Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 819

the world they live in (3)

Meanwhile, the head of the Barque family and their only daughter, Irene, were also present at the seats with the officials.

“Irene, stop going back. This is a heavy matter. It’s not something you see at your age.”

Irene was stubborn.

“I know everything I know now. And they are the escorts to protect me, so it’s natural for me to see them.”

The hunters gathered today will be classified differently according to their skills and placed in the right place.

However, everyone knew that there was a high probability that talented people would become personal bodyguards for high-ranking officials.

‘Didn’t you come? stupid… …

The person Irene was looking for was Lian.

‘It’s an opportunity to put a snow stamp on our family. I was going to give you a special appointment whenever I came.’

I had a lot of swelling for no reason.


I looked around with regret and found a familiar face on the guard side.

‘ there is!’

Lian was watching the interview from the top of the Coliseum.

“Mister, no, brother!”

As Irene waved her arms over her head, Xenia, who was next to Lian, shouted.

“You son of a bitch!”

Without even time to stop, she spurred down the stairs and jumped into the Colosseum.

‘I will kill you!’

The corpses of his parents torn into dozens of pieces by Nike’s whip were vivid in his mind.

‘Because of you, because of you… … !’ She was also taken to an unknown laboratory where she was subjected to terrible experiments that she could not bear to speak of.


The moment Xenia swung her Dark Blade at Nike, half of her vision flew away.

“what… … !”

Lian shouted as she came down the stairs.

“Xenia! Back off!”

Perhaps he didn’t realize it, but his left eye was ruptured by Nike’s whip.

‘Great reaction speed. He’s a strong guy.’ It was even more frightening that it was a day dominated by the sun.


Venoff blocked the way.

“Did you find the spy?”

Rian looked in Xenia’s direction, but it was already hidden by numerous hunters.


Turning around, he took Venoff and ran to the place where the officials were.

“Two vampires. An aide in the shade and an old man sitting in a VIP seat.”


If the chief of the Jive intelligence department was a vampire, he would have been in the palm of his hand no matter what strategy he devised.

“I will arrest you. You are looking for a colleague.”

It was so promised.

“It’s impossible to do it alone. They are also Almas.”

As Lian’s words were true, Venoff helplessly shut up.

“It’s a vampire! Kill!”

On the Colosseum side, the Hunters were lined up in a circle around Nike.

‘It’s an old game. Show off your skills here… …

You will receive the king’s approval.

‘Wrong, idiots.’ Xenia, who regained her sanity after being baptized by Nike, gritted her teeth.

Being obsessed with resonance meant that he was not qualified as a vampire fire hunter.

‘Nothing can comfort us.’

Those who had nothing but anger toward vampires were rather calmly distancing themselves.

“Is it Nike?”

An old man with a goatee approached Jenia, who was restoring her eyes with Blood Q.

“A priest who handles twin iron blades. They say he’s the strongest Al Mas, but even if we all attack him, we won’t have a chance.”

“so… … to run away?”

“A vampire killed my mother when I was seven.”

The age of the old man seemed to be over sixty years old.

“Even at a young age, I felt this way. It wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to kill a person.”

The old man’s eyes looked back at Xenia and were bloody and bloodshot.

“There can be no place to escape, right?”

In this terrible hell of a heart.

“It’s boring.”

As Nike brandished two whips at the same time, the air cried and the bodies of the hunters were torn to pieces.


The hunters, who made the advance party a scapegoat, rushed at Nike with anger.


Nike is strong.

“Hey, are you Silverborn?”

The old man next to Xenia took out a medication container and smiled faintly.

“Live. please.”

Although he throws himself into a rage, someone must live and finish off the vampires.


With a piercing scream, the old man rushed with his eyelids open as if his eyes would fall out.

“Do not wish for mercy without pain.”

Two whips 3.8 meters long moved as if they were alive and scratched the hunters.


As if dozens of sawings had been applied at once, bones were torn and flesh splattered in all directions.

“I can’t do this.”

Xenia’s shoulders trembled.

“Is there such a difference?”

Even in the situation where drugs, firearms, and metal weapons were all mobilized, it was not even able to hurt Nike.

‘Fighting in the sunlight… …

In fact, with the hood off, Xenia felt as if she was breathing in fire with every breath.


Hot steam spewed out of Nike’s mouth as he turned and swung his whip.

“Oh God.”

Whenever this hot energy permeates his lungs, he gets the illusion that he is alive.

“Do not forgive me.”

If you can, of course.

“Kill! Kill the vampire!”

Before I knew it, the ground was covered with hundreds of torn pieces of flesh.

“Your Highness, you’d better avoid the seat.”

King Mayer didn’t move a single step while the ‘Xinjiang’ of Jive’s guards were guarding him.

There were too many eyes to run away because of just one vampire.

Even the high-ranking officials who knew about it kept their positions, but their insides were burning.

‘Damn it. stop going in Can’t we just leave the hunters fighting?’

The one who moved first would be a coward, and the political opponents would use this as an excuse to attack after death.

The officials snorted inwardly, noticing that the king’s expression had gone pale.

‘Hmm, you still have kidneys.’

Even if it wasn’t as much as Fungjang, he thought that if it was the level of the seven kings’ guards, he wouldn’t die.

“Civilians are seriously injured. Send the 3rd Army to subdue it.”

Perhaps realizing the officials’ notice, Mayer pointed to the Colosseum and gave instructions.

“But, Your Highness, if we disperse our forces… …

“These are the ones who came to help the kingdom. Allowing them to be slaughtered like this is also dishonoring my name.”

The head of the Guard, who could not disobey the king’s order, looked back at the 3rd Army and gave instructions.

“Get the vampire.”

When 20 men in ironclad landed on the Colosseum at the same time, the ground thumped.


Slightly twisting the waist with the legs together, the hand holding the handle of the sword.


While those who had mastered the Baldo technique analyzed the battlefield, the commander of the 3rd Army shouted.


Leaning forward at the same angle, they disappeared from their seats at some point.


When the 4-step chain that ends any enemy with a single blow was completed, 20 flashes of light hit Nike in a vertical net.


As the shape of the whip disappeared, a loud roar of static electricity took its place.

I believed

“Uh-oh… … !”

The eyes of the officials watching from the Colosseum widened, and even King Mayer croaked.

“Isn’t that not enough with the kidneys?”

The 20 guards, whose armor was torn like paper, fell to the ground, separated into flesh and blood.


The battle went into a lull for a while, and Nike raised his head and emitted white smoke.

If his hand moved even an centimeter, the tip of the whip flapped like an eel.

“majesty! Avoid!”

The captain of the guard felt ashamed, but the top priority was to ensure the safety of the king.


Mayer stood up from his seat, unable to win, and the officials also quietly noticed and headed toward the exit.

Benoff shouted.

“Don’t move! There are vampires!”

While everyone stopped moving, Shovel, the head of the intelligence department, jumped up and shouted.


An aide who jumped out of the shadows blocked Venoff’s way, but Lian’s blow knocked his head off.

‘Certainly he can’t use his strength during the day.’ A vampire named Nike was abnormal.


When I turned my head at Irene’s scream, the head of the Barque family was caught in Shobel’s hand.

“dad! Let Dad go!”

“shut up! like a human… … !”

Shovel, released by the black smoke, flew towards Irene while holding on to the casket.


Right before the shock wave was taken, the large straight sword pierced Shaw Bell’s heart and pushed forward.


As the smoke gathered around the sword, Shovel returned to his human form.


Rian, who ran to the place where the sun was beating down, drove the straight sword into the ground with Chauvel’s body twisted.


When exposed to sunlight in a situation where strong regeneration was impossible, the skin began to burn rapidly.

“Let go! let me go!”

I scratched it with steel-like nails, but <Idea> was not even scratched.

“brother! Come this way!”

As the officials’ attention focused on Lian, who had dealt with the two Almas in an instant, Irene quickly preempted the conversation.

Lian turned to the Colosseum.


I saw her fighting while inhaling blood cues among countless hunters shedding tears of blood.

Even with his right ankle broken, it was dangerous to run while stamping the ground with his bones.

“Take your daughter and escape.”

The family head of Bark shook his head.

“No, you go with us. protect my daughter If it’s a case, I’ll do anything.”

The person who took Lian was the one with power.

“Brother }, will you protect our family? Yes?”

Lian looked back at the officials who were each paying attention to her with eyes full of anticipation.

“From what?”


now I get it.

‘What it means to be strong.’ What is truly strong.

‘They’re fighting now.’ anger.

“There is only one thing I must protect.” Anger in my heart.

“I haven’t lost anyone yet… …

Because I wasn’t born as a god.

“He is always angry.”

Only that anger paralyzes fear and makes humans fight higher.


In Lian’s heart after biting his molars, the resentment grew without knowing the end, as if blood was gushing backwards.

‘Yes, this was it.’

The source of emotions that could have destroyed Ymir was what he had been searching for while crossing the desert.

‘It doesn’t matter what it is now.’ I was not afraid of anything.

“Come on, come on.”

A few strands of Lian’s hair stood up and the top exploded.

‘It’s not a human body.’

Lian’s muscles, which he thought were perfect, were twisted like a pretzel and interlocked in a strange shape.

“Haaaaaa… …

Lian, who had metamorphosed into the body of a yaksha, the incarnation of anger, crushed the ground and twisted his upper body.

‘The law of the right.’

The regime stretched out towards Nike.

Divine Transcendence – Shim Kwon Mach.

Shobel, who was stuck in <Idea>, felt the shaking of the law and screamed in agony.


What unfolded in front of Nike when he turned his head was… … .

‘What’s this?’

It was a scene in which the landscape of the world was crumpling toward a single point and being pushed forward.

‘It can be avoided… … Will there be?’

The law of authority came faster than the most pessimistic predictions, and exploded Nike’s torso in a circle.


Hundreds of bats spread out in all directions from the broken body.

bang! bang bang! bang! bang!

Mach’s energy exploded the walls of the Colosseum and created an intangible tunnel as it moved away.

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