Leveling with the Gods Chapter 478

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* * *


Thunder rumbled in the Nibelungen sky.

The weather wasn’t always clear, but it was rare to see thunderstorms like this without stopping. The 91st floor was blessed by the dragons, and there were no droughts or floods.

But why?

Siegfried’s gaze turned to Goku’s clone.

“What do you mean you brought me?”

Siegfried’s eyebrows furrowed.

Jecheon Daesung has a single-digit ranking along with Yuwon. Even if he was an alter ego, his presence here had another meaning.

‘I may be drawing a bigger picture than I thought.’

Although I don’t know him well, Jecheon Daeseong, as known to the world, was far from being a resourceful person.

That means that it was Yuwon’s intention that created this situation.

‘What on earth are you drawing?’

The air surrounding Wangseong became heavy.

The meal could not continue any longer. Anyway, Son Goku’s clone looked out the window with his arms crossed.

“You hate it so much, but I guess you don’t feel anything?”

“Are you feeling it?”

“excuse me.”


A low thunder rumbled in the sky. It was then that Siegfried’s attention turned outside the castle.

“Look what came.”


Siegfried got up from his seat and hurried to the side of the clone.

An alter ego who moves out of the way as if to make you feel at ease.

Then, Siegfried looked out the window and saw an unbelievable sight.

“this… … What… … .”

“your majesty-!”

Thump, thump thump-.

An urgent knock rang through the restaurant. Even though they knew it was rude, the drivers opened the door and came in as if they couldn’t wait for an answer.

“Outside the paid castle-.”

“I’m watching it now too.”

Siegfried turned his head and glared at the knight, as if telling him not to interfere.

A face that looks somewhat angry.

As cracks appeared on Siegfried’s always calm face, the knight who brought him urgent news hesitated and took a step back.

“Stay out. “Don’t let anyone in until you call.”

“but… … .”

“Even if I’m out!”

In response to Siegfried’s shouting, the knight bowed his head with a restrained movement and left the place.

Wow, the restaurant door creaked and closed quickly. Siegfried’s eyes turned out the window again.


Kiek, kyaa-!


Between the thunderous clouds, giant dragons could be seen writhing.

How many of them are there?

There was no way this number of dragons would suddenly move. Most likely, there must be some reason.

‘no way-.’

at that time.

The words of Son Goku’s alter ego appeared in Siegfried’s mind.


Siegfried turned his head and found Goku’s clone.

But I don’t know where it went, but before I knew it, the alter ego was nowhere to be seen.

“He’s gone.”

“You went?”

“Because I finished everything I had to do.”

Siegfried’s eyes burned like fire as he saw Yuwon shrugging his shoulders.

It was clear from the reaction.

The ones who brought the dragons were none other than Yuwon and Son Goku.

As a result, this was the painting Siegfried wanted. But the painting was completed too quickly.

Right now, the sketch hasn’t even been properly drawn yet.

The sudden appearance of the dragons was very different from Siegfried’s plan.

“What on earth are you trying to do?”

“I’m trying to change the picture you want.”

“My picture?”

“I don’t want a dragon war.”

Contrary to its name, the Dragon Man War, it was a war between the Nibelungen and the Dragon People.

And the result was not a victory for either side.

Siegfried survived, though.



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“But why?”

The question was why they were drawn here if they did not want a war in Yongin.

The Nibelungen and the Balaur were enemies fighting each other for control of the 91st floor. Although the Balaur tribe has been inactive for a long time and the Nibelungen are in control, it was natural that a war would break out if they resumed their activities.

But Yuwon, who actually moved the dragon clan, does not want war.

At least in Siegfried’s eyes, it didn’t seem like Yuwon acted without knowing that much.

“Because when there is a bigger enemy, we tend to join forces.”


“This is all I have to do. Now it’s up to you to decide for yourself.”


Siegfried, who was about to question Yuwon, who continued to say things without knowing what he meant, was startled.

Yuwon’s eyes, which had turned red, changed.

Eyes shining like golden pumpkins.

It was not Hwaan Geumjeong. However, it did not have the commonly known black eyes.

Then what?

‘… … ‘You have bad eyes.’

But the doubts about those eyes lasted for a moment.

Thinking that now was not the time to discuss such matters, Siegfried approached Yuwon with a threatening attitude.

“What nonsense have you been talking about since a while ago?”


It was then.

Yuwon got up from his seat and walked towards the window.

No, it seemed like he was walking.


Yuwon’s body turns into black ash and scatters. Startled, Siegfried stretched out his hand toward his shoulder, but found nothing.


“… … .”

Yoo Won, who had done the work, disappeared from his seat.

A tendon suddenly appeared on Siegfried’s forehead. Where on earth did he go after letting his work grow as usual?

“shit… … .”

Siegfried muttered a curse under his breath for a moment and called the knight outside.

First of all, this situation had to be resolved somehow.

* * *

Is there anyone there?

Siegfried’s voice came from below. Yuwon climbed out the window and sat on the higher ceiling.

Siegfried began to move to control the situation. Yuwon raised his head and looked at the group of dragons wriggling in the sky.

‘It’s almost time for that guy to come too.’

In order for this number of dragons to move, there must be someone who becomes the center.

That means that one of the Dragon Kings also moved.

But the guy Yuwon was waiting for was still nowhere to be seen.



The dragons’ cries echoed in the sky. As of now, they are just writhing in the clouds without much movement, but as soon as the Dragon King gives one command, their magic will set the earth on fire.

And when that happens, the war between the knights and dragons of Nibelungen will begin.

‘What are you going to do? you.’

Yuwon watched Siegfried’s movements.

He will most likely react in some way to the appearance of the dragons. And according to his decision to be made from now on, Yuwon was planning to decide Siegfried’s disposition.

Siegfried’s identity was not visible even when looking at the Hwaan Geumjeong.

Well, if I had been able to know that he was being manipulated by Outer or was a fake, he wouldn’t have been part of the party to catch Ubo Satla.

‘Hero of the Yongin War.’

A modifier that was attached to Siegfried’s name in the future.


There’s nothing to do anyway.

Yuwon decided to watch.

Will he make a choice worthy of the name of a hero?

Or will you make choices that will be detrimental to your future?

* * *

The sudden appearance of dragons threw the Nibelungen into confusion.

“Um, what’s all over there?”


“Why are you here all of a sudden? “Weren’t you asleep?”

“Why, a guy named Indra was going around hunting dragons not long ago. So maybe… … .”

The residents of Nibelungen, and the players, looked up at the sky and were immersed in worry.

They wanted to know what they would do if they came down to earth and attacked the Nibelungen.

For him, of course.

“Non-player residents, leave!”

“The 1st Company knights go forward!”

“Ranged-type wizards attack knights from the rear… … .”

The forces of Nibelungen are busy moving around.

They were largely divided into two categories.

A knight capable of close range combat. And a wizard who mainly uses long-distance attacks or auxiliary skills.

Speaking of Nibelungen knights and wizards, they were all skilled at ranker level. They are skilled people who can fight against dragons, and thanks to this, the Nibelungen was a huge country several times the size of the guild ‘Round Table’.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.


It was then.

Among the knights who quickly attacked the residents at the appearance of the dragons, their king appeared.

“It’s Siegfried.”

“Siegfried… … .”

“Did the King of Nibelungen come forward in person?”

“Well, the situation is the situation… … .”

The players staying in the Nibelungen were whispering.

They do not belong to the Nibelungen, nor are they residents born and raised in this tower.

To them, this situation was nothing more than a spectacle where they could see the famous Siegfried with their own eyes.

“Everyone listen.”

Siegfried’s voice penetrated the audience.

Chuck, Chuck-.

The knights knelt, and the wizards bowed.

Following Siegfried’s orders:

The Nibelungen’s response to the sudden appearance of dragons will be different.


“The Nibelungen begins its war against dragons from now on.”

“… … !”

“Your Majesty… … ?”

Reactions of surprise erupted from everywhere at Siegfried’s declaration.

They naturally thought that Siegfried would negotiate with the dragon tribe. No one expected that he would declare that he would start a war simply by appearing in the sky.

“You won’t survive if you’re afraid of fighting. “They and we have an incompatible relationship.”

“But Your Majesty-.”

“stop. “Please focus from now on.”

“… … .”

The knights around him became dumbfounded by his resolute response.

The fight against the dragon tribe started suddenly.

This is what happened anyway.

Even if the timing was a little early, Zikifrit was planning on fighting.


Just like that, I pulled Balmung out of my belt.

The moment Siegfried was about to move the tip of his sword towards the dragons that appeared in the sky.

“It ended up like this.”

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

A huge presence weighed down the audience.



The dragons howled at its presence. The knights who were determined to fight against Siegfried’s orders stopped breathing due to the strong pressure that constricted their hearts.

It was a familiar presence.

However, it was much bigger.

Siegfried’s eyes turned to the place where a presence was felt.

“It’s nice to have a good head.” “I heard that nine times out of ten it will be like this.”

“If he said nine out of ten, it means it’s almost 100%.”

“is it? but.”

There was not just one gigantic presence.


High rankers with single-digit rankings who, as individuals, have power equivalent to that of a large guild.

‘Jecheon Daeseong. Hercules.’


Siegfried’s hand holding Balmung gained strength.

I knew it instinctively.

That wasn’t a self-immolation or anything like that. Hercules next to him was the same.


The situation continues to tangle.

The outcome of this fight will be determined by whether they are enemies or allies. And that was a situation that went too far from Siegfried’s plan.


Siegfried’s footsteps headed towards Son Goku and Hercules approaching from afar.

One by one, the people who were standing in the way split to the left and right to open the way. In an instant, a stage was created for Siegfried, Son Goku, and Hercules.

Siegfried with sharp eyes.

he asked.

“What’s going on here?”

“You don’t have to go far to find it.”

“You said you would be with me.”

Two people having an unexpected conversation instead of answering questions.

Hercules saw Siegfried’s eyebrows wrinkled and answered.

“I need to vacate this country.”

Whoosh, boom!

He slammed the club he was carrying on his back on the ground.

“Right Now.”

Hercules began acting unbecoming a thug.


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