Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 802

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Law Murder (3)

Harvitz’s reaction alone showed that the woman named Abella was telling the truth.

The lady-in-waiting skipped all other procedures and summoned her to the grand hall.

At one time, it was a story about the flower garden that Havitz had always been talking about, so he looked at the Gustav 4 technique with curious eyes.

“Mister Harvits.”

Abella approached with a smile.


As if back in the day 14 years ago, Havitz held Abella’s hand.

“You’re here. Do you know how troubled I was? What would the flower garden look like? The shop… …

“I’m sorry, mister.”

When Abella cut Havitz off, all the maids in the Grand Hall flinched.

‘it’s crazy. To cut off Your Highness.’

Among the ladies-in-waiting who directly assist the emperor in the Grand Hall, the ‘Havitz Manual’ is floating around.

‘I’m going to die.’

There is no standard for responding to chaos.

That’s why ‘It rains when you hold a ritual for rain’ is just a coincidence created by a game of probability… … .

‘Rule 283, don’t show any reaction when Harvitz speaks excitedly.’

For the ladies-in-waiting, this jinx was the only lifeline.

“huh? What are you sorry about?”

That’s why they couldn’t help but be astonished at Havitz’s questioning.

‘Is the jinx broken?’

Abella smiled bitterly.

“I opened a flower shop, but there are no flowers that the uncle bought me. They died because I raised them wrong.”

“That’s why you couldn’t come.”

“no. I didn’t want to meet you. I was too young back then I just lived with a lover like that.”


Harvitz seemed a little disappointed.

“You opened a flower shop, though. I can buy you any number of flowers, so don’t be too heartbroken.”

Shock swept through the maid’s eyes.

‘Your Highness said something to be considerate of others.’

It was the first time that even she, who had spent her entire life in the imperial castle, had seen such a situation.

‘perhaps… … Maybe we had the wrong idea about the character Havitz.’

It didn’t matter to me to stop talking in the first place.

‘I killed a lot of maids, but couldn’t it be for a completely different reason than we expected?’

Since the head maid was lost, not to mention the confusion of the other maids.

‘Why aren’t you angry? Why don’t you kill me?’

Many jinxes were being broken, such as not making eye contact and not using negative words.

‘It’s pitiful.’

Vulcan, who read the court ladies’ standard, squinted one eye.

‘Fear arises because you don’t even know why you’re dying after you’ve done something to die. Your Highness is also a person. I enjoy playing with my friends, and I know what love is.’

Harvits is also a person.

‘I’m always someone who just wants to have fun. Well, since they only have the intention of using others, they are tailoring themselves according to their taste.’

Chaos is not to be met with the head.

‘consensus. You just have to honestly express your emotions as they are without calculation. That’s all Her Highness treats people.’ Of course, adults can’t.

‘Abella is possible.’

It is because Habitzra is a friend who has been in sympathy with the deepest place of chaos and emotions.

“Anyway, I’m here, so that’s okay. You kept your promise.”

Throwing away miscellaneous thoughts, Havitz sat down on the map and knocked on the floor.

“Come on. From now on, we’re going to conquer the world, so let’s play with us. My friends have fun too.”

It was touching to see the Emperor of the Empire treat her innocently, but Abella’s eyes were filled with sadness.

“Really nothing has changed.”

“Are you very old? You grew taller and prettier. If you don’t like conquering the world, what else should you do?”

Tears welled up in Abella’s eyes.

“Your uncle is a bad person.”

Everyone’s heart sank, and Balkan couldn’t guarantee Abella’s future this time either.

‘Sympathy and hostility are obviously different. Will His Highness not be angry again?’

Harvits blinked.

“People say yes, you are bad. But honestly, I’m not sure. To me, this is what it looks like now… …

Abella cried and said.

“I like it because it looks like the old mustache man.”

“ha ha ha! Yeah, it’s fine as long as you like it, right?”

Vulcan’s eyebrows twitched as he felt relief at Havitz’s laughter.

‘Hoo? This… …

Abella was devastated.

‘I’d rather be scared, if I could hate and hate to the fullest like everyone else… …

An atrocity that wants to plunge the world into hell.

‘But for me… …

He was the kindest and warmest man in the world who would listen to anything he wanted.


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‘I’m not going to die, am I?’

In Harvitz’s arms, Abella would be happy for the rest of her life, but she had to kill him for the sake of humanity.

‘That’s an alpha fish.’

She calmed down and said, wiping away tears.

“I can’t play house with you like before. Now I am an adult.”

“okay? Then what shall we do?”

“Adult play.”

Abella moved towards Havitz, who was sitting with her buttocks on the floor.

“Mister, will you marry me?”

The gaze of the 4 guineas moved to Havitz, and a sound leaked from the ladies’ throats all at once.

‘it’s crazy. You say you’re marrying that psycho?’

Harvits immediately nodded.


Vulcan foresaw the feelings that had sprouted after 14 years in Havitz’s chaos.

‘We met as friends… … It seems that the sympathy with Abella was a little different.

‘Witch’s Fate. Is it a natural law to marry the person who freed you from that curse?’

Those who have reached a certain ultimate in truth are bound to be strong, and that is why Havitz is also strong.

‘That’s why he was very lonely.’ It is safe to say that I was bored.

In any case, the person he could relate to with Harvits could be counted on one hand in the entire world.

‘On the one hand, it’s a match made in heaven.’

Abella inflated her cheeks.

“what? How can you accept it so easily anyway? Do you know what marriage is?”

“Of course you know. Because I like you too.”

Habitz stood up from his seat and said seriously, holding Abella by the shoulder.

“I want to marry you.”

The childhood friend I met at the beach when I was young promised to become a couple after 14 years.

The heatwave that dominated the summer has gradually withdrawn, and autumn has arrived with colored leaves.

The war was still fierce, but within the Gustav Empire, preparations for the emperor’s marriage were in full swing.

“Long live the Emperor! Hooray!”

Abella’s favorite flower gardens were laid out on every street, and a national celebration procession event was held.

Around the 20th day before the wedding, Crouch moved while the royal castle, Marsac, was adorning the flowers.

In his hand, he was able to roam freely through the complex roads of the ceiling as if he were at home.

‘Change target.’

said Minerva.

“The reason Alphafish is important is that it is the closest person to Havitz. But he can’t go in with <Slayer> in his possession.”

Other items could be hidden inside the body, but the knife could not be carried for several months.

“That’s why you need a carrier.” El Crouch.

“Before sending the alpha fish, an expert will first take a seat inside the imperial castle. And, at the beginning of the night between Havitz and Abella, I will hand over <Slaughter>.”

Sirone asked.

“The transport team can’t get close to Havitz. Tangent contact would be impossible, so how do I get over it?”

“Use retargeting.” Minerva brought out the <Law Kill>.

“The dagger absorbs the murderous intent of its bearer and distorts the law. But, what if the target changes in the middle?”

Sirone was also questionable.

“For example, what if I stab Uo Rin while <Math Killing> was activated to kill you, Shirone?”

“How is it?”

“The murderous intention contained in the dagger does not change. However, the possessor’s intent to kill is reset. Of course, this by itself doesn’t mean much. But if you destroy the dagger, that’s a different story.”

“They said extinction was impossible.”

“okay. Even if it is destroyed, <Law Kill> will reappear in a perfectly random place.”

said Iruki.

“But if you initialize it, you can artificially manipulate the place where the <Math> appears.”

“That’s right. Destroyed in the initialization state, 〈Slaughter〉 appears to the person most suitable for the murderous intent contained in the dagger. Therefore, through the law, you can deliver <law killing> to the alpha fish.”

This is ‘retargeting’.

‘The execution time is the beginning of the wedding, 20 days later. Until then, you have to reset <Math>.’

Currently, <Law Kill>’s intent to kill is directed at Habitz, but there is no change in the law.

‘That’s why it’s such a difficult enemy.’ can’t be killed in any way

I mean, to Crouch, it felt as if <Slaughter> was waiting for the right time.

‘The target I will kill is Catenia.’

Crouch, who had already killed Orphea and lived her life, attempted another transformation.

‘Being Catenia is the best. If that happens, I will be able to approach Harvits more.’

As Abella became engaged to Havitz, Catania became her handmaid and lived a prosperous life.

‘It’s here.’

Arriving at Abella’s room, Crouch landed in the hallway through a vent in the ceiling.

A torch on the wall was the only light.

‘Alphafish probably doesn’t know. Well, it might be better not to inform them.’

The law was so sensitive and subtle that even a slight change would be irreversible.

“Did the thief cat sneak all the way here?”

Crouch has no heart, but pretends to shrug his shoulders at superhuman speed.

‘Damn it, sooner or later.’

When I turned around, there was Natasha, a combat doll from Gustav’s 4th class, standing with her head tilted.

“Oh, Natasha. hello.”

In any case, Crouch was a lady-in-waiting named Orphe, so she bowed politely.

“You are really amazing.”

Orphe asked with a puzzled expression.

“yes? what do you mean… …

“Wow, that’s awesome! I don’t feel any clumsy energy! It’s a really great performance.”

It was none other than Kashan’s emperor, Theraze’s shadow, but he didn’t even have that thought in his head.

‘How did know?’ As if reading Crouch’s thoughts, Natasha said with a pitying expression.

“I was caught in the discipline of the Balkans. They hire an assassin once a month to kill Your Highness.”

In order to make up for the shortcoming of mob gi, which cannot catch the singular number, it was said that they risked an assassination once a month.

‘If an assassin is added, my life will also become a crowd.’

This was also expected, so Crouch did not panic and showed his true colors.

“Is that why you came to kill me?”

Her appearance, attitude, and even voice were the same, but Natasha felt like a completely different person.

“It’s really amazing. I just got goosebumps. anyways that’s right But he told me to find out who the assassin was. Find out if the assassination target is Your Highness or Abella.”

‘It’s comfortable because it’s an honest personality.’

Even though they lined up unnecessary words, on the other hand, I also felt ignored.

“I will tell you.”

Crouch took out the <Law Kill> from inside the maid’s dress.

“After cutting his throat.”

“Knock-knock! I like that too.”

As expected, Natasha was not nervous, but it was an opportunity for an Assassin to take advantage of the situation.

‘Funny. Natasha… …

Anyone can change the target anyway, and if it can be divided into Natasha, the assassination success rate will increase dramatically.

‘If that happens, it’s not a waste even if a doll is broken.’

Everyone has only one life, so Crouch, who has two lives, can perfectly stab the opponent’s blind spot.

“Then shall we begin?”

As Natasha lowered her center of gravity by bending her bow legs, her arms slowly rose above her shoulders.

“The Shinigami’s martial arts.”

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