Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 945

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All History (1)

‘It’s over there.’

Tess ran in the huge shadow created by the flower petals.

Even while they were running 300 meters fast, the flowers around them were caught in the flash and burned.

It was easy to find the ancient weapon stolen by the enemy.

A group of troops that looked like elite demons were guarding Tess’ side.

The boundaries were not as strict as expected.

‘Father’s enemy.’

If it was a demon, it would tremble, but the more time was delayed, the greater the damage to the flower would be.

When Tess stamped her feet to generate external gravity, her body bounced and floated.

When the demons turned their heads, they were already clinging to the pillar of the flower.

Tess ran vertically along the pole.

Around the time even the sound of the battlefield faded away, a dark group flew in from across the sky.

“Kaaa! Kaaa!” It was a human bird with black feathers.

‘This is the limit.’

Realizing that, Tess found the nearest doorway and infiltrated the flower.

Even inside, the demons were on guard, but it wasn’t to the extent that they couldn’t avoid their eyes.

Let’s deal with some demons silently and go up while hiding the corpses… … .

“Hey! What!”

Following the old man’s voice, a woman’s shrieking voice could be heard.

“please forgive me! please!”

It was the control room.

She moved, hanging from the ceiling like a spider, and sneaked up from the top of the threshold.

“Puhahaha! is this really fun? Are you doing everything you are told to do?”

Veins stood up in Tess’ eyes.

Gustav 4 arts Sumodo and Jetaro.

Sumodo, who was harassing the fire tribe, was a terrible pervert, and Zeta, who was watching the battlefield, didn’t even care.

“Sumodo, don’t be too upset. Your attacks keep missing.”

Due to the nature of the Hwajok, who felt the most secure when following instructions, threats or torture would not have been necessary.

‘I’m enjoying it.’

Tess also learned numerous methods of torture while undergoing espionage training, but the way they did it was not to get anything out of it.

The Hwajok begged.

“Please kill me. please……

“Puhahaha! Jetaro, did you hear? Does this woman still think she is alive? You mean, can I show you a mirror in what condition you are in?”

“Smodo, stop the operation… …

Zeta Law’s eyes widened as she sighed and turned her head.


” huh?”

The moment Sumodo looked back at the entrance, Tess kicked him in the jaw.


Several teeth bounced off the ceiling, and Sumodo’s body flipped over.

“You bastards!”

Putting aside her rising anger for a while, Tess looked at the fire tribe.

“are you okay? Hey!”

As if he had already lost consciousness, his eyes were turned upside down, and his head bent to the side.

‘It’s dead.’

Zetaro, who raised Sumodo, clicked his tongue.

“Sorry. What happened to the young wife

go… … . Rest in peace for the deceased.”

Tess’ mind pinged.

“… … Are you kidding?”

Zetaro was calm even though he felt the tremendous amount of life on his skin.

“Is this all a joke to you guys?” “you.”

Sumodo, who had lost his teeth, spat out while wiping blood.

“You’re in good shape.”

Tess gasped in annoyance.

“You are in the top 1.78 percent of the women I have ever seen. Assuming her weight… …

Tess’s fist turned Sumodo’s jaw before he could finish his sentence.

Seeing him collapsed on the floor, Zetaro frowned.

“Anyway, buying the right thing and doing it… Kuk!”

Tess, who immediately grabbed Zetaro by the hair, frantically stamped her face against the wall of the control room.

Without even bumping into it a few times, Zetaro’s face was covered in blood.

“Bad babies! Pure bad boys!” When Zetaro’s body stopped responding, Tess slammed her light body onto the floor.

Zetaro collapsed like a corpse with a thud, and Sumodo crawled across the floor with chapped lips.

“Ah, what kind of woman’s fists are so hot? Aaaaaa!”

Raising her saber, Tess stabbed him in the calf.

“Are you sick?”

With her calf pierced and the saber driven deep into the floor, she approached Sumodo’s face.


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“it hurts? just this hurts? Is that why you scream?”


Even the sight of him trembling with both hands was disgusting.

Tess grabbed his index finger and squeezed it.

“You suffer the same.”

In that state, when I bent the middle of my finger, it bent at a right angle.

“Aww! it hurts! It hurts!”

“Yes, that is pain.”

Tess broke another finger.

“oh my! Oops, I’m dying! This is elder abuse!”

“shut up.”

When the six swords on both sides were broken, Sumodo, who had lost the strength to resist, buried his face on the ground and sobbed.

“it hurts. It hurts so much. please forgive me.”

“Forgiveness? So, did you show mercy to that woman?”

“Because I was wrong… …

Tess felt like her heart was about to burst, but she couldn’t even name the feeling.

“How do you feel about yourself? Are you having fun? Is this fun? Was it that much fun to mutilate, inflict pain, and hear screams, you bastard!”

A moment of silence passed.



Sumodo raised his head, and his face was annoyed.

“Doing it for fun is third-rate, you half-lady.”

Tess got goosebumps at the look in her eyes, where she couldn’t read the emotion of repentance.

“You guys… … What the hell is it? If it’s not even fun, why are you doing this?

are you?”

Sumodo laughed, showing his teeth.

“Because I can do that.” freedom.

“Sumodo, are you in the room?”

My mother always burned her throat whenever she entered Sumodo’s room.

twelve-year-old son.

It’s not really an accident, but the accident may have already occurred in the mind.

“Yes i have. I won’t go out.”

“It’s not because of that.” Like normal parents, Sumodo’s mother lied and opened the door.

Just looking at the vertical lines densely drawn on the white wall made my head dizzy.

Objects positioned exactly at those coordinates also broke her heart.

“Relatives have come to visit.”

Sumodo had severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

From infancy, only the same baby bottle had to be used, the length of a pencil a day was fixed, and there was an uproar on days when books were not placed in order on the bookshelf.

“I tell you to have fun. I will be here.”

‘The hair is really extraordinary.’

For that reason alone, Sumodo is still a child to be protected.

“ha. Sumo, how long are you going to stay like this? I know you’re obsessive. But let’s get over it. You will become a big person in the future. You hardly ever go to school, but you always rank first in exams.”

Sumodo didn’t answer, but seemed conflicted.

“Come on, let’s go. Let’s just say hello to our relatives and come back.”

“Are you promising?”

Mother was in a blaze of color.

“Then, just say hi. huh?” Gently pulling his son’s wrist, Sumodo pretended to win.

On the first floor, my father was chatting with relatives.

“uh? Sumo is also my brother!”

I also saw children of the same age playing hide and seek.

But to Sumodo, it’s just space and things that move that space.

As Sumodo came down the stairs, he saw the salt spilled on the snack table.

It seemed that the children had overturned the salt shaker while playing tag.

Sumo Do, who was staring at the table, turned his head at the sound of his aunt calling.

“It’s been a while, Sumodo. Remember Auntie’?”


Sumodo does not forget the shape of things.

“Except for the wrinkle around the left eye.”

The list is endless, but I persevered.

“Ho-ho-ho! you are really funny I heard that you study so well?”

Mother hinted.

“yes. I won first place again.”

“Oh my, the school Sumodo goes to is the old staff public school, isn’t it? I heard it’s a place where only geniuses gather.”

“Because I am still young. Even so, I want you to become a great person in the empire, but… …

While listening to the adults’ conversation, Sumo Do’s gaze continued to move to the table.

“ha ha ha! run away! Run away!”

The floor thumped as the children ran.

“Kyaaak! Caught!”

The salt splashed all over.

“When I entered Gustav Public, the sound disappeared and all my mind was focused on the salt.

I felt like going crazy.

That time when your heart beats like it’s going to explode and the nerves in your body are on edge.


The child hit the table with his foot and walked past.


When the adults turned their heads to Sumodo’s screams, he was already running and pushing the child away.


The fallen child cried and the mother shouted, but Sumodo was intent on knelt in front of the table and rummaging through the salt.

“damn! It’s all mixed up!” At the absurd sight, the thought of pushing the child disappeared.

“Sumodo, what are you doing now?”

“The salt is all mixed. I have to put it where it was before. It was here, and this particle is, yes, here!”

“Salt… …

the mother asked.


Even the weak life was buried in the voice.

“damn! I have to build up here. I need a set of tweezers.”

I know there are compulsions.

However, the sight of his son rummaging through the salt was not an obsession by the standards of ordinary people.

‘My son is not crazy.’ said her mother weeping.

“Sumodo, that’s just salt. The salt is spilled.”

“It is not so. The size, shape, color, and all the particles are different.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his mother came over and turned Sumodo’s shoulder.

And with all his might, he slapped his son on the cheek.

“why are you like this? What are you complaining about!” It didn’t matter what relatives saw.

“you’re stupid? Are you sick? Why the hell do you live like this! Why are you living like this!”

Sumodo moved as her mother waved.

Even when they slapped me or shouted at me, I did not resent them.

It was a minor problem for him, who had lived his entire life under compulsion.

‘ I am??????

It is an essential question in the child’s head.

‘What kind of world are we living in?’

Whether this was an error, a blessing or a curse, I felt like I was trapped in the framework of this world.

Tess asked.

“Because I can… … Do you?” “okay. that’s free Didn’t you just break my finger too? Because I can.”

“You say that now… …

Smodo shouted, breaking his own fingers.

“You can do this!”

Tess frowned.

“what’s the problem? If this is wrong, then the world shouldn’t be like this in the first place! Ask the guy who made it! I’m doing it because I can, but why are you F*cking F*cking me!”

Sumodo, who was lying on the floor with a broken finger, screamed and stood up.


The calf muscle stuck in the saber was torn, but he stood up with a limp and pulled back his jacket.

The bottoms were no longer worn.

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