Leveling with the Gods Chapter 480

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* * *


The reason I was able to regain consciousness was because of a small sound.

No, maybe I heard a sound by chance the moment I regained consciousness.

Siegfried opened his eyes. He saw small bubbles forming in front of his eyes and rising.

Is it even possible in the water?

‘Where am I… … .’

I opened my eyes, but there was nothing to see.

Black sea.

That was all Siegfried could see.

And that was the moment when I realized that I was lost somewhere.


Wiggle, wiggle -.

In the black sea.

I felt the gaze of countless eyes.


I felt a chill from that gaze. Strength naturally entered his body, and Siegfried stretched out his hand toward the Balmung he was wearing on his waist.

Fortunately, Balmung was still there. When I held his knife in my hand out of habit, I felt a little relieved.

And then.

-It’s really amazing.

A voice whispered in Siegfried’s ear.

-You can control the dead even without the ‘King of the Dead’.

It wasn’t the first voice I heard.

I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before.

And it was a voice that was difficult to forget.

maybe… … .

‘Is it Susanoo?’

-You have a good memory.

Siegfried’s eyebrows furrowed at Susanoo’s taunts.

It wasn’t my first time meeting him. It was a well-known fact that Susanoo was Yuwon’s summoned beast, but Siegfried had met him long before that.

As a swordsman who uses a sword.

Before Nibelungen became the huge guild it is now, the two had crossed paths with swords.

-We didn’t finish it properly back then, right? I was blocked by Tsukuyomi, and you were blocked by the knights you were following.


A black ember appeared in the sea.

Susanoo’s soul.

It appeared before my eyes, and immediately appeared in the shape of a human being.


A warrior carrying a sword.

The man holding the red sword in his hand was clearly Susanoo.

Kusanagi’s sword. There is a Palcheok jade jade hanging there. And even Yata’s mirror.

Siegfried narrowed his eyes as he looked at Susanoo, who was equipped with all three divine powers.

‘The final decision then-’

“Are you planning on paying now?”

A voice came out.

Little by little, he too was adapting to this world.

-There is no need to be in such a hurry. Because this is Tartarus.


Susanoo looked at the sea surrounding them as he asked what that was.

And in between.

I could see the souls of the dead belonging somewhere on the border between death and life.

-A place where you can fight forever without dying. A resting place for the dead. The boundary between death and life. There are many ways to explain it.

“How to get out?”

-The owner will have no choice but to take it out.


No way, I thought.

But there was only one person who sent him here.

“You mean Kim Yu-won?”

-Who else is there?

“The Susanoo of the world knows who to serve as their master. “A passing dog would laugh at this.”

-Talk about whatever you want. But right now, your condition may not be very relaxed.


I felt many eyes. Siegfried’s gaze glanced towards the eyes watching him from all over.

Who are they all?

Is it alive? Or is he dead like Susanoo?

Those thoughts were becoming complicated.




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A red line was drawn over Siegfried’s body.

A blurry body.

Siegfried took a step to the side to avoid Susanoo, who was swinging his sword at random.

“You said there’s no need to rush?”

-There was nothing more to say, so I thought it was time to start.

Susanoo swung Kusanagi.

And as he began to fight, other souls in Tartarus also began to move.


[‘Tartaros’ considers you an enemy.]

A message that occurred to Siegfried.

And at the same time.



The darkness of Tartarus covered Siegfried’s body.

-Should we share this delicious food?


A bright light emanated from Siegfried’s sword. The moment Balmung moved in the shape of a cross, it cut down the sea of ​​Tartarus.


The light emitted by Balmung split the darkness of Tartarus.

The souls that were rushing to eat the living were torn apart, and Susanoo’s Kusanagi and Balmung collided in between them.


So Siegfred, the king of the Nibelungen, began the fight in Tartarus.

* * *

An untimely exodus began in the Nibelungen.

People moving to clear the land. And the knights who command them.

Wagner watched the situation.

It was he who stopped the knights who started rampaging to save Siegfried. Although it was a very short period of time, they were all completely suppressed by Jecheon Daeseong’s clone.

But while taking care of the fallen knights.

Wagner learned one thing.

‘No one died.’

There were no deaths among the knights. Everyone was knocked out or subdued.

In this case, there is only one thing I can think of.

Their goal is not to take the Nibelungen by force.

‘Then what is the purpose?’


The sound of footsteps shaking the earth.

Wagner’s head turned back. Now that I think about it, Yuwon, Son Goku, and Hercules’ eyes were directed behind me from earlier.

And Wagner, looking back, took a deep breath.


I stop breathing in surprise. The next moment, Wagner’s sky was obscured.

Body covered with thick scales. A dragon holding the Yeouiju in one hand and shining red eyes.

It looked like a mixture of half giant and half dragon. And there was only one dragon in this tower who looked like that.

“Pap, pap… … Nir… … .”

One of the kings representing the dragon clan.

Dragon King, Fafnir.

He came here to Nibelungen.


And there are two people ahead of Fafnir.

There was someone in charge of guiding him.

“I’m home.”

“I’m back.”

The two people were Pandora and Hargan, who brought the Dragon Clan along with Goku’s clone. Wagner swallowed his saliva as he looked at Hargan waving his hand and Pandora still expressionless.

‘Hargan was also with us. Has Olympus moved?’

Pandora did not recognize him, but Hargan had a face that was difficult to recognize.

He was a handsome man whose popularity had recently surged not only among rankers but also among young players in the lower ranks. Moreover, the ranking includes his face, and he has been rising rapidly in the rankings recently.

Above all, considering that he was a direct descendant of Zeus, the king of Olympus, he was more famous than most high rankers.

‘What on earth is going on here…? … .’


When Fafnir opened his mouth, a roar like that of an animal came out.

Wagner, startled, quickly stepped aside. And Wagner was not the only one who reacted that way.

The same goes for other knights around me.

Above Fafnir, hundreds of dragons spread their wings and flew. The appearance was so threatening that Hargan scrunched up his face.

“Can you not make that noise? “I think everyone is scared.”


Pandora added one word to Hargan’s words.

Fafnir closed his mouth again. He was the one who commanded hundreds of thousands of dragons, but he had no choice but to become small this time.

“that’s right. “The kids will be surprised.”

“If you don’t want to fight, I’d like you to be quiet.”

“Don’t lose your strength already.”

In turn, Son Goku, Hercules, and Yuwon.

Three people saying a word each.

It wasn’t my first time seeing Yuwon. Moreover, both of the other people were a burden to Fafnir.

Fafnir opened his mouth without showing his teeth as much as possible.

-I’m sorry.

I have no choice but to speak softly.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The nervous knights looked at each other.

I thought a fight would break out at any moment, but that wasn’t the case.

Kim Yu-won, Son Goku, and Hercules.

The knights of Nibelungen surrendered to their power.

And even the Dragon clan, including the Dragon King.

The power gathered here now was enough to fight a war that would write the history of the tower.

‘however… … .’

‘No one wants to fight, won.’

They even gathered together in one place and chatted leisurely.

I didn’t know what I wanted.

-Are you sure?

“You also have ears, so you know, right?”

-I didn’t know you’d already reached out here.

“It’s been too long to say ‘already.’”

The answer was yes.

Fafnir’s gaze fell downward. Perhaps in anger, he silently bared his teeth.

Yuwon looked around for a moment.

Some time had passed, and most of the people around had withdrawn.

At this point, there were no residents left in the center of the Nibelungen capital, including the royal castle.

Most of the remaining people were knights or wizards belonging to the Nibelungen.

In other words, it meant that there were only players and rankers above the 91st floor.

“Let’s get started.”

Yuwon glanced back at Hercules. Hercules made eye contact and nodded his head.

For a brief moment, tension arose between the three.

The mischievous Son Goku was the same this time.

Yuwon looked around for a moment.

Son Goku and his alter egos, Hercules.

Dragons, including Fafnir.

And even the knights and wizards of Nibelungen who don’t know anything.

Perhaps the dragons up in the sky have heard the news to some degree and are aware of it.

But the Nibelungen knights and wizards here were different.

“It will be an unfamiliar fight for you.”

Yuwon had to show them clearly.

Who is the ‘enemy’ we have to fight from now on?

Why should the Yongin War that Siegfried wanted not take place?

“But don’t be scared or back down. “If that happens, it won’t just be us who die, but many more people who aren’t here.”

“What do you mean, this?”

“What are you trying to fight?”

A brief murmur.

Although it wasn’t as long as the speech, Yuwon’s words felt quite solemn. Thanks to this, about half of them understood what Yuwon was trying to say.

To prepare for the upcoming fight.

And about half of them had some idea of ​​what was about to happen.

If there was a recent incident that shook the tower, it would be only one.

“Are you done?”

Hercules’ question.

Before he knew it, he was holding a club carved from Yggdrasil in his hand.


Yuwon nodded.

In fact, there was nothing to call it the end.

This is just the beginning.

“If that’s the case-.”


A golden lightning engulfed the club in Hercules’ hand. As the thunderbolt lifted the powerful club high, the dragons in the sky howled.

Kwarung! Coogugung-.

The sound of thunder rushing from the ground centered around a club.

To avoid being caught up in that power, the Nibelungen knights retreated.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid getting caught up in it.

‘Anyway, all the residents left.’

Players above the 91st floor who are not residents.

And if you’re a ranker or something, you’ll be able to protect your own body.



Just like that, Hercules’ club fell to the ground.

‘Bring out Ubo Satla.’


The Nibelungen began to fall.


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