Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 821

Smille, Smille(1)

Club House, Blood Night.

As I sprinted through the door, I could smell the heat of orgies and bai ting.

Most seemed bisexual.

“It is terrible.”

Inside the cages, men with bald heads and makeup were putting on a show wearing clothes made of leather straps.

Hunters paid attention to the red-colored alcohol on the table of the guests.


Ryan asked.

“How can you be sure?”

Xenia swallowed her saliva instead of answering.

“… … Right.”

“Welcome, Hunters.”

The club’s host, Eblon, greeted them at the bar.

He was black, had half of his head shaved, and had two piercings on his lower lip.

Catene approached.

“You seem to have lost your mind. You know who we are and yet we are holding a festival like this?”

“What’s wrong with you? selling blood? Or are we drinking blood?”

“Of course you are.”

Fowler, with his Mega Gun loaded, thrust two barrels into her face.

“Ask one of them. I’ll give you a cool grind.”

“now! Don’t get excited.”

Eblon turned around with the gun in front of him, prepared a cocktail and placed it in front of Fowler.

“We are just bastards and bastards who get hit by purebloods. To be honest, mongrels have a hard time getting blood. If you kill one wrong person, you will be a fugitive for the rest of your life.”

Ryan asked.

“Then where do you get your blood?”

“Of course, I live with money. If you go to the ghetto, you can get it for 10 silver per liter. It may be bad food for a pureblood.”

“I am looking for a hideout for purebloods. If you provide the information, I’ll step back gracefully.”

“I heard rumors, Nike came to this city.”

Fowler aimed the Mega Gun again.

“Shut up and answer any questions I ask! If you don’t want them to know that we’re scarier than that bastard.”

Feeling sincere, Eblon raised his hands.

“calm down. What I mean is that we risk our lives too. Hunters, you know better that if you get caught by Nike, you won’t die, right?”

“Are you going to make a deal?”

“No, it’s kind of a game.”

Eblon lowered his hand.

“We don’t even know where the Pureblood hideout is. The hierarchical system of information, you know? But I can make contact with Umbrella Man.”

“The Umbrella Man?”

“He’s a pure-blooded man who takes care of miscellaneous jobs. I call it that because I always carry an umbrella.”

“How can I meet him?”

“It is you.”

Eblon pointed at Lian.

“The corpse of the knight of Mach.”

Fowler’s Megagun spewed fire, and Eblon, hit by a silver bullet, flew to the ledge.

A bottle of wine spilled over and over, and she screamed in agony, exposing her fangs.


“Where is the repair work?”

Only then did the half horses in the club stop playing and turn towards the Genocide team.

“Ouch! Whoops!”

It didn’t have the dignity of pure blood, but the black pupils and bloody fangs were definitely demons.


Eblon said, clutching at the wound.

“We cannot win.”

Even though it was daytime, he was the culprit of the incident that made Nike run away with a single blow.

Fowler climbed onto the ledge and aimed the Mega Gun.

“Tell me straight. Umbrella Man, where are you?”

I didn’t think I could easily get the truth from them, so I left the party alone.

“I don’t know either. I’ve only heard rumors that you’re looking for Macha’s knights. If you want to get what you want… …

Landing on both legs with a thump, Fowler swung the butt and turned Eblon’s jaw.

The blood was spattered in a straight line on the low shelf.

“I ask you one last time. Where are you?”

“Kick! Kick kick kick!”

Eblon shook his shoulders.

“You can’t take out your anger on me after being dumped by a woman.”

“What is it?”

Ever since Xenia became conscious of Lian, Fowler has definitely had a hangover.

“Don’t make excuses, just hit it. It’s a good target for resentment, isn’t it? After all, humans are no different from us.”

Katein opened the medicine cabinet.

“Right, nothing different.”

Eblon’s face turned pale as the specially formulated drug rose through the syringe.

Drugs were scary.

“Did you guys really think we were sane people? The reason I fight is not for the sake of humans, nor because I am a human. I just hate you guys.”

“you you… …

“Xenia, I’m out.”

It must have been a horrific task that reminded her of the experiment she had been subjected to, so Cartein was considerate.

“No, I will.”

However, Xenia held out her hand instead.

“Are you okay?”

Eblon coughed up blood and shouted.

“Bad bitch! You are a mongrel too! Are you trying to torture your own people by siding with the humans?”

“If what you know was in my head… …

Xenia picked up the syringe.

“It must have stabbed me.”

Feeling appalled, Eblon held out his hand.

“okay. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything I know… …


A syringe was lodged in the collarbone.

“I hate it.”

At the same time as the drug permeated, Eblon’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.


Screams made of 100% pure pain embroidered the clubhouse.

Thirty minutes, which seemed like an eternity, had passed.

As Eblon, who had been crawling everywhere, spread out, the half-horses looked frightened.

“Haha. Mandible.”

“how is it? Isn’t it thrilling?”

Katane pulled out a new syringe.

“Certainly, vampires are comfortable. You don’t have to worry about dying. This medicine is my specialty… …

“Please, stop now.”

Xenia stepped out.

“Where is the Pureblood Hideout?”

“I really don’t know. I’ve only heard that it’s the mansion of a certain rich man. If I had known, I would have said this the moment I got hit.”

It was clearly unbearable pain.

“Who is Umbrella Man?”

“I feel like I am in the Royal Cemetery. An order has been given to the city’s vampires. If you find Macha’s article, send me a letter.”

“So, did you send it?”

Eblon’s lips trembled, and it was as if he had heard the answer.

“Damn it!”

Fowler shouted, kicking Eblon in the face.

“Retreat quickly! Pure blood is coming!” Suddenly, the front door exploded and a man in a fedora came inside, dragging a whip.


To the half-horse, he was more feared than a god.


The person Nike called was Lian, but Eblon, who was frightened, lowered his head.

“I held out! Please have mercy… … !” Before she could finish her words, a whip flew and blew the top of her face.


Amidst the frightened half-horses rampaging, Lian grabbed the big sword and moved on.

“I will take over. Go to the cemetery.”

“but… …


No matter who was there, only corpses increased.

“I will repay the shame of that time.”

As Nike swung his whip, his eyes radiating light, the flesh of the half-horses flew into the air.

If it was their sin, it was that they simply interfered with the trajectory of the whip that was aimed at Lian.


As the power of divine transcendence split space, Nike’s body rotated rapidly.

‘Did you avoid it?’

Nike’s body was almost like a black whirlpool.

“It is the same for me to twist the law.”

The whip was wrapped around the large straight sword, then unwound with terrifying speed, scratching the surface.


It could be said to be Nike’s unique ‘sword blade’, but <idea> is not broken.

‘That’s strange.’

Lian’s wrists holding the handle twisted in the same direction, but Nike’s expression was not good.

‘Does it never break?’

Just because it was thought to be much harder than steel, the current result was shocking.

Lian, who was holding the sword with his wrist turned, quickly regenerated his body and returned to his posture.


said Nike.

“You look surprised.”

In a quiet club where all but the dead escaped out the back door, Nike let down his whip.

“Of course you will. Because my physical ability is 28 times that of an ordinary Almas.”

A pure-blooded Laika, who was Radum’s sub-species minister, could be said to be ordinary.

’28 times… …

It had a completely different meaning from having 28 Almas, and it was a position far beyond the specific point of a creature.

“Looks like you’re using incarnation.”

Nike still couldn’t forget Lian’s blow at the Colosseum.

“How far have you been?”

It was an unexpected question for an outsider, but Lian could understand Nike’s words.


“I don’t know.”

Because no one has reached the final destination.

“Those who die here will know.”

It was the way of the sword to know the point at the moment of death after fighting endlessly.

Nike was talkative in anger, but his eyes calmed down before he knew it.

‘It’s real from now on.’

A world of swords that needs no words.

As Nike’s hands moved quickly and the whip disappeared, the outer wall of the clubhouse splintered.

A building was completely blown away, but Lian did not waver and drew out his inner rage.


As the muscles throughout my body twisted, I felt explosive energy that seemed like I could do anything.



In the middle of the city, those who claim to be the pinnacle of life collided head-on.

Xenia turned her head away startled.

“Rian… …

At the place where they left, there was a terrifying roar and a cloud of dust rose.

Fowler put Xenia on the shoulder.

“don’t worry. In terms of skill alone, it’s a monster. Nothing changes when we look back.”

Upon arriving at the Royal Cemetery, pure-blooded vampires were already waiting.

“It’s the Besica class.”

The hunters also raised tension by touching their weapons with a distinctly different energy from the hybrids.

There was no conversation between them, and the Vampires first released into smoke and surrounded them.


Beginning with Fowler’s Mega Gun throwing sparks, Hunters began to fire in all directions.


Cut the heart first.


The sword should have cut through Nike.


The law of the sword was activated in the direction the sword struck the ground, knocking down buildings.


However, Nike avoided this time as well, and Shimta undoubtedly shocked Lian’s heart.

“Is it a skill of the mind?”

As Nike spun upside down on Lian’s head, the whips gathered.

“how is it? Isn’t life easy?” Inevitably, her whip whipped around and ripped through Lian’s flesh.


Lian, whose flesh had lost more than 40% of his body, knelt down, exposing his skeleton.

“Would you like to know how far we’ve been?” Nike landed lightly and whipped her whip.

“You are there.”

“Turn it off… …

It was the first time he had experienced Simta so often since fighting Ymir’s molars.

– Smille, Smille.

Without a doubt, hallucinations were heard and the flesh began to regenerate in the area where it had been cut off.

“You look like a vampire.”

Nike looked down at it.

“Isn’t it the body of a creature deprived of mercy that cannot die even at the moment it wants to die?”

– Smille, Smille.

‘yet… … I can still fight.’ As Lian gritted his teeth and stared straight ahead, the regeneration of his body suddenly stopped.


The moment I thought, maybe this is really the end, I heard an auditory voice.

– Smille. If the heart is cut first, it does not necessarily mean that it is cut.

It wasn’t a voice for Lian.

– The word “must” in this world is useless. Because while I’m moving, other things are moving too.

For the first time a woman’s voice interrupted.

– Then what is the absolute? Oppa always wants the absolute.

-My heart. belief. The heart that was cut first turns into the belief that it will surely be cut… … .

Lian’s eyes widened.

-The moment that belief becomes absolute, the movement of my sword matches the movement of the world.

become separate

the hallucination said.

-That’s me, Ogent.

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