shoulder. Following that, the feeling of cutting something passed through her hand.

Snip! Slap!

At that moment, I frowned slightly. At some point, the feeling of cutting skin was mixed with a sticky unpleasant feeling.

Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered if I cut it down to the end like this, but I immediately activated my magic power. Then he stopped the sword in the middle and powerfully projected magical power. It was an explosion of magical energy that was my organ.

pop! Puff!


Soon, a massive explosion explodes from the vampire’s body, and a pain-soaked scream echoes through the hallway. At the same time, my eyes flashed as I saw the elixir soaring into the air, and I quickly stretched out my hand.

“Oh, no!”

‘her. ‘Was she still alive?’

It clearly split the body in more than half and fed a lot of magical energy explosions. Considering my user information, it would be such a shock that even a vampire with high vitality would be in a near-death state. Nevertheless, I was very surprised by the faint sound of the cry.

However, since the elixir, which was like an extra life, was much more important than that, I lightly grabbed the bottle spinning in the air first. Fluffy.

“This can’t be right!”

Are you that upset about missing the elixir? The vampire screamed for the hallway to leave. Then, as if trying to escape, the liquid bursting from part of the body begins to spin like a whirlpool.


So, while floating in the air, I threw my left foot forward and felt the sticky liquid hitting the top of my foot.

Slurp! Slurp slurp!

The blood gushing like a fountain scattered in the air and then completely disappeared. Then, at the end of the empty hallway, it began to take shape again.

Finally, the guy who was silent for a while let out a confused tone.

“omg! Huh! What happened… . Why, why doesn’t it play? “I only fell victim to a human sword!”


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It’s because of my power. I answered in my heart.

Anyway, judging from the sound of panting, it seemed like he had suffered a major blow. In the meantime, one surprising thing is that it does not run away and still stays in place.

‘Aren’t you trying to run away?’

It was then.

“come! Aranya! “Oh, the web of death that rules the 32nd Legion!”

Vivien’s sonorous voice burst out sharply. He was quite upset and seemed to be preparing to summon a demonic beast.

“Kim Soohyun! That’s enough! “I’ll handle it, get out of the way!”

Shirrick! Shiriririk!

At the same time, several streams of eerie silver light rush through the hallway. Like a live snake dancing, the spider’s web passed smoothly over me and instantly covered the vampire who had moved to the end of the hallway.

“Gotcha! “You guy!”

Even though it was tied up in dozens of spider webs, the vampire did not move. He just stands quietly with his head down. That guy’s appearance was very pitiful. The area where the explosion occurred had holes in several places, as if the body had been pierced several times with a large punch.

Soon, Vivien walks down the hallway. Staring coolly at her bastard, she stopped in her tracks without even looking at me and then pointed in one direction with her chin. It seemed like it meant getting out of the way.

“Kim Soohyun. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can give up this fight.”

“huh? No, what a concession. Looking at it, it’s already almost… .”

“no. Kim Soohyun. That guy did a huge damage to my pride. So broken. So, will you give me a chance to recover from this shame? please.”

I wanted to say, “What nonsense are you talking about when I’ve captured everything?”, but Vivien’s face was too serious for me to criticize her like that. No, he was so serious that his eyes seemed bright.

“… do whatever you want.”

“after. good. I’ll blow it the same way. “In front of my eyes.”

So I let out a short breath and shook my head. And when he moved to one side, Vivien rushed forward and stood in front of the vampire.

As I watched him quietly, I could see that he was barely breathing.

‘Come to think of it… . Among the vampires, there were some whose vitality was particularly strong. ‘Did you say they are the ones who store life force?’

While tilting her head, Vivien lifts the vampire’s chin with her slender index finger.

“Hey you. “You must have hit my ass earlier.”

“Ugh… .”

“Ho ho ho. It looks good. How should I kill you? yes? Grind? Or erection?”

“… I don’t know what the difference is. Kill it! Don’t insult me ​​anymore. “You humans who smell like spiders.”

‘Oh my.’

At the vampire’s words, my eyes narrowed for a moment. Does the monster recognize the monster?

Vivien laughed brightly.

“Hohohoho, hohohoho! “It looks like you’re not human either?”

“… … .”

“There is no answer. Then how about this?”


Vivien lightly snaps her fingers, and the spider web moves smoothly. Soon he was pulling hard on the guy’s left arm, and there was a popping sound, followed by the sound of something breaking violently.


The torture of a vampire that happened in the middle of the night. I calmly opened my mouth.

“Vivien. Don’t kill me right away. “Because we have to find out who’s behind it.”

“don’t worry. If you torture me, it’s me. “Have you forgotten the Baek Seo-yeon incident?”

Vivien answered clearly. I thought it made sense, so I nodded and shook my head.

I leaned against the cold wall, listening to the pitiful screams that it continued to give as accompaniment. And he quietly thought.

‘Why did you only want to take the elixir?’

Honestly, looking at this intrusion incident, there were a few strange things. There must have been a variety of items in the warehouse, so why did they only take one bottle of elixir? And why are monsters here and not humans?

Doo doo doo! Doo doo doo!

As I suddenly become more sensitive to the vibrations, I hear several footsteps. I thought they were probably clan members who came running late.

‘Tsk. I don’t know.’

I activated my third eye while slowly massaging the recovered elixir. Whatever the circumstances, it has nothing to do with me. Since I only plan to find out what I can find out and kill them, it won’t mean much.

1. Name: Sasha Felix

2. Class: Vampire (Monster, Vampire, Master)

3. Nation: Felix (currently a fallen vampire kingdom)

4. Organization (Clan): –

5. True Name • Nationality: Heir of the Blood Lord • Hall Plain

6. Sex: Male (127)

7. Height • Weight: 183.3cm • 65.4kg

8. Alignment: Chaos • Idiot

[Strength 53] [Durability 67] [Dexterity 78] [Stamina 84] [Magic Power 93] [Luck 51]

* 1. He is the true successor to the vampire who has the potential to become Lord of Vampire, that is, Jinzo.

* 2. A temporary contract has been signed with the current user. The user who signed the contract has the status of ‘owner’ of this vampire.

‘Blood Lord… ? Punsu… ?’

It was then. As he was reading them one by one, he caught his eye on the ‘contract with user’. And at that moment, I felt that some of the questions in my mind were being resolved.

‘ah… ? ah!’

At the same time, a memory suddenly popped into my head and I urgently called Vivien.

“Vivien! wait for a sec!”

“Do you understand? You can’t touch it… . huh? why?”

When I quickly looked at the vampire, I noticed that it had only a torso and one leg left, as if it had been busy recently.

But fortunately, it was still alive.

I walked quickly, slicing my arms with ‘Victoria’s glory’.

If I remember correctly, that vampire is definitely the one who will later be called the ‘shadow’ of the ‘Holy Queen’.

‘that’s right. ‘I didn’t remember anything because I died relatively young.’

And what I mean is that the ‘shadow’ is here… .

‘That means she’s here too.’

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