Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 367

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Episode 367

 In the first place, it was rare for Duke Ikaldoren to get angry and lose face like this.

 Even if he is angry, the Duke’s method is to prepare a dagger and stab him from within rather than venting it outwardly.

 The reason why the duke was so angry was because the knights continued to get on his nerves today, but more than anything, it was because he fell into the shadow of suspicion because of Lee Han.

 No matter how cool-headed the operation is, there is nothing you can do if fear and confusion fill your head.

 “It’s strange.”


 “I’ve never heard Duke Ikaldoren be so emotional.”

 Giselle tilted her head next to me.

 “A lot of the original rumors were wrong. “The duke is more emotional and stingy than you think.”

 “Is that so?”

 Giselle was honestly surprised.

 Aren’t the two words that Wardanaz just said the most unsuitable for Duke Ikaldoren?

 But there’s no way Wardanaz would make a mistake in that area…

 “Perhaps the reason His Royal Highness is so angry is because he cares for his students so much.”

 Rowena added.

 In Rowena’s opinion, there was no particular reason other than that.

 Giselle seemed to agree, as if she thought she wasn’t wrong.

 “I wouldn’t be that angry just because there was an uproar in the mansion.”

 “ah. but. “He cared a lot about the royal family.”


 Rowena, who was listening from the side, felt something strange.

 It was Lee Han and his friends who confronted the knights, not Aden Arth.

 Then you’re angry because you messed with Lee Han, not because you messed with the princess, right?

 “I… I’m sorry. “Your Majesty the Duke.”

 It seemed that the knights of the Beech Knights had finally fully grasped the situation.

 They were mistaken because the duke treated them generously, but their power was about as different from that of a firefly and the full moon.

 It doesn’t matter if the opponent falls, but if you swing your sword with determination, there is no way.

 “Why did you come in with a mistaken date? “Did the promise seem so funny?”

 “Jeong, I really didn’t know. “I didn’t do that on purpose!”

 “okay? Are you saying this body’s judgment was wrong again? “Are you right?”

 “That’s not it…”

 “Or just shut up! “If you dare to climb up there one more time, I’ll cut you down right here!”


 The duke was so fierce that even the knights of the White Tree Knights were taken aback.

 Although he had hoped that the knights of the Beech Knights would be humiliated, he had not expected it to be to this extent.

 “Wardanaz. “Is there any way to appease His Highness the Duke’s anger?”


 Lee Han looked at the driver as if asking what nonsense he was saying.

 There is no way for Lee Han to do anything when someone as high as the Duke of Ikaldoren is causing trouble.

 To begin with, Lee Han was not even close to the duke. Even if Lee Han said, ‘Please calm down,’ there was a high possibility that the duke would respond, ‘What are you climbing up for?’

 “There’s no way something like that exists…”

 “Is that so?”

 “…Now that I think about it, it doesn’t really exist.”


 The knight opened his eyes wide and whispered.

 “What is that?”

 “But those knights are causing all kinds of trouble, so do you really need to save them?”

 At those words, the knight glared at the apprentice knights.

 It’s because knights are so light-hearted…

 “I won’t deny that it was rude. But these are knights who moved together. “It can’t be left behind, right?”

 ‘Why does it always seem like only good people lose out in the world?’

 Lee Han was reminded of Dergyu when he saw the article about the Baekyangmok Knights.

 The White Tiger Tower guys caused the accident, but it was Derugyu who took care of it…

 “If you tell me how, I will definitely thank you.”


 I didn’t think much of it, but I never thought the other person would come out like this.

 Originally, he would have accepted it in gold coins, but Lee Han also had a conscience.

 There was a time when I knew what kind of knightly order the Baekyangmok Knights were and was indebted to them, but they were not ruthless enough to take money from them.

 “Then, next time, please lend me your sword.”

 “Do you need an escort?”

 “It’s similar.”

 “I will do as much as I can.”

 The driver accepted it graciously.

 Asking to borrow a knight’s sword was actually not an easy request.

 What if I ask you to kill someone with rude words?

 However, the driver believed Lee Han.

 Looking at the humanity he showed last time and the words Wikelinz said, Lee Han was never the type of person to make a request that went against morals.


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 ‘I’ll have to use it during my swordsmanship lecture in the second semester.’

 Professor Ingalldell would never have imagined that a knight of the White Tree Knights was already being bribed.

 And that was the same for the driver involved.

 “But what method?”

 “Please watch.”

 Lee Han stepped forward with confidence.

 The Duke’s anger was such that the knights of the Beech Knights could not even breathe, but Lee Han was confident.

 It was not because Lee Han was particularly brave or ignored the duke. Lee Han had a special card.

 “The princess. “Please come here.”


 Aden Arth stood still and watched, but when Lee Han suddenly called him, he hesitated, not knowing what he was thinking.

 Still, I approached him because I thought there must be some reason.

 “Your Majesty the Duke. Please calm down.”

 Lee Han spoke in a clear voice so everyone could hear.

 ‘If you’re a member of the royal family, you can’t use royal family, so if you use the excuse of being a princess, it will work.’

 If you give reasons like the princess wants to be merciful and the princess wants to forgive, even the duke will act like he couldn’t win.


 “…okay. “That was a bit harsh.”


 As soon as Ihan spoke, Duke Ikaldoren stopped being angry and regained his cool.

 The princess tilted her head from the side.

 “Uh, no…”

 “He was so rude and even behaved harshly towards the students he invited, so I couldn’t control my anger. okay. I guess I’ll just have to get to this point. “I’m sorry everyone for ruining this fun time.”

 The duke quickly made up his mind and left. The attendants and servants, not expecting a reaction, were startled and ran after him.


 Lee Han couldn’t understand why the duke was acting like that.

 He was truly the most eccentric and capricious person I had ever seen.

 ‘I’m glad I’m not a professor at a magic school.’

 Of course, the duke quickly backed off, fearing that there might be some kind of trap for him to intervene like that when he was confused about Lee Han, but Lee Han couldn’t have known that.

 “Wow… that’s amazing!”

 The knight of the White Tree Knights blinked in surprise.

 I didn’t doubt it when Lee Han said there was a method, but I never imagined it would be this amazing.

 You can calm the duke’s anger with just one word.


 “How did you do it?”

 Lee Han was curious about that too, but couldn’t show it.

 Instead, he smiled meaningfully and slipped away.

 If you don’t say anything, the other person will interpret it for you.

 “I’m really glad it ended well.”

 “That’s right.”

 As Lee Han and the knight walked, the princess stood still and looked at the backs of the two as if they were dumbfounded.

 If this is going to be the case, why did you call me…?

* * *

 The students who returned to the banquet hall talked about what had happened.

 “Lee Han. be careful. “The knights are cowardly and persistent, so they might retaliate for what happened today later.”

 “right. Wardanaz. “All knights are dark and evil.”


 The White Tiger Tower students next to him glared at Gainando and Salco’s words.

 When we!

 ‘Did you handle the White Tree Knights successfully?’

 Curious, Lee Han opened the banquet hall door and went out into the hallway.

 Unlike the noisy and lively atmosphere of the students, it was obvious that the atmosphere of the knights who caused the major accident would be very gloomy…

 Still, the situation was over somehow, so it must have been resolved.

 After seeing what was going on and expressing some concern, Lee Han walked over to ask if I had any plans to come to Einrogard in the second semester.

 Excellent students prepare for their studies in advance during vacation.


 Lee Han was surprised to see Giselle appear. Giselle, like Lee Han, looked surprised.

 “You can’t believe it…”

 “you also?”


 “…It’s really amazing. “I will admit it.”

 Giselle spoke as if she was raising her hands.

 The reason Giselle came out was because she wanted to get to know the knights.

 In particular, in the case of the Beech Knights, although they suffered a major accident in front of the duke, they were still wealthy and influential among knightly families.

 In the case of a family that frequently interacted with other knightly families, such as the Moradi family, there was no harm in becoming friendly with them.

 It’s human psychology to feel more grateful to people who approach you when you’re in a big mess than when you’re doing well.

 A moment like now was an opportunity.

 “You are amazing too. Moradi.”

 “You’re saying things you don’t even mean to say.”

 “no. I’m serious. Are you trying to find out the course content in advance for the second semester? “Other White Tiger Tower guys should watch and learn.”

 “…what? hey. “Sleep…”

 While Giselle was confused, Lee Han said what he wanted to say and walked forward.

 I didn’t want to be late and be bothered by Giselle.


 However, before I got halfway through, I noticed people loitering near the pillars in the hallway.

 They were knights of the Beech Knights.

 It was very suspicious to see him lingering around waiting for someone.

 ‘no way!’

 The words Guyando and Salco had said earlier quickly passed through Lee Han’s head.

 “I can’t believe you’re already waiting for revenge. “As a knight, you are not usually petty!”

 “what? Revenge?”

 Giselle was embarrassed.

 No matter how disgraced the Beech Knights were, they were not crazy enough to receive the duke’s forgiveness and attack the mansion again.

 “That can’t be possible?”

 “Didn’t you say earlier that there was no way a knight of the White Tree Knights would help me, Wodanaz?”

 Giselle was speechless at Lee Han’s words.

 Whose family does this bastard run by now…

 “If you’re that confident, let’s take the lead. Wodanaz.”

 “I will admit that you are right, so please do not change your family name. Crazy bird…”

 While the two were talking, the knights of the Beech Knights found them first.

 As the knights approached, Lee Han stopped arguing and raised his staff.

 “shit. There won’t be enough time to cast reinforcement magic! I’ll summon the undead, so avoid back! “Put down a fog and take the time!”

 I was curious as to how they could even remove the fog from the undead when they were in the same grade, but instead of asking, Giselle held on to her dual swords.

 Lee Han’s attitude was so serious that he fell for it without realizing it.

 When I thought about it later, I was like, ‘Why did I get away with it?’ But when they saw Lee Han speaking with a serious face, many people were shaken and thought, ‘Is that so?’

 “I will block your way, so focus on your magic. okay?!”

 “Moradi. “You finally have a conscience…!”

 “Tell me to focus on magic, this dog…”

 “Thank you!!!”



 The beech knights bowed their heads and shouted together.

 “I was so distracted earlier that I missed the opportunity to talk, so I was waiting. “Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


 Giselle quietly put away her sword with the blade half drawn and glared at Lee Han as if she were going to kill him.

 Lee Han whispered without changing his expression.

 “It might be a trap.”

 “shut up.”

 The knights continued talking, not knowing what misunderstanding the two had caused.

 “We looked back on our actions. That was really rude. But we didn’t know that they would protect us…”

 It was hard to believe that the drivers were the same people who came earlier and boasted about changing the banquet hall.

 If it had been Einrogard, he would have suspected it was the skull principal’s magic.

 “I can’t believe it.”

 Lee Han muttered.

 “Originally, people don’t change that easily. Why are you doing this? “Isn’t it a trap?”


 Giselle honestly agreed with Lee Han’s words.

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