Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 746

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[746] The Age of Turbulence (2)

* * *

“Sometimes he told me to meet another guy!”

Amy, who came into the room to avoid Isis’s nagging, sat down on the bed with a sigh.

“I know someone stays still because they like something!”

The anger quickly subsided.

Isis had a point, and her fear was a normal human reaction.

‘What will happen to this world?’

The psychic realm that has arisen in each region of the world will shake the world situation more than the problem of demons appearing.

‘Many deaths, civil war, war with other countries… … .’

Being a soldier will be the toughest job.

Perhaps it was the only chance to change her dream for Amy who was preparing for the official exam.


Even when I graduated, I thought we could live a happy life dreaming of a future together.

‘What am I to you?’

Exhausted from the fight with the demons, Amy fell asleep without knowing how she had landed on the bed.

Tears streamed down between my eyelids.

“It’s been a while, Miss Amy.”


When I heard the voice and turned around, I felt that I was a familiar person somewhere.

An elderly man with a mustache and a benevolent smile.

Only he had vivid colors as if he were alive, and reason flooded into the realm of deep 6th level REM.

“Where is this?”

Realizing that it was a dream, the landscape became clearer, revealing a green field with all sorts of rare flowers.

“what? uh?”

I have had the experience of being crushed by scissors while dreaming sometimes, but this was the first time I had ever fully awakened.

Finally realizing, Amy looked back at the old man.

“no way?”

“Yes, my name is Mongin Louver, the dream keeper.”

I knew that only those who obtained a lucid dream license through special training could find a louver.

“Did you come directly to me?”

“yes. Originally, it is forbidden by the Terra Force Cosmic Law for a dream keeper to forcibly awaken an individual’s dream, but the situation was such that I came forward myself.”

It was already notified to the Supreme Court of Terraforce, and given that Sirone is the representative of humanity, it was approved.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“There is someone who wants to meet Miss Amy. If you don’t mind, may I connect you to his dream… … .”

Amy was a little nervous in that Mong-in was a person who used honorifics.

“Who are you?”

“I cannot tell you that. But I assure you, I don’t think you’ll ever get slapped by Miss Amy.”

Amy, who pursed her lips and was lost in thought, happily made her decision.

“great. It’s a dream anyway, so what?”

“Then, have a good time.”

Louver’s body gradually turned transparent and then completely disappeared.


Amy was looking around when she suddenly heard a familiar voice behind her.


She shrugged and slowly turned around with a shocked face, and Sirone stood there with a smile on her face.

“you you… … ?”

“Sorry for coming to you like this. but… … .”

Even though I knew it was a dream, as soon as I saw her face, the resentment that had been bothering me so far exploded.

“You bastard!”

Amy shouted as she grabbed Sirone by the collar.

“How could I not even contact you? Should I listen through my dad?”

Sirone just had an apologetic expression.

“Do you know how embarrassed I was? Mama tells me to meet another guy, people say I’ve been dumped! But how… … To me… … .”

Sirone hugged Amy tightly.

“I miss you.”

Amy knew.

There are feelings that are so huge and desperate that no exaggerated language can describe them.

‘know. I know that.’

The mind is bigger than the universe.

“ha. Anyway, since you came, I will forgive you.”

Tears welled up in Shirone’s eyes as well, as she held Amy’s shoulder and dropped herself.

“but! Before that, there is something I must check!”

What the hell does this guy think of me?

“You said you came through a dream, right? It’s not like you came to see me because of your personality. What number am I?”

“Definitely the first.”

Sirone responded hurriedly, looked at her as if she couldn’t overcome her guilt, and then spoke cautiously.

“in fact… … It is the way to meet my parents first.”


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Amy smiled broadly.

“Then it’s the first one. Let’s go, you’ll have to tell us everything about what happened.”

Cirone, holding Amy’s hand, nodded and ran across the meadow.

I saw a small house where there were butterflies flying like fragments of light over the flower field.

It was all painted pink, and Amy, who was caught unconscious, covered her mouth and cleared her throat.


It was the reason why the dream connection was banned in Terraforce.

However, since the opponent was Sirone, rather than embarrassed, he felt thrilled.

“… … Let’s go in.”

Amy spoke shyly, and Sirone followed her with an inexplicable smile.

“Amy, I have something to tell you.”

“know. In a hurry… … .”

Since we didn’t have much time, Sirone told us the things we absolutely needed to know.

As the story progressed, the candles made various changes, and when she finally learned the whole story, her room was dark.

“so I… … .”

“I see what you mean.”

Amy interrupted Sirone.

“Why didn’t you contact me, what should you do in the future?”

The candle was lit again.

“But it’s okay. It’s unavoidable. It’s good that I have a clear goal. Let’s work together to finish me off.”

“no. It’s not on that level.”

Since this would be the last chance to deal with someone with a human mind, Sirone struggled to open her mouth.

“Amy, I can’t be with you anymore.”


Amy’s house is completely dark.

“I am so happy to be with you like this. I am so unbearably happy that I am going crazy.”

“But what’s wrong? Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“This is it. That I’m so happy. In the end, I’m going to obsess over you. And when that happens… … .”

Sirone bit his lip.

“I will definitely use it. The more I love you, the more dangerous you become.”

“Am I a Buddha? What kind of Buddha would do such a cowardly thing?”

“That’s human emotion too.”

Sirone looked back at Amy’s face beyond the darkness.

“To me, everything in this world is futile. It doesn’t matter what you do to close the world.”

Because it doesn’t exist from the beginning.

“You have already transcended the concept of good and evil. The realm of a god who has reached the end of all good and all evil.”

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t afraid.

“And I can’t protect someone and fight someone like that. So Amy, stop… … .”

“okay. Let’s stop.”

At the sudden cold voice, Sirone’s heart sank as he couldn’t bear to speak.

“Haha, I knew that. What kind of love is this in this situation? You don’t have to worry about me in the future. You just have to fight me in your place, whatever you want. Are you done now?”

He exhaled without hesitation, but could not hide the sound of the wind blowing outside.

“Because I will go.”

Like the sound of the wind, Amy sobbed.

“Because it will become so strong that you don’t need to protect it. So, I will definitely go to you… … .”

Something hot and wet spread from Sirone’s chest, holding Amy in her arms.

“Don’t worry, just wait. I’ll go. Wherever you are and whoever you are fighting, I will be by your side.”

Growing stronger and stronger, I will punch Nane in the face.

“Amy… … .”

Sirone couldn’t hold back the tears either, and the two stroked each other’s faces in the dark.

If only I could hug her even now.

‘Because it’s a dream. It’s a dream between the two of us.’

Their lips, which had almost stuck together, lost their way and wandered, and only the emotions between the two were terribly stirred.

“I’ll go. You have to be careful.”

“no. can’t go sirone… … wait for a sec… … .”

I thought I was ready, but when it came to reality, I couldn’t accept it.

“Sorry. I’m sorry, Amy.”

Wouldn’t it be better to love madly until the end of the world and then end it all together?

The moment a very humane thought passed through her head, Sirone closed her eyes tightly, kicked off the bed, and left the house.

“Sirone! wait, wait… … !”

Amy’s dream ended there.

* * *


In front of Sirone, who was crouching and crying in her dream, Louver approached with a sad expression.

“Don’t be angry.”

“Why, why me! why me… … why!”

“Forgive me.”

With the two words spoken firmly, Sirone’s breathing quickly died down.

“ha. ha.”

‘Are you accepting it again? It’s a formidable spirit.’

Neither Sirone nor Nane were born as gods.

The base was human to the end, but even so, it was a spirit of this level, so it was to cross the realm of a god.

“This is just the beginning. The Great Purifier has just opened. If you are not bold, you will kill yourself.”

There was no guarantee that that would not happen.

“sorry. It’s something Mr. Louver did especially for me.”

“I am truly sorry. I knew the truth. But in reality, if Sirone-sama becomes a human, the world will close.”

That’s why it was confirmed as a dream.

“Do you want to go back?”

“no. This is your last chance when you don’t have a stronger obsession. I want to let as many people know as possible.”

Oh Dae-seong’s mission had already begun.

“Take me to your friends.”

Louver muttered in a subdued voice.

“Have a nice dream… … .”

* * *

“Ugh. Ugh.”

Hearing Nade’s voice at dawn, Liz, who was sleeping next to her, shook her body.

“Nade? Is it a nightmare?”

They were the ones who fought the demons all day long to get out of the psychic realm.

“Is it because you’re tired?”

“Is this really a dream?”

Louver delivered everything, but Nade, who had not experienced Drimo, was dubious.

“Puhaha! What do you know! Whoa, sirone!”

Nade ran to it with a happy heart, but as soon as he saw Sirone’s face, his expression hardened.

“… … What’s wrong, Sirone?”

why are you crying


“what’s the matter? Did something bad happen?”

It was the first time Sirone cried so sadly.

“Who bullied you! tell me what kind of guy you are! I’ll go and smash it right now!”

“Nade, I… … .”

It was a long dream.


Nade, who woke up from his slumber, exhaled a rough breath as he raised his upper body.

“are you okay?”

When he heard Liz’s voice and looked around, the scenery of the inn room, which was evacuated from the demons, felt unfamiliar.

“Did the demons dream? No matter how much I woke up, I didn’t wake up… … .”

“It is not a dream.”

Sirone said it was me.

“Get ready, Liz. Let’s go back to Tormia right now. I have to meet Iruki. They are probably waiting for me.”


As the psychic realm overtakes the capital, Nade takes Liz straight across the border.

Anyway, Ned has nothing to do with patriotism, but as Liz, a full-time member of the Magic Association, this was something she should never have done.

“Don’t you know what the capital is like right now? You will be arrested as soon as you go. What else is Iruki waiting for?”

“Sirone is having a hard time.”

“… … .”

The reason Liz cannot refute is that they are two people who have gained a new life because of Sirone.

“Some madman is messing with my friend.”

It was none of Nade’s concern about the heights Sirone had mentioned.

“So you really want to go? now?”

“I can give up my country as much as I want to protect the people I love, but… … .”

Nade put on his jacket and said.

“If you bully my friend, even the Buddha will not forgive you.”

That was Nade.

“ha. So, what are men? You can’t live without dying.”

Carrying his backpack over his shoulder, Nade looked back at Liz and raised an eyebrow.

“let’s go. A Buddha or a dog bone… … .”

If man is the problem, he will rule man.

“I’ll show you what happens if you mess with Sirone’s gang.”


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