Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 365

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Episode 365

 Who would have thought that that young bastard would not have come to do business with him, but to control him.

 Duke Ikaldoren felt cold sweat running down his spine.


 “Are you okay?”

 The guards shouted in panic at the sudden change in their master’s condition.

 It was extremely rare for the Duke, who was protected by all kinds of expensive magic, to show himself like this.

 What on earth is going on?

 “It is nothing. “I’m not feeling well.”

 “I will call a priest right away.”

 “done. You’ll get better if you rest a little. I’m sorry. “I’ll wake up first.”

 Duke Ikaldoren stood up.

 I needed some time to reflect on this confusing situation.

 It was truly unbelievable.

 I can’t believe the peacock himself got so scared and pulled out his tail first.

 This has never happened before, even in front of the matriarch of the great Wardanaz family…

 ‘What kind of monster have you created, Wardanaz!’

 When the duke got up and left the banquet hall, Lee Han frowned.

 “Why are you doing that?”

 “That’s strange. There’s no way someone of the duke’s level suddenly feels unwell.”

 It was a position where potions and magic scrolls could be poured onto the body with just a single movement of a finger.

 There was no way Duke Ikaldoren, who wore artifacts worth more than the price of a castle, would spare his magic.

 “Yes, definitely.”

 Rowena was surprised by Lee Han’s insight.

 He thought the duke was just unwell, but the boy from the Wardanaz family noticed something.

 “There is only one reason.”

 “What is that!”

 “I don’t want to give you a souvenir, so I’m pretending to be sick.”


 Rowena listened with high expectations, but was taken aback.

 “There’s no reason other than that.”

 “…I do not know…?”

 No matter how much Rowena respected Lee Han’s insight, this was a difficult hypothesis to accept.

* * *

 The duke took a break, unaware that Lee Han was having a very rude misunderstanding in the banquet hall below.

 The magic circles installed in the study awakened my spirit and boosted my energy, but as long as the cause remained, my disturbed mind did not go away.

 ‘Should I take my hands off Einrogard?’

 At this point, I was starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have touched Einroguard.

 I tried to believe in the Duke’s own strength, but the more I put my hand into it, the more I felt like I was falling into a bottomless swamp.

 If only the subordinates I sent had been recovered, I would have given it serious consideration…


 A cautious voice came from outside.

 Those who had served the duke for a long time could see that the duke’s temper had become rough.

 Everyone was extremely careful, lest they accidentally get angry while saying something.

 “The knights have arrived.”

 “…what do you mean?”

 The duke’s voice fell further. There was a cool chill in the air.

 “Was there any knights to visit this mansion today?”

 “Uh, well… it seems like the Knights mistook the day and came…”


 A breaking sound came from the armrest of the chair the Duke was sitting on.


 “Are all the knights idiots? “Can’t you even count?”

 Originally, it wasn’t something to be this angry about.

 It wasn’t such a big mistake to visit because I misunderstood the date.

 The person you invite is not important. As long as the person you invite is important, the duke does not care whether you visit a few days early or late.

 But today’s events were wearing out the duke’s patience.

 In the morning, students from beastly knight families made a mess, and in the afternoon, the knights couldn’t even count the number and came on a different day than the day they were invited.

 “Shall I send the stone back?”

 “…done. Disciplining the idiots won’t fix it. Get ready to serve. “I’m going to take a little rest and then go out.”

 Still, the duke calculated calmly.

 Rather than humiliating the knights and kicking them out and making them complain, it was better to punish them well, send them out, and then praise them.

 It was also the duty of great nobles to treat invited guests well.

 After a while.

 The servant came again to the Duke, who was resting with his eyes closed.

 The attendant was shaking all over and spoke as if he really did not want to tell this story.

 “The knights said they would like to meet His Highness the Duke in person and thank him…”

 “…Tell him to sit still and eat it before I kill him.”


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 The attendant could not bear to go to deliver the message and waited. The duke said with a shallow sigh.

 “Make it clear that you will rest more and leave. If anyone calls me again, I swear I will bury them. Do you understand?”


* * *

 The White Tree Knights were a group of knights who traveled throughout the empire, helping the weak, jumping into danger, and pursuing honor as knights, but in fact, the White Tree Knights were a unique group of knights.

 Who would enjoy traveling around the entire empire without any compensation? No matter how much he was a knight, it was difficult and painful work.

 Most knights of the Empire were much more comfortable, interest-group gatherings made up of local knightly families to protect the region or to socialize.

 The Beech Knights also belonged to the latter group.

 The knights of the Beech Knights, who operate in an area a little far from the city of Grandeur, were very excited about the Duke’s invitation.

 “Not everyone can receive an invitation from the great noble of the empire, His Highness Duke Ikaldoren. “This is possible because of the glory of the name of the beech tree.”

 “You bastards who have nothing to do…”

 “You sound like an honor. “We probably got together and played wizard cards.”

 “Shh. Be quite.”

 The young apprentice knights of the White Wood Knights who were moving with the Beech Knights grumbled.

 The driver who brought them warned them to be careful.

 “I will not forgive you if you are rude to the knights of other knights.”

 “But aren’t those kids too arrogant…?”

 “I would have told you to stop!”

 When the regular knight expressed his anger, the apprentice knights kept their mouths shut.

 It wasn’t that Knight Pyeong didn’t understand their feelings.

 The Beech Knights, like most wealthy knights, tried to act more like nobles than knights.

 If you were to act together with the apprentice knights of the Baekyangmok Knights, you should respect and show respect to each other, but when they kept looking down on you based on their clothes and weapons, the apprentice knights could not help but become angry.

 “for a moment. Why are you leading me this way?”

 One of the Beech Knights noticed something strange and asked.

 The duke’s mansion in the city was large and spacious, so there were several spaces that could be used as banquet halls.

 However, the most central banquet hall among them was, as anyone could see, a hall located in the center.

 But isn’t the banquet hall on the left the place the servants are leading us to now?

 “A passenger is here.”

 “A passenger?”

 The knights murmured.

 It was surprising that there were guests who came before them, but that they were occupying a better banquet hall.

 I didn’t feel very good.

 “What kind of person are you?”

 “These are Einrogard students.”


 Dissatisfaction welled up on the knights’ faces.

 I don’t know if the heads of other families were visiting, but they ended up losing their seats to students at the magic school.

 Of course, if you think about it calmly, you could calculate what the average status of the students at this magic school would be, but instead of calculating, the knights began to reason.

 “Is this something assigned by His Highness the Duke?”

 “Is that possible?”

 From the servants’ point of view, there was no way they could make excuses for the Duke in answering these questions. If he did that, he would have lost a few heads.

 “Then what happened?”

 “We don’t know either…”

 “It looks like the students went in first.”

 The knights understood the servants’ cautious answer in a different way.

 “You might be mistaken because you are still young.”

 “Couldn’t we just use the banquet hall on the left?”

 The rank-and-file knight of the White Tree Knights cautiously opened his mouth.

 Considering the status and position of Einrogard students, they did not want to start a fight just because of the banquet hall.

 Then the knights of the Beech Knights responded angrily.

 “Why should we give up the banquet hall that we should be using?”

 “It’s not a good thing to leave students alone just because they are students! If something is wrong, you have to tell it that it is wrong. The apprentice knights of the White Tree Knights may be satisfied with this treatment, but we are not.”


 The rank knight’s eyebrows twitched at the remark that blatantly ignored the apprentice knight.

 As the knight with a fierce look radiated energy, the knights of the Beech Knights also changed the topic, as if they had missed it.

 “Go and spread the word. “I think there was a mistake.”

* * *

 “Wardanaz ruined the fun party.”

 “that’s right. “It was truly a freeing pleasure…”

 “If there are people who keep muttering, I will throw you upside down in the barrel, so shut your mouth and eat.”

 As the awakened White Tiger Tower students grumbled and ate their food, Lee Han warned them.

 Just thinking about what had happened earlier, it felt like a waste to even give him food.

 “Hey, Wodanaz.”


 Lee Han was puzzled when the servant came running and whispered with a pale face.


 ‘I’m sure you’re not saying that you should at least receive silver coins.’

 It was truly nonsense, but the duke’s evaluation within Lee Han had already come down that much.

 “The knights…”


 Lee Han, who heard the explanation of the situation, tilted his head because he did not understand.

 Friends who realized something was wrong also gathered around and made a fuss.

 “Why are the knights coming? “And today?”

 “Is that strange?”

 I knew full well that students from noble families would not invite multiple groups on the same day.

 “Could it be that you misunderstood the date?”

 “no way. “They must be that crazy.”

 “Look at those White Tiger Tower guys. “It’s stupid, but not that stupid.”

 “Tutanta. “Do you want to die!”

 “Shut up. “The bastards who passed out drunk at someone else’s banquet hall.”

 “I didn’t fall down, I just passed out because I was hit by that guy Wodanaz!”

 “Hey… I’m embarrassed, so speak softly…”

 While his friends were talking, Lee Han asked the servant.

 “So you’re telling me to give up the banquet hall now?”

 “Absolutely not! Wodanaz!”

 “That’s crazy!”

 White Tiger Tower students reacted most violently.

 Since they had a lot of experience with knightly families gathering together, they had no choice but to be sensitive.

 Unlike the gatherings of noble families, the gatherings of knightly families often resulted in violent conflicts.

 One of them was trying to enter the banquet hall that others were using first. As someone from a knightly family, I could never give up.

 “Can’t I give in? “Have you finished eating?”

 “I said no, Wardanaz!”

 “Wake! You’re not really that kind of guy! “He was the type of guy who would even break the bones of anyone who started a fight!”

 “…I know very well what you think of me.”

 Not only the White Tiger Tower students but also other friends reacted in rejection.

 Then Lee Han also obediently agreed without saying anything more.

 “okay. Unless you guys don’t want to go out. “Tell them you will refuse.”

 The servant who was caught in the middle bowed his head in pity and ran away.

 And then he came back and said:

 “Hey, Wodanaz. “I wonder if the knights will decide by lightly competing their skills…”

 ‘Is there any honey spread in the banquet hall?’

 Lee Han couldn’t understand the drivers who were obsessed with the banquet hall like crazy people.

 Is there some sort of magical energy flowing here?

 Why is it like that?

 “K…Khahahaha! “You’re digging your own grave, you idiots!”

 “The Beech Knights. You still don’t know how big the empire is! “You guys died today!”


 The servant who delivered the message was taken aback by the reaction of the White Tiger Tower students.

 I thought I would refuse such a ridiculous and rude offer.


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