Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 371

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Episode 371

 There was a surprise.

 “My family belongs to the Beech Knights…”

 “Such a connection! “I just happened to be invited by the knights of the Beech Tree Order!”

 “You were invited?”

 The knights were quite surprised by Lee Han’s words.

 In most cases, it would be rare to invite a wizard to a gathering of knightly families.

 If you really don’t owe me that much…

 “The knights of the Order of the Beech were truly great knights. “You were so stubborn that you had to return the favor to me…”

 “Our knights are like that.”

 After hearing Lee Han’s praise, the knight spoke with a relaxed expression.

 Of course, Lee Han cursed the article in his mind.

 What does that mean?

 “I didn’t know you were a wizard who was so close to the knights.”

 “That’s right. “If I had known, I would have invited you as soon as I arrived in town.”

 If you become friends with one knight, you can also become friends with other knights around him.

 From the knights’ point of view, there was no reason not to welcome Lee Han, who seemed to have a close relationship with not only their colleagues but also the Beech Knights.

 As the conversation progressed to some degree, Lee Han quietly asked his seniors.

 “But what were you trying to ask for?”

 “ah. “I ask you to at least be a little tougher on suspicious people in the village and chase them away…”


 Although it may sound like a bit of an unreasonable request, it was entirely possible if the drivers put their minds to it.

 The reason the knights didn’t chase away the travelers flocking to the village was not because they didn’t have the ability or authority to do so, but because they didn’t want to cause more trouble than necessary.

 It would be a nuisance for no reason if the expelled travelers spread bad rumors and cause trouble here and there, so if they came with permission, they are let through for now.

 As such, it was easy to find an excuse and kick him out if he wanted to.

 The seniors didn’t ask to kick out all other travelers, but only those who were blatantly suspicious, so this is enough…

 “…And I asked if we could stop other travelers from entering while we were going in.”

 “…let’s ask again without that, shall we?”

 Lee Han was astonished to see these conscienceless seniors.

* * *

 Surprisingly, the drivers even accepted requests that had no conscience.

 “You are the benefactor of the Beech Knights, so I have to give you that much.”

 “What is the honor of a knight?”

 ‘This doesn’t seem like honor, it seems like corruption…’

 Lee Han thought so, but he kept quiet because he was in a position to benefit.

 I never thought you would even grant that request.

 “Wizards, you have no choice but to be concerned if there are suspicious travelers.”

 “We will take you out of the village and adjust the order in which you enter.”

 The drivers escorted Lee Han and his party to an open space in the middle of the village. The seniors said after seeing the drivers waving their hands and shouting for them to enter carefully.

 “Isn’t it possible that the Wardanaz family bribed those knights?”

 “Even if I bought it, I don’t think it would be that bad…”

 “no. “We are just acquaintances.”

 “That’s how you know each other…!?”

 “Ah, was the acquaintance this powerful?”

 The seniors were confused by Lee Han’s absurd excuse.

 If they know me, what have they been doing so far?

 “Anyway, you did really well. Junior. “Thanks to you, I can go in comfortably.”

 “Why don’t you hang out around town like other first years? “It’s something we should have done in the first place, but I’m sorry you did it all…”

 -How dare you use a black magic curse deck!? Are you ignoring me!?

 -What does it matter what card I use? Don’t make excuses for losing!

 “…don’t play like that.”

 “Quickly go and stop him!”

 The seniors rushed out at Dirette’s shout.

* * *

 Bak Degul, dressed like a traveling luxury man, was sitting on the first floor of the Chirping Sparrow Inn.

 Like other wizards and travelers, Bakdgul had rented the entire inn.

 Not only was it easier to operate, but…

 …Because anti-magicists were not usually welcome guests in the Empire.

 Bakdgul sat and looked embarrassed.

 “You mean you were expelled?”


 “Try to say it again.”

 “So that’s it.”

 The subordinate seemed quite embarrassed as well, so he calmly explained again.

 First, two parties were kicked out of the village by the knights for being suspicious, and the other party was kicked out after a big fight broke out while playing some kind of wizard card game.

 Bakdgul’s mouth opened wide.

 At best, all you have to do is hire parties, get permission for these parties to enter the dimension, and then wait and enter…

 Three out of four parties are kicked out.


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 It was so absurd that I couldn’t believe it.

 Bakdgul scratched his cheek and lowered his voice.

 “You weren’t caught, right?”

 “Well, that’s absolutely not true.”

 The subordinate hastily denied it.

 This was because even though he looked like a wandering man with deep pockets on the outside, he was well aware that beneath his appearance was a cold-blooded man who could kill his subordinates at any time.

 “If they got caught, there would be no reason to just kick out the other party bastards without touching us, right? “It will only raise our guard for no reason!”


 Bakdgul thought his subordinate’s words were plausible.

 If their status as anti-magicists was discovered, they would immediately surround the inn and there was no need to raise their guard by driving out the other beasts.

 It really was clearly a coincidence.

 “It looks like the knights’ superiors are here, or they have some other reason to find fault with. “This is so…”

 Bakdgul kept his mouth shut and wondered what to do.

 The most important thing that Bakdgul’s gang was currently focused on was collecting as many mountain hwan mushrooms as possible.

 For the grand plan, a mountain of these rare mushrooms was needed.

 So I went on an adventure and brought some mercenaries with me, but my limbs shrunk before I even started.

 “I guess I can’t help it. First, send a message to the people waiting outside.”

 “What would you like to send?”

 “Recover the gold coins from those who were kicked out.”

 “Bakdgul. Considering the personalities of the people I hired, I don’t think they would give it up in a situation like this…”

 Usually, people who take on such requests are suspicious and rough people, so even if the request fails due to their own mistake, they often do not submit the down payment.

 “Of course, you can’t tell them to give it to you verbally. “Tell them to kill you and take it from you.”


 “I have no choice but to join the party as one… More than that, I can understand if the knights find fault, but what on earth is that guy who got kicked out while playing the wizard card game doing? “He wants me to kill him in a particularly painful way.”

 “I guess he was angry that his opponent used a dark magic curse deck to win.”

 “…Well… there’s really no such thing as bad luck. “I can’t believe I met such a sleazy guy in a remote village like this.”

 “yes. “This is truly unbelievable.”

 “That’s Okay. Then just tell him to kill me comfortably.”

 Bakdgul took back what he had said.

 If I had met someone like that, I would have been able to understand them a little bit.

 “You know that I can’t forgive you if things get any more complicated, right? “No mistakes can be made now.”

 “Myung… I’m keeping this in mind. Do not worry! I have already cooked and boiled the articles properly. “They will let us know at least one day before everyone else!”

* * *

 “Shh. Everyone please come out quietly. The dimensions are getting closer. “It will be open in an hour.”

 Professor Mortum was embarrassed when the knights cautiously knocked on the inn door in the middle of the night and came in whispering.

 Then he looked at the students of the Black Magic School and asked.

 “Kollock… how much money did you give? “You sure didn’t use up all the public money?”

 “no. professor.”

 “My junior here convinced me.”

 Professor Mortum looked at Lee Han like he was a monster and then nodded.

 “It’s good that you let us know in advance. Collock. “Let’s go in.”

 When the wizards came out, the knights spoke in a confident manner.

 “I will hide this fact from others as much as possible. If you do well, you can earn more than two days.”

 “…Is that really okay?”

 Lee Han tried to hold back, but in the end he couldn’t hold back and asked a question.

 Is this really okay??

 “If it’s about honor, it’s about this much.”

 “Have a nice trip.”


 Lee Han walked forward, thinking about what a knight’s honor is.

 Since it was not yet dawn, the students yawned and walked down the path.


 Lee Han’s expression was the first to harden. Professor Mortum looked at it and spoke with admiration.

 “Have you already sensed magical power? “I haven’t done it yet?”

 “ah. “Gainando ate all his share of snacks…”


 Professor Mortum felt embarrassed for no reason.

 And the group walked again.


 “…Perhaps you sensed magical power…”


 “Cough, great!”

 Professor Mortum praised Lee Han. Fortunately, this time I was actually able to sense his magic power.

 “Negative magic power is rushing in. Is this an overlap?”

 “Yes. “The accumulated magical power is affected by the surrounding environment, causing an explosive abnormal phenomenon.”

 Professor Mortum pointed ahead.

 It was already dark, but the wizards could feel an even darker darkness settling on top of the darkness.


 “The juniors are in the back. “Don’t just stand in front and get hurt.”


 A powerful wave of magic that only a wizard could feel exploded.

 It was so powerful that the seniors around him stumbled or fell to their knees.

 Delet barely kept his balance and looked at the first years behind him.

 “Everyone’s okay… I’m okay.”

 “Only Lee Han is okay…!”

 Gainando, who fell down on Rapadel, stood up grumbling.

 Except for Lee Han, everyone else was rolling around on the floor.

 “It’s open. “Let’s all go in!”


 “For the gold coins! “For abundant black magic research!”

 The seniors started running after shouting slogans that were embarrassing to shout in front of others.

 The knights tilted their heads and asked.

 “What kind of magic did you just…”

 “See you next time then!”

 Lee Han also rushed in with his friends.

* * *

 “Shit. “It’s a cave.”

 “No luck.”

 “I think it’s good. “Rather, mushrooms come out of caves more often.”

 The students of the Black Magic School who passed through the dimensional gate grumbled.

 Originally, the terrain in other dimensions did not turn out the way the wizard wanted. There had to be some degree of luck.

 The best thing was that it was open and easy to move around…

 The cave-like terrain, which was dark, narrow, and had complicated roads, was not very good.

 “Cough. Everyone, keep in mind what you learned. Use magic as carefully as possible. Be especially careful when using black magic. Avoid fighting as much as possible…”

 As he spoke, Professor Mortum waved his staff. Dark vision magic was applied to everyone present.

 “…Move slowly. Don’t make a loud noise. “Don’t overheat yourself.”

 “professor. I have a question.”

 Lee Han asked cautiously.

 “Cough. What?”

 “Are my magical powers okay? “Because it has a lot of magical power…”

 One of the seniors next to Lee Han said as if it was okay.

 “If you have a lot of horsepower, it gets a little more complicated, but it’s okay. “I’ll give you some medicine.”

 “Cough. “He can’t do that.”



 “And it doesn’t matter. “If I had magic power like yours, the undead in District 1 would run away.”

 The seniors were astonished.

 Of course, I learned that if the magic power goes beyond a little and becomes overwhelming, it can be intimidating, but…

 …I never thought I’d see that in real life!


 “Why, why are you calling me, junior?”


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