Leveling with the Gods Chapter 459

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Surrounded by mountain goats, Yuwon was filled with a strange feeling.

Who are these people?

In the future, they were the children of Shub Niguras, who took the lives of countless comrades.

Yuwon knew what the power of each mountain goat was while fighting Shub Niguras for quite some time.

To think that the children of Shub Niguras bowed their heads after him.

Unable to believe it, Yuwon thought for a moment before opening his mouth.

“wake up.”



As if they understood what I was saying, the goats stood up all at once.

Danpung laughed louder when he saw that, and Yuwon continued what he was trying to do.

“sit down.”


“wake up.”




He sits down, stands up, and even pretends to be shot.

It was fun, but I also thought that enough was enough. The goats’ reaction to ‘Bbangya’ was something that people in this world could not have known, and it was something that could not have been done if they did not know about the guns in Yuwon’s world.

Nevertheless, it is probably one thing that mountain goats can show this behavior.

‘So I’m connected to a system that allows me to immediately understand what I want?’

For now, I had no choice but to hypothesize that way.

A black forest goat with a thousand young.

As the name suggests, Yuwon and Maple did not turn into goats, but it seemed certain that they could at least control the forest and the goats.

‘I have obtained the mountain goats of the Black Forest.’

An unplanned harvest.

‘What can be done with these… … .’

“Grow up-.”

It was then.

Unlike usual, I heard an extremely unsettling sound.



The mountain goats scattered like bowling pins before Yuwon’s eyes.

There was no need to wonder why.

A huge bong flew in front of my eyes.

And even the starting word for the item just heard.

“Are you okay?”

Sure enough, Son Goku hurriedly ran to Yuwon’s side.

Yuwon sighed.

I thought I knew what he was thinking. What the guy who was sleeping the whole time discovered was a black forest.

Perhaps he thinks that Shub Nigguras has appeared in this world.

“It’s okay, just get out of the way. “Don’t overdo it.”

Is it because of Shub Nigguras?

Son Goku tightened his grip on the female baton, drawing on the strength of the monster that did not yet fit his body. The forest shook from the magic and magical power emanating from him.

Coo-gu, coo-gu-.

“Over? Have you forgotten who that is? “How many of my colleagues died because of that goat?”

“That guy is already dead.”


Son Goku turns his head in surprise.

As Son Goku looked at Yuwon, asking what he was talking about, he saw a small goat slowly approaching Yuwon.

“Hey, be careful-.”


Yuwon stroked the mountain goat’s head with his hand.

He was a guy who came to me limping even after being hit by a stick. As he had been in Shubnigurath’s arms, he had to take care of them himself from now on.

However, Son Goku’s reaction when he first saw this situation.


He asked in bewilderment with his mouth wide open.

“What happened to this?”

“My name was taken away.”


“Now that I think about it, I guess you haven’t heard any news since you’ve been here the whole time.”

“Oh right. Come to think of it… … .”

Son Goku, who had been momentarily stunned by the situation that was hard to believe even with his own eyes, asked in surprise.

“Is it true? “You caught Shub Nigguras?”

“You can tell just by opening the kit. Because of that, Valhalla was half ruined.”

“… … “It seems to be true.”

There was no way Yuwon could lie about something like this. The number of comrades who died at the hands of Shub Nigguras was not something that could be used as a joke.



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Above all else, look at the scene unfolding before your eyes.

The mountain goats bow their heads to Yuwon instead of Shub Nigguras.

They were proof that Shub Nigguras had fallen.

“Ah, sir… … .”


“No, it’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing.”

“iced coffee. hungry. “Let’s go get some breakfast.”

“It’s clear from the way the horse is turning… … .”

Yuwon looked at Son Goku with suspicious eyes. Son Goku scratched his head, avoiding Yuwon’s eyes.

You defeated Shub Nigurath.

I was embarrassed and my face felt hot.

‘I feel embarrassed for having been so proud after winning yesterday.’

While Yuwon was defeating Shub Niguras, he was trapped in the Tathagata’s trap.

Geunduun appeared at the feet of Son Goku, who was watching.

For a moment, Yuwon was looking down at the mountain goat below.


With a loud noise, Son Goku rode Geunduun and flew over the black forest.

The back of Son Goku turns into a dot and disappears in the blink of an eye.

Yuwon almost laughed out loud on the spot.

‘I think I know what you’re thinking.’

Goku looked forward to the fight with Shub Nigguras. Naturally, the reason was that Shub Nigguras had never been caught in the future.

However, it was no wonder that his face got hot when he thought that he had not done anything in the fight and had only caused trouble here.

‘Is it actually better? ‘The biggest problem with that guy is that he is conceited.’

If this incident stimulated Son Goku, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Son Goku is trying to become stronger.

Thinking about how helpful Son Goku’s presence alone would be in the future fight, I already felt reassured.

Yuwon’s eyes turned to the black forest.

‘Now is the beginning.’

Shub Nigurath is dead.

This incident will probably be perceived as a big problem outside of the country.

At least among the Outer Gods Yuwon knows, Shub Nigguras is at least second in rank.


Really, maybe the fight could become a little more serious.


‘We might have to hurry from here.’

We were achieving better results and faster than originally planned.

When the past and present change, the future is bound to change as well. As many plans have been ruined, the foolish chaos will not proceed as Yu-won remembers.

‘For the time being… … .’

Suddenly, one by one, the goats that had been blown away after being hit by Son Goku’s female baton returned around Yuwon.

And among those mountain goats.

‘I need to find out more about this guy.’

Yuwon thought to himself, looking at the autumn leaves laughing brighter than usual, what was so good about it?

The key to this fight will probably be autumn leaves.

* * *

Outside of the tower.

Sad cries flowed under the purple sky.

-Ah ah ah ah ah-!

-Ah ah ah ah ah-!

The sounds are nothing but sighs. Foolish Chaos listened to the sound for a moment and muttered as if it was useless.

“It looks like the goat’s empty space is bigger than I thought.”

Silly Chaos rolled a small bead in his hand.

A bead that rolls while making a sound. As I was polishing it for a while, I saw the purple sky shaking like a haze.

Stupid chaos raised its head.

Is it because of my mood? I felt like the sky was scolding me.

“Are you that angry?”

As if to answer that question, the sky shakes dizzyingly once again. Finally, foolish Chaos realized that he was watching him.

“After all, I was just a prostitute who entrusted herself to your forest to make a name for herself. Let go of your anger.”


It was then.

Between the hazy purple sky like fog.

The eyes that seemed as thin as a crescent moon opened slightly and turned towards foolish chaos.

“Star that brings destruction. “Are you angry too?”

What the heck.

My eyes slowly grew bigger.

Black eyes appeared in the once white eyes, and they looked down at the foolish chaos. He, too, opened his eyes that had been closed for a long time upon the death of Shub Niguras.

Not only that.

All beings in this world were crying. Shub Niguras’ death was that shocking.

There was even foolish chaos at the center of it all, so it was no wonder they got angry.


A purple mist surrounded the foolish chaos. The foolish Chaos sighed softly as the great beings appeared one after another.

“Things that were quietly sleeping appear as a group.”

-You crossed the line a bit in this case.

Unlike the others, the fog spoke directly to foolish chaos.

There was no other reason.

It was because, unlike the sky or the eyes floating above, there was at least some sense of foolish chaos and familiarity.

“You’re going to be an outcast for a while.”

-It will be so.

“Are you going to do that too?”

-… … .


The fog quietly disappears.

There was no answer, but I had a rough idea of ​​the answer.

“To be shy.”


Foolish Chaos rolled the marble in his hand again.

The foolish chaos robe that had been rolling its ‘eyes’ in the hand was fluttering in the wind.

“It’s from the future, this is it… … .”

* * *

Time passed.

It wasn’t that long.

1 year.

It was only one year.

New players enter the tower, and more than ten rankers emerge.

Originally, the tower would have been a part of time that just passed by without anything happening.

But to Odin, this year felt longer than ever before.


Late at night.

Someone has set foot in Asgard’s capital.

Long strides. Without anyone’s permission.

Odin, who was sitting on the throne, opened his eyes.

It was to see who dared to visit the royal castle at such a time without fear.

“I heard you’ve been stuck here for three days. “I guess it’s not boring either.”

“… … Was it Zeus?”

one year.

It wasn’t that long. However, I was able to see Zeus again, whom I had not seen several times in over a thousand years.

It wasn’t a very happy thing.

that much.

“How did we get here?”

“Just came in.”

“You’re not even getting permission?”

“I don’t need anyone’s permission. “Same goes for you.”

“It seems like we’ve become very close friends. “Are we even comrades in arms?”

“If you think that way, I could stick a spear in your face right now.”

“If it’s a window, I’m confident. “It will probably be a lot different than a year ago.”

In a bloody conversation. The same smile appeared on both of their faces.

They say you become friends while fighting. After the fight a year ago, their relationship had changed a lot.

As comrades who fought together. And as a man carrying the heavy burden of being a king on his shoulders.

If we weren’t in a position where we could move around carelessly, we might have seen each other often and shared tea or drinks.

Let’s chat for a moment.

Odin, who was soon intrigued by Zeus’ appearance, asked about his business.

“You really didn’t come to stick a spear in my face. “Why did you come to see me this late at night?”

“I have something to tell you. “Your information seems too slow.”

“What should I tell you?”

“That guy moved.”

“If it’s him… … .”

Light slowly came into Odin’s dull, dead eyes.

Something similar to hope appeared in my eyes. Odin, who had been sitting like a corpse with his back against the throne for three days, leaned forward and asked:

“Where is it?”


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