Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 372

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Episode 372

 Lee Han frowned slightly.

 “Please feel free to call me.”

 “Pyeon, are you singing comfortably?”


 “I just said something nonsense.”

 Seniors tried to find dignity belatedly.

 Of course, it was surprising that Lee Han’s magical power was at an unprecedented level, but weren’t they seniors who joined Einroguard first?

 I couldn’t give up my dignity as a senior.

 “But how many are there?”

 “Even though there are no strong undead in Area 1, does it make sense to run away just because of magical power? “Isn’t the professor exaggerating?”

* * *

 It made sense.

 The seniors who witnessed the ghoul dog that appeared in the opposite passageway whining and running away looked at Lee Han with disbelief.

 “How many times?”

 “Yes, six times.”

 “Isn’t it much more effective than an undead extermination potion? “I don’t think there’s a need for it?”

 Originally, exploring the undead world was a lonely and suffocating task.

 After casting the dark vision spell, the wizards had to walk slowly, paying attention to their breathing.

 Loud noises, heavy breathing, sweat, and body odor attracted the undead, and as you fought the undead, more undead heard the noise and flocked to you.

 At this point, gathering and exploration became meaningless and the focus was solely on combat.

 To avoid this situation, you had to thoroughly avoid the enemy from the beginning.

 Using an undead extermination potion to prevent access was a good method, but it had the disadvantage of using a lot of the potion.

 But today, a new method was discovered.

 Fight against living human undead!

 “Come this way. Junior.”

 “Undead detected. Junior. Walk quickly over there! okay! yes! “The undead are running away!”

 “Stand here for a moment! “Don’t let them come!”

 Dirette saw Lee Han standing and apologized in an apologetic voice.

 “sorry. Junior. “Are you trying too hard?”

 “yes? no. “To be honest, it’s easy at this level.”

 “…Yeah, yeah.”

 “oh. “Here’s the shadow bug!”

 “I’m going with the collecting net now!”

 Direth thought to himself as he saw his juniors running towards Lee Han with their equipment out.

 ‘…After about half a year, the positions of seniors and juniors won’t have changed…’

* * *

 About two days after Lee Han and his party entered, Bakdugul, who was in the village, began to feel strange.

 “…is it strange?”

 It was not uncommon for there to be an error of two days from the original overlap date.

 Other parties in the village must have been feeling this as well, as they were seen chatting loudly in the vacant lot.

 “What do the knights say?”

 “I kept saying over and over again that it hasn’t opened yet and that I’ll be the first to know as soon as it opens…”

 “…Those bastards?”

 Bakdgul felt a sense of ominousness creeping up.

 The more intelligent people in the empire did not believe the knight.

 Knights had their own solid internal logic, so they often broke their promises arbitrarily.

 “Check your surroundings first. “Is there a missing party or not?”

 “Okay, I understand!”

 “And then go to the driver and keep looking! If I feel like they’re reacting strangely, I push them hard. Even those knights won’t be able to come out strong if they get stabbed!”

 When we released the people and started poking around, clues soon emerged.

 The group of wizards who came a few days ago had not been seen for a while, and one or two of the knights were avoiding their gaze.

 When the answer became clear, Bakdgul became so angry that his face turned red.

 “How dare these knights?!”


 “Let’s call everyone who is resting. “I’ll leave now!”

 Bakdgul gritted his teeth, vowing that one day he would repay this debt.

 I’ll skip this because the purpose is more important, but these articles were truly scandalous.

 “Knight! “Is it true that the dimension has opened?”

 “What is this! “Why are you hiding it?”

 Other adventurer parties that had gathered in the vacant lot were coming in and questioning him first.

 Those who heard the rumor late became very angry and shouted.

 “Answer me!”

 “I think it’s a misunderstanding.”


 “The dimension opened an hour ago today.”


 “…What is that…! I heard you! I heard something black was creeping out of the forest two days ago! “Isn’t that an open entrance?”


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 “It’s a rumor.”

 “When abnormal phenomena like this occur, rumors tend to spread as well.”

 ‘You really shameless bastards!’

 Even in this situation, the adventurers were impressed by the knights’ ironclad attitude, never admitting their mistakes.

 It’s not for nothing that anyone can’t write an article.

 “Then why are you telling me now that it was held an hour ago?”

 “If it had been announced that people could go in as soon as it opened, how much damage would have been caused by fighting among themselves. “Look at the situation now.”

 “In times like these, an orderly stance is necessary.”


 The adventurers realized that if they thought any further, they would only lose out.


 ‘Be cursed.’

 They huffed and calmly walked towards the entrance to the dimension. Bakdgul also followed after him with his party.

 I wanted to start a fight right away, but I couldn’t make a fuss.

 “Sin… I’m sorry.”


 “I will definitely find and secure the mushrooms.”

 “If you don’t want to die, of course you should. Investigate other parties properly. “If there are people who find the location of the mushroom…”

 The subordinate trembled and nodded at his superior’s words, which seemed to reek of blood even when he spoke quietly.

* * *

 “found! I found it!”

 “Quickly dig it up!”

 “Shall I help you too?”

 “no. “You can stand still.”

 “Don’t lose your strength for no reason. Magic power will be consumed.”

 Guynando and Rafadel grumbled and picked mushrooms from the ground and put them in a basket.

 ‘I’m also good at standing still!’

 Unlike Lee Han, the other first-year students looked after him and didn’t do anything like that. I had to work as hard as I came.

 “As expected, the fact that I came before others was big. “I think they’ve wiped out everything in Area 1.”

 “yes? “I think I’ve gotten everything I can get now.”

 The seniors put their heads together and compared the maps they had drawn.

 It was a winding and complicated cave, but thanks to the wizards wandering around for two days, it was fairly complete.

 “I checked everything here.”

 “This side is also over. “I dug up all the shadow stones that were on the wall.”

 “I think we might have to head towards District 2 now.”

 When Gai Nando gave a sad look, the seniors spoke as if they understood.

 “Don’t worry, we will let you out and then let you in.”

 “Unlike other times, I have a lot of time, so it’s enough.”

* * *

 “Did you open it two days late?”

 “Hehe. “It wasn’t very difficult.”

 I must have saved a lot of time and completed the map. The students outside were surprised to hear the driver’s explanation.

 I never thought it would save me two days.

 “For some reason, I thought I couldn’t see other people…”

 Lee Han, who was listening, suddenly thought of something and asked.

 “for a moment. Then don’t those who come in late have nothing to take care of in District 1?”

 “yes. “But what can I do?”

 “If you feel unfair, you should have come early.”

 “Go into area 2.”

 The shameless reaction of the warlocks made Lee Han think that he knew a little about why warlocks were reviled in the empire.

 “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Junior. Because we did what we had to do. “Let’s take a break and gather some supplies before heading in.”

 “It’s a good thing I can get some rest before entering Area 2.”

 The seniors spoke happily.

 Of course, the only way I could rest was to eat some of the rough food served at the inn and lie down, as I had to save money, but it was much more comfortable than wandering around nervously in a gloomy undead dimension. 

 “Well, how about asking the merchants for more food? “I think you won’t have enough energy if you only eat what’s served at the inn… The merchants are probably in trouble because they don’t have enough mountain hwan mushrooms right now, so I would welcome a little change.”

 “…Junior, can’t you just raise your grade and come to our grade??”

 The students were moved to tears by the sight of their junior giving an interesting opinion that was astounding just by hearing it.

* * *

 “I already tried to kill you, but it worked. “Kill it!”

 “How dare you?!”

 When Bakdgul’s men began swinging their swords, the opponents were surprised.

 At most, I thought it was a gentleman who had heard rumors and came to see the sight, so I started an argument, but it was such a sudden surprise attack.

 “Kill it!”

 “These bastards took what we could have taken first! Destroy it and take it away!”

 The party that entered the empty District 1 late was suddenly engulfed in infighting.

 At first, the parties who were walking around thinking it was bad luck or that something useful would come out soon became nervous and began to suspect other parties.

 -Didn’t those kids take care of themselves first?

 -The one that moved first was suspicious, but…

 The air was tense and tense.

 The first person to bring this situation to light was Bakdgul.

 I already had to gather materials, but I didn’t intend to bring these unnecessary competitors along.

 They were going to kill him anyway, but when they started a fight, Bakdgul’s men, who thought they had succeeded, swung their swords and attacked the other adventurer party.

 “Stop it!! “It’s an attack!!”

 “Bow your head! Pick up your shield! “Arrows are flying!”

 “Don’t let those bastards use potions!”

 “scroll! “What about scrolls?!”

 Shouting came out here and there, and other parties who heard it from afar were swayed by it and started swinging their weapons.

 “If you approach, I will kill you! “Don’t come closer!”

 “You know those guys who were fighting earlier? Don’t come any closer! “If you don’t want to be suspected!”

 If they stick together, they will swing their weapons mercilessly, creating an imminent atmosphere.

 Bakdgul didn’t care.

 “Now that it’s like this, I’m getting rid of everything.”

 “It’s okay, are you okay?”

 “Looking at the way it is now, it would be better to deal with it all rather than leave it alone. Even if I’m a little tired, I accept it and deal with it. District 2 is next.”

* * *

 After recharging, the students entered again.

 This time, the number of people was reduced by about half. This was because the target was District 2.

 “You will feel a difference the moment you walk in.”

 “Cough. The undead in area 2 will attack you even if they are scared of your magic power. “They are that ferocious.”

 “Of course, if you avoid it well, you won’t encounter anything, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

 “You are younger than him. “Would you like me to carry your luggage?”

 The seniors were worried that Lee Han would get tired from carrying all the luggage.

 If Lee Han gets tired, his magic will decrease, and the undead extermination in Area 1 will also weaken…

 “for a moment.”

 Professor Mortum frowned and said.

 “A fight broke out.”

 “You mean in here?”

 “How long has it been open?”

 It wasn’t rare, but it wasn’t that frequent either.

 The students were already puzzled by the sight of other people fighting.

 “Cough. “I usually don’t intervene, but this time…”

 The fight Professor Mortum saw with his original magic was one side attacking the other side unilaterally.

 “Should we prepare to fight?”

 “no. Collock. “My skills are quite good, but there would be no benefit in fighting.”

 “Can’t we just drive out the undead instead? “The opponent is also a human being, so wouldn’t you get tired if the undead keep coming?”

 In response to Lee Han’s question, Professor Mortum was about to ask what kind of nonsense that was, but stopped.

 “…I guess it’s okay. “It’s not dangerous.”

 “We have an undead exterminator here, so it’s possible!”

 “hey. You idiot. “You are listening, junior.”


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