Leveling with the Gods Chapter 460

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* * *

A small town on the 99th floor.

A little girl who was running around with candy in her hand stopped running and looked up.

The child’s eyes twinkled beautifully as he blinked a few times.


A clear sky appeared in the eyes of a child. Her mother came up behind the child who stopped running and looked up at the sky.


“Look at that!”

As the child shouted loudly with excitement, the people around him looked up at the sky the child was pointing at.

The sky doesn’t look much different from usual.

However, in the wide sky, there were parts that were slightly different colors.


“What do you see?”

“Look over there. excuse me.”

A purple haze bloomed in the sky. The purple haze in the clear blue sky looked absolutely beautiful.


“Pretty… … .”

It was then.

Under the sky I was looking at, a dot appeared.


“… … huh?”

The man blinked a few times because he didn’t understand the situation, then slowly lowered his head and looked down at his chest.

Something pierced his chest. When he realized that he had been pierced by a purple tentacle, his entire body was drained of strength and he was filled with pain.




Tentacles poured out from a purple haze and pierced people’s bodies.

The village instantly turned into hell. The body of the little child who first discovered the sky stiffened.

“hurry! “Hurry here!”

“mom… … .”

The child’s legs trembled as he stretched out his hand toward his parents who called him.

Naturally, the randomly falling tentacles were much faster than the jump on those shaky legs.

Easy profit-.


The child closed his eyes tightly. He thought he would end up like other people who died before his eyes.

But even for a moment.

Contrary to expectations, when he felt nothing, the child gathered courage and opened his eyes little by little.

What came through such small eyes.

“It’s a complete mess.”

It was someone’s back.

A man grabbed the tentacle that was flying towards the child’s head with his hand. He lifted his head and looked into the purple haze.

Kwa-rung-, growl-!

A golden bolt of electricity exploded from the man’s hand.

“Are you okay?”

The man and the child turned their heads and their eyes met.

It was a relaxed expression and eyes that did not fit this terrible situation. Little by little, tears came out of the child’s eyes, which looked like they were going to cry at any moment.

“Close your eyes again. “There is nothing good to see.”


The man who said that took a step forward, blocking the child from what was about to happen.

Right after that.


The spear held in the man’s hand flew into the sky.


Grumble, rumble-.

The tentacles pouring down turned black. The man who threw the spear immediately stepped aside to observe the situation.

The view revealed like that.

The eyes of the child who was looking up at the back opened round, and the black pupils sparkled golden.


A beautiful golden wave that eats purple and colors the sky.

With that, the brief massacre that occurred on the 99th floor ended.

* * *

“I lived, I lived… … .”

“I’m glad there’s a high-ranker nearby.”

“I know. “In a town on the outskirts like this.”

There were a few rankers who sensed the commotion and came running, but the situation was already settled.

They paid attention to the golden lightning that appeared in the sky.

“Are you a ranker from Olympus?”



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There were mainly rankers who symbolized lightning on the Olympus side.

Zeus has the strongest lightning.

This was because among those who wield magic of the lightning attribute, there were many rankers who admired him and entered Olympus.


No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed that none of the Olympus rankers other than Zeus could unleash an electric shock of such power.

“Who are you?”

“if… … .”


“Kim Yu… … .”

“Oh, no way. “He is the guy who has been hiding for over a year.”

“Did you pass it? “Isn’t it done yet?”

“What’s important about time? The important thing is that he is a virtual… … .”


Yuwon turned around and looked at a group of rankers whispering at him.

At that point, the rankers closed their mouths and avoided eye contact. I was still thinking about what if, but I couldn’t help but think about what if.

From quite a distance away, Yuwon heard their words and laughed.

I didn’t necessarily listen to it, but because there was so much talking, I naturally heard it.

‘I guess I took a long break.’

No, if you think about it, I didn’t rest that long.

For rankers who have lived for over a thousand years, the time when Yuwon disappeared was no different from a single moment.


The problem was that for them, the time when Yuwon made a name for himself was nothing more than a fleeting moment.

-I think that’s right?

-Isn’t it just that they look alike?

-Is everyone with black hair Kim Yu-won?

-Someone go and ask. At least check the face properly.

-Are you crazy? What if it’s real?

I just avoided my eyes, but my mouth still doesn’t rest.

After listening briefly to the conversation, it seemed like he thought of himself as a demon that would kill people just by talking to him.

‘Sure. Who cares?’

Soon Yuwon stopped paying attention to them and looked up.

The sky became clear again.

It wasn’t that difficult to get that sky back.

The sky had changed only slightly, enough to be cleared up by a single lightning strike.


‘Has it already begun?’

It was one year.

Originally, I would have taken more time to move, but that was not possible.

It started moving much faster than I thought.

‘I thought it would be a rush, but it’s still too early.’

The sky was reflected in Yuwon’s eyes.

The sky had partially turned purple. Just because it was a very small gap, it was not something to be ignored.

Yuwon thought for a moment and then nodded.

‘… … There’s nothing bad about it.’

The more they rushed, the lower their points would inevitably be. Especially because of what happened in the past, the foolish chaos probably cost quite a lot of points.

The proof was that the crack was small enough to disappear with a single lightning strike.

Kurrrrr, rumbling-.


The sky rang loudly.

The few clouds turned into black thunderclouds.

The appearance was also very loud.

“The monkey that asks to come won’t come.”


Lightning struck in front of Yuwon’s nose.

A golden pillar soaring high. It may have been dazzling, but Yuwon looked straight at it.

“Two handsome men are here.”

Grumble, rumble-.

The world instantly turned golden.

Two people appeared with a thunderbolt and walked out from within a golden pillar.


Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

It was just the two of us.

But they were by no means people who would appear somewhere in a remote village like this.

A handsome man with golden hair and wearing golden armor.

And a sturdy old man with silver hair, wearing silver armor.

At the appearance of the two, the rankers who had been whispering to Yuwon opened their mouths.

“Are you really Zeus?”

“Next to that… … .”

“oh… … Dean?”

“Then as expected…” … .”

Rankers who understood the situation began to take a step back one by one.

I thought I would die like an ant under the footsteps of those giants.

“Don’t be scared. “I won’t eat it.”

Odin’s words after noticing the fear of the rankers.

A moment of relief at the small but clear voice.

“Get out.”

Zeus’ sharp voice passed through the audience.


“All right!”


The rankers hurriedly leave their seats at one word from Zeus.

The other residents also noticed and retreated.

And as he looked at them, Odin clicked his tongue.

“Why on earth are you saying you’re so sorry… … .”

“You’re so scared, I don’t know what happened to Ranker.”

Zeus and Odin shake their heads as if they are pitiful.

Yuwon approached the two people and opened his mouth as if he deserved it.

“It’s scary to see him appear so loudly.”

Why are you doing this with something so obvious? It was even more strange if ordinary rankers were not afraid of Zeus.

“Does it matter now?”

Odin, who met Yuwon again, sighed deeply from the beginning.

“All contact has been cut off. There is no way to know the news. Where on earth were you doing? … .”

“Nothing happened.”

“It looks like the kit was still used. “If you look at what I heard, it’s okay.”

Odin spits out a bit of resentment at Yuwon’s answer.

For the past year, no one has been able to find him, and no one has seen him, to the extent that rumors are circulating that ‘Kim Yu-won is just a fictional character.’

But even while he was in hiding, he was watching everything going on in the world through the kit.

That also meant that all other contacts looking for him were ignored.

“I was busy. “Quite a lot, too.”

“so? “Have we achieved satisfactory results?”

“… … maybe. “Roughly.”

Ambiguous answer.

Perhaps it was a bit difficult to talk in more detail, so Yuwon changed the topic by asking a question.

“I see you had some success too?”

Yuwon and Odin’s gazes collided for a moment. Although the intention of the question was obvious, Odin sighed slightly and answered as if he would let it pass this time.

“How can I be the only one? “After it became known that there was a level on the 100th floor that rankers had not yet reached, there was an uproar.”

“You crossed over there.”

“What if I can’t get over it? “Who can climb up there?”

“is it? but.”

That was correct.

If Odin is impossible, there is probably no one in this tower who is qualified to attain godhood.

At first I said it to change the subject, but now I was truly impressed.

‘It’s still quite similar to what I know.’

From the time Yuwon first met Odin, he had already achieved godhood. He was a great being from beginning to end, and never once showed signs of weakness.

Even if it is Shub Nigguras, it is the same.

Although he may not be able to defeat Shub Nigurath, he had the ability to buy time for his allies to escape against her.

Within a year.

As the tower was rapidly changing, the colleagues within it were also changing rapidly.

That’s probably true.

“What about Hercules? How are you?”

The same goes for Hercules.

Zeus shook his head at Yuwon’s question. It wasn’t that he wasn’t getting along, it was that he didn’t know.

“Try contacting me directly. “I’m not really curious about your well-being anyway.”

I feel like I’ve been tricked.

As expected, Zeus had similar thoughts to Yuwon more than anyone else. He said this after realizing that Yuwon was curious about his growth, not his well-being.


“Stop talking nonsense and just follow me.”

At Odin’s urging, Yuwon made a puzzled expression.

I wondered why he had come to see me in such a hurry, but it seemed like he had some business.


“There are bound to be things you can’t find out through the kit. “If you follow me, you will find out.”

Instead of explaining, Odin recklessly dragged Yuwon away.

An Asgardian ship floating in the sky.

“… … “Now that I think about it, it’s strange.”

Zeus followed them both into the boat.

I wonder why that is, since a while ago, I always felt like something was missing.

“Where’s that kid you were wearing next to you?”


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