Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 369

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Episode 369

 Of course, Lee Han’s question had little meaning.

 If people had acted with common sense in the first place, they would not have sparred at the duke’s mansion.

 “I will teach you my secret technique, so compare it with the secret technique you just learned.”


 Lee Han was already starting to worry about what to say.

 ‘I really shouldn’t get involved with knights from now on.’

 * * *

 Aside from the fact that I thought it was annoying, surprisingly, the knights’ draw was more useful than I thought.

 From the technique of instantly pulling out a sword hidden inside a coat and stabbing him (not only drawing it quickly but also cleverly hiding it in the coat was important) to the technique of confusing the opponent by instantly making the sword elastic like a whip.

 Of course, if you see a knight like Allarlong, you might lament, ‘There’s no need to learn that kind of catch!’, but Lee Han had a different way of thinking from Alarlong.

 Of course, once you reach the level, you won’t need to use those miscellaneous skills, but wouldn’t they be useful before then?

 “So whose secret skill is the best…?”

 “hmm. “I guess we can say everyone is a winner.”


 The drivers, who were nervously waiting for Lee Han’s evaluation, clapped and showed respect to each other.

 When it seemed like it ended happily, Lee Han opened his mouth to really leave.

 “Then that’s enough…”

 “ah. “Please wait a moment.”


 When the knights called again, Lee Han stopped.

 Now, whenever the knights called, I felt scared.

 What else are you going to say…

 “There will be a gathering of knight families soon, and I would like to invite Wardanaz. “If you tell me what happened today, everyone will be truly impressed.”


 This was the first time I was in a place I didn’t want to go to.

 Lee Han almost lost his face for a moment.

 ‘Why are you going there?’

 It’s not even a knight’s family to begin with!

 Of course, it was a purely good intention for the knights to spread the word about Lee Han’s generosity by informing other knights about what happened today…

 From this point of view, it was a nuisance.

 “Well. It’s too bad. “I will be in Einrogard at that time.”

 “Oh my!”

 The knights were truly saddened.

 If they listen, knights from other families will want to see Lee Han in person…

 “ah! “I will seek permission directly from Prince Gonadaltes.”

 “haha. “Try it.”

 “What did you just say…?”

 “I would be grateful if you could do it. “As a student, I can’t say that I will go out on my own, but if an outsider recommends it, the principal might have a different opinion.”

 “I understand!”

 The drivers promised to visit and talk during the second semester.

 When Lee Han was finally freed from the knights, he let out a deep, dark sigh. He asked Giselle, who was watching from the side, as if she did not understand.

 “You don’t want to go to the meeting?”


 Lee Han stared at Giselle, wondering what she was talking about.

 Why would you want to go to that meeting?

 In the worst case, you might be ambushing the knights of the chestnut knights, saying, ‘I’ve learned less in the Aino Guard.

 “Is there any reason you would want to go?”

 “…It’s an opportunity to get to know your family, right?”

 The Beech Knights were an order of knights that, although lacking in military power, had other advantages.

 When I thought about the names of the knight families who attended the hosting gatherings, there was no harm in getting to know them.

 Moreover, looking at what the articles said, it seemed likely that he would be the main character of the meeting that day, rather than just a participant.

 If Giselle were to be in that much limelight, she would crawl away from the magic school even if her legs were broken.

 “What am I doing by participating?”

 “You can use it if you need it.”

 “…what should I use it for?”

 If it had been a wizard’s family or at least a guild family in the fields of architecture, transportation, baking, etc., Lee Han would have been tempted.

 -A family famous for being bakers… Are there any short-term jobs that a head wizard from Einrogard who is confident in his firepower and has a certificate of approval from the Church of Afha could work for?

 But Lee Han really had no business seeing the knight family.

 It’s not like there’s a lot of money, and it’s not like Lee Han needs a swordsmanship teacher…

 Giselle was unusually embarrassed by Lee Han’s question.

 It was such an obvious question to Giselle that she had no idea what the intention was.

 “What…? “You can intervene in the empire’s agenda or intervene politically when you have the necessary interests, right?”

 “Well, that much?”


 Of course, she thought they were thinking the same thing, but when the other person suddenly pretended to be innocent, Giselle became angry.

 “What are you pretending not to know?”

 “…I tried to make a joke.”


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 Lee Han felt like the other person wouldn’t believe him no matter what he said, so he decided to just ignore it.

 “I knew so.”

 ‘I know how to do that, but I know how to do that.’

 As Lee Han was returning to the banquet hall with Giselle, a thought occurred to him and he asked.

 “But do knights’ clubs give highly valuable souvenirs like this one?”

 * * *

 “Everyone worked hard.”

 “What is the hardship?”

 “I ate deliciously and received all these things, so why bother?”

 “Wardanaz. You have to… top it.”

 The Black Turtle Tower students praised Lee Han with satisfied faces for the first time in a long time.

 And each person handed over a silver coin.

 “okay. “Goodbye everyone.”

 The Black Turtle Tower students, who ate their fill and even received gold accessories, went home happy.



 The Phoenix Tower priests who saw this said in confusion.

 “We don’t have any silver…”

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about. “Did you just invite me?”

 “You just received a silver coin, right?”

 “You must have seen it wrong.”

 “In my pocket of silver…”

 “Didn’t I make a mistake when I repaid the money I borrowed? ruler. Go back quickly. “If you come back too late, the temple will worry.”

 The priests hesitated, wondering if they were the only ones receiving free treatment, but Lee Han quickly pushed them away.

 ‘The income is good.’

 Black Turtle Tower students and even gold souvenirs.

 Lee Han slightly raised his evaluation of the Duke.

 Although he was eccentric and strange in many ways, he never forgot to treat the students who came to him with sincerity.

 ‘Maybe I thought too badly. Still, he might be someone who has the basics.’

 “Mr. Wardanaz.”


 Lee Han, who found Rowena, held out his hand.


 The elf with black hair tilted his head, then took his hand and shook it.

 “Thank you for your hard work…?”

 “no. “Give me the money you received from the duke.”


 If you solve the riddle, the duke will give you a gold coin as a gift to the princess.

 I participated because I heard I could share the gold coins among my followers, otherwise there was no reason to participate.

 “But the princess was wondering why you called me earlier…”

 “what? I don’t know. “Has that ever happened?”

 “You called me earlier…”

 “wait for a sec. “Please check.”

 Lee Han checked the gold coins in the bag Rowena gave him with utmost concentration.

 The concentration was similar to that used when dodging Professor Boladi’s attack.

 ‘It’s an amount that relieves anger.’

 It was a sum that was both enigmatic and annoying and ostentatious, and could be respected as ‘the customs of the empire have meaning.’

 Lee Han put his pocket in his coat and nodded.

 “thanks. “You had a hard time too.”

 “I haven’t done much. But why didn’t you take out this wand…?”

 Lee Han lied because he felt his followers would be hurt if he told the truth.

 “It is said that His Majesty the Duke has developed a phobia of walking sticks. So I just explained what kind of cane it was.”

 “…This is truly unbelievable!”

 “yes. “That’s usually the way things are in the world.”

 “It seemed like you had a bad complexion earlier… but it’s truly amazing that you finished it so calmly.”

 “His Majesty the Duke is embarrassed, so don’t spread rumors. got it?”

 “of course.”

 Rowena nodded, moved by what Lee Han believed and told her.

 Of all the princess’s followers, I only told Rowena because I thought she was the most trustworthy!

 * * *

 “Do you really have to dress like this?”

 Gainando asked in tears.

 An undead overlap phenomenon invited by Professor Mortum.

 The seniors seemed to be very concerned about first-year students participating and gave some advice.

 -Participate in the following clothing. And what else do you need… Bring a backpack and lots of fresh water.

 -(Lee Han) Can’t I summon water?

 -It will be difficult to summon water due to lack of magical power, and it will quickly become damaged due to the magical energy spread throughout the world. It takes several times more magical power to purify it.

 -oh. Then I guess you don’t have to take it.

 -Are you rebelling against your senior now?


 There was a lot of useful advice, one of which was advice on clothing.

 To be specific…

 “You look like a farmer.”

 “not bad.”

 In fact, when walking around the city, it was better to act like a farmer than to act like a warlock.

 When a farmer wanders around, people will be happy and say, ‘He must have come to the city with rice and wheat,’ but when a warlock wanders around, people will be shocked and say, ‘He must have brought a corpse to the city.’

 “It’s all dressed up for a reason.”

 Delet walked up from behind, yawning.

 Wearing a shabby hat and dragging a magic-powered cart behind him, he looked like a farmer with 20 years of experience.

 “The moment you go in and show off as a warlock, the undead start attacking right away. “I will refrain from using black magic as much as possible until the moment is necessary.”

 The undead in the dimension I was about to enter did not like intruders.

 As such, it was advantageous for warlocks to hide their identities as much as possible.

 The reason for entering the undead world was to obtain useful materials and reagents, and the goal was not to fight the undead and engage in life-or-death battles.

 “But why like a farmer?”

 Lee Han asked, puzzled.

 I guess there are a lot of other harmless-looking outfits out there, right?

 “Clothes are cheap. “It’s okay to lift heavy things, and it’s okay to get dirty.”


 “What is it!”

 Gaynando grumbled, but Lee Han and Delet ignored him.

 “really. Since you guys gave us permission, which is unusual… we only go into area 1 and take care of it. got it?”


 Originally, first year students were not taken into the undead world when it was opened.

 Professor Mortum gave me special permission because I didn’t know when the opportunity would come, but I still couldn’t take him deep into the depths.

 “How big is District 1?”

 “well? It’s a bit difficult to explain in words… so you’ll find out once you get into it. “I can definitely feel it.”

 According to Delet’s explanation, a wizard could not help but feel it clearly.

 The atmosphere changes when you pass through the outermost area of ​​the dimension and go inside.

 For convenience, the warlocks classified them into Zone 1 and Zone 2.

 “Aren’t you scared?”

 Gainando answered Direth’s question confidently.

 “I have Lee Han. What are you doing?”


 “…Yeah, yeah. for a moment. “The junior here will also enter District 2.”


 Gainando was surprised.

 “Lee Han is a first year, right? omg. no way…?”

 For some reason, he’s really good at magic!

 “You said this junior received special permission from Professor Mortum.”

 “Then what about us?”

 “So, just stay in area 1…”


 As Gainando looked at him with tears in his eyes, Direth sighed and said.

 “okay. “I will watch over you until you leave.”

 “thank you!”

 Lee Han, who was watching it from the side, handed Dirette the chocolate he had sold.


 “Let’s eat.” “You really put a lot of effort into it.”

 “…I’m only doing this this time, so don’t misunderstand.”

 ‘I don’t think so.’

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