Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 747

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[747] The Age of Turbulence (3)

* * *

Tormia Kingdom.

A month has passed since the Great Cleanup began.

Martial law had already been declared throughout the country, and even nobles could not enter the aristocratic district of Creas without a pass.

The demons that appeared when the psychic realm expanded were almost destroyed.

However, a few remnants, such as hungry ghosts, were still hiding in secluded places and targeting women.

“You guys are getting really sick of it.”

Magicians from the Creas branch of the Magic Association and royal castle correspondents were patrolling the street corner.

“Because what they eat is not the body. The act of eating is eating. If there is something to eat in front of my eyes, I will put it in my mouth and try it even if my stomach bursts.”

The body of an aristocratic woman found three days ago was horribly mutilated.

“In any system, the stronger ones absorb the weaker ones. In other words, the act of eating is evidence of superiority.”

Humans eat almost anything.

“Massive stars absorb light stars. But the problem is that the biological system is based on pleasure. That’s probably why demons mutilate corpses.”

Countries around the world had already figured out the size and fighting power of the demons and the people of interest.

The cold-blooded analysis of the investigator was part of it, but the accompanying wizard did not like it.

“There is nothing different about being human.”

The investigator smiled.

“It is surprisingly sentimental. I heard wizards are cold.”

“well. Now that the world has gotten to this point, I feel that just keeping my cool is not the best thing.”

Everything humankind had built was collapsing.

The insight that maybe the answer might be in the heart suddenly passed through my mind.

“Of course, we know that demons are the other side of humans. It is said that it is a law created by a strong desire. But demons are demons after all. Most humans don’t rape women passing by or take possessions.”

the investigator added softly.

“… … I don’t know what you’re thinking on the inside.”

Why do demons exist?

As I turned the corner of the alley with such thoughts in mind, the wizard stopped walking and raised his arm.


The wizards who followed immediately entered the spirit zone, and the investigator narrowed his eyes and slowly fell back.

“Who are you? Identify yourself.”

The person walking in the dark had no answer, but the sound of heavy footsteps felt intimidating.


As the wizards in the back cast magic at the same time, the son-in-law brightened and a swordsman covered in blood appeared.

“Uh-oh… … .”

Judging by the amount of clotted blood, it seemed that he hadn’t washed it for a week, but his eyes were terrifying as if he had just been born.

Lian, who had arrived at Creas after crossing the Akkad Desert, distorted his impression.

Hardened crusts fell off the back of the head.

“What are you guys?”

The metropolitan area or national key points were well prepared for altars, but numerous demons came out and ran the game at the altars installed in the desert, which were wider than large kingdoms.

Because he was on his way back to his hometown after sweeping them all away, Lian’s mind was sharp enough to be cut just by touching it.

“Are you a demon?”

The investigator’s remarks were so heinous that they couldn’t be said as a joke, so the wizard spoke hostilely.

“I am a wizard of the Creas branch of the Magic Association. I’m patrolling the grounds. He cannot come in without a pass.”

“Patrol within the territory?”

Lian raised her head and looked up at the stars in the night sky.

“You are suffering. I am Ogentrian. I’m on my way home, so would you like me to get out of the way?”

“Oh, August Lian?”

The Ogent family is famous in Creas.

However, the reason the wizard was surprised was because of the name Lian, not the prestige of the family.

“Knight of Maha. Are you really Sirone’s sword?”

Few people know Sirone’s face, but the world knows the names of Sirone, a 5-star resident of the Ivory Tower, and his sword, Lian.

As Lian, who was tired and did not want to respond, moved slowly, the wizards raised their magical weapons.

“stop! You cannot pass by without identifying yourself.”

“If I were Lian, there would be no such thing. Your family will vouch for you if you follow me to my parents’ house.”

It seems reasonable at first glance, but most of the ganja came out this way, so they issued a pass.

“Then wait here. We’ll go to Ogent’s home and check. As with the demons, the situation is not good.”

Lian entered without hesitation into the spirit zone where five wizards were spreading at the same time.

“I cut thousands of demons while crossing the desert.”

The tribes of the desert swept away by the demons all perished, and their end was to the point that I did not dare to speak of them.

“But after cutting, cutting, and cutting again, I mean. Rather, they hated humans, not demons.”

The wizard’s heart beat faster as Lian approached.

“I don’t want to waste time.”

‘I can’t win.’

The moment you try to do something, your neck will drop.

“So please, as soon as possible.”

The wizards’ tension disappeared like a lie.

The young man, who just casually looked up at the sky with a large sword on his back, may not have shown any intention to kill himself from the beginning.

‘I was mistaken myself. He didn’t even think of fighting us… … .’


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It was so strong that he was terrified.

“Back off.”

At the direction of the magician, the subordinates left the road open, and the inspector leaned against the wall with a groan.

“Thank you for fighting for humans.”

The mage bowed respectfully, and Lian nodded as well and pushed her way between them.

‘Will the house be safe?’

The blood had been erased, but the fingernail marks of the hungry demons mercilessly scratched every wall, weighing on my heart.

“Rian! You’re all right!”

When I arrived at the main house guided by sub-butler Temuran, Reina ran out barefoot.

The smell of blood was strong from Lian’s body, but even that was someone else’s blood, so Reina was relieved.

“I thought something had happened and I was worried! to be careless How come you don’t have a letter?”

It was Lian who was puzzled.

“Why is your sister at home?”

Even if it wasn’t just a battle, the things she had to do as a court musician in the royal palace were overwhelming.

“I brought them.”

Ogent Klumph came down the stairs.


“What happened? I heard that Sirone passed the Ivory Tower Test, but… … .”

Reina stopped talking.

“Rinse off first. I’ll prepare dinner soon. Butler, please hurry up with the remaining ingredients.”

“All right.”

Butler Louis bowed his head with a bandage on his right arm, which had been severed below the elbow.

It was a wound inflicted by a demon.

Lian asked Klump without showing any emotion.

“What about your older brother?”

Ogent Guy, the eldest son of the family.

He passed the official exam early and took up an important position in the kingdom of Tormia, but his older brother became a spy due to his strong patriotism.

“I do not know. No contact for 3 years. They are still active in other countries, or they must have died.”

Guy was a painful name in the Ogent family.

“okay… … .”

Klump, who was staring at Lian as he headed for the bathroom, asked.

“Are you thinking of wandering the world again? this hell?”

“It should be.”

The grandson was proud, but on the other hand, he also wanted Lian to remain in Tormia and protect his sister.

“It’s a big deal to break up with Sirone. Wasn’t it between the two of us dying together?”

“… … That’s why he left.”

Although he didn’t know what state was, he knew that he couldn’t compensate for Sirone’s pain.

“It gets harder when I’m by your side. I will find a way to help Sirone in my own way.”

Klump realized he couldn’t hold on to Lian.

“Follow me to the training ground.”

Lian and Raina looked back curiously, but Clump strode out of the mansion with a broad back.

Lian’s personal training ground.

Lian and Klump stood facing each other 10 meters apart as Reina watched with an uneasy expression.

‘It’s been a while.’

A place where I ran 100 laps every day after being beaten to death by the sword master Kite.

It was also the place where he lost in a real battle with Sirone, who became his reason for living.

‘Why did Grandpa choose this place… … .’

It must have meant a final look back to the grandson who was throwing himself into the irreversible future.

“Are you ready?”

Clump said with speculation.


Although Lian competed against numerous swordsmen through knight training, it was the first time he faced a certified third-class swordsman.

In terms of the military, it was a general level corresponding to a division commander, and above that there were only two corps commanders and one captain.

“Are the men in this family dueling on a fictitious day?”

Now is the time to adapt, but this time Reina couldn’t keep her legs still.

‘Grandpa is sincere.’

It felt like I could see the haze of speculation emanating from Klump even in the dark, where I could barely see through the torchlight.

“You must have crossed many dead lines. For the sake of my grandson’s face, I’ll do my best to kill him.”

Lian’s expression still did not change, and he posed slowly enough to make the viewer sleepy.

“… … .”

Klump, who was staring at Lian with his eyes wide open like a tiger, suddenly lowered his sword and held out his hand.

“Give it up.”

“Give me what?”

“<Idea>. It’s mine, so I’ll fight with it.”

Lian narrowed her stride and said with an absurd face.

“Why is this your grandfather’s sword? It is mine because it was given to me.”

“But aren’t the two of us fighting now? Then of course I should use it, why do you use it?”

“Ah, really, just grab something and do it! Do you want someone like a general to steal your grandson’s weapon?”

“Ah, I don’t know! i don’t do it! If you don’t give it to me, I will never do it!”

Reina, as well as Lewis and Temuran, who were watching from the side, opened their mouths blankly.

“Don’t, then! You’re calling a tired person and making ridiculous arguments!”

As Lian walked towards the entrance of the mansion after retracting the sword, Clump’s eyes turned friendly.

“You’re getting stronger, Rian. You’ve gotten really strong.”

Not obsessing over winning even with a general in front of him means that he has already escaped the yoke of victory and defeat.

“He who realizes what he has does not snoop on what others have.”

“I don’t know the difficult words. Anyway, everyone is fine. We will eat and leave right away.”

Rayna was taken aback.

“Tonight? Aren’t you sleeping?”

“I’ll sleep in the carriage. Leaving right now doesn’t mean the world will change… … .”

It was the secret of time that Sirone taught me.

“The enemies are also on the move. If it’s a race that runs the same time, even one minute is big.”

When Lian sleeps, the enemies sleep, and when Lian fights, the enemies fight.

If so, whoever saves a minute wins.


According to the rumors I heard on my way back to Tormia, it is said that even now it is constantly wandering around the world and eliminating the psychic realm.

‘Perhaps it’s to save one completely unrelated person.’

I couldn’t stay by her side, but this was the only way to relieve Sirone’s burden.

‘Oh, it really doesn’t change.’

I couldn’t even imagine how heavy the burden was on Lian’s shoulders as she returned to the mansion.

‘It was my meal a few years ago.’

He is the youngest brother who can’t find any talent and has a dull personality and is selfish.

‘But I had one.’

Even if a human being named Buddha annihilated the world, Lian would not give up until the very end.

‘Go, my sister.’

Reina held out her palm while looking at her younger sister’s back as they walked away.


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