Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 804

Law Murder (5)

“where are you?”

As the steel wire caught in the skeleton’s finger swayed, Natasha’s speed increased even more.

“There, right aisle.”

The sumodo that Natasha was wearing on her arm read out Crouch’s movements through the clear poem.

“It has gone too far. What’s over there?”

“doesn’t exist. trying to get as far away as possible

hey. Maybe this could be dangerous.”

As they walked away from Harvitz’s apartment, it was clear that they had specific intentions they didn’t know about.

“Turn left here.”

Turning at right angles, Natasha ran down the long corridor.

“It must be a trap.”

“maybe. But not a trap for us. It is something we have to check.”

The place they arrived at was the dungeon of the imperial castle Marsak, and it was also a dead end on the last floor.

“Here you are.”

Crouch greeted him, holding the severed head in one hand.

“Your throat was cut, how are you alive?”

Natasha said in wonder, but Sumodo realized the seriousness of the situation.

“What are you up to?”

The severed head flashed open his eyes.

“nothing. I am just looking for a place to die.”


Sumodo said.

“catch. Never kill.”

Natasha’s body disappeared as if evaporating, and suddenly appeared with Crouch’s face stolen.

Woo woo woo woo!

With that alone, a strong wind blew through the dungeon.

‘There is no chance of winning in a head-to-head confrontation.’

Since he already knew Natasha’s skills, Crouch happily turned his face.

“amazing. But how do you kill it?”

The corner of Crouch’s mouth went up as Natasha lifted her face to gaze level.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t say this.”

At the same time, the headless body rushed forward and thrust a dagger into Natasha’s abdomen.

“I needed a companion on the way to the underworld.” The uniqueness of the dagger held by Crouch strongly pressed Sumodo’s clumsy poetry.

‘Is that an object?’ suddenly realized

“Damn it!

In a room full of perverted tools, the men and women’s rough breaths heated the air.

Even while they were kissing each other deeply, Alpha Fish and Abella couldn’t hate Havitz.

‘I can’t do it. The mission… … She tells her that assassinating her Harvits is like her homework, something her desire doesn’t force her to do.

It was her will to give back what she had received because an innocent person had died in her place.

“Mister, let’s begin.”

I pushed Havitz’s chest, and he flopped down on the blood-red bed.

Abella, riding on the body of Koopa Koopa Havitz, pulled out the chain handcuffs from the head of the cage and placed them on Havitz’s left hand.

■& “S’ w


As if having fun, Havitz laughed, and Abella kissed her softly and sighed.

‘This time with the right hand.’

The chains made a scratching sound.


Crouch shuddered at the firm sensation felt through the handle of <Law Kill>.

‘It seems to have stabbed a rock.’

She was clearly aiming for the heart, but her muscles were holding the blade as hard as stone.

“You can’t die because you’re a doll?” Natasha pulled Crouch’s face closer as if she wasn’t interested in the blade in her abdomen.

“No, if that’s all you can do is destroy the doll. Do you have multiple lives?”

Crouch was stabbing with all his might, but the dagger was still pushed out by more than half.

“It is weak after all. If he was strong, he would have used the same method as me.”

Natasha is also a doll, but she was confident that she would not be destroyed.

“How many? It won’t be infinite. Even if I die this time, will I come back to life? Shall we experiment?”

Natasha looked into Crouch’s eyes as she asked the question, and smiled as if realizing it.

“Is this the last?”

Sumodo said.

“Natasha, don’t be rash.”

<Law killing>, which is evaluated as mankind’s worst weapon.

‘Law Murder. It’s not a problem to solve here.’

It was my first time seeing it with my own eyes, but considering the brutal history contained in the dagger, I had to approach it carefully.

“Answer me honestly. what are you decorating? What is my intention in <Slaughter>?”

Natasha’s arms swelled as Crouch fell silent.


Crouch’s head, which was caught in both hands, collapsed like a balloon with a thunderous sound.

‘The face skeleton is steel, but it’s monstrous strength.’

For Natasha, who is ruled by incarnations, the limitations of her physical abilities are meaningless.

“Sumodo, what should I do? I don’t think I feel any pain. Then you can’t even torture.”

“no. That’s it.”

Sumodo made the decision.

“Just keep it like this. <Slaughter> changes the law. As long as it’s stuck in your chest, nothing happens.”

“Aha, is that so?”

Crouch’s eyes flashed with despair.

“I’m holding out here. I’ll tell Vulcan and come back. If Abella goes… …

Dang. Dang. Dang.

The moment Sumodo turned around, he heard a bell announcing midnight on the other side of the wall.


The corners of Crouch’s mouth parted grotesquely.

“I won.”

Sumodo shouted.

“Natasha! Kill!”

As soon as the words fell, all of Natasha’s fingers stood up, and Crouch’s head shattered as if juice were being squeezed out.

‘It’s a good muscle.’

At the end of his life, Crouch twisted the handle of his dagger with all his might.

‘It’s the perfect muscle.’

It was a muscle so strong that even an arrow could bounce off it, so the dagger cut with a clicking sound.

‘It’s not killing people.’ All according to Crouch’s script.

‘Circumstances kill.’

Crouch’s body collapsed, and Natasha finally looked at her heart.

“Sumodo, Dando… …

The blade that was embedded in it faded like an illusion and then slowly disappeared into the air.

“what? What a law!”

Although the effects of <Law Kill> were well known, only Minerva knew the detailed function.

Shouting at the dead would not change anything, so Sumodo turned and left the dungeon.

“We need to inform the Balkans!”

Natasha snatched him like a swallow and galloped off.

“Are you ready?”

Abella’s heart ached at the voice of Havitz, who was excited like a mischievous person.

Dang. Dang. Dang.

Then the bell announcing midnight rang.

‘This is the beginning.’

As if under a mild hypnosis, the moment I heard the sound of the bell, my heart boiled.

“yes. Everything is ready.”

Abella, who had restrained Harvitz’s limbs, raised his upper body with his waist between his legs.

“Hehehe, the woman who rode the emperor. so… … What are you going to do now?”

“If you wait, you will know.”

Abella’s voice was cold, but Havits nodded, thinking that even that was a game.

‘That the bell rang.’

That Crouch was gone in one way or another.

‘‘Slaughter’ is… …

By stabbing Natasha, the target would have been changed and the user’s intent to kill would have been reset.

‘It must have been broken.’

Crouch risked his life to destroy <Math> to find the closest user who hates the target… … .


It will come into the hands of Abella.


Abella, who was holding <Law Kill> in reverse, looked down at Havitz with a cold gaze.

Havitz blinked as he looked up at the vertically erected dagger, as if to stab himself at any moment.

“It’s not the game I was thinking of.” In Abella’s eyes, there was a clear intent to kill.

had been planted

“I know you did a lot for me. I was able to escape my fate as a witch, and I was able to open a pretty shop… …

The tip of the dagger trembled.

“But you have killed too many people so far. And in the future… …


As Abella shrugged and looked down, Havitz nodded slowly and said,

“If you think so, you can do it that way.”

Abella felt a great fear.

‘What am I doing?’

If riding a single rope is an adult, it felt like the other rope was broken and falling toward infinite freedom.

“I will kill you!”

“know. That’s what you want to do.”


‘That’s not what I want to do! Oh, because he’s a bad person, and that’s why he has to die… …

what I really want to do.

‘I don’t know. I don’t know what to do!’

Who is Habitz, and whether I really deserve to kill this person… … .

‘Who gives that qualification!’

What would happen to the world if Havitz were killed?

‘I don’t know anything!’

perfect chaos.

For the first time in her life to break away from the law, Abella trembled at the vast freedom.


With a bang, the door opened, and all of the Gustav 4th arts came into the room.

Everyone was mesmerized by the unbelievable sight even though they imagined it.


Harvits turned his head.

“Didn’t I tell no one to come in? Today is the day of me and Abella.”

“What are you talking about? You look like you’re going to die soon.”


Havitz looked up at the dagger again.

“When I die, Abella will be the emperor. let me do whatever i want It would be nice to make the whole world a flower garden.”

Zetaro shook his shoulders.

“Puhihit]! That’s so funny! flower

A field.”

Balkan also had no way to tell him that his best friend wanted to spend the first night alone with his wife.

“All right.”

After leaving a futilely short answer, I turned around and the remaining three followed.

The visit is closed.

‘what? did you go away? really?’


Startled, Abella looked away.

“If there is something you want to do, do it comfortably. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”


Abella’s eyes lit up.

“Why, why are you nice to me? You killed a lot of people! But why are you only doing this to me!”

“Because we are friends.”

The reason was simple.

“Sometimes when I have too much fun with my friends, I kill and die.”

In Abella’s head, she heard the sound of something that had been forming her up until now snapping.

“Black! black!”

Without holding back the falling tears, she spread her upper body like a bow and raised the dagger.


As I crouched down with all my might, letting out a shrieking sound, the flesh of the law became stuck.

Havitz didn’t even blink.

As he brushed his ear, the dagger lodged in the bed suddenly began to vibrate violently.


As soon as Abella let go of her hand, <Law Slaughter> was destroyed.

‘Eh, why?’

Kashan, Aganos.


When Minerva, accompanied by Jiandao, opened the door roughly, Uorin was seen holding fragments of a porcelain doll.

“… … You didn’t come back.”

Gando didn’t clean for her this time either.

“If I had one left, I was thinking of retiring.”

“For him, retirement would have been death. Let’s think of it as the most wonderful retirement ceremony ever.”

Uorin carefully collected the fragments.

“How about Marsak?”

Minerva gave a thumbs up.

“Succeeded in depriving the target. Alpha Fish seems to have completed its mission properly.”


Uorin, who got up from her seat, had a sad feeling on her face.

“Gando, assemble the <Slaughter> team and the Ex-Machina team. From now on, it’s a real game.”

“All right.”

It was the beginning of the Harvitz assassination plan.

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