Leveling with the Gods Chapter 452

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* * *

There was chaos in the city center of Valhalla.

Apollo, a handsome man with golden-orange hair, was half-sitting on the floor with a stunned look on his face.

“ha ha ha… … .”

Apollo laughed at what happened so quickly.

It had to be that way.

The precious ‘vehicle’ that was always by his side, wherever he went, was gone.

No, not exactly.

-I’ll return it when I’m done using it. This is the rental fee.

It had to be seen as being robbed.

Apollo, with an expression of resentment, checked the rental fee paid by Yuwon.


Ten million points.

No matter how great the sun chariot was, even if it wasn’t for sale, the rental fee would have been too much.

No, with this amount, I could have lent it for over a year.

The problem is that Apollo had no choice in the process.

“cheer up.”

Apollo sighed at the touch of his younger sister, Artemis.

Suddenly, I remembered the first time I heard Yuwon’s name.

“Obviously, he was the guy who almost got killed by Chryses until a few years ago.”


One of Apollo’s subordinates, he was a ranker with a promising future who used fire attribute magic.

The time when Yuwon first set foot in the tower.

That was when Olympus visited Hephaestus to prepare for the next Gigantomachia.

Yuwon blocked Chryses’ path to protect Hephaestus from Olympus.

Regarding the new player who has just reached the first floor.

‘If you think about it, it started to make no sense from then on.’

Of course, if a ranker attacks a player on a lower tier, he or she will incur a penalty.

You wouldn’t know it unless there was only a few floors difference, but the difference between the 1st floor and the 100th floor was very large. But even if that were the case, everyone thought it was absolutely impossible for a player on the first floor to fight with a ranker.

But Yuwon did it.

Even though he received help from Hephaestus in the end… … .

‘It was really big from the start.’

But I never thought it would grow this fast.

Apollo rode the sun chariot and looked up in the direction where Yuwon had disappeared.

Clearly he was headed upwards. I don’t know where he was headed, but it seemed like he was in quite a hurry since he rented a sun carriage for such a large amount of points.

‘My stomach is going to be upset again.’

If you think about it, it’s only been a few years since the tower started to become this noisy.

That short period of time felt longer than the past hundreds of years, and Yuwon was at the center of all events.

Apollo, who looked at the place where Yuwon disappeared for a moment, opened his mouth.



“Let’s go eat something delicious.”

Ten million points.

Apollo, who suddenly had a lot of money, spoke excitedly.

“Today, my brother shoots me.”

* * *

Hwareuk, Hwareuk-.

The fire on the sun chariot burned even more fiercely, consuming Yuwon’s magical power.

The sun chariot, known as one of the fastest means of transportation in the tower, is one of Hephaestus’ masterpieces. The speed of the sun chariot itself was high, but the stronger the flame of the user driving it, the faster it could travel.

And the sun chariot, which was absorbing Yuwon’s magical power, was running faster than ever.

[‘Heart of Fire’ supplies flame to the ‘Sun Chariot’.]

[Speed ​​increases.]

[Speed ​​increases… … .]

If Surt had heard this message, he might have jumped out of his grave.

A place that collects and recollects the flames of Muspelheim for so long and intercepts and uses the heart of fire that it has managed to create is, at best, putting firewood into the sun chariot.

of course.

At this moment, there wasn’t a single thought about Surtur in Yuwon’s mind.

‘Maybe it was a little harsh.’

It wasn’t that I didn’t care at all.

No matter how many points I paid, it was true that I was forced to rent a sun carriage.

With the thought that he would have to apologize properly when they met later, Yuwon hurried to move.

* * *

Hercules and Hargan sat across from each other.

The bar was packed with people, but it was so quiet that even the sound of breathing could be heard clearly. The reason the drinking guests were so quiet was because Hercules and Hargan were drinking in silence.


Hercules put the bottle down on the table.

I let go of it gently, but the bottle cracked. Hercules frowned for a moment, wondering if he had failed to control his strength again, then held up an empty wine bottle and shook it.



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“Could you please give me another bottle?”

“Yes, yes! “I’m leaving!”

The drinks came out quickly.

The waiter, who knew that Hercules would order the next drink after gulping down the drink in one go, handed him a bottle of alcohol that had been prepared in advance.

Hercules, who had opened the bottle with his bare hands, was just about to bring the next bottle to his mouth.

“Aren’t you eating too much?”

Hargan, who was sitting across from us, opened his mouth.

Hercules’ hand stopped.

“No shame.”

A moment of silence.


Hercules, who said the same thing twice in succession, bowed his head.

I wasn’t drunk. Hercules’ drinking capacity was not weak enough to get drunk to this extent.


Perhaps, if you don’t want to get drunk in the first place, you can do that forever.

Nevertheless, Hercules was drunker than ever.

I feel sorry.

“Why are you so sorry?”

“Because I stole it from you.”

“You originally said it was your brother’s. “It was planned that way from the beginning.”

“Where is that? Just because his father planned it that way doesn’t mean he has to live that fate. “It was your choice to hand over the thunderbolt to me.”

“Thank you for thinking so.”

Hargan smiled slightly as he said that. While Hercules was drinking alone the whole time, Hargan raised his bottle and toasted him.


The bottle hit and made a clear sound. It was then that the heavy atmosphere of the bar relaxed.

A noisy bar.

Hargan chuckled and wiped the alcohol off his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I guess everyone noticed us.”

“That’s right.”

“So eat it slowly, please.”

“I get it.”

“And contrary to your concerns, I am satisfied.”

Hercules, who was trying to drink slowly as Hargan said, stopped.


All the lightning power I had would have been taken away, so how could I be satisfied?

“First of all, haven’t you become this close with your brother? “You were my idol.”

“Don’t be satisfied with that. “Even if it wasn’t this way, we would have become friends at some point.”

“Is that so?”

Hargan smiles innocently with the same face as usual.

Hercules looked puzzled at Hargan’s reaction.

Hargan had the goal of becoming the king of Olympus in the future. And for Hargan, the thunderbolt was a necessary force toward his goal.

I thought he must be frustrated because he lost it, but this is his reaction.

“Actually, I think the same thing. “If I had just become friends with my brother, I would have been quite depressed.”

Hargan with a mischievous expression.

His face didn’t seem much different from usual.

“Actually, there are still some left.”

“You’re staying? what?”

“A thunderbolt.”

Hercules’ eyes widened.

How in his eyes? Hargan answered the question awkwardly.

“Not everything is left. But maybe it’s because I’ve had it for so long… … Or was it passed down with its roots left behind? “There are still some left.”


The fist on the table was clenched. It was an action that gave a sense of determination.

“So you can become as strong as before again.”

“… … no.”

And towards Hargan.

“You will become stronger than before.”

Hercules drank the remaining wine and spoke decisively.

“Because I will make you like that.”


The corners of Hargan’s mouth rose.

“I was waiting for you to say that.”

* * *

Hwareuk, Hwareuk-.

The fast-running sun chariot stopped in the sky for a moment.

The sun chariot appeared, spouting hot flames, and the world where the day was setting was brightened for a moment.

Yuwon looked down at the world on the 99th floor. The 99th floor had a structure more unique than any other world Yuwon knew.

‘Is civilization developed here, or is it lagging behind?’

The world with the most advanced civilization was the 60th floor section where Asgard was located. It was like an old formula in this tower that the more powerful a guild was, the more progress it would make.

In that respect, the 99th floor has a unique structure.

It was a world where the interests of various large guilds, including Celestial, Daeva, and Sky, were complexly intertwined.

Is that why?

The world on the 99th floor, seen from the sky, appeared to be filled with high-rise buildings in the middle of unexplored wasteland and forests.

It looks like high-rise buildings have been built in a world where science and magic have not developed.

Yuwon arrived in that world and opened the kit again to check the message.

[Woo Demon King: Come to the 99th floor, the end of the world. The direction is northwest.]

A message indicating direction.

Yuwon covered the kit with the message and pulled the reins of the sun chariot.

‘The end of the world on the 99th floor… … ‘No wonder he couldn’t find it.’

No matter how fast Son Goku was, it was impossible to search this wide tower.

Especially if it was the end of the world, you would have thought there would be no next time from the beginning, so it was no wonder that I didn’t look further.

‘But how does that brother know the location of Cheonchuk?’

The question didn’t last long.

There is a sun chariot, and there is a destination. In terms of distance, it is still a long way, but it won’t take long to get to the end of the world.

Yuwon pulled the reins of the sun chariot and headed straight to the end of the world pointed out by King Uma.

There were no detailed coordinates, but if it was a means of transportation comparable to the sun chariot, King Uma would notice and find him.

Yuwon raised the flame as much as possible and started moving, emitting loud magical power.

Just about ten minutes like that.

While driving the sun chariot, a black wall began to appear in Yuwon’s field of vision.

‘Is this the end?’

Hwareuk, Hwareuk-.

The sun chariot’s flame gradually weakened.

That wall could not be broken down by any means. If it collided at this speed, the sun chariot would be shattered.


-Just run.

A voice came into Yuwon’s head. Yuwon, who was slowing down, looked around.

‘Electrical sound?’

No, this was a little different from Jeon Eum.

Transmission of voices through magic. In the short moment Yuwon heard King Uma’s voice, many conflicts began.

‘If I destroy this, I’ll feel sorry and have a hard time even looking at your face.’

There were a lot of points, but asking for the sun carriage was a burden for Yuwon.

Still, the thought didn’t last long.

King Uma wouldn’t have told such nonsense.

‘… … So much. Why not ask Zeus for a favor?’

Your son is very angry, so if you ask me to soothe him, wouldn’t he be able to get over it somehow?

[‘Heart of Fire’ adds sparkle to the ‘Sun Chariot’.]

[‘Seonghwa’ adds sparkle to the ‘Sun Chariot’.]

With that thought, Yuwon increased the speed of the sun chariot.

The moment the sun chariot crashes into the end of the world.


The world seen through Yuwon’s eyes has changed.


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