Leveling with the Gods Chapter 458

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* * *

Only three hours have passed since Gingoa was broken and the seal was released.

And now.

Yuwon and Son Goku were hitting and fighting again.


Pudduk, poodddddud-.

The birds that had been quietly sleeping in the mountains flew into the sky due to the untimely commotion.

Even though the wild animals were disturbed from their sweet sleep, they did not dare to get angry or show their teeth. Rather than resist beings with incredible power beyond predators, they chose to abandon their home.

And one step away from the fight.

Uma King, who had borrowed Son Goku’s luck, clicked his tongue and looked down.

“How can two younger brothers be so alike… … .”

Even as he muttered, King Uma was holding a lot of beef jerky in his hands that he had gotten from Yuwon.

Just like preparing popcorn before watching a movie, food is an essential part of having fun.


When I put that few pieces of beef jerky in my mouth.

“It’s a shame.”


Looking down, I saw Son Goku’s fist hit the ground.

Yuwon’s body, who barely managed to avoid the punch, staggered. Once Yuwon lost his balance, it seemed difficult even to swing his sword.

“I won’t be able to see you for very long.”

This is the opposite of what was said just a moment ago about being immature.

But that’s how fun this fight was.

No, it was surprising.

“… … “You’ve become more of a monster than I thought.”

The fight between Son Goku and Yuwon.

It was going more one-sided than I thought.

* * *


One of the mountain peaks was broken by Goku’s fist and fell down. I felt the ground shaking from the huge peak that had fallen down, but I didn’t have to worry about that.

[‘Yejian’ is active.]

The ability to see a moment into the future.

It shined especially brightly in hand-to-hand combat like now.

Didn’t he benefit a lot from Ye Ji-an when fighting Yeo-ui? More than half of the reason he was able to block various herbivores, including his Hundred Treasure Divine Fist, and attempt a counterattack was thanks to Ye Jian’s ability.


‘Just because you know it doesn’t mean you can prevent it or avoid it.’

Yuwon knew.

A cloud of cloudy brown smoke. That Son Goku would appear by removing it with one hand.



Sure enough, the moment Son Goku appeared, removing it, numerous futures unfolded before Yuwon’s eyes.

‘Which one?’

Fists reaching out from dozens of directions. Yuwon’s complexly shaking eyes met Son Goku’s.


Yuwon was not the only one with special eyes.

Although he did not have the Foresight Eye, Son Wukong also had the Hwaan Geumjeong. Moreover, his proficiency in Hwaan Geumjeong was much higher than that of Yuwon.

Is that why?



Yuwon could only dodge Son Goku’s fist by a narrow margin, but he did not have the luxury of knowing his attack in advance and counterattacking.

‘… … shit.’

Moreover, in this situation, knowing the future after a while is difficult.



Sometimes all we could do was know in advance an unpleasant future that could not be changed.

One of Son Goku’s hands grabbed Yuwon’s neck. His grip was so strong that it was unthinkable to shake him off.

If this happens, the foresight will no longer be of any use.

Since you are caught in Goku’s grasp, what is the use of knowing the future if you do not have the strength to shake off Goku’s grip?


Son Goku’s fist reached towards Yuwon’s head.

Yuwon did not close his eyes. It would be foolish to be scared and close your eyes at something like this, and more than anything, that fist wasn’t something to be scared of.


A fist lightly hitting the cheek.

“I won, right?”


The grip holding my neck loosened. Yuwon, who was half held in his hand, answered as he felt his suffocating breath being relieved.

“… … okay.”

There was no room for further questioning or rebuttal.



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This match was so overwhelming that we couldn’t even say let’s try again.

Creepy, creepy-.

Even though the fight was over, my body still felt numb.

Yuwon sighed as he glanced at Son Goku jumping high in excitement.

‘It’s hard to do anything.’

Son Goku’s fighting sense was definitely unrivaled. Son Goku, who wielded a female baton, dazzled the eyes with self-immolation techniques, and engaged in mobile warfare using Geunduun, was truly an all-rounder.


Yuwon’s eyes followed Son Goku.

‘It wasn’t something the Tathagata couldn’t do.’

What I said to the Tathagata a few hours ago, telling her to come see Son Goku if this is going to happen, was sincere.

But that was only possible because the opponent was Son Goku.

‘Even though he has fewer skills or numbers, there is no one who utilizes them as well as this guy.’

With just Hwaan Geumjeong, Son Goku’s technique was almost complete.

In addition, Son Goku’s physical abilities and magical power had increased several times overall.

In this fight, Son Goku didn’t use a sword or a self-immolation technique. All he did was use Hwaan Geumjeong and swing his fist at random.

Nevertheless, this is the result.

‘It may need modification.’

Son Goku became a much more amazing card than expected.

Although both are still immature right now, Goku’s seal was released and he was able to use the power of the monster that had been sealed, and Hercules was able to obtain the power of the thunderbolt.

Both of them went one step further than in Yuwon’s world.

‘Now it’s my car.’

The battle with Shub Nigguras was over, and Goku released the seal on Gingoa from Heaven.

Now all that was left was himself.

‘I’ll have to suffer.’

It was only a few days ago that his ranking was higher than Son Goku.

I felt like I needed to put aside my desire to brag for a moment.

Now it was my turn to chase after him again.

* * *

Goku slept the whole time and then opened his eyes.

The moon rose at night and the air was cool. It was quite late in the morning.

Goku woke up rubbing his eyes and the first thing he did was look up at the moon. He had felt it since he came to Cheonchuk with King Uma, but the night was really rare here.

“How long did you sleep?”

Goku looked around blankly for a moment.

There were quite a few people who woke up this early in the morning and came out busily.

How on earth was this place created?


Goku started walking among them. As he walked aimlessly, he could see people farming or merchants who had started arranging their goods for sale in the morning.

This was also an ordinary world, no different from inside the tower.


Goku quickly picked up a piece of candy left on the street vendor, put it in his mouth, and chewed it. Son Goku’s hand gestures were not something ordinary merchants could see with the naked eye.


Son Goku, who had been leisurely stealing from early in the morning, wandered around looking for Yuwon and King Uma.

“Anyway, where did you two go?”


A light lit up in Goku’s eyes. His field of vision widened, and the broad back of the Demon King in the distance came into his sight.



Son Goku grinned, as if something went well after being bored.


A pure white cloud appeared beneath Goku’s feet. The scenery around Son Goku, who was riding Geunduun, was all broken.


It was just a moment.

Son Goku reached King Uma.

It was a step faster than I thought. Surprised, Son Goku strengthened his feet and stopped Geundun.


Geun Du-un managed to stop in front of King Uma’s back.

A scared Son Goku fell down on his butt behind Demon King Uma’s back.

“I almost crashed into it… … .”

“Are you awake now?”

King Uma is looking somewhere with his back turned.

“You slept all day, again.”

It was not an illusion that the word ‘again’ seemed to be particularly strong.

Son Goku, who was scratching his head wondering how much he had slept, returned to sit next to King Uma.

“What were you looking at?”

“Wouldn’t you know it when you see it?”

“… … ?”

Son Goku wanted to know something and turned his head to follow Demon King’s gaze.

Below the cliff where King Uma is sitting.

Looking at the wide-open forest, Son Goku’s eyes widened.


Is it because it is dark?

For some reason, the forest spread out in front of me looked black.

* * *


Yuwon walked through the forest.

The blackened forest was darker than the late morning sky, when the sun had not yet risen.

‘I never thought I’d see this again.’

Yuwon stopped and stood still in the same spot for a while, looking down.

Today, just like any other day, I saw the autumn leaves attached to Yuwon. The autumn leaves, which would normally be jumping around excitedly or falling asleep clinging to one’s shoulder, were unusually quiet today.

“What do you see?”

Yuwon spoke to Maple first.

Maple, which had been looking at one place, opened its mouth with a somewhat dazed look on its face.


Mouth opened slowly.

“Yeom- soo-.”

Although the pronunciation was a little muffled, I could hear it clearly.

It’s a goat.

And that moment.


In the middle of the blackened forest, a familiar cry was heard.

It was as expected.


Slap, slap -.

The sound of small footsteps was heard beyond the dense forest.

The sound of footsteps was not one. Also, the crying increased rapidly.




It was amazing.

lately. No, I could vividly see him swinging his sword at them until less than a month ago.



Mountain goats with purple fur walked through the forest and gathered around the amusement park. Yuwon looked into each of their eyes and confirmed that there was no hostility.


The footsteps of autumn leaves moving forward.

Maple approached the largest of the mountain goats. The largest mountain goat was so large that it easily exceeded Yuwon’s head.

There is nothing strange about being eaten in one bite.

However, Yuwon could not imagine such a situation at all.

On the contrary.


With a mournful cry, the mountain goat lowered its head so that the autumn leaves could easily climb on it.

I could tell just by looking at this.

‘The goat’s owner has changed.’

As if it was a good thing to climb on, the maple tree was suddenly sitting on the mountain goat’s head and laughing.

‘Is it something like this?’

Looking at the autumn leaves like that, Yuwon was finally able to understand little by little what kind of power the outer had.

‘The power of a name.’


A mountain goat came next to Yuwon.

The size of the mountain goat was the smallest among the group. It was the smallest and most gentle sheep, about the size of Yuwon’s knee and with very little fur.

Sanyang rubbed his head against Yuwon’s leg. It didn’t seem like he was trying to make any threats.

Would you like me to pat your head?


The moment when Yuwon lightly stroked the mountain goat’s head.

[‘Maple’ shares the name of ‘Goat of the Black Forest with a Thousand Cubs’.]

[The mountain goats of the Black Forest recognize you as their master.]

As the message rang, the mountain goats in the forest all bowed down.


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