Leveling with the Gods Chapter 481

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Inside the nest where all the dragons have left.

The foolish chaos that was sitting on the corpses of the baby dragons raised its head.

“… … “It has begun.”

The purple eyes hidden under the robe sparkled.


A vibration that shakes the earth. This vibration that echoed across the steps of the tower was not simply created by Hercules’ club.

This was the sound of someone waking up.

A being with the name ‘Incorrect Form of Idiot’, who, contrary to his name, knows everything about the outside world.

Uvo Satla was making his appearance to the world.

That wasn’t what was planned.

Foolish Chaos raised his head and looked up at the sky.

The purple sky began to reappear.

To some, it may be nothing more than a color change.


“Are you trying to hasten the fight?”

That sky didn’t just appear.

The stars in the brilliantly shining purple sky.

Foolish chaos muttered at the appearance of those stars.

“Are you coming already?”



A lightning bolt of golden light sweeps through the body of foolish chaos.

In an instant, the world that had turned purple turned into gold.

“You have come.”


Chijijit, chijiji-.

The foolish hand of chaos pushed back a wave of electricity and looked at the owner of that power.

As expected, it was as expected.

“It took longer than you expected.”


A man with golden hair and matching armor.


He ended up encountering foolish chaos.

“It took me a while to find it. “But I’m glad it’s not too late.”

“That’s right.”

Chi-jit, chi-.

A shock of electricity shakes dangerously from Zeus’ body.

Although he had just thrown one lightning bolt, he was sweating all over. He was breathing heavily, as if he was breathing hard.

It definitely looked different from usual.

“It looks like it’s going to be difficult to hold on. “So what did I say?”

The foolish confusion in the voice was mixed with laughter.

“Didn’t you say the price was your life?”

At the time when Shub Niguras appeared in the tower.

Foolish Chaos tried to make a deal with the three.

And he had one condition for Zeus.

“The price is your life.”

It was Zeus’ life.

“Of course, I’m not just asking for it. “It’s like making a bet.”

“What bet?”

“I’ll give you one star.”

The foolish Chaos reached out to Zeus.

On his hand was a purple, sparkling jewel. Foolish Chaos called the jewel ‘Star’.

“Take this. And if you can survive, this bet is your win.”

“If I survive, I win. “If you die, it’s your victory.”

“You understand quickly.”

Zeus was not stupid enough to not know that it was a trap.

But nonetheless.

“It’s your only weakness. It’s arrogant. “You deserve it, but you’re not lucky.”


Once again.

A golden electric shock swirled over the foolish, chaotic body. The foolish chaos robe that had held up his arms to block the lightning was torn apart.


Jerk, Jerk-.

It was quite a thrilling blow.

Beyond the half-naked robe, eyes of foolish confusion radiated light.

And in between.



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Zeus was holding another thunderbolt in his hand.

“Do you think I came here just to chat with a guy like you?”

“… … “It looks like he got a weapon from somewhere.”

A long spear wrapped with thunderbolts, held in Zeus’s hand.

The moment I saw it, a face appeared in my mind of foolish confusion.

“Of course, I should have killed him a long time ago.”


A blacksmith in Olympus who created items that would become the hands and feet of countless rankers.

Although his personal strength was not much different from that of ordinary rankers, the value of the items he made was higher than that of dozens of high rankers.

“How dare you kill someone?”

Chichi, chichi-.

The thunderbolt spear burned menacingly in the hands of Zeus, who slowly approached one step at a time.

The spear drew Zeus’ thunderbolt. It felt like the power of the lightning gathered at the tip of the spear was about to shoot out at any moment, so foolish Chaos couldn’t help but be nervous.

No matter how he was, if he had been hit with a blow like that, his body would not have been left intact.

“You’re funny. Are you saying you want to imitate your father now?”


Foolish Chaos took off the hat he was wearing on his head and flipped it over.

An empty white face that shows nothing.

Purple eyes appeared on that face. Zeus twitched his eyebrows as if he was momentarily surprised at the face he saw for the first time.

“You dropped my child from the sky and made him lame. Also, for the purpose of helping Olympus, he drove many of his children off a cliff.”

“That’s the lion’s way. “A fool like you cannot understand.”

A lion pushes his children off a cliff to make them stronger. It was Zeus’s way, and that way made Olympus what it is today.

A truly Zeus-like answer.

But foolish Chaos actually laughed at that answer.

“Are you so smart that you accepted my conditions?”

“The living will die someday.”


Damn it-.

When the spear was struck on the ground, the dragons’ nest shook. Despite the foolish provocation of chaos, he did not waver an inch.

“This is that kind of place for me.”

“… … “Words won’t do anything.”

Zeus had already made up his mind.

He held on to his half-dead body with his mental power and infused the spear with the power of the thunderbolt drawn from his heart.

It was difficult to shake Zeus in this state with words.



A small horn sprouted from the fingertips of foolish chaos.

The horns gradually grew larger, and in an instant their size increased, forming the shape of a gigantic goat.

“Do you know that?”


The goat that emerged from the fingertips of foolish chaos roared.

At that cry, a name came into Zeus’s mind.

A goat that breeds madness.

It was a name stolen by foolish Chaos on the very day Shub Niguras died.

“I am real here.”


As if representing his master’s thoughts, the goat that gave birth to madness bleated loudly.

The meaning of ‘real’ that foolish confusion spoke of was only one.

It meant that we had crossed the wall that separates the tower from the outside.

He had many names.

The goat that breeds madness is just one of its names.

“If I step away now, I might be able to live a few more years. “Maybe in the meantime, I’ll find another way to live.”

“… … okay.”


Zeus raised his head and looked up at the giant goat that covered the sky.

Although it is not a black forest, its power may not be as strong as before.

“Maybe we can find another way.”

I know it myself.

If you try to fight that thing here, you will definitely die.

But nonetheless, we had to fight.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Even if the foolish chaos had dozens or hundreds of names.

It was too scary to turn away because I knew it from the beginning.


Zeus’ body leapt upward.

He flew towards the goat that gave birth to madness and swung the tip of his spear.

“Even if my body turns to dust.”



A goat flying away after being struck by the force of lightning emitted from a window.

Zeus hurled his spear one after another at one of the names of Shub Niguras, the king of the Black Forest.


Through his actions, foolish chaos muttered as if it were absurd.

“Are you really planning to burn everything here?”

I didn’t understand it at all.

The Zeus he had understood so far was not the kind of person who would bet on uncertain things.

He was the king on the chessboard.

King never made a move to grab another piece on his own. The only time a king made sense was when all the available pieces were gone.

Unless it is.

‘He either abandoned his position as king.’

Could it be that proud Zeus?

But even though I thought it might not be possible, I couldn’t help but believe it when I saw Zeus in front of me.


Zeus swung the spear he got from Hephaestus and broke the goat’s horn.

I was completely out of breath, but it wasn’t visible on the outside.

I thought for a moment, clutching the trembling tip of the spear again.

‘It doesn’t suit me.’

My heart felt like it was going to burst at any moment, and every muscle in my body was screaming for help.

When was the last time you fought so desperately?

A time when I had just started climbing the tower.

It seemed like nothing had happened except when he had just entered the tower with his brothers who shared the same blood, Hades and Poseidon.

‘Is it true, so please go away?’

Zeus sneered, recalling his foolish warning of chaos.

Isn’t that really funny?

It was a question that proved that he did not know his purpose.

‘If you weren’t real in the first place, you wouldn’t have come this far.’

Last year.

Zeus searched for him for a long time.

The foolish chaos that came with not an alter ego, but a real body.

To fight him, Zeus went to Hephaestus and asked for a new weapon.

‘I thought this day would come someday.’


Horns flying from another direction.

Zeus’ hand stretched out to the side.


Electricity erupted from his fingertips and blocked another goat’s horn. I spun the spear around and hurled it towards the horn.

And that moment.


The blood welling up inside came out of my mouth. It wasn’t enough that my body didn’t listen, now I felt like everything was turning inside out.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about.

I already knew what my body was like.

‘There is no eternal king. Everyone’s end is bound to be like this.’

The king is the one who moves the horse.

And he must be the one who draws the board.

Zeus had long thought that no one could be better than him for that role. Therefore, Zeus wanted to create the strongest horse, and eventually gave birth to a great hero named Hercules.


Zeus strengthened the hand holding the spear again.

Spraying lightning towards the uvula of the goat that gave birth to madness.


Zeus took one step closer to his own death.

‘My work here is done.’

Find your own place to die.

That was not a king’s job.

Because the king should never die. Because when the king dies, the game ends.


‘The person to replace-.’

Absurdly, at this moment.

There was a face that came to mind when I was close to death.

‘… … there is.’


Even as he continued to spray thunderbolts and throw spears, Zeus’ eyes were still fixed on one place.

Stupid chaos.

The one who calls the goat that gives birth to madness and drives this world into destruction.

Zeus’ golden eyes were now focused on him, burning hotter than ever.

‘Don’t think you won. ‘Don’t be arrogant like me.’

Even though you will lose this fight.

‘You’re not the only one I made a deal with.’

In the end, it will be ‘us’ who wins this long, long battle.


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