Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 366

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Episode 366

 Although the Beech Knights were not an order that engaged in intense combat, there was bound to be a difference in skill between the official knights of the order and the students still learning magic at Einroguard.

 Of course, the Beech Knights had a lot of eyes on them, so they had no choice but to take matters into their own hands, but even taking that into account, the students seemed to be at a huge disadvantage.

 Hein couldn’t understand why the students liked it.

 “Let’s step on those who dare to be insolent, Wardanaz! “Never forgive!”

 “They probably don’t know that you know how to use a sword. Let’s hide it and get it over with once and for all!”

 “If you attack with magic and then take out your sword, you’ll get embarrassed and get hit!”

 The other tower students looked at them in bewilderment at the obscene shouts of the White Tiger Tower students.

 Salko muttered.

 “Are those guys knights?”

 Some White Tiger Tower students couldn’t raise their heads because they were embarrassed by their friends.

 You’re acting so forcefully, even though you’re not the one doing it yourself, and you’re leaving it to Wodanaz…

 “Are you really okay?”

 The servant asked hesitantly.

 “No need to worry! Because Wodanaz is here!”

 “Uh… the wizard isn’t leaving?”



 The servant’s innocent question brought the White Tiger Tower students back to their senses.

 “Uh… we’re weaker than Wodanaz…”

 “Ah, aha. okay.”

 As they both became embarrassed, the servant shouted to lighten the mood.

 “I think if we were friends, we could go on behalf of him! “Isn’t that what friendship is all about?”

 “Well, we’re not really friends…”


 As the atmosphere became very awkward, the White Tiger Tower students looked at Lee Han without realizing it.

 “Are you going to let me out? Wodanaz?”

 “I can’t leave you out of the White Tiger Tower’s strength.”

 “hey. You crazy guy. It is the Tower of the Wodanaz Blue Dragon.”

 “Oh, oops. “Habitually…”

* * *

 Regardless of the White Tiger Tower students’ quips, Lee Han took his opponent’s provocation quite seriously.

 Before the competition, I called Dergyu and Giselle to clearly check the opponent’s strength.

 “The Beech Knights are not that powerful or famous.”

 “Are you sure?”

 “Are you sure.”

 “Are you really sure?”

 “…What do you mean by asking again?”

 Giselle asked, refraining from adding ‘cub’ or ‘child’ after it.

 Instead of answering, Lee Han looked at Dergyu. The Rugyu looked at Giselle and nodded his head.

 “It is certainly. Lee Han. “It’s not that great of a knighthood.”

 “That’s a good thing.”

 “But Lee Han… Even if he is not an expert like Mr. Bikelintz or Professor Ingalldel, his skills will definitely be formidable if he can become a representative of the Knights.”

 Dergyu said as if he was worried.

 Unlike the other White Tiger Tower students who had strange illusions about Lee Han’s strength after being beaten so many times (some White Tiger Tower students were seriously claiming that if Lee Han took out the hidden forbidden magic and fought the skeleton principal, he might become equal). , Durgyu and Giselle were quite realistic.

 Although Lee Han is strong, he is still a student.

 In contrast, the opponent is an experienced knight. It was always the knight who caught the wizard.

 “Don’t worry. Durgyu. “Because everyone has their own thoughts.”

 As things progressed like this, Lee Han also had no intention of letting things go smoothly.

 No matter how crazy you are about banquet halls, there is a limit to that.

 No matter what the other person was thinking, I planned to show them an example.

 “What do you plan to do?”

 Giselle asked, genuinely curious.

 I knew that Lee Han was a cunning, sneaky, and meticulous strategist, but I had no idea what he would do in this situation.

 “So that you can watch.”

 Lee Han approached the servant and whispered.

 “I think this situation where students have to deal with knights is too harsh. I think I need to make more concessions. “Try to say this well.”

 The servant was perplexed rather than impressed by the silver coin that slipped into his sleeve.

 Even things like this?

 “Of course, this is what I have to do. You do not need to give me silver coins. “I will do my best.”

 “Uh huh. no. Put it away. “Put it away.”

 Lee Han grabbed the resisting servant and put a silver coin in his pocket.

 In the end, the servant gave up, took the silver coins, went out, and came back a while later.

 “They say you can prepare the magic in advance.”


 Giselle seemed to understand now.

 It was a simple but effective method.

 Of course, this was definitely not the way for someone from a great noble family to do it.


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 ‘Is he really crazy?’

 “ruler. “Here’s one more.”

 “yes!? It’s really okay…”

 “Go back and tell them that it looks like the students are just going to reject the offer and that you need to make more concessions.”


 The servant went out with a look on his face, wondering what he was doing.

 And then he came back and said:

 “They say you can deal with three people, not just one.”

 “Right. for a moment. Don’t go. “The students ate a lot today and are feeling heavy, so please make more concessions…”

 “Wardanaz, this is a big deal!”

 The three students turned their heads at the sudden shout.

 “It’s not just the Beech Knights! There’s also the White Pine Knights! “They’re the ones who came to school the other day!”


 Lee Han was surprised.

 This was definitely a big blow.

 If I were to tell the story of what happened to the apprentice knights of the Baekyangmok Knights…

 ‘It becomes difficult to let down your guard by pretending to be weak!’

 “Still, we have a friendship that we crossed swords with last time, so is there any possibility of keeping it a secret?”

 Dergyu and Giselle shook their heads in response to Lee Han’s question.

 “I don’t think they will.”

 “If those bastards say so, then I am not the Moradi family, but the Wardanaz family.”

 ‘Isn’t that too much?’

 While Lee Han was thinking like that, someone opened the back door of the banquet hall and carefully entered.

 He was a familiar apprentice knight of the Baekyangmok Knights.

 “Concubine, concubine…!”

 “Shh! Quiet. Because I came in secretly. “I’m here to give you information.”

 The apprentice engineer hid himself among the students, keeping an eye on what was happening.

 “But what did you just say? concubine?”

 “…Could it be that I heard the chomping sound wrong?”


 The apprentice engineer turned his head and looked at Lee Han as if he had no interest.

 Then he spoke quickly and in a very quiet voice.

 “The Beech Knights outside are letting down their guard right now. “Those bastards, Wardanaz, how evil you are…”


 “…I was in a hurry so I made a mistake. You probably don’t know that he’s good at both swordsmanship and magic and has a deep heart. The guy who represents him uses both a sword and a shield, but he uses a left-handed sword? Swordsmanship is…”

 Lee Han looked at Dergyu and Giselle because of the friendship of the apprentice knight who immediately conveyed their weaknesses. The two avoided eye contact.

* * *

 After finishing his break, the Duke opened the door and came out.

 The guards and servants were waiting in front of the study, unable to breathe.

 It was an unnecessary action, but the Duke walked ahead as if it was natural.


 A loud noise came from the center of the first floor, located below the grand staircase.

 At first I thought the noise was coming from the banquet hall, but when I thought about it, it came from a different direction.

 “What’s going on?”



 The attendants held their breath, unable to understand the situation.

 After telling the servants not to disturb the duke while he was resting, they also waited in front of the study, so they were less aware of the situation.

 “I will check and come back.”

 An attendant hurried down. I went down so fast that I slipped and almost fell a few times.

 The servant who went down felt his heart sink at the sight of knights and students gathered together on the first floor and engaged in something similar to a duel.

 “What the hell is going on?”

 “There was a problem with where the banquet hall was used…”

 The servant must have understood the situation with the serious look on his face as he cried and made an excuse.

 “You told me not to come up, so I have no choice…”

 “You should have intervened, but you let a stabbing occur inside the mansion?!”

 “It’s not sword fighting, it’s practice sparring…”

 It was fortunate, but the situation was still not good.

 If a knight and a student fight, isn’t it obvious who will win?

 Even if they won quietly, the students would be dissatisfied with the duke’s handling of the work, but if the knight used his hands roughly, it was dizzying to think about what would happen next.

 The servant ran to the duke as quickly as possible and explained the situation.

 Duke Ikaldoren, who heard everything, froze coldly. He had crossed the threshold of anger.



 “So, what is the reason for conveying it as is? Does this body have to solve the problem? huh?”

 “I’ll go and fix it right away!”

 The attendants and guards immediately shouted and rushed down.

 I was planning to stop this even if it meant beating up the knights.

 “This… this is against the rules!”

 “I don’t know why it’s a foul.”

 “Magic… You were hiding magic!”

 “You said you could cast the spell in advance, right?”


 However, the scene that unfolded before the guards’ eyes was the exact opposite of their expectations.

* * *

 Lee Han, Dergyu, and Giselle cast whatever strengthening magic they could find and walked out.

 Pretending to be as weak, scared, and nervous as possible.

 “Durgyu. Relax your eyes. “You look strong.”

 “I’m sorry. Lee Han. “Because acting is difficult…”

 “Think of yourself as Guy Nando.”

 “I am Cainando. I am Cainando.”


 It didn’t end there.

 Lee Han proudly floated the water bead and asked for time to complete the rotation.

 The other knight lightly agreed, not knowing what kind of magic Lee Han was preparing. He had already decided that he had won due to the tense appearance of the three.


 As a result, the opposing knight broke the window and flew into the garden next to the mansion.


 “…Tell me I didn’t send it away on purpose. “Lee Han.”

 “sorry. “I failed to control my strength.”

 The knights who came to their senses belatedly protested strongly.

 “This… this is against the rules!”

 Originally, I had planned to fight fairly tightly and give the opponent the excuse of ‘Haha, they were young students so they let their guard down’, but since he accidentally sent Lee Han off with one blow, there weren’t many options left for Lee Han.

 Go out shamelessly!

 “I don’t know why it’s a foul.”

 “Magic… You were hiding magic!”

 “You said you could cast the spell in advance.”

 Lee Han insisted with a face that said, ‘I don’t know anything.’

 Actually, the knights had nothing to say.

 It had already been approved in advance.

 “Such a cunning trick…!”


 “Your Majesty the Duke!”

 The knights were delighted with Duke Icaldoren’s visit.

 “We were having a quick sparring match right now, so if you don’t mind, I could be the referee…”



 “I asked why we were sparring in someone else’s mansion.”


 “…Well, a minor argument arose…”

 “If a minor argument arises, is it okay to spar at someone else’s mansion? “Is this the way of the Beech Knights?”

 Only then did the Knights of the Order realize that the atmosphere was unusual and fell silent.

 In their own land, they walked around with a lot of weight on their shoulders as members of a knightly family, but if the duke exploded with anger, they would fly away.

 “Your Majesty, the Duke. “There is a misunderstanding.”

 “Are you saying this body is a moron? To the point where I don’t even understand what you’re saying?”

 “Oh, no. “It’s not that…”

 “I generously overlooked my mistake, but now you’re trying to humiliate me!”

 The duke let out cold, restrained anger.

 Lee Han thought to himself when he saw that.

 ‘I think it’s different from what I heard.’

 I can’t believe that someone who was laughing happily when the White Tiger Tower students were causing such an uproar got so angry because of the sparring.

 Contrary to rumors, he had a quite temperamental and eccentric personality.

 I’m also a miser…

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