Leveling with the Gods Chapter 450

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* * *

It was a strange feeling.

It becomes a handful of dust and floats through space. I felt like I had been exiled from the world and became nothing.

There were no stars in Yuwon’s universe.

That’s why it was dark. Strangely enough, only my own image was clearly visible in a space without a single light.

‘What happened?’

I clearly remembered holding the autumn leaves and comforting them. The moment Yuwon saw the guy nodding his head with difficulty, he lost consciousness.

I was confident that I was as confident in my mental ability as I was in my physical work. But he lost his mind without any time to do anything.

‘Is this what it means to be dangerous?’

I don’t know where I am, but since I came to my senses, I tried moving my hand.

Fortunately, there was no problem with my body. There were no injuries and I even felt lighter than before.


‘Isn’t it somewhat light?’

In fact, it felt more powerful than the first time.

Yuwon clenched his fist and brought it in front of his eyes. Her body was more powerful than before, and she was filled with the desire to use her bubbling strength.

And there was only one change of this kind.

[‘Shub Niguras’ has been defeated.]

[The level of ‘Autumn Leaves’ has increased.]

[The level of ‘Autumn Leaves’ has increased.]

[‘Autumn Leaves’… … .]

[The spiritual power of ‘Autumn Leaves’ has increased by 31.]

[The growth rate increased by 61.22 percent.]

[Magic power has increased by 10.]

[100,000,000 points have been earned.]

[‘Maple’ acquired the name of ‘Goat of the Black Forest with a Thousand Babies’.]

[The first name has been obtained.]

“This is crazy… … .”

As the messages came in succession, swear words flowed from Yuwon’s mouth.

It was an incredible message. They say that if the joy is too great, curses come out instead of cheers, and Yuwon was no different.

Magic power is 10.

In addition, the level of the maple rose countless times, and its spiritual power increased by 31 levels.

The 100 million points, which would make even the rankers blush, was the least valuable reward among them.

‘Is Shub Nigurath dead?’

I don’t know what happened.

What I know now is that while I was floating in this unknown space, Maple defeated Shub Niguras.

And as a reward, his magical power also increased through the autumn leaves that absorbed the power of Shub Nigguras.


‘The foliage received the name of Shub Nigurath.’

A goat from the Black Forest with a thousand babies.

A name that represents Shub Nigguras.

Until now, Yuwon has been fighting against the Outers and has been through many names. Shub Nigurath had three names, and was best known for commanding the mountain goats of the Black Forest.

Yuwon didn’t know much about the power of names. It is only known that the Outer God, according to its name, has unique powers and characteristics, according to the research of its power by Mimir, Odin, and some other clever people.

‘Does that mean that autumn leaves have that power now?’

This was unexpected news for Yuwon, who had planned to simply catch Shub Nigguras and increase his stats through predators.

However, it was still unclear what kind of power it would exert.

‘Let’s not think too deeply.’

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. It was better to make a plan without including variables as much as possible.

For now, it was time to be satisfied with the reward in front of me.

‘It’s still attractive enough.’

10 magic stats.

It was enough to completely change the nature of Yuwon’s magical power.

At this level, if you look at the amount of magical power alone, there are few people who can match it. Probably only Odin or Son Goku can compete with him.

‘The process is a little uncomfortable, but… … Anyway, I got more than I expected.’

Yuwon’s eyes scanned the surroundings.

‘The problem is how to get out of here.’

Suddenly, I felt this anxiety.

I wonder if I might be trapped here and never be able to get out.

“Abba danger.”

I wonder if that’s what it meant.

That was when my thoughts about how to get out of here began to deepen.


A familiar voice came to my ears. My ears itched as if a mosquito had passed by.


Who has the wind blowing in their ears?

I touched my ear with my hand from the tickling. And at that moment, the dark universe surrounding Yuwon was seen all collapsing.

And only then did Yuwon feel relieved.

‘Thank goodness.’



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I was wondering how to get out of here.

I guess I didn’t have to worry about that.

* * *

“Whoa-. Huuu-.”

The sound of a loud wind came to my ears. This was the reason why my ears started itching before I came to my senses and opened my eyes.

Yuwon slowly opened his eyes, glanced, and rolled his eyes.

The autumn leaves were blowing into Yuwon’s ears, as if they were playing a joke.

It was this guy’s voice.


“… … woke up.”


Did you not hear it or are you pretending not to hear it?

Yuwon’s eyebrows twitched as the wind tickled his ears.

And the uproar that followed Yuwon’s reaction.

“You’re awake.”

“I’m awake.”

“I’m awake!”

The first thing I saw was the ceiling. It was a white ceiling, but it was a far cry from the black sky I had just seen.

The bright surroundings did not seem to be a dark forest.

‘It’s soft.’

As his senses returned, Yuwon checked the bed that supported his body comfortably and the appearance of the room.

And again.

“Seeing as you’re rolling your eyes, I guess you’re okay.”

Even Hercules spoke with a wide shadow.

It was certain.

The fight seemed to have ended a long time ago.


Yuwon immediately got up without another word.

It was because I felt like if I didn’t do that, the autumn leaves would keep blowing into my ears, and it was also to let me know that I wasn’t hurt.

“Stop it, stop it.”

Suk, Suk-.

Yuwon ruffled Danpung’s hair and pressed her head. Maple whined, raising her arms as if telling her not to do it.

There were many people around, not just Maple and Hercules. At first glance, there seemed to be five or six people outside the slightly open door.

“Why are so many people gathered here?”

“I thought he was dead.”

“die? who?”

“Who are you talking about?”

Yuwon wondered why he was asking such an obvious question.

“How long have I been here now?”

“It’s been about ten days. Or maybe it was a little more than that.”

“Ten days?”

For a moment, I thought I had been to a place like outer space, but I can’t believe how much time has passed.

For a moment, sweat filled Yuwon’s spine.

No matter how faint I was, I could tell that a long time had passed. Even if you didn’t know exactly how many days it was, you always had a vague feeling.

But what about now?

Yuwon’s experience lasted only about five minutes.

Yuwon glanced at the maple leaf that was shaking in his palm.

When our eyes met, he spoke clearly, as if asking me to look at the autumn leaves.

“stomach. Hum.”

There was only one word, but the meaning was roughly conveyed.

Look at that.

Didn’t I say it was dangerous?

It seemed like he was roughly saying that.

‘Luckily, the results aren’t bad… … .’

Yuwon looked uncharacteristically puzzled for a moment at the scene unfolding before his eyes.

What on earth happened?

“We don’t know what happened either.”

The person who added an explanation to Yuwon’s expression was Mimir, who was reading a book on one side.

“Suddenly, you disappeared, and the goat disappeared with you. “When you showed up again, there was a little lamb’s head lying on the floor.”

After finishing the explanation, Mimir moved his gaze back to the book.

“It’s just that the face looks like I don’t know what’s going on.”

After listening to the explanation, it seems that he was the one who dealt with Shub Nigguras.

I probably had help from the maple leaves, but I couldn’t remember the process.

‘Is it okay to just move on?’

Still, I thought I should refrain from asking Maple for this kind of favor if possible.

“I was planning on asking you what happened as soon as you wake up, but I guess I won’t have to.”

“I thought you came to visit me again.”

“I just changed my business. “Are you feeling okay?”

“It feels like I was just born. “I feel refreshed.”

Hercules laughed at Yuwon’s joke. It seemed like he thought it was a joke.

Of course, it wasn’t something I just said.

My body felt refreshed, as if I had just been born, and I felt like I was going to fly.

Because the increased magical energy was filling my body, giving me new vitality.

“How did things get organized?”

“This is more difficult than reconciliation. “It’s just, my head is crazy.”

“… … “A lot of people must have died.”

“okay. “Much more than we expected.”

It was a world overrun by Shub Nigguras. In fact, it would not be surprising if not just one world on the 65th floor but several worlds were destroyed.

‘Should I consider it fortunate?’

I didn’t know that it might have caused much more damage.

Nevertheless, the reason it could end with such damage was because the situation went more smoothly than expected.

There it is.

‘The foolish chaos moved earlier than expected.’

Yuwon and Foolish Chaos moved with the same purpose for the first and perhaps last time.

To capture our common enemy, Shub Nigguras. Stupid Chaos showed up at the last moment and decided to steal one of her names.

Until then, the role of Yuwon and others is to reduce Shub Nigguras’ power as much as possible. For that purpose, Yuwon borrowed the power of Vishnu.

The result was successful.

But I didn’t have high expectations. Because the probability of foolish Chaos showing up at such an opportune time to help was close to zero.

But the foolish chaos really did move at just the right time.

While everyone, including Yuwon, had to stop Shub Nigguras with minimal damage, foolish Chaos was in a position where all he had to do was play fisherman in the process.

But why?

‘Is there another reason?’

I couldn’t find him in person and ask him, and even if I tried to think of it right now, I couldn’t think of anything.

A quick helping of stupid chaos too. And the results of dealing with Shub Niguras.

I guess I still felt a little uncomfortable.

“If you come to your senses, take some rest and then come out. “There are a lot of people who are worried.”

“You can rest a little longer. “Anyway, you were the one who contributed the most to this incident.”

The two people got up from their seats as if it was okay to see them open their eyes.

Mimir left the room first, and Hercules stopped for a moment and looked back at Yuwon.

“Oh, and.”

“Is there anything else you want to say?”

Yoo-won, who was checking the kit to see if there would be any other contact over the past 10 days, urged me to say it as soon as I had anything to say.

“I got it out just right. If it’s not going to happen right away, check the rankings. “Because the rankings have changed drastically this time.”

“It will happen right away.”


It was a story of little interest.

Not only did Yuwon know the rankings right now, but he also knew the rankings in the much distant future. Also, Yuwon has reached a higher ranking than now.

In response to the still indifferent response, Hercules immediately shrugged his shoulders and left the room.

There was a separate reason why Yuwon took out the kit. Yuwon’s eyes lit up as he checked the kit.

‘There you are.’

The contact I was waiting for.

Several phone calls and dozens of texts were stored in the kit.

[Son Goku: Hey! Hey! Why can’t I contact you?]

[Son Goku: Come to Heaven right now. help!]

[Son Goku: Help! help! hey!!]

[…] … ]

The texts were all sent by Son Goku. There were dozens of texts that seemed urgent.

At a glance, it looks like they found the heavenly axis.


“… … So where is it?”

Among these many letters, not a single letter contained information about where the heavenly axis was.


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