Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 745

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[745] The Age of Turbulence (1)

“You foolish middle school student.”

Anger raged in Nane’s eyes as she looked up at the sky from deep in the forest.

“Do you really see hope in this world?”

The heart may be larger than the universe, but isn’t it human beings who betray that heart as if turning the palm of their hand?

Is it natural for creatures to be selfish?

“That too is just an illusion caused by being trapped in the existence of me.”

“Nane-sama, how about hitting the Antarctic?”

Shura opened her mouth.

“… … Someday it will.”

If the law could be removed right away, the psychic realm would not have shrunk so drastically.

A creature’s formidable obsession with life.

‘Veron, Sirone, Miro… … .’

The Kar figure that exceeds 99% is sucking up the remaining truth in the world like a black hole.

But since it can never be perfect, I had to know what was missing about human beings.

“In the future, great chaos is coming to the world. The law will have no choice but to pass on to me anyway.”

You will all know how cruel humans are and why this world has to be closed.

* * *

“little bit more!”

Miro’s gaze was aimed straight at the laws of the world even as bloody tears flowed from her blood vessels.

The radius of the psychic realm is 4.4 kilometers.

‘We have to shorten it even by 100 meters! No, even 10 meters!’

It is estimated that approximately 300 humans can survive per 1 meter radius.

oh oh oh oh

The monks of Jungcheon-dong backed up the law with the lowest pitch a human being could make.

Miro’s eyes went up.

‘no! That’s it!’

If you continue to be greedy, the law of Zion will be destroyed, and even your efforts so far will be in vain.

“Put it through!”

The totem caught in the flames ascended into the sky forming 700 pillars of fire.

“I walked.”

In the future, as long as Zion is not destroyed, the 700 pillars of fire that will never be extinguished will prevent the expansion of the psychic realm.

“You did it. we did it.”

While the jurists looked up at the sky with an expression of disbelief even after seeing it with their own eyes, Miro’s eyes were fierce.

“Annoying… … .”

The final radius of the psychic realm is 1.43 kilometers.

A radius of 430 meters wider than the original target means that there are approximately 100,000 more deaths.

“It’s great that you’ve come this far against me. You can be proud of it.”

Armin comforted her.

‘No, honestly, I didn’t expect to make it this far.’

It was not an achievement achieved only by the depth of the realm.

It was the result of the skillful skill of blocking all the armies of Heaven with the dimensional barrier.

“are you okay. Nothing has been accomplished yet.”

Miro proclaimed to the world.

“The fight starts now.”

Project Zion.

It was the name of mankind’s last legal line of deterrence against Nane’s exploits.

* * *

As the psychic realm shrunk, the armies of each country, which were instructed by the Holy War, pushed the demons from the guidelines.

“Shoot! Shoot!”

It was impossible to seal the altar, but at least I had to buy time to set up a barricade outside the psychic realm.

A situation that takes 36 hours even if you use the ultra-fast barrier construction formula developed by the world’s best architects.

The way the temple chose to tie the demons to the passage of the other world, even for a moment, was extremely simple.

“No need to save! I’m going to throw it all away!”

The spectacle of thousands of archers simultaneously firing magic bullets in all 360-degree directions around the psychic realm was spectacular.

All materials were provided by the temple, and approximately 9 million tons of magic bullets were to be supplied to each country in 36 hours.

‘What kind of money is this!’

When converted into money, it amounted to 1.3 trillion gold, and the soldiers simply bounced their bows day and night toward the point where the bombing was being done.

The commander raised his telescope and looked in the direction of the altar.

‘It’s a possible strategy because it’s a holy war. And sure.’

There must have been discussions among the demons in the underworld, but they didn’t dare to come out right now.

The commander slowly lowered the telescope.

‘But there is bound to be a limit to the quantity.’

Where the sunset was setting, the hideous steel frames were going up at a terrifying speed.

‘Everyone is fighting.’

Sirone looked back at everything happening on the planet from the perspective of Taeseong.

Taesung’s expression was also spleen.

“Miro finally made it.”


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“Yes, sorry. If only I could push a little harder… … .”

“Rather, Zion would have been destroyed.”

Sirone knew it too.

Even so, the reason why lingering lingering was the number of people with good will that were far less than the population.

‘I have to do it.’

Sirone turned to Taeseong and said.

“I can’t just watch it like this. I want to go down to the ground I will seal the altar.”

“Sure. But the time Sirone has to step in is after the barricades are completed.”

In my mind, I wanted to leave right away.

“Sirone, being a star is a position that should not promote the interests of a specific country or a specific person. If Syrone seals the altar of a certain country in advance, human quarrels intensify.”

Sirone kept his mouth shut.

“Sirone has to do transnational activities outside of human life. You shouldn’t kill someone out of the desire to save someone’s life. Causing trouble only serves Nane’s purposes.”

The reason why billions are falling is because there are people who miss you so much.

“… … All right.”

family, friends and lovers.

Taeseong looked with pity on Sirone, who had left her personal bondage and was carrying a huge burden.

“Take this.”

As Taeseong raised both hands, a pentagram pendant, symbolizing a star, appeared and floated to Sirone.


“The key to planet Hexa. It’s only symbolic to Sirone, but you shouldn’t get lost.”

Using the material, he was able to dismantle the Hexa Key in atomic units and obtain a blueprint.

“thank you. I will cherish it. Of course, I don’t think I’ll be able to find Hexa right now.”

Taeseong understood Sirone’s feelings.

No matter how much you enter the state of infinity, you cannot be without a mind as long as you return to this world.

No, because only my heart was left, I would miss the person I love even more.

“Stop going down. Louvers and minis await. I will show you the house to live in.”

Sirone said, floating the light of Yahweh on her palm.

“yes. I’ll see you when we leave.”

Taeseong does not forbid the stars to enter.

It was only because there was no way to meet her, but Sirone could come to her at any time.

‘Going down.’

Just as they arrived at the Earth Temple, the law opened the way and Sirone’s body disappeared in an instant.

A smile spread across Taeseong’s lips as Louver would be preparing a present for Sirone.

“This is the only thing I can do for you who sacrificed for humanity… … .”

It was a sad smile.

“Please have a pleasant dream… … .”

Under the Temple of Earth, at the top of the physically tallest Ivory Tower, Louver and Mini were waiting.

“Are you finished talking?”

“He was a good man.”

Taeseong was cozy like a mother.

“It is. I will guide you where to stay.”

When I reached the 400th floor by elevator, I saw a small village with rice fields, mountains and streams outside the door.

“A star does not live in a particularly independent space. It’s just going into the house that’s left.”

“yes. I like it.”

Originally, civilization was built in nature, but the ivory tower contained nature in civilization.

‘How big is the building?’

It was a pity that I couldn’t see the Ivory Tower from the outside because I came inside through the magic circle.

Sirone’s house was a two-story wooden building with a red roof and had an antique atmosphere.

Minnie asked.

“Are you leaving as soon as the barricade is completed?”

Since only Syrone can seal the altar, she thought of applying to the other side.

“Then I will go to the southern hemisphere and investigate the traces of Veron. Maybe you can get some hints.”

Louver nodded.

“I will instruct the other stars in our department to help with the demon suppression operation.”

It was a simple thing to convey through a dream.

“The inhabitants of the Underworld are strong. A lot of people will die or suffer in the future.”

“If there is someone you want to protect, protect it.”

At Mini’s words, Sirone turned her head.

“I know what Taeseong said. That is the fate of the stars. But you’ve already saved everyone. At least you deserve to save at least someone you love.”

Sirone shook her head.

“The moment I cling to it, the kar will go up and I will lose the light of Yahweh. The law is out of balance.”

“You can’t stand it. I have enough strength to protect it, so would it be okay if the person I loved died?”

“It won’t be okay.”

I used to say this

-You are the one who suffers the most.

A terrible contradiction that humanity was protected through philanthropy, but no one who loved it could be protected.

‘I shouldn’t be human. I have to keep myself in check only as a concept.’

It was the reason for Hexa’s existence.

“For now, let’s focus on the altar. Once the barricades are set up, we will start with the nearest one.”

Tormia is far from the Ivory Tower, so it was not a human decision, and tears of blood flowed from my heart.

Louver said.

“I agree. It is a situation where only a decision to save humanity is possible.”

Mini turned her head at the unexpected cold words, but Louver smiled benevolently.

“but… … Everyone can have a dream.”

Sirone blinked at the incomprehensible words.

* * *

Tormia Kingdom.

At Amy’s home in Creas City, 200 armed men were impregnably encamped.

Amy’s father, Shakora, who had been to the Creas branch of the Magic Association, entered the mansion with cold eyes.

“honey! How did it go?”

As the psychic realm expanded to the aristocratic district, the bodies of dead demons were strewn along the roadside.

“There has been great damage in the mountainous regions. 7,000 deaths nationwide. Still, it seems to have stopped it once.”

“What will happen to Tormia in the future?”

In the face of the worst catastrophe in human history, even the hostess of a first-class aristocrat was just a human being.

“The firepower demonstration only temporarily tied the feet of the demons, and even the barricades couldn’t last long.”

If Amy hadn’t been at home, Isis, who would have already become food for the demons, trembled.

“I heard Sirone went into the ivory tower.”

Amy, who was bowing her head from battle fatigue, looked back at Isis for the first time.

“I’m not sure. Still, it seems that he played a key role in preventing this incident.”

That was all the information Shakora had received.

“I heard that the place where Sirone is is safe from demons… … .”

The Ivory Tower and Zion were the only places left untouched by the terrible disaster.

“If only my family could go there… … .”


Amy jumped up.

“What are you talking about! How could you think that we should live alone!”

“Amy, what are you doing to your mother?”

Shakora’s nerves were on edge when she returned home after seeing the gruesome corpses.

“You will be a soldier, but not everyone is a soldier. It is natural to be afraid of a mother who cannot fight.”

“But that’s nonsense.”

Isis vomited out words in frustration.

“Why don’t you make sense? Even if it’s okay to go to the ivory tower, shouldn’t a message come at least when the kingdom has reached this point? I’m not even close to you… … .”

Amy couldn’t resist.

“that… … .”

Among all mankind, there is Sirone and Nane.

It is difficult for a man who is just a thinking reed to understand the two people who have gone through conflict.

But now that the world is on the brink of destruction, it was they who came up with the most truthful answer.

“Sorry. I’m tired, so I’ll go in first and sleep.”

“Amy… … .”

Realizing that it was her daughter who felt most betrayed, Isis tried to speak out, but Amy went into the room.

“I must have made a mistake.”

“Leave it alone. don’t get hurt by this After a good night’s sleep, your mind will be clear.”

That night, Louver appeared in Amy’s dream.


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