Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 820

the world they live in (4)

“… … Is it magic?”

As Mayer muttered with a blank expression, the guards commander shook his head slowly.

“It’s different, Your Highness. It borrows the power of the mind, but it is a power based on physical skills.”

It was called divine transcendence.

“flesh? How can a human being be capable of such destructive power? You have never shown it to me either.”

The answer was simple.

“Because I can’t either.” Mayer’s gaze turned to Lian.

‘I’ve heard that you’re the best among newcomers, but were your skills beyond your height?’

He was the talent the Jive Kingdom needed.

“I want to be alone. tell me.”

The captain of the guards looked perplexed.

‘If he was someone who could be obtained with money, fame, or power, he wouldn’t be here anymore.’

It was a swordsman that even the emperor of the empire did not have.

“Kurrrrr!” Hundreds of bats making animal noises regrouped and changed into the shape of Nike.

‘It was almost destroyed.’

If it wasn’t for the bat mimicry, the torso would have been scattered rather than pierced.

“This must be the luckiest thing in your life.”

Retracting the whip, Nike stepped back towards the wall, and Xenia took a step forward.

“Where are you going to run away!”

Hunters blocked her.

“calm down. If you leave like this, I will be grateful.”

“Move! That guy is my parents…

“know. But soon darkness comes. Didn’t you fight for a day or two too?”

I couldn’t refute Hunter’s words.


Even while the hunters were nervous, Nike’s eyes were only focused on Lian.

‘The Jinma deserves a special word.’

The order was to infiltrate the castle, kill the hunters, and assassinate King Mayer.

‘And if possible… … Orders to capture Mach’s knight alive.

‘If possible?’

Nike, whose face was contorted with anger that had nothing to do with it, pointed at Lian.

“We will meet again.”

As Nike disappeared, Lian pulled out a great straight sword from Chauvel’s body, which had already dried up and turned to ashes.

“With this, the inside spy has been eliminated. There will be no leaks of the operation in the future.”

After saying that, he turned around and Venoff hurriedly followed him.

“for a moment. Are you just going?”

“There is nothing good about staying here. From now on, I will act alone.”

The law wouldn’t admit it, but now that the yaksha’s ability has been confirmed, no one has been able to refute it.

“Wait a minute.”

The guards commander spoke so that everyone could hear.

“I would like to make a suggestion. How about carrying out an integrated operation between the Hunters and the Kingdom Security Forces in the future?”

Directly managed by the guards, it was a strategy to block officials’ access in advance.

“Operation Combined?”

The Hunters were agitated.

Of course, it is obvious that this is a strategy to capture Lian, but it becomes much easier if you receive the protection of the kingdom.

One of the Hunters shouted.

“If it’s an integrated operation, what kind of support can you provide?”

The captain of the guard, who had already obtained the king’s consent, continued as if there was nothing harsh about it.

“Anything that drives away vampires. We will also provide guns, ammunition, weapons, drugs, and operational troops.”

Xenia frowned.

“However, there are conditions.”

As she expected, the guards commander walked straight up to Lian and held out his hand.

“Knight of Maha. Assuming that you are with us in this operation, we promise all support.”

It was part of the acquisition phase.

“I hate complicated things. I’m thinking of chasing the vampire alone. It will help the kingdom.”

The captain of the guards couldn’t let Lian go.

“If that happens, support will be in vain. Do you know what vampire skills are? You mean it doesn’t matter if they die?”

“Dog death’?”

Lian laughed.

“Do you consider yourself cool?


The guards commander did not answer.

“If you can stand it, you’re not really angry. Please don’t judge them by ordinary standards.”

Hunters’ eyes were full of strength.

Sensing their gaze, the guards commander realized his mistake, but he could not back down.

“You make the captain of the seven kings’ guards laugh too much. I can forcefully tie you down.”

“I’m stupid and don’t know how to go back.”

Rian said as he put the jigsaw in his back.


“So we have no choice but to move forward.”

If he wanted to block the road, it meant that Kashan’s terminal line could cross the desert and lead to Jive.

“I was wrong.”

Hunters began to change their minds.

“We do not fight with weapons and numbers. Even when I had nothing, I fought them.”

“that’s right. You can’t work with people who put conditions on you. That’s not what I need.”

Hunters shouted in unison.

“I will follow you. guide us.”

With this, the decision was made, and Ri An lightly bowed and went down the stairs.

“I understand your meaning.”

King Mayer said.

“I made you an unreasonable offer. They do not officially approve of Hunter’s activities. So, this time, why don’t you put yourself in the Hunter’s shoes and support the castle?”

Even from Jive’s point of view, vampires were a tribe that had to be driven out as soon as possible.

“I heard that you need a special weapon to deal with vampires. make a deal. If you pass on the know-how, we will mass-produce it with the financial power of the royal family.”

This time, even Lian couldn’t find an excuse to refuse.


The only thing blocking my thoughts was the promise I made with her before coming here.

Xenia, who met Lian’s eyes, pursed her lips.

“The team name will be Genocide.”

Lian smiled and turned to Benoff.

“First, I will take the hunters to the hideout. We will contact you through the chief of the peace department regarding the agenda that came out of the meeting.”

“okay. I’ll be waiting for you.”

At least, it was good that Venoff, who had a close relationship with Lian, was in charge of the royal castle.

The hunters who arrived at Genocide’s hideout were amazed by the cutting-edge technology.

“Hoo/? Did you modify it like this?”

said Fowler, loading the heavy gun with two barrels on the left and right.

“Mega Gun Z-88. gas-filled. Ergonomic design. There is nothing better than getting an erection on vampire flesh.” Since there was no need to worry about supplies anymore, Fowler set up the target himself and showed the line.

“I’m going to beat you up!”

Although the accuracy is low due to the large vibration, the speed of shooting twelve silver bullets per second was powerful.

“Okay, and this is the Santa Clause… … By the time I excitedly introduced the firepower, other hunters were also listening to explanations of their majors.

A hunter who confirmed the anti-cell of the drug machine said that it was a technology ahead of 10 years.

There were only 3 hunters who dealt with metal tools.

Xenia said.

“You can get Obscura B from the capital, but you don’t need to change your weapon.”

For those who handle metal tools, the user’s own physical ability was more important than the weapon.

“I have no intention of changing the weapon I am accustomed to. It’s enough to make a spare in case of damage. Rather, let’s focus on setting up a strategy.”

Regardless of the country, most of the leaders of the Hunter organization were majors in metal work.

said the ax wielder.

“I don’t understand. That you couldn’t track Lord’s location even though the Silver Bone was there.”

“I don’t know. I searched all over the city of Lodenin, but I couldn’t find the wavelength that I felt as a rod.”

The window handler said.

“Did you say a radius of 2 kilometers? If so, there is only one answer. Hiding outside the radius.”

Ryan asked.

“Is that possible?”

“underground. Even Xenia would be unable to search if it were two kilometers deep underground.”


“So far, relying only on Silver Bone’s ability has been a blind spot. So… … There is a method I usually use.”

When Xenia turned around, the person who handled the spear said with a tear in his mouth as if he was having fun.

“Mongrel hunting.”

Even after midnight, the sounds of loud musical instruments were leaking from inside the clubhouse.

Genocide 1, 8 hunters including Rian and Xenia arrived in front of him.

‘Club House, Blood Night.’ Just by looking at the name, it was safe to say that it was a vampire’s den, but places like this were common in Lodenin.

“You mean there are hybrids here?”

“The fact that there are pure blood means that there are hybrids. After several days of research, this place is the most likely.”

said Cartain, checking the syringe.

“It is definitely a weak point. Even the Silver Bone can’t capture the position of the half horse. But is there a connection with pure blood?”

“There must be something going on in the city. If it has anything to do with Lord, it’s too much to do with only purebloods.”

The person handling the spear was confident.

“Hybrids, unlike purebloods, have the ability to reproduce. So playing is also decadent. You better be prepared.”

If you listen closely, you can hear the moaning of many people mixed with the sound of the music.

“Since they do not die and can reproduce, there is no such thing as taboo. Hybrids are some kind of venereal disease.”

Fowler scolded.

“Like, keep mongrel, mongrel.”

The reason why Genocide uses the title of half-horse is that Xenia is not pure blood either.

“Oh, sorry. i made a mistake……

The person handling the spear hastily apologized, but Xenia shook her head and walked towards the clubhouse.

“doesn’t care.”

Even if you are a mongrel.

“Because hating myself was my only consolation when I didn’t have the strength to kill a vampire.”

That’s what true anger is.

“Right. I will do it differently in the future though.”

Feeling solemn at Xenia’s words, the Hunters glared at the door, cracking down on their weapons.

“Shall we begin?”

When Lian opened the door, the thumping drum sound came out as if escaping.

Arriving at the vampire’s lair, Nike entered the main office under the gaze of Almas.

“Did you call, great gin horse.”

Faust, the yaksha of the Hundred Ghosts, ranked third in the Order of the Ten Commandments, was reading a book while walking around the wide hall.

“Have you recovered?”

Nike lowered his head as if to apologize.

“Enough to kill someone.”

“okay? Even if it’s a knight of Macha?” Life soared in Nike’s eyes.

He was hit hard by the law of the right and barely recovered his strength after 4 days.

“The darkness you gave me has no enemies.”

“You will have to prepare for extinction.”

As the energy of the jinma came out, countless Almas hanging upside down from the ceiling trembled.

“Sooner or later, the three Lords will gather together. Then the world is ours. but… …

the only obstacle.

“Assuming that there is no bloodline in Ogent,


“I don’t understand, my lord. No matter how strong he is, he is nothing compared to the current Lord.”

Of course, including himself in the dark.

“Don’t judge people. When you are weak, you look infinitely weak, but when you are strong, you know no limits and become strong.”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve yet to see a human who transcends the power of a vampire.”

“I am.”

10,000 years ago in the past.

“Before I realized the incarnation… … The time when a bat hanging upside down in a heavenly cave was indifferently appreciating the world of light.

“One human fought the king of giants.”

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