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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 803

Law Murder (4)

Natasha’s temperament changed.

‘Is it incarnation?’

Above her head, the upper half of a skeleton wearing a black hood shimmered like an illusion.

Ten fingers were sticking out as if playing a keyboard, and dozens of steel wires caught in the joints were connected to Natasha.


I don’t know what ability it is.

“Are you also a doll?”

Natasha smiled madly.

“Let go! Release me!”

Gustav’s genius dancer, Natasha, was kidnapped by gangsters one day.

“You motherfuckers! who made it Are you all sick?”

Daphne, second in the dance world, but the gap in skill was so great that they could not be called rivals.

“shut up! Knowing it won’t change anything!”

Natasha’s schema was completely flawless in art, and her spirit was the extreme of eccentricity beyond normal limits.

“Quick tie! Before the bodyguards come in!”

The assailants laid Natasha face down on a long desk and restrained her limbs with chains.

“What are you going to do? Shall I slap your ass?”

One of the assailants pulled out an iron club.

“Do it, do it now?”

The colleague nodded, and he roared and hit Natasha’s spine with all his might.

Natasha’s eyelids, which had been there at the time, closed tightly, and the sound of crackling was transmitted through her bones.

“Bad year. You don’t even scream.” Feeling her lower body go numb, Natasha lifted her sweaty face.

“How can you scream when you’re dying of pain!”

“I told you to shut up!”

Natasha’s eyes lit up as the iron club hit her back again.


The assailant’s face was also covered with sweat.

“shit! Why isn’t it broken like this?” shouted Natasha, twisting her head as if about to break.

“You stupid child! If you’re going to do it, finish it in one shot! what are you doing!”

“Aww! die!” The assailant hit him on the waist, but his momentum was already broken and his strength was not working properly.

“Aww! it’s annoying!”

Natasha, weeping in pain, pulled the chains around her wrists.

“You can’t even swing a stick right in front of a woman’s ass! Are you a goja’?”

The assailant, who regained consciousness at her mockery, bit his molars and swung his arm vertically.


Finally, I heard a snap and a spine snapping sound.

Natasha was crippled from the waist down.

But she never found out who had severed her spine, nor did she take revenge.

‘Ah, I don’t know. I just need to live a rough life.’ Because she didn’t hate her again

could dance

Crouch lowered his gaze somewhat.

‘In exchange for giving up the subject of life, what I got is multiple lives.’

And Natasha… … .

“Let’s dance together.”

I became a puppet of a god of death and was able to raise all the stats of my body to the realm of transcendence.


At the same time as feeling alive, Crouch opened the distance with quick steps.

“Is it a fun rhythm?”

As tremendous speed was added to the stride that mixed the rhythm, it was as if the movement was disconnected.

“How long can you dance?”

The number of people who zoomed for more than 1 second with Natasha was counted on one hand.

‘ fast??????

As the god of death’s white fingers began to dance, Natasha’s figure scattered as an afterimage.

‘… … Not enough!’

A crackling sound rang in Crouch’s ears, and his vision spun.


Before he had time to use his spare life to fight back, his head fell off and spun near the ceiling.

“What is it, are you cold?”

Crouch’s face crashed against the wall.

‘This is the 4th skill of Gustav… …

It was Havitz’s ability worthy of the four gods, who raised certain skills to the level of art.

‘It is indeed the pinnacle of movement.’ Clink!

One of the two porcelain dolls on the shelf shattered with a sharp sound.


A bitter silence leaked from Uorin’s mouth as she drank alone in the middle of the night.

“Wow, it looks like this.”

Slicing open Crouch’s stomach, Natasha inspected the complicated mechanism inside.

Black oil flowed instead of blood.

“It tastes awful.”

Natasha, who tasted it with her hand, frowned, but the lady-in-waiting who was on patrol was startled.

“Aww! what, what?”

“Yeah, nice to meet you. put this away Throw it in the garbage.”

The maid raised her head.

“yes? A dump?”

“It’s broken. I can’t even try to fix it.”

Natasha, who was about to leave leaving the maid in charge, stopped walking as if she had suddenly realized.

“Right, I said to find out who sent it.”

Her shoulders shrugged up.

“How about something?” “Ghmm, what’s so heavy?” The men carried the sacks with a whimper.

“There are all sorts of horrible dolls. I looked at it for a while and it looked like it was really alive. What is it?”

“Never mind, if you want to hold out for a long time. I’m going to go crazy if I pay attention to what’s going on in the imperial castle.”

The men who were swinging the turret like a swing threw the doll over the wall at the signal.

“Whoa, let’s go.” There was no movement inside the bag even while the men shook their hands and walked away.

It was on the wedding day of Havitz and Abella that wriggling movements were finally seen.


Crouch, who grabbed the hair on his face as the bag was torn apart, raised himself.

‘strong. It won’t be easy to wind up.’ It’s not a style that relies on force like Hitman, but the pride of being the best in the industry has been shattered.

‘That can’t be imitated.’

The realization of Natasha’s helplessness was worth losing one life.

‘The important thing is the initialization of <Math>.’

It was impossible to use Catenia because Vulcan was already preparing.

“I must die.”

To complete his last mission in life, Crouch jumped high over a wall.

The most splendid wedding in the Gustav Empire was held in Marsac’s garden.

There were 10,000 guests, and gold, silver, and treasures filled the palace’s warehouse.

Gustav was rewarded with gold.

“Hey, Natasha.”

On the way back after the reception, Bal Khan personally went to find Natasha.

“I mean an assassin. Are you sure you’re done?”

“huh. blew his neck off I also opened the boat and checked it. can’t stay alive But why?”

“No, just. Because it is an important day.” Vulcan rested her chin.

‘I entrusted it to Natasha, so there can be no mistakes. It is clear that he killed But the problem is that it’s a doll.’

I heard that in the East, there is a secret technique to infuse a doll with a soul.

‘Are you in Jincheon? I heard that the opponent was quite good, but why didn’t there be any special movement?’

There was no sign of crowd prayer.

“Why so serious? You keep hiring assassins. If you don’t get caught in the military discipline, you really don’t exist.”

“it is not so. The military flag reads the intent to kill, and we can’t even guarantee the existence of humans.”

Jetaro intervened.

“If an assassin with no intent to kill is staying in the imperial castle, you can’t capture the military discipline.”

Sumodo said.

“Anyway, it’s the same thing. An assassin without the intent to kill is not an assassin. What’s certain is that no one is thinking of killing Her Highness, right?”

The Balkans were stubborn.

“That is strange. If you don’t intend to kill Your Highness, why are you staying in the imperial castle’?”

Natasha raised her index finger.

“It is only an assumption that the assassin is staying in the imperial castle. I think you are digging too deep.”

This time, even Balkan could not refute.

“I don’t know. If you look at it simply, it’s clear, but it keeps feeling complicated. I feel like I’m missing something.”

Zetaro said.

“Because the other person was a doll. When unexpected results appear, other accidents continue to be questioned.”

” doll.”

Vulcan stopped walking.

“Natasha, go to the dump and check again.”

“I do sumodo every day. It is as it was.”

My king of sumo wrestling.

His ‘poetry of innocence’ sees through all kinds of differences except those that are essentially the same.

For example, he realizes that grasshopper A and grasshopper B are completely different organisms.

In addition, 1,000 knives made in the same mold can be classified according to their characteristics.

“Today is a different day. Come along and check it out. I’ll go to Her Highness and see if there’s anything wrong with it.”


There was no case of losing money by listening to Balkan, so the two headed to the garbage dump.

“Hey, Natasha.”

On the way, Sumodo said.

“Do you want to join me tonight?”

Natasha looked back in surprise.

“You don’t like being with the same girl, do you?”

“just… … I’m afraid I’ll be lonely.”

He, a man, is also confused about Havitz’s marriage, but how can Natasha, a woman, die?

“Hehe, what is it? Are you comforting me?”

“You are my friend.”

“Thank you for your heart, but it’s okay. You won’t be able to enjoy sumodo anyway, and I’m a bit like that today too.”

“Because he loves another woman, Harvits doesn’t leave us.” Natasha smiled brightly and nodded her head.


Arriving chatting, they opened the door of the dump and climbed up the pile.

“He must be buried here… … what?” Seeing the traces of the rubbish heap being dug up, Sumodo opened his eyes wide and shouted.

“different! Definitely different!”

“… … Sumo, I think I know this too.”

Like a prank on a grand scale, the assassin doll that had existed until yesterday disappeared.

On the way to Havitz and Abella’s newlywed apartment, Zetaro said.

“I know you doubt Abella. But if it did, she would have already been read as a discipline.”

Alphafish love Havitz.

“I know. The military is not certain. But if I hire an assassin, I will dig into that.”

If the reason why an assassin does not reveal his intention to kill is to maintain a singular number.

“I want to see His Majesty the Emperor. Send me a message.”

The lady-in-waiting bowed her back with an embarrassing gesture.

“Sorry, soldier. His Majesty has told us not to let anyone inside tonight.”

“It is urgent. Can you give me some words?”

The maid had to choose whether to be killed by Habits or Vulcan.

“You can cut me down and go.”

Because it was sincere, not a threat, Vulcan grunted with a face that looked like she was in trouble.

Jetaro laughed.

“Chuck! It was hot. Well, not even that. Isn’t this the day you’ve been looking forward to for 14 years?” Knowing how strict Havits was when it came to controlling his desires, Vulcan couldn’t ask for more.

“I can’t. Just go get a drink.”

“Then what happens?” Vulcan tasted it.

“What can I do? Let’s all sell ourselves.”

The laughter of Havitz and Abella echoed through the hundreds of rooms of the apartment.

“ha ha ha! that’s right! It used to be like that.”

“At that time, how well the uncle played the role of the monster. That’s right, is it really because you’re a monster?”

“Maybe. Fuhahaha!”

Harvits, who was drunk, was amused by anything she said, and was led into the room by Abella’s hand.

Each room had characteristics that allowed her to spend the first night, and the room she entered was a place where perverted acts were performed.

“Do it here?”

“yes. I really wanted to try it.”

From the wedding to the reception to the newlyweds, everything was according to the script that Abella had been taught.

“That’s why I didn’t let people in.”

“why? Do you hate uncle?”

“No, I like this too. Then what shall we do? How about this whip?”

“Whoops, good. But before that, I have something to prepare for.”


Abella whispered in Havitz’s arms.

“I’m going to tie you up tight.”

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