Leveling with the Gods Chapter 451

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Even when I checked it again, it was the same.

A total of 31 texts. There was nothing written anywhere in them that could be a clue to ‘Cheonchuk’.

“This stupid, idiotic monkey… … .”

Yuwon typed a text message, listing all the words that Son Goku disliked.

I sighed in frustration.

[So where is it?]

I sent a text message to Kit, and even after a few minutes, there was no reply.

He wasn’t the type of guy who checked the kit very much to begin with, and judging by the urgency of the content, it seems like the situation at the time was urgent.

Yuwon gave up on receiving a reply from Son Goku and turned his contact elsewhere.

“… … “What do you say?”

The first thing that stuck was the title.

After pondering for a moment, Yuwon tapped Kit’s text message, wondering if it was time to discuss this and that.

So get up from your seat.

“I have no time to catch my breath.”


Yuwon carried maple leaves around his shoulders. Although all my questions were not resolved yet, I felt like I had to move first.

“Let’s talk about it later.”

* * *

There is an emergency in the martial world.

10th floor. A world consisting of the lowest floor of a tower with a total of 100 floors.

In a world that was so powerless but peaceful, a rare giant came to visit.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

Thump, thump, thump-.

A power that makes even the tallest mountain in heaven seem small.

He dared to set foot on Heavenly Mountain without permission, but the Heavenly Demon Church could not do anything about him.

It was also because the Church of the Heavenly Demon merged with the Murim Alliance and half of its power left the Church of the Heavenly Demon… … .

“A monster has come.”

Kwon Cheon-ju and Poong Baek-rim swallowed their saliva as they saw the red-haired giant walking towards them with great strides.

As a warrior of the Heavenly Demon Church, I thought it was natural to want to challenge a strong person when I saw one. In reality, Poong Baek-rim had a desire to fight the Heavenly Demon someday.

But the man in front of me right now didn’t even have those expectations.

It felt like I was facing death.


The center of the Heavenly Demon Church.

Diablo appeared in front of Cheonma and Cheon Mujin.

“What’s the fuss?”

Cheon Mu-jin, who was lost in thought with his chin resting, slowly opened his eyes. Diablo’s appearance was enough to make the quiet Cheonsan into an uproar.


A being who stands at the pinnacle of demons and has the power to fight the entire Heavenly Demon Church on his own.

No matter how much Cheon Mujin was called the god of the Heavenly Demon Church, there was nothing he could do about him.

“All I did was just walk. “What’s the fuss about?”

“Your very existence is a disturbance.”

“Are my footsteps that loud?”

“The kids aren’t shaking.”

“You’re so scared, Won.”

Diablo clicks his tongue as if he is pathetic.

His red eyes immediately turned to Cheon Mujin.

“Maybe you are like that too?”

“I do know that they did not come as enemies.”

“You’re quick to notice.”

There was no speculation in Diablo.

There was seriousness in his eyes, as if he had important business to attend to, but at least he didn’t seem to have come to fight.

Above all, there was no reason for Diablo to come down this far downstairs and kill humans at a time like this.

“I came to ask a favor.”

“What are you asking?”

“I want you to know that it is your martial arts skills.”

“Martial arts?”

“I heard that Asura was also a person from this world. The same goes for Indra.”

It wasn’t something I couldn’t understand. Diablo was a strong player recognized by everyone in the tower, but his pride in his skills was greatly hurt by this incident.

After losing the fight with Shub Niguras, I prepared my next move, but in the end it was of no help.

That was why.

The reason he first became interested in ‘martial arts’.

But the problem was that this was the Church of the Heavenly Demon, and the opponent was Cheonma, the god of the Church of the Heavenly Demon.

“If that’s the case, how about visiting Asura?”

The martial arts of the Heavenly Demon were not something that could be passed down to just anyone. Just as Yuwon obtained the Heavenly Demon Spirit, the martial arts of the Heavenly Demon can only be formally learned by passing the exam of the Heavenly Demon Divine Religion.

However, Diablo is telling me to just give up Cheon Mu-jin’s martial arts skills.

“Just because someone is strong doesn’t mean they are necessarily a good teacher.”

“But it doesn’t seem like you would be a good disciple either.”



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The two people’s gazes collided in the air. Diablo realized that Cheon Moo-jin did not like him and sat down.

“I don’t know. “If you don’t accept it, I’ll click here and buy it.”


Cheon Moo-jin sighs.

After thinking for a moment, he opened his mouth.

“How about doing it this way?”

* * *

Yuwon, who was walking down the hallway of Valhalla Castle, stopped for a moment and looked out the window.

The sky, which had turned black due to Shub Nigguras, suddenly regained its blue color.

As I closed my eyes for a moment and listened to the wind coming in from the window, I heard a voice.

“dad! dad… … !”

“You went to a good place. son… … .”

“Why does the world punish us like this? The world… … .”

“Are you okay, brother?”

“The third one died. The third… … .”

“Fortunately, the.”

“Thank goodness?”

“We all died, including our wives, daughters, and sons.”

It was said that ten days had already passed since the fight ended.

But the world was still crying. A quick search with the kit showed that 40% of the residents living on the 65th floor had lost their lives.

Yuwon continued to listen to the screams.

It was too late, but I had to listen.

Returning to the past, sounds forgotten as time passed.

If you don’t want this sound to happen again, you have no choice but to go to the end.

“What are you doing here?”

Because someone was talking, the sound carried by the wind was drowned out.

When I opened my eyes and looked to the side, I saw Brunnhilde approaching Yuwon as she was passing by.

“Odin is waiting.”


“I heard you woke up.”

“Then I won’t tell you to come directly, I’ll tell you to come and go.”

“I visited the hospital several times while I was sleeping. “It was my benefactor who didn’t wake up.”

Yuwon looked at Brunnhilde, wondering what this meant.

From earlier, the way he spoke and the expression ‘benefactor’ were used, and he was treated much more politely than before.

Was all that doubt revealed in his facial expression?

Brunnhilde added words to answer Yuwon’s doubts.

“It is a fight that almost destroys not only Valhalla, but all of Asgard. “It is largely due to the benefactor that we were able to stop at this level.”

“So you’re calling me your benefactor?”

“You were listening to the people’s screams, weren’t you?”

Yuwon was startled by the sudden question.

I didn’t think I’d get caught. She didn’t use magic power, she just focused her hearing and heard the sound.

“Do not think that their deaths are your fault. Instead of the dead, look at those you have brought back to life.”

“Do you mean to change your perspective?”

“If you try to do things that are too difficult, sometimes you won’t be able to do the easy things. Change your perspective. “It may be easy, but it may be difficult for the benefactor.”

The corners of Brunnhilde’s mouth rose slightly as she said that.

As she looked at Yuwon, the image of Odin in his youth came to mind.

“You will make a great king.”

An attitude so polite that it becomes burdensome. This meant that Yuwon’s position in Asgard had increased.

Although it was an unplanned meeting, Brunnhilde’s advice was of considerable help to Yuwon.

“Let’s go together. “I was already on my way to Odin.”

Anyway, Brunnhilde was kind to Yuwon.

That too.



A message arrived at the kit just in time, informing Yuwon that he could no longer hang out with Brunnhilde.

“It just worked out well.”


“I was thinking of contacting you with the kit later, but I guess you can give it to me instead.”

“What… … .”

“I’m going.”

Please clean up after yourself.

The appearance of Yuwon disappearing before my eyes.

And the voice that remains there.

Brunhilde came to her senses. He fell asleep while standing for a moment, and when he woke up, Yuwon had disappeared from the spot.

“… … Clean up after yourself?”

* * *

A shadow passed over the walls of Valhalla Castle.

Yuwon looked down at the city center below the castle in the distance. After listening to Brunnhilde’s words, I felt a little lighter than before.

‘Think of the living rather than the dead… … .’

It felt oddly comforting. Even though I came to save everyone, my guilt over not being able to do so has eased considerably.

Normally, I would have said goodbye to Odin. No, beyond just saying hello, I would have been indebted to him by spending a little more time at the castle.

But in that short period of time, the situation changed.

[Woo Mawang: First, come to the 99th floor.]

A text message that arrived from King Uma, not Son Goku.

Instead of Son Goku, who had not been contacted, Yuwon contacted King Uma. Because King Uma moved to find Son Goku much before Yuwon.

King Uma, who was said to know the location of Cheonchuk.

It was probably because of King Uma’s help that Son Goku was able to find Cheonchuk.

‘The arrival of Cheonchuk was in the hands of King Uma, so was it such a wasted effort back then?’

It wasn’t just a day or two that Son Goku searched for Heaven.

He wanted to reach the heavenly axis and find the Dharma Sutra. It was the only way to break the seal of Ginggoa, which bound Goku’s head and suppressed his power.

However, in the end, Son Goku was unable to find the Buddhist scriptures, and the war with Outer began in such an incomplete state.

‘Hercules gained the power of thunderbolt. He didn’t seem to be able to fully use that power as his own yet… … .’

Hercules used thunderbolts.

As the image of him covered in golden electricity came to mind, Yuwon suddenly became curious about the rankings.

‘If Zeus says so, that would be the real Hercules.’

Yuwon stopped while running and looked up the rankings through the kit.

Nothing else was needed.

What Yuwon is curious about right now is Hercules’ ranking.

[1st place: Vishnu]

[2nd place: Odin]

[3rd place: Hercules]

I knew it.

Hercules’ ranking has increased dramatically.

‘If you’re in third place… … Originally Vishnu’s Jaringa.’

Has the ranking ever risen so rapidly?

He immediately rose to a single-digit ranking and even surpassed his father Zeus’ ranking.

Maybe it was a natural result.

The person Zeus, who recorded such a high ranking, had planned all his life, even creating Gigantomachia, was Hercules.

of course.

Hercules was not the only one whose ranking changed significantly.

“… … What’s this?”

[4th place: Zeus]

[5th ​​place: Kim Yu-won]

[6th place: Son Goku]

Before we knew it, the ranking had risen to single digits, even to 5th place.

I didn’t think the ranking would rise this steeply. In the first place, Yuwon’s activities were more about what he did behind the scenes rather than directly in front of him.


‘Is it because of the autumn leaves that the ranking has risen so high?’

It was a pretty good fight. It wasn’t a ranking worth rising to.

Even though Hercules clearly demonstrated his power using lightning, there were some parts that were difficult to understand about his rise in ranking.

Nevertheless, what was Yuwon’s first thought after seeing this ranking?

‘He’s one level higher than Son Goku.’

I thought that if I met Son Goku again, I could pick him up.

In his previous life, Yuwon’s ranking had never been higher than Son Goku’s, so he was sure to jump when they met again.

They said there was something wrong with the rankings.

‘It’s the 99th floor… … .’

Yuwon stopped and looked around the bottom of the castle.

It was quite a distance from the 65th floor to the 99th floor. I could have climbed up the normal way, but I didn’t know what the situation would be, so I wanted to hurry up as much as possible.

There was no need to use Hwaan Geumjeong.

If the person you are looking for is still here, they will definitely be noticed.

And sure enough.

‘As expected, it was still there.’

In the middle of Valhalla’s bustling city center.

Druk-, Druk-.

I saw the siblings Apollo and Artemis walking around pulling a large and loud chariot.


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