Leveling with the Gods Chapter 479

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* * *

“Evacuate the country?”

“What does this mean now?”

“If it were me… … “This land?”

“Are you telling us to at least move?”

“No matter how high-ranked you are, what kind of nonsense is this?”

There was a buzz around Hercules’ words.

It was natural.

They asked me to vacate the land where I lived happily. Is there anyone who wouldn’t protest?

And Siegfried also felt the absurdity.

“What does that mean now?”


“I didn’t know that the Hercules of the world was acting like a gangster like this.”

Hercules, as he is known to the world, was a hero.

The hero of Gigantomachia. And the reason why the name ‘hero’ was given was because the achievements that Hercules accumulated were worthy of a hero.

A representative high ranker who protected the weak and fought against the strong. It wasn’t difficult to even hear sweet stories about him from rankers.

But then Hercules steps forward and tries to take over the country.

This was something that even the infamous Satan or Asura would not do.

“If it goes like this, the manager might move, is that okay?”

“Know. So I’m asking you a favor.”

“It sounds like a threat, not a request.”

“That’s also true. “It’s half and half.”

Son Goku suddenly joins the conversation.

He spoke playfully to Siegfried, his red eyes sparkling.

“So please cooperate. “If you don’t want to be tired.”

His words had a different weight than Hercules’ words.

He was different from Hercules, who had strength but was respectful and polite to others.

Son Goku had the personality of using force whenever necessary. Additionally, he had the ability to put what he said into action.

Moreover, the Jecheondaeseong was now moving along with Hercules.


‘maybe… … Kim Yu-won will also suffer the same defeat.’

Three single-digit high rankers move together. Even if Asgard moves, I’m not sure if I can stop it.

And that’s true even if a manager steps in.

Probably not even the great manager could do anything against those three.

“Your reply is late.”

Still speaking in a rough tone.

Hercules took a step back and shrugged, as if this kind of threat was not suited to his spiritual aptitude.

As expected, Son Goku was better suited to this aspect than he was.

“Then what?”

Pop, pop, pop, pop!

Thick smoke rising in the sky.

Above the smoke that rose, hundreds and thousands of clones of Son Goku appeared.

“Should I help you decide?”


Numerous Hwaan Geumjeongs looked down on the Nibelungen. Even the dragons in the sky were overshadowed by Goku’s presence.

Son Goku’s clones filled the sky.

The Nibelungen knights hesitated at the appearance of Son Wukong, riding on a horse and holding a baton in his hand.

This one threat was more frightening than the appearance of the dragon race. He was an individual, but he had strength and numbers that were not individual.

Siegfried looked up at Goku’s clones, his hands sweating as he held Balmung.

‘There is nothing to be afraid of because there are many self-immolations. ‘Not all alter egos have the same power.’

It was a fact known by ‘Cheongye’, a guild that had been fighting against Jecheon Daeseong for a long time.

As the number of Jecheon Daeseong’s clones increases, they become weaker. The first clone had the strongest power, and the last clone created could have a power closer to or lower than that of an ordinary ranker.

This was a fact that any ranker who was well-informed to some extent knew.

But what I knew in my head and what I felt were completely different.

Look at this scene right now.

Who could ignore Son Goku’s alter ego in front of them?

For a moment, Siegfried couldn’t help but admit that he was nervous about his alter ego.

He had to admit it.

The moment the king got scared, the fight was as good as lost before it even started.

But nonetheless.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Seek cooperation from a nearby large guild right now. “Hercules and Jecheon Daeseong are going crazy.”


The eyes of Wagner, the knight who had received orders from Siegfried’s continued reckless decisions, wavered.

As was the case when he declared war on the dragon, Siegfried’s choice was by no means rational.

After turning the dragon into an enemy, this time they will also make Jecheon Daeseong and Hercules into enemies.



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Even Wagner, who had received the order, could not move willingly.

Even if it was an order from the king, this was an action that could easily lead to the destruction of the country and guild.

And at Siegfried’s command.

“As expected, you… … .”

Goku narrowed his eyes and his red eyes glowed.

“I had no intention of protecting your country.”

And that moment.


Someone grabbed Siegfried’s head from behind.


* * *

The Nibelungen that Yuwon remembers was a country that disappeared into history.

When I became a ranker, Nibelungen had already been destroyed in the Dragon War, and the 91st floor was devastated and almost uninhabited.

When we first talked about the 91st floor, we could only rely on Siegfried for information about the Yongin War.

There was no useful information.

Siegfried’s claim was that dragons suddenly attacked the Nibelungen, and according to what he said, the dragons were a race that deserved to be destroyed.


After meeting Siegfried again, Yuwon’s thoughts changed a little.

‘I need to check again.’

Siegfried was a comrade who fought alongside him.

He was clearly a ranker with a just and calm personality. However, the Siegfried Yuwon knew and the Siegfried in Ubo Satla’s strategy were clearly different people.

Yuwon thought.

Why did it have to be Siegfried?

He disappeared without a sound. Siegfried, who moved to capture Ubo Satla, was actually Ubo Satla himself.

After that, Yuwon had a question.

Was it really a coincidence that the Nibelungen was built on top of Uvo Satla?

‘That can’t be possible.’

That was the reason Yuwon visited Siegfried first.

“You just need to look at three things.”

Before coming to Nibelungen.

After meeting Son Goku, Yuwon spread out three fingers and spoke.

“Did the Yongin War intentionally start? If it was done intentionally, did he even think about protecting the Nibelungen during that time? and… … .”

All three fingers folded.

It wasn’t that difficult of a story. Son Goku also agreed with Yoo Won’s words that they should be concentrated on checking them.

“What if it’s not all three?”

“I should apologize. “Because I suspected it.”

“So what if only one of the three is correct?”

“If not the last, let’s try to understand at least one of the two.”

“How about one? “Then what about the two?”

“Back then… … .”

A moment of concern.

Still, he was a colleague who was with me in the future. Just because he knew about the past, it wouldn’t have been easy to get rid of him.

But still, I couldn’t help it.

“I regard Siegfried as my enemy.”

* * *


Damn it!

Yuwon grabbed Siegfried’s head and slammed it down.

The surroundings became quiet for a moment due to what happened so quickly.

But even for a moment.

“your majesty-!”

“What are you doing?”

Chaang, Chang-!

The Nibelungen knights drew their swords. Some of them rolled their eyes and stabbed their spears straight at Yuwon out of loyalty.


“Grow up-.”

The spear that extended like that did not reach Yuwon.



A huge pole that runs between the Yuwon and the knights.

An item that represents Jecheon Castle.

It was Yeouigeumgobong (如意金箍棒), commonly known as Yeouibong.

“Don’t get involved, you’ll just disappear…” … .”

“It seems like your involvement only makes my head hurt even more.”


Hercules pushed Goku’s head down.

It means to be quiet.

Son Goku, who had experienced this a few times in the future, raised his head and glared at Hercules again as if wondering what he was doing.

Either that or not.

“I’m sorry.”

Hercules bowed his head to the Nibelungen knights and the surrounding residents and made a request.

“But now we ask for your cooperation. “Everyone will die if they stay here, so I ask you to do this for your sake.”

An attitude that runs counter to Son Goku’s violent actions.

Then the residents and players, who had been tense for a while, showed a more relaxed response.

“The enemy… … is not it?”

“but. “It’s Hercules, right?”

“It can’t be like this without any reason.”

“Maybe it has something to do with those dragons?”

“first… … Wouldn’t it be okay to follow what those guys say?”

“but. There might really be a good reason… … .”

The atmosphere changed at Hercules’ words.

Unlike Goku’s spirit, which seemed like he was going to fight the entire Nibelungen just moments ago, Hercules persuaded those who were not related to the guild with words.

This was the difference between Son Goku and Hercules.

Having power, but not wielding it recklessly.

Because of this, Yuwon placed Hercules next to Son Goku.


Yuwon crushed Siegfried with force.

There was no movement to save him.

No, I didn’t dare.

It was only natural that the great castle of Jecheon was guarding it.

The knights who rushed in to rescue Siegfried were already lying unconscious on the ground.


I tightened my stomach and gritted my teeth as I tried to raise myself, but it was in vain.

Siegfried could never defeat Liu Yuan by force.

[The power of a giant resides in your arms.]

Cluck, cluck, cluck-.

Now, the skill level has increased considerably, and I can now imitate half of Hercules’ skills.


Yuwon’s strength was comparable to the two people behind him.

“wrong… … “It’s about thinking.”

Siegfried spoke with anger.

“Do you think the manager will just wait and see? “If they do something like this, what about other large guilds?”

Siegfried never backed down.

I was wondering if I would have understood what was said if I had used a little more effort.

“You will become a public servant of the tower. “Become a criminal and be sure to be tracked down by a large guild.”

“Is it because there are dragons right in front of you?”

Yuwon looked down at Siegfried in his hands with strange eyes.

“You’re strange. “He doesn’t look like the guy I know.”


“Does it seem like we’re doing this just because of a piece of land?”

Siegfried’s eyes wavered under his hand.

Certainly, none of the three, including Yuwon, was interested in the turf war between guilds.

Yuwon and Son Goku did not even belong to the guild, and Hercules also belonged to Olympus, but was famous for not being interested in the guild’s affairs.

Then why?

That was when Siegfried’s thoughts deepened.

‘new year… … .’

“mind… … .”

A voice that came out of my mouth without thinking.


Eyes burning red.

The moment the mask hiding Siegfried’s face cracked, Yuwon was able to notice it.

“As expected, you knew, right?”

That it was not just a coincidence that he established the Nibelungen on this land.

If so, even more so.

“I think you have a lot to say.”

I was worried at first.

Should we kill Siegfried right away? Or should I just faint it?

But it didn’t seem like it could be resolved in such a gentlemanly way.


The magic of the dark attribute flowed from the heart of Uranus, the ring on the middle finger of his hand.

The magic that flowed out went through Yuwon’s hand and enveloped Siegfried’s body. Siegfried quickly tried to resist the unusual energy, but it was no use.

‘What on earth are you going to do-.’

Siegfried, who was about to shout, “What are you trying to do,” closed his mouth.

No voice came out. The sound disappeared, as did the surrounding buzz.

Darkness where nothing can be seen.

Before he knew it, Siegfried was lost in the middle of the pitch-black darkness.

[You were invited to ‘Tartaros.’]

[You are in a subdued state.]

[I cannot refuse.]

‘What is this…? … .’

The thought didn’t last long.

Rather, one step.

It was faster for his body to be sucked into the darkness along with the message.

[Enter ‘Tartaros’.]


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