Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 946

“Freedom! ”

Tess’ face turned pale as Sumodo’s bony body was revealed.

The whole body was covered with piercings, and the skin was bluish like a corpse due to necrosis.

“Free the oh oh oh! free the air


What did you expect?

Tess despaired that no matter how much she retaliated, this frustration would not go away.

“Ha ha ha! I am free!”

Every time he tore off the piercing with his healthy little finger, blood flowed out.


Even if he had no resentment towards sumodo, it was a sight he wanted to rid the world of.

At that time, the wall of the control room was ripped off.

“Why are you so late?”

The demons, including the brigade commander, came in to check the fighting situation.


After checking the status of Zetaro and Sumodo, the brigade commander noticed that there were no guards.

‘These… …

Even though Satan had nested in Havitz, the demons essentially hated humans.

In particular, now that the military authority had passed from Balkan to Paimon, the demons couldn’t care for the safety of the two.

‘Sheesh, but they’re the ones Satan cares about.’

Thinking that it would be difficult if they died, the brigade commander placed Zetaro and Sumodo on both sides.

Sumodo lost consciousness.

“Return to base! Get those with regenerative abilities on standby!”


Tess pulled out the saber stuck in the floor and ran, but the brigade commander had already gone out of the way.


Anyway, since Sumodo was injured, it would be difficult to capture the flower for the time being.

But I didn’t feel good.

‘I’m not human.’

The images of Sumodo and Zetaro caught in the demon’s arms seemed like monsters to her.

All Stations}(2)


=5三=『? =??

The sound of ribs breaking is heard rhythmically.

If it wasn’t for his own bones, Rian would have been cheerful.

‘It’s unpredictable.’

Natasha moves with her unique rhythm

kept digging into Lian’s blind spot.

Temporal Concerto.

It was a fast-tempo dance song composed by Rastani, characterized by sudden changes in tempo.

Took. Took. Took.

More than the broken bones, the fact that the speed of regeneration was slower than before worried Annie.

‘No, maybe this is normal.’ The right arm, which had been unusually strong, was being matched to the strength of the left arm.

It meant that Ymir’s arm he had swallowed no longer remained inside his body.

‘Why Ymir… …

Did he regenerate Lian’s right arm by handing over his own?

‘Thanks to that, I was able to cross countless dead lines. And in the end, I reached Idea.’

If this is what Ymir wanted.

‘good night.’

Ryan opened his eyes and rushed.

‘From now on, it’s only my path.’

Lian’s strength was not to be pessimistic in any situation, even if he had no brains to overcome the problem.


When the straight sword fell vertically, Natasha’s body turned half a turn as if bouncing.

While the blade brushed the tip of her nose, the steel wire connected to the diagonal line was pulled tight as if it would break.

It was close, but Lian didn’t even feel regret.

‘Talent is talent, but that incarnation


Incarnation is a phenomenon in which a person’s tendencies are revealed in form.

Therefore, the fact that the incarnation is in the form of a skeleton means that something has already died in the heart.

‘Does this mean that being alive is meaningless?’

As the afterimage of Natasha swayed left and right in the flashlight, Lian felt dizzy again.

As if in a quick blink, she was on the right and then on the left.

‘Extremely good.’


Also, her incarnation seemed to elevate her physical abilities to the limits of the law.

What I had to give up in return was ‘probably automatic


Natasha is a puppet who cannot dance alone.

After about 3 frames had passed, her fist was touching Lian’s stomach.


Belatedly, he brought the Daejikdo to his chest, but the time had already passed.

Natasha asked.

“Can you see my movements?” Just being able to consciously activate the kaleidoscope could be said to be a class of super-high masters.

“But do you know why it can’t be avoided?”

She raised her index finger.

” rhythm.”

The kaleidoscope is the realm of cognition.

Even if the arrow seems slow to fly, catching the arrow is another matter.

Of course, through divine transcendence, it is possible for Lian to move his body at the speed of thought… … .

“You have no sense of rhythm at all.”

If an unknown rhythm is mixed with the opponent’s movement, the result is that they cannot recognize it at all.

‘The seesaw of time is not magic.’ If your body can’t follow the rhythm of your opponent from the start, you should do the same in a kaleidoscope.

Natasha put her raised index finger to the side and shook her wrist as if in time.

“Can you feel it?”

finger… … moving up and down?

Natasha mixed the beat with the rhythm.

“How about this? Tell me a little bit and what do you think is different?”

When Lian didn’t say anything, Natasha nodded as if the analysis was over.

“You know why rhythm is important? This is because all events in the world develop along the flow of time. A person without a sense of rhythm simply accepts the next event as it is. But if you have a sense of rhythm, you can do a lot. If you divide an event into 3 beats, think about it on beat 1, prepare on beat 2, and hit it on beat 3. But you react only when you are right in front of your eyes.”

Ryan couldn’t resist.

“Another advantage of rhythm is that you can attract the opponent’s rhythm to you. If you fight any strong enemy for about 5 minutes, you can read the unique rhythm. It’s a number fight from there, and that’s the fun part of the fight… …

Natasha hesitated for a moment before continuing.

“You don’t feel the rhythm itself at all. To be honest, it just feels like fighting an incredibly strong beast.”

Lian let out a short sigh.

“That is my way.”

“That way is wrong. Perhaps the reason you’ve been able to survive so far is because you defeated most of the enemies early on? Before you even catch the rhythm.”

Actually it was.

“Like a beast of prey catching its prey, it crushes it with overwhelming power. It’s good because it can be. But once you get used to it, like me, what am I to say? Your battle is at the level of a children’s song, if you put it into song. That is perfectly tone deaf.”

Lian recalled memories of learning nursery rhymes from his older sister, Rayna, when he was young.

I was excited and sang along, but every time she did, she giggled and giggled.

wow, that’s a good memory

However, the problem was that it was a life-and-death battle.

said Natasha.

“No matter how good the voice or range is, that is not a song. In the same sense, you are strong, but you are by no means a good fighter.”

“So what?”

Ryan’s ribs were completely attached.

“I knew from the moment I started holding a sword that I had no talent. I failed countless times and was ridiculed.”

“Still you say you won



Lian rushed.

“That means it is my sword.”

Seeing her more powerful than before, Natasha posed with an absurd expression.

‘Am I stupid?’

If you point out your flaws to this extent, isn’t it normal to at least criticize yourself?

‘I did.’

But Daphne didn’t.

Ever since she was pointed out by Natasha, she had been slandering and slandering Natasha in every case.

“… … Shinigami’s martial arts.”

Natasha’s eyes showed her sincere will to kill her opponent.

The wildest and fastest dance song she knows.

‘Fantastic night.’

Natasha approached, creating an empty tunnel in the air, and landed a kick into Lian’s side.


The yaksha’s muscles twisted like a pretzel.

‘If the rhythm fails, I have no choice but to catch up with force!’

As I twisted my waist with all my strength, Natasha was finally caught in my field of vision.


In the midst of the extreme kaleidoscope, her body was flickering like a flashing light.

‘what’s this?’

It meant that Natasha was repeating going out of Ryan’s awareness and coming back in.

1/40,000 night.

It was the beat of her dealing with an incident.

‘I have no choice but to bell!’

The moment Lian swung the straight sword vertically, Natasha turned and approached the side of the blade.

Ting. Ting Ting.

Rian couldn’t even react to the feat of flicking the blade of a large straight sword with his fingernails.

There are still beats left.

Natasha was keeping an eye on Lian’s gaze as she was tracking her… … .

‘Here’s a change.’

suddenly turned to the opposite side.


For the first time, despair rose in Lian’s heart for missing Natasha again.

‘Really, can’t I win?’ To hold on to his crumbling heart, Lian screamed like a beast and swung his sword.

It was the end of violence, but it was rather difficult for Natasha, who fought with a sense of rhythm.

‘Even if it touches me, it will be death.’

1/80,000 night.

By splitting the rhythm even more finely, Natasha regained her composure and poured out continuous hits.

There were fist marks all over Rian’s body.

‘Damn it! damn it!’

Feeling a sense of shame that he couldn’t respond even when he saw it with his own eyes, Lian finally admitted it.

‘I’m not suited for a sword.’

I have no talent.

‘A guy like me will stop Ymir? No, it’s better to leave it to this woman.’

Whoever wins will show a great battle.

‘Why me?’

If Guy-hyung was alive, no, if the idea had been passed on to Lai-hyung.

‘Reina noona is better than me too!’ Even she was blue-haired.

‘This bastard ■ doesn’t know how to do anything! What the hell am I going to do here…

As Natasha’s fist destroyed Lian’s left eye socket, half of her vision was lost.

‘Why, why must it be me!’ so it’s you


Every cell in Lian seemed to be talking.

It is unknown whether it was a positive thought like a spark or a conclusion drawn by the Ogent dwelling in the cells.

However, what passed faster than a kaleidoscope was the figure of Ogent galloping through the heavens.

Losing even his human form, he shouted the name of Smille and raised his sword.

The enemy is mankind’s strongest swordman}.

‘It’s never beautiful.’

Ogent saved Smille against the whole of Heaven.

‘I see.’

Ryan’s dream is to become a swordsman who protects the brightest wizard in human history.

‘It was that simple.’

Lian, whose face was distorted like a yaksha, grabbed the great sword with both hands and twisted his body.

Natasha’s pupils trembled.


Lian’s back was still on her back, but the yaksha’s face, which seemed to have already rotated, protruded translucently.


As the will of divine transcendence guided him, Lian’s body began to contain rotational power.

‘With or without talent!’

‘Awesome speed… … !’

Natasha leaned away from her upper body.

‘To mock or not!’

Following the afterimage of Daejikdo, I could see the surrounding air breaking like shards of glass.

‘Either human! Not even human!’ What does that matter?

‘It’s enough if I do it!’ Natasha got goosebumps when she found the great straight sword approaching her waist.

1/160,000 night.

That moment when she is relieved that she, who has split the rhythm more sharply, still has time to spare.


I heard something snapping in my head.

-r=r. =?.

Rhythm is being destroyed.

‘Irregular beat’

What is the beat that is not contained even when an event is divided into 160,000 pieces?

‘That can’t be!’

Her pride was hurt, and Natasha felt the 1/160,000 beat at a faster rhythm.

One night in 320,000.

But what I hear in my head is not the rhythmic beat.

Tutututututu! Tutututututu!

There was only the noise of perfect indefinite beats that flooded in, destroying the whole rhythm.

‘This guy.’

Natasha realized.

‘I have no real talent.’

If too little talent is considered a talent, is Lian the natural enemy of geniuses?

‘Does that make sense?’ Talent is not talent.

As if to answer, the tip of the sword penetrated deep into Natasha’s abdomen and gave off a cold sensation.

‘Ah, that’s right.’

Although, in Natasha’s eyes, it was only a drawback.

‘Life for this man.’

I had to live with my whole life in my heart, I had to swing my sword endlessly to overcome…


Because it is life itself.


As blood poured from her stomach like a fountain, Natasha let out a moan involuntarily.

Suddenly, this thought came to my mind.

‘I am’……

Maybe we are thinking too complicatedly?

Isn’t it because I couldn’t do one action that I just had to do my best, and I was running away with countless thoughts?

‘Look, it’s Daphne.’

The friend I dreamed of with.

‘You can do it.’

Natasha smiled bitterly.

‘still… …

If she had eyelids, she would have a very good-natured eye smile.


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