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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 944

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The war between the allied forces and the demons in the flower field was like a bingo game that erased lives.

Both flashy movements and powerful magic produced results based on the concept of simple compounding.

‘There is no end! I’m not exaggerating!’

No matter how many times they were killed, the demons were still there, and the allied forces felt defeat.

“Ha ha ha! I’ll wrap you around the intestines!” The moment the demon with horns on the temple tried to insert a spear into the soldier’s abdomen.


The atmosphere created a roar, and the demon’s back broke as if torn apart.

“Oops, sorry.”

Natasha, who appeared with an afterimage, grabbed the demon’s spine and stuck out her tongue.

“why. why… …

The demon whose upper body fell to the floor raised her head and expressed doubt, but Natasha looked away.

‘Where did you hide?’

In high-speed battles that lacked the name of high-speed, it was common to misunderstand the target.

It meant that she was concentrating that much, and her consciousness was all focused on Lian’s position.


Lian’s spirits exploded, and as the scenery rippled, demons in a radius of tens of meters were cut.

Above the waist, with a clear view, Lian was seen revealing the yaksha’s body.

“There he is.”

The moment she finished speaking, Natasha and her incarnation disappeared from space at the same time.

Ryan’s eyes widened.

‘The seesaw of time.’

A phenomenon called a kaleidoscope in humans separates the time of the senses from the time of the brain.

The body is still in reality, but a lot of signals are crossing over in the brain.

‘Usually die. If you feel this, you die.’

It is close to impossible to escape a crisis on your own, except in cases where you live because you are lucky.

‘But I… …

As the divine transcendence denage was activated, Lian’s body broke the limit and began to move.

‘It’s Ogent Lian!’

The moment she raised the sword to her chest, Natasha’s fist struck her broadside.


Through repeated learning, Lian pushed the straight sword forward before being pierced by the shock wave.

The power to the point of overloading both shoulders would lie in supersonic speed rather than physical strength.

‘We’ll fight back here!’

Lian, who overcame the inertia and stopped in the air, stepped out with one foot and struck a straight line.


Natasha, who bent her knees instead of her upper body, stood up and shook her upper body as if she were sleeping.

‘Great flexibility.’

Even in the kaleidoscope, her upper body could be seen overlapped in two, and her fists spread like shotguns.


The moment Lian, who hastily turned around, draws in the great sword and tries to cut her.


The sound of bones snapping was heard as a blunt impact came from the side of the side that could not be looked at.


Lian tried to overcome the inertia even as he was pushed aside, but his legs were weak.

‘ how??????

Where did you get hit?

Lian, who stopped with her back bent, looked around to see Natasha approaching before she knew it.

‘This woman fights really well.’

Rather than being strong as a human being – of course he is strong – it was more like the feeling of being extremely good at something.

‘The genius of battle.’

There is a reason why it is called Gustav 4th Art.


Natasha, who leaned on her chin and looked over Lian’s condition, said with a slight frown.

“I’ve felt it before, but… …

Lian, who was indifferent to the evaluation of others, also swallowed saliva this time and waited for the next words.

“Are you really not talented?”

There was still no change in his expression, but something heavy fell on Lian’s heart.

“Why do you use so much force? You have to move by calculating time and space. Rhythm is messed up, no creativity. Fighting with you is really no fun.”

“We don’t fight for fun.”

Natasha meekly agreed.

“Of course it is. But that’s the important part. Do you want to do something boring for the rest of your life?”

Ryan was silent again.

“You are a strong person… … I can’t seem to find any other advantages besides that.”

Rihanna is strong.

However, he was also the person who was the farthest from being extremely good at something.

“So it is unfortunate. Would you like to learn how to fight from me? A few corrections would be fine.”

“shut up.”

Ryan’s ribs snapped back together.

“I don’t discriminate against people when it comes to learning, but you are an exception. There is nothing to learn from the villains of the world.”

“So if I’m not a villain, will I learn?”

A moment of silence passed.

“What do you mean?”

“You say you don’t want to learn from the villain? So while you learn, I’ll be on the side of humans. you have good physical abilities It’s because it’s a waste to leave it like this.”

Natasha was still an incomprehensible woman, but there was something defining her.


Ryan laughed bitterly.

“There are no downsides to you.”

It was the most perfect talent among the many geniuses that Lian had met so far.

“I’ll take my heart. Even though he’s an enemy, I know he’s sincere. but you can’t teach me If it could be fixed, it would have been fixed right away.”

“Then I will help you.”

“To someone, to you, a genius, what I don’t have is just a shortcoming. Just like finding the right parts and putting them together solves the problem.”

“Then isn’t it?”

“You don’t know.”

Natasha was silent this time.

“How many times have I swung my sword to overcome that one shortcoming. what have you tried How long have you resented and cursed me?”

“That’s why you say you’re sorry.”

“Have you ever thought about it? It’s not a shortcoming, but what kind of effort a human with that shortcoming would have made.”

“A genius dancer has been born in the Gustav Empire!”

Natasha rose to prominence in the dance world when she was only seven years old.

Her dance was a perfect art even in front of a powerful person who was said to be the descendant of the empire.

“Awesome. That child is not even nervous.”

There was no need to be nervous.

‘ rotation.’

Her center of gravity is exactly in the direction of gravity as she lifts both hands above her head and rotates on the tip of one foot.

‘ jump.’

Natasha’s body, which jumped high with elasticity unlike that of a child, drew a beautiful line.

“Oh oh!”

It felt like I could even see the spectators raise their eyes wide.


being good at something

‘I want to do better. Then I’ll cry more.’

The angle at which ten fingers move, the bending of the knee, the position of the tip of the chin, the degree of gravity, the distance from the ground, the air resistance, the line of sight, the expression of the facial muscles, etc.

‘I can feel everything.’

Rather than checking and adjusting each one, it feels like the entire body has become the brain.

During the time in the air, countless thoughts pass by.

‘As soon as I landed… …

As the music accelerated, Natasha’s feet began to cross quickly.

While the music played in her brain, her body continued to cut one beat after another.


A measure of how many events can be contained in one time.

“Genius! Needless to say, he is a genius!”

Beside her was Daphne, her classmate, but only Natasha could be seen in the eyes of the officials.

Even the leader of the dance troupe was the same.

‘Burning. It is at least one thousandth of a night.’

When a certain rhythm is broken by a beat, someone beats 0.1 beats slower than that beat.

If it is called 1/10th of a night, the experienced person can feel it up to 1/100th of a night.

However, the delay of 1/1000 of a night at the anchorage is beyond human perception.

The feeling itself is a state where you feel goosebumps from the sense of incongruity that surges through you.


Applause broke out as the Gustav language, which means awesome, poured out.

Natasha suddenly became a star, but the only thought in her mind was that she wanted to be a good dancer.


Natasha called from the practice room.


Although they were close mates, Daphne found it difficult for Natasha to receive the world’s attention.

“It’s a bit off center,”

“uh? I? I can’t tell when I look in the mirror.”

“About two degrees. At our age, muscle strength is weak, so it’s more important than anything else to keep your balance. As you rotate, don’t keep your awareness on the center of your head, but imagine a circular band.”

“A round strip?”

“Centrifugal and centripetal forces. Instead of concentrating the power, imagine that the power gathers itself.”


Realizing something, Daphne bounced on her bent knees and spun on her toes.


Daphne, startled by herself, put on a dazed expression for a moment, then took Natasha’s hand.

“Thank you, Natasha. I thought you became famous and didn’t care about me.”

“What are you talking about? I want everyone to know the joy of dancing. Let’s work hard and stand on the same stage.”


Tears welled up in Daphne’s eyes.

As time went by, Natasha and Daphne also reached adulthood.

Daphne worked hard, but in the end, Gustaf, no, the best dancer in the world was Natasha.

“Daphne, don’t listen to the music, have the feeling that you are playing music in your head. And then push it a little. Fingertips like this… …

Even the shape of Natasha’s hands was amazing.


Although she couldn’t confirm with her eyes what was different from others, Daphne definitely felt it.

‘A tenth of a degree. No, it’s a 1/100 difference.’

Daphne struggled to smile.

“Yes, I will try.”

“okay. Go for it!”

Looking at Natasha, who returned to her seat and started practicing again, Daphne’s feelings became complicated.

‘I don’t rest.’

Like other people her age, going to cafes and meeting men were out of her interest.

only dance

When she was dancing, Natasha always had the happiest face in the world.

Daphne, who had been lowering her head for a moment, passed behind Natasha with her bag.

“I’ll go in first. I am not feeling well.”

“huh? suddenly? What’s not good?” Daphne’s eyes filled with despair as she opened the door to the practice room without even replying.

One day after so many years.

Natasha is dragged by a stranger and suffers an accident in which her spine is broken.

It was the retirement of a genius dancer.

Natasha, who had escaped from her flashback, opened her mouth.

“I never thought about it. But if you really hated me for that reason… …

Natasha’s cheeks swelled.

“That’s a bit unfair.”

“I don’t know what you’ve been through. but you know this It’s that shortcoming for you, but for them, it’s the years they had to live with in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Unless you understand this… …

Lian aimed the great straight sword.

“Your favor will never be delivered.”

Strangely, Ryan’s words stung Natasha more painfully than the words that he would kill you.

“… … I didn’t work hard.”

For the first time, coldness appeared in her eyes, which were always bright like cats.

“You didn’t work as hard as I did.”

“I guess so. I don’t know who you’re talking about, but it won’t be you anyway.”

The arm of the god of death controlling Natasha moved.

“You took away the most precious thing.” Of course, Natasha didn’t even know if it was Daphne who hired the thug to lynch her.

Rather than consuming emotions on things that cannot be undone, it was the tendency to become the best in what one could do.

Such an extreme tendency itself is genius, but… … .

‘I want to dance.’

Now, the days when you were happy just by giving your body to music will never come back.

“kill. That’s my job.”

Shinigami’s Dance – Variational Time Concerto.

The moment Natasha moved in the seesaw of time, a shudder ran down Lian’s spine.

‘ what?’

It was one thousandth of a night.

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