Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 373

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Episode 373

 Delet gently placed his palms on both of Lee Han’s ears. Lee Han was displeased and pushed him away.

 “Well, wouldn’t it be dangerous to bring in undead from another dimension?”

 “Cough. “That’s the way it is.”

 Professor Mortum obediently agreed to Direth’s point.

 One of the mistakes many talented wizards make is to behave as usual even after entering another dimension, only to die a miserable death.

 In the undead world, using black magic and summoning the undead is similar to approaching a swarm of hungry insects with honey.

 Outside, no matter how much black magic was used, there was no significant repercussion, but in a dimension with different rules, there was no telling what changes would occur without the wizard’s knowledge.

 To put it bluntly, if you are unlucky, once you use a curse, you may be visited by an archdemon who is particularly displeased by the wave of magical power.

 And aside from that, gathering the undead in one place was just a dangerous act.

 The undead army gathered in one place will grow in size on its own, like a snowball rolling down a slope, until no one can stop it.

 “But there is a way.”


 “Use this Wardanaz army here… No, we are borrowing the power of the army.”

 Lee Han smiled bitterly at the sight of Professor Mortum speaking like Professor Verdus.

 ‘I tried to get you to attend the meeting, but now you’re showing your true colors.’

 “Cough. The fact that the undead are avoiding the Wardanaz army… conversely, means that it can induce the movement of the undead. “He doesn’t have to use complicated magic to attract enemies.”

 Professor Mortum only intended to use a few very simple spells.

 The level of detecting the location of enemies and undead and conveying it to Lee Han telepathically.

 With a skill like that of Professor Mortum, he could completely hide the flow of magic power flowing outward, and since it was not black magic, it was safe to say that there was no danger at this level.

 “What about the danger of the undead being concentrated in one place?”

 “it’s okay. senior.”

 Lee Han answered instead. Delet was puzzled.


 “The enemies will fight first anyway, so if you think it’s strange, you can stop at that point.”

 “…Yeah, yeah.”

 Delet wondered if his junior was angry.

 “Aren’t you angry by any chance?”

 “yes? “Isn’t it?”

* * *

 “Go after him and finish him off.”


 When the enemy’s front line, which had been holding on tenaciously while armed with shields and heavy armor, finally collapsed, Bakdgul fiercely gave orders.

 The enemy party, frightened, turned their backs and fled in a hurry.

 Now all that’s left is time for slaughter…

 Turn it off-

 “Damn it, how many undead were around here?”

 “They’re anglerfish next to me!”

 The subordinates who were trying to chase them became irritated when they saw the undead running out of the passage next to them.

 The fight has been prolonged since the undead have been coming out since before, but they come out again.

 “Deal with it. “If you let them chase you from behind, it gets annoying.”

 “I know!”

 The subordinates tried to wipe out the undead and pursue them as they had done before.

 However, before the fight was over, a new group of undead appeared from behind.

 “It’s a zombie lizard!”

 As a large, crocodile-like monster with long legs approached from behind, stomping, the subordinates let out an irritated sigh.

 Dealing with such a large monster is no ordinary task.

 “Please allow me to use the potion!”

 “I think I have some potion left over.”


 “Tsk. “Just use one!”

 Bakdgul eventually allowed the use of the potion.

 There was still a lot of work left to do, so I tried to limit its use, but I could see that my subordinates were getting increasingly tired.



 When the potion bottle was thrown into the aisle, a blue flame rose up. The approaching undead hesitated, not daring to approach.

 Since Bakdugul and his subordinates were entering the undead world, they had naturally prepared accordingly. <Flame Potion of Destruction> was worth its high price.

 “Processing… no what!!”

 The men shouted.

 The undead, who normally wouldn’t even be able to approach the flames, suddenly started running towards them, even risking being burned by the flames, as if they had eaten something wrong.

 As if something scarier than flames was chasing me from behind.

 “I will kill you alchemist bastard!”

 “We divide in half and respond!”

 Swearing and yelling, the subordinates did their best to deal with the monsters.

 An hour later.

 Bakdgul’s men walked away drenched in blood, dirt, and sweat.

 “…That won’t work. “Let’s go outside for a moment and then come back in.”

 “thank you!”


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 Normally it was late and there was no time to relax, but the battle was too intense.

 If we continue to push forward like this, no matter how loyal our subordinates are, there will be no resistance.

 Bakdgul gave up and decided to go out for a while.

 “Take a break…”

 “Drop your weapons and raise your hands, adventurers! “If you don’t comply, we will attack!”


 Bakdgul and his men were taken aback by the bloody siege that had been completed near the entrance.

 A tight siege network was formed near the entrance, as if not only the knights but also the surrounding soldiers had been summoned.


 It was unusual to see crossbows and bows being aimed sharply without aiming.

 This was on a different level from a normal arrest.

 “W-I don’t know why!”

 “You are suspected of arbitrarily attacking others within the dimension. “Drop your weapons!”

 “It’s a misunderstanding! “It’s just self-defense…”

 There was a reason for Bakdgul’s resentment.

 Attacking another party, whether in a dimension or a dungeon, was a clear crime.

 But in reality, it was meaningless.

 How to prove what happened inside?

 Even if there was an investigation or interrogation, the parties that caused problems in this way would use clever tactics to provoke the other party.

 They would push back until the other person attacked and then claim it was self-defense.

 As such, even when hearing testimonies that fights broke out and attacks occurred inside, the response was usually lukewarm.

 It’s about giving a warning or expelling both of them.

 But these knights were trying to make sure they were arrested by bringing all the surrounding soldiers with them.

 This was not a normal situation.

 ‘Shall I kill them all?’

 Bakdgul felt his flesh tremble.

 It was unbearable that the knights kept arguing without even knowing the topic.

 Why on earth are these knights like this?

 “I give you one last warning. “If you don’t drop your weapons, we will attack!”

 “…Let’s drop our weapons.”

 Bakdgul said, clenching his teeth so hard that they bled.

 The siege is so tight and strong that if there is even a fight, half of the men will die.

 It would have been better to be arrested, pay gold coins, and be released as quickly as possible. 

 “Take away their weapons, tie them up and lock them up! “Let’s lock them up separately so they can’t manipulate each other, and then monitor them closely!”

 “Hey, knight. “I have a question… Why are you imprisoning those guys like that?”

 The soldier who was called in from guarding another area tilted his head and asked.

 After listening to what happened, I realized that they were not the type of people who would react this strictly.

 At best, I think there are only one or two testimonies about him acting violently or starting a fight in the dimension…

 “You still don’t know justice. Only by suppressing suspicious people in advance can we protect innocent subjects of the empire. “I think they are very suspicious!”

 “Is that so?”

 ‘It didn’t seem that suspicious…’

 The soldier thought so, but did not ask any further questions.

 Since it was an article, I believed there would be something in their eyes.

* * *

 “Did you even ask the drivers for a favor?”

 Delet asked in a surprised voice.

 “yes. From the looks of it, they seem to be quite violent people, and it seemed like there would be no benefit to them if we stayed together, so I asked the knights.”

 “good job. But it won’t have much effect. “I may not be able to tell you in advance, but there is a limit to how much I can hold you.”

 There were limitations to just testifying that a fight had started.

 In places like this, even if you try to figure out who was at fault first, in most cases there is no answer.

 “We’ll probably answer questions for a few hours and then be released.”

 “I thought that was okay. “If you keep annoying me, I might get annoyed and withdraw.”

 Direth chuckled at Lee Han’s words.

 “okay. “That would be great.”

 The two never thought that the knights outside would have planned to trap them.

 “It’s District 2. “Is everyone ready?”

 The students nodded at Professor Mortum’s words and took a step forward.


 Feeling the sudden change in the air, Lee Han was able to understand why his seniors said, ‘You can know when you feel the area within the dimension changing.’

 Even the color of the dirt on the floor was different. The soil, which had been white until just now, had turned gray.

 “The dark element is a strong magical power, so the color will gradually become darker.”

 “Wow, it’s spacious!”

 The student who passed through the aisle at the front let out an exclamation of joy.

 The narrow, winding path through the cave ended and an open wilderness came into view. Black turbid currents swayed in the starless sky.


 There was the sound of someone stepping on a bone breaking. Bones were spread out like weeds everywhere.

 “Cough. Thank goodness. Bones.”

 “Is there anything that is not fortunate?”

 “If there is a lot of poison instead of bones, it can be quite annoying.”


 After being convinced, Lee Han paused.

 ‘Don’t I feel more comfortable with poison?’

 “Why are you doing that?”

 “ah. “I was thinking it was fortunate that it was a bone.”

 “Cough. Don’t feel too lucky. There are times when bones become troublesome in their own way. Then, let everyone move.”

 Professor Mortum planted his wand on the floor. Then the staff grew like a huge tree and turned into a sign.

 “Everyone will remember, but I won’t say it again. Don’t move in a hurry, don’t move noisily, and cough. “Don’t use a lot of magic, and don’t go far.”

 “I’ll keep that in mind.”

 The seniors started moving, each holding a cane and a basket, as if they were used to it.

 The seniors who entered Zone 2 instead of Zone 1 are students who have some level of confidence and experience.

 Unlike the group action in Area 1, we were confident that we could take care of our own bodies, so we each started moving around looking for the materials we wanted.

 “You come with me.”

 “Thank you.”

 Lee Han expressed his gratitude for Direth’s favor.

 You’re trying to protect your junior like this.

 ‘…I can protect you… right?’

 Delet was momentarily confused by Lee Han’s words.

 When an enemy appeared that my junior couldn’t deal with, I began to wonder if I had the skills to stop him.

 “…I don’t know how to protect you, but I can tell you how to find your way in the undead dimension. Believe me. Junior.”

 “Wait a minute, why do you say you don’t know what to protect…?”

* * *

 “oh my god! Look at that, junior! It’s a bone tomb! “I’m really lucky??”


 “Poisonous swamp!! There’s even a poisonous swamp next door? Does this make sense!?”

 “Is that so?”

 “That…! “The terrain itself is cursed!”

 Delet, who was shouting excitedly to himself, came to his senses late.

 To a junior who didn’t know what that was, he seemed like a strange person.

 “Hmm. “What is that…”

 “senior. “There’s a monster over there.”

 Lee Han stretched out his finger and pointed across the poisonous swamp.

 A venomous predator the size of a troll, which seemed to be made of several undead species intertwined, was mumbling and swallowing poisonous slime.

 ‘There’s a guy like that too.’

 From what I heard, the Venomous Predator was a pretty strong monster, but I never thought I would see it like this.

 It wasn’t like it was in another dimension for nothing.

 ‘How do seniors deal with guys like that?’

 “What should I do?”



 “We’re in big trouble…!”

 Delet whispered with a pale, tired face.

 Originally, it was not a monster that could be found in area 2 or so.

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