Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 368

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Episode 368

 Basically, people did not change that easily.

 If it was so easy to change, why would Giselle suffer so much in the White Tiger Tower?

 White Tiger Tower students would choose outdoor fun over studying, no matter how beaten or confined they were to the punishment room. Even the cubs will listen better than that.

 “Moradi. what do you think about it?”

 “…It seems sincere.”

 Unlike the two who were very suspicious, the knights of the Beech Knights were truly sincere.

 Although Lee Han could not feel it, the fear felt by the knights who faced the wrath of Duke Ikaldoren directly was on a different level.

 The fear that I thought I could really die here.

 Such fear had the power to make one reflect on one’s own actions and repent.

 The knights who barely escaped the crisis were truly ashamed of their actions.

 “Well… it wasn’t a big deal. “I’m glad everyone is okay.”

 Since he couldn’t figure out the other person’s intentions, Lee Han answered appropriately.

 I planned to increase the distance after matching the rhythm.

 “Is the knight who was hit earlier and sent flying away… no, he fell a little backwards, okay?”

 “I have some broken bones, but I’m okay.”

 ‘I don’t think it’s okay.’

 Lee Han quietly stood behind Giselle. It was to prepare for an emergency.

 “It was truly amazing magic. “I knew that Einrogard students were talented, but…”



 Lee Han and Giselle simultaneously tried to deny it.

 Not only did they cast all the strengthening magic before the duel started, but in the case of Yumidihus’ Suoctan, it took too long to complete it before the start of the duel.

 In fact, it was a foul that would not have been allowed if Lee Han hadn’t cheated, but he disguised it with magic skills.

 “There is a hidden backstory…”

 “Be humble.”

 “In the first place, magic that takes this long is not recognized as having been learned properly…”

 “You are truly humble.”


 Even though they were knights who did not know magic, they had limitations.

 Lee Han tapped Giselle’s shoulder. I meant to say it instead. Of course, Giselle ignored it.

 ‘for a moment. ‘Back when?’

 Giselle, realizing that Lee Han had moved back, turned her head and frowned.

 This kid…

 “I want to repay you.”

 “What reward?”

 “I’ll teach you swordsmanship!”



 Lee Han and Giselle looked at the knights in great confusion.

* * *

 Knights teaching swords to nobles was more common than expected.

 There were quite a few nobles who learned swordsmanship for culture, hobby, or light self-defense, and knights were the only ones who could teach them.

 No matter how good their skills were, there were not many nobles who could learn from adventurers or mercenaries whose status was unclear.

 It was a good opportunity for the nobles to learn swordsmanship and for the knights to make connections with the nobles…

 …Lee Han’s case was a little different.

 Isn’t this a case of learning proper swordsmanship through rigorous practical training beyond culture and self-defense?

 Among Einrogard’s swordsmanship classes, having one of the best skills meant that he was not inferior to other apprentice knights of the same age throughout the empire.

 In order to develop swordsmanship to this level, it should not be taught lightly with culture or self-defense in mind.

 I had to deliberately dig deep and break the wall myself to get over it…

 ‘No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think he said it with that much determination.’

 Lee Han’s thoughts were the same as Giselle’s.

 No matter how I looked at it, it felt more like an attempt to teach me lightly.

 If they mix swords for no reason and find out about Lee Han’s skills, they will both be embarrassed.

 Lee Han decided to trust his friend and leave it to him.

 “Please refuse. Moradi.”

 “What kind of crazy talk… How can I say no!”

 “What if I say I’m sick and can’t learn swordsmanship?”


 Giselle looked Lee Han up and down as if she were crazy.

 If this was said to be sickly, Giselle might be known as a blind person.

 “I usually make up lies like I breathe… Are there any other lies?”

 “You can’t think of something like that right away. “You have a better relationship with the knight family than I do, so please refuse instead.”

 “Are you saying that now?”

 It was quite a burden to refuse the offer of knights who spoke so sincerely.

 Lee Han is not from a knightly family, but isn’t Giselle from a knightly family? He might have held a grudge right away, thinking, ‘The Moradi family’s blood prevented him from repaying the favor…!’

 “…I guess we made a rude request again. “Stop trying to repay the favor somehow…”

 The knights suddenly became gloomy as if they noticed Lee Han and Giselle whispering.


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 “Well, you probably don’t want to learn swordsmanship from knights like us. “I understand.”

 “Oh, no. Well… it’s good to learn swordsmanship. “I want to learn.”

 “Is that true!?”


 Lee Han gave up.

 Rather than Lee Han becoming a bad guy, I thought it would be better for the knights of the Beech Knights to be embarrassed.

 “It worked out well. Then I…”

 “Moradi will also learn together.”


* * *

 As expected, in less than 30 minutes, the drivers became embarrassed.



 “Your swordsmanship… is excellent.”

 Lee Han nodded silently.

 Lee Han did his best.

 It was almost self-inflicted that the knights of the Beech Knights were embarrassed.

 “Is there a way to infuse magic into the sword…”

 “I haven’t completed the cycle, but I know how to infuse it.”


 The knights became even more embarrassed and exchanged glances.

 They were looking at each other like, ‘What should I teach you now?’

 -If it’s like this, there’s nothing to teach, right? What should I teach?

 -If we want to go any further, it’s impossible with what we’re teaching today…

 -Can you teach me any other sword techniques?

 -I’ve already mastered one sword technique and am digging into it, so what’s the point in teaching me another sword technique…

 -Wasn’t he a wizard? Why on earth do you use swordsmanship like that…?

 The knights were feeling the same emotions that the White Tiger Tower students felt.

 …Why on earth are you so serious about swordsmanship?!

 No matter how much you think about it, it was not a hobby worthy of a wizard born into a noble family.

 While the knights exchanged glances in silence, Lee Han controlled his expression and waited.

 It was awkward for both parties, but eventually, when there was nothing more to say, the other person would also be embarrassed and let it go.

 Then, if Lee Han leaves saying ‘I had fun today’…

 “I can’t help it. “I have no choice but to teach you one of my secret techniques.”


 There were numerous sword techniques in the empire, and many of the famous sword techniques were known.

 The techniques that Lee Han learned, such as Byeokam Kendo’s <Slash of the Rock>, were quite famous techniques that anyone who had properly learned swordsmanship would know.

 As swordsmanship becomes more famous, the swordsmen who learned it also become more famous, so naturally rumors about the techniques used by those swordsmen also spread.

 However, prosecutors did not disclose all technologies.

 Revealing all your skills is the same as telling someone to exploit your weaknesses in swordsmanship.

 Experienced prosecutors tried not to show some techniques unless they were absolutely necessary.

 Those skills were secret skills.

 ‘If I teach you that now, will I be able to learn it right away?’

 It was surprising that he said he would teach him secret techniques, but it was also questionable whether Lee Han could learn it.

 Even in the case of Allarlong, who immediately taught Lee Han swordsmanship, he did not necessarily teach secret techniques or difficult techniques until Lee Han was fully skilled in the Byeokam Sword.

 Allarlong’s belief was that a swordsman who was faithful to the basics was much stronger than using difficult and complex techniques that he was not good at.

 “I wonder if I can learn because my skills are lacking. Are you really okay?”

 “That’s enough. “If it’s that genius talent…”

 “…Well, I don’t think it’s to that extent.”

 I knew the other person was grateful, but they praised me so much for each word that it was hard to bear.

 The driver took Lee Han to the courtyard.

 It was a technique that had not been shown to other knights. He couldn’t teach in full view.

 Lee Han’s interest slowly began to rise in the driver’s cautious attitude.

 Even though the Beech Knights are not a knighthood famous for its military power, they are still knights in their own way.

 It’s a skill that a knight like that values ​​so much.


 Lee Han felt anticipation rising for a moment.

 It’s a skill that helps circulate magic power, or it’s a technique that helps infuse magic power into a sword, or it’s a technique that condenses magic power…

 “Take a good look.”


 The knight drew his sword and stabbed quickly. It was an ordinary stab, nothing special.

 But at that moment, the tip of the sword became longer.

 Lee Han shouted in surprise.

 “Did you make the blade with Aura!?”

 Once it was possible to infuse magical power into the sword and circulate it stably and even condense it, the magical energy contained in the sword became not simply an auxiliary weapon, but a deadly weapon in itself.

 Just as the magical power woven by the wizard’s will becomes a miracle called magic, the magical power woven by the swordsman’s intention becomes an invincible spear called an auror.

 However, it goes one step further than being an auror and even disguises itself as a blade.

 It was shocking to the prosecutor who was dealing with it.

 An auror who can cut through most types of armor like cutting through butter can even change his appearance like that.

 Although it may not seem like a big deal, it was a great technique.

 Unlike when there was simply an auror, if the appearance was indistinguishable from the sword, the opponent could not let down his guard.

 When dealing with a sword that gradually increases and decreases, I had to worry about not only my sense of distance, but also whether or not I was currently using an auror. It was fatal in a fight between equal experts.

 ‘what? Was he really a great prosecutor?’

 “Oh, not an Auror.”

 “…is not it?”


 The knight must have been a little embarrassed by Lee Han’s fuss, so he cleared his throat and stabbed the tip of his sword into the wall.

 Then, surprisingly, nothing happened. If it were an Auror, there would have been a slight hole in the wall.

 “…is it an illusion?”

 Lee Han, the wizard, now realized the identity of the blade at the tip of the sword.

 It wasn’t an Auror, it was just an illusion.

 A very limited fantasy realized through swordsmanship, not magic.

 In terms of magic, it was nothing special, but when it came to swordsmanship, it was a different story.

 Because right now, Lee Han almost got fooled.

 “exactly. Of course, compared to something like an Auror, this technology may seem a little shabby. But this is quite useful…”

 The driver started off with an excuse, probably because he was getting on my nerves.

 Doesn’t that mean you don’t want to use an Auror?

 However, there are things in this world that you cannot do even if you want to.

 Rather than just giving up, even if it’s a technique that’s closer to a trick…

 “This is a really good technique!”

 “…Do you think so?”

 The driver’s face brightened slightly at Lee Han’s reaction.

 The response was much more enthusiastic than expected.

* * *

 “Thank you so much. “You’re teaching me something like this.”

 “I didn’t think it was such a great technology, but it’s embarrassing to hear you say this…”

 “no. It’s a really good technique. “Thank you.”

 Lee Han spoke with sincerity.

 It’s not difficult to learn, and it’s a good technique to apply to confuse your opponent.

 It was a technique that perfectly suited Lee Han’s taste.

 Lee Han said that he would feel satisfied, saying something that the other person would like.

 “I knew that the knights of the Beech Knights were outstanding, but I didn’t know they were this outstanding. “It’s really great.”


 The knights watching from the side looked at their colleagues with slightly jealous eyes.

 It was receiving a lot more praise than expected.

 When I returned to the Order, I couldn’t stay still as I thought about the praise I would receive from others for that anecdote.

 “Hey, wait a minute…”


 “There is one thing you might be interested in.”

 “…Isn’t it okay for Biggie to tell others like this?”

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