Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 612

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[612] The Hottest Place (1)

At noon, when the application form was submitted, the guide of the association went around each room where the students were waiting and announced the next schedule.

“We are going to have lunch by 2:00 and take a tour of the Society Museum. The cafeteria is located in the annex on the first floor, so all students, please move quickly.”

“Do you have free time until 2?”

“yes. It is also a good place to relax or take a look at the building. However, if you cause a disturbance, you may be punished according to the association’s regulations, and outside entry is prohibited.”

Being able to roam freely was an unconventional treatment in its own way, but no one would act recklessly anyway.

“Let’s eat some rice. hungry.”

Sirone said as Iruki and Nade followed the procession to the restaurant.

“You guys are eating first. I have somewhere to go.”

Since it was Sirone who had been with the Association for more than two months, there must have been quite a few people to say hello to.

“Okay then. See you later.”

After regurgitating the procession of students, Sirone headed to the desk in the middle of the 3rd floor hallway.

“Sirone, long time no see.”

Association staff greeted us warmly.

“hello. How have you been?”

“Whoops, the association work is always the same. Make sure you pass this time.”

The students who were heading to the cafeteria glanced at each other with surprised expressions as they were casually conversing with the staff.

It was because of the direction of Gaold, who was the president of the association at the time, but it was definitely a special experience for an outsider to stay in the association for several months.

“You have to do your best. By the way, where is Fleur-senpai?”

“Manager? He’s probably resting in the staff quarters. You worked hard for two days.”

In fact, it would have been the staff rather than the students who suffered from this review ceremony.

“Go see. The manager also talked about you a lot.”

“yes. Then I’ll see you later.”

Sirone nodded and headed to the staff quarters.

‘Looks like it’ll be there.’

* * *

“Oh, I am tired.”

Fleur, who came into the lodging she used whenever she worked overtime, took off her uniform with a relaxed expression.

For a week, I didn’t even have time to sleep because I was cooperating with other departments to check all the security devices in all areas of the association.

‘I should close my eyes for a moment.’

After changing into a comfortable top, she took off her skirt and went to the closet.

“My pants… … .”

Opening the closet and taking out her pants, she bent over and tried to put one leg in, but the door burst open.

“Seniors! I’m here!”

“Oh. Ugh.”

Startled, Flew’s core staggered, and he jumped with one leg raised and fell to the side.

“… … .”

While Sirone clenched her fists and suppressed laughter, Fleur raised her axe eye and stood up.

“hey! wanna die? Did you come in without knocking while I was changing clothes?”

“Oh, I’ll turn around.”

“it’s okay. Look at everything and pretend to be polite.”

“sorry. I didn’t even think about it. I’m so glad… … .”

Flu understood that feeling.

“Yeah, it’s been a while. Are you ready for the exam properly?”

As expected, the first question was the graduation exam.

“yes. During vacation, I was trained by Mr. Miro. My condition is fine.”

After returning from heaven, Flew immediately left for the Society, but heard many things on her own channel.

“okay. I heard that the evaluation was abandoned. I think that’s right too.”

Although it was not revealed on the surface, the Heaven Project had an effect on the entire world.

“How is Flu senior? We broke up like that before… … I was very worried.”

Since he was a member of Gaold’s bodyguard, he must have looked precious in Rufist’s eyes.

“are you okay. I had friction with the president of the association, but now the president of the association is someone who greets only with his skills. Thanks to you, Isabel-sama was also reinstated.”

I knew what kind of sacrifice Isabelle, the head of the magic library, had made for Gaold.

“I’m so glad.”

“It’s us, but the problem is you. Be honest. Are you really confident about this graduation exam?”

Sirone shook her head.

“I don’t know yet. I heard a strategy from Mr. Miro, but I wonder if it’s feasible… … .”

Considering the situation Sirone was in, not many organizations would embrace him just because he had passed the graduation exam.

‘It should be at least the level of the Association.’

said Fleur, who made the decision.

“Is it lunch time now? Follow me. Come with me to the fourth floor.”

“Fourth floor? Why are you there all of a sudden?”

“I have someone I can introduce you to.”

Sirone followed Fleur to the 4th floor and went into an office with a sign for the Magician Human Resources Department.

With the graduation exam just around the corner, the two of them entered the conference room at the end of the office, passing between employees who were frantically sorting documents.

“Have you eaten yet?”

At the end of a rectangular table, three people were sitting and reviewing papers.

As Sirone glanced at it, it was the profile of the Alpheas Magic School students and the participation form she had just filled out.


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The man sitting in the upper seat had black hair with a pessimistic personality, and on the left was a calm woman with long eyelashes, and on the right was a freckled woman with brown hair tied in two ponytails.

“what? I am in a meeting right now.”

The man fired at him, but Flew walked away, leading Sirone without any roughness.

“I have a junior to introduce. Sirone, hello. This is Baikal, the evaluator who will attend the Alpheas Magic School graduation exam as a scout.”


Sirone woke up.

“hello. I am Arian Sirone, a senior from Alpheas Magic School.”

Fleur even introduced the women on the left and right.

“This is Analyst Elizabeth. This is Archivist Lala-san.”

Lara, who had cute freckles, smiled and waved her hand.

“hi? It’s the first time we’ve met, but we’ve seen it a lot on paper.”

When the graduation exam participants came in, Baikal showed a displeased look.

“What are you doing? Bringing a graduation test participant. Not lobbying.”

“Are you in the lobby? Give me a generous score on the exam. I will buy you food.”

Sirone’s face turned red at the blatant request, but Fleur took out a chair and sat down without hesitation.

“Baikal-san is a certified 4th class wizard. He worked as a scout at the Royal Magic School for over 10 years, and I was selected by Mr. Baikal to join the Association.”

‘Ah, such a relationship… … .’

Baikal tilted his upper body as if he was embarrassed.

“I just picked the most talented students. After all, he was the chief of the royal family.”

In the short conversation, I could feel that the lobby itself is a person who does not work.

“Still, graduation rankings and scout evaluation are two different things. Anyway, since you’ve decided to take charge of Alpheas Magic School this time, Sirone, you’ll have your eye stamp on it too, so there won’t be anything bad about it.”

“yes. I wish you well.”

When I revealed my inner feelings honestly and plainly, Baikal also released a noble expression.

“okay. I’ll keep a special eye on it. work hard.”

Raising the scout’s expectations would certainly help the evaluation, but if they fell short, the disappointment was also a big double-edged sword.

“You said you were in charge of the Royal Magic School for over 10 years, but why this time… … ?”

Elizabeth answered Sirone’s question.

“Because it is the hottest place in Tormia this year. The competition is unprecedentedly fierce, and I heard that all of the students’ skills are above the average of their graduating class. That’s why the evaluator made a suggestion to the association and changed it.”

It was an honor not only for Sirone, but for the entire senior class of Alpheas Magic School.

“It was a decision based on paperwork only. But the numbers on the papers don’t accurately reflect reality. I hope not to disappoint you.”

Sirone, seated in Elizabeth’s seat, pointed to the profile papers on the table.

“Is it a grade for one year?”

“no. All records from admission to present. It’s the future of the kingdom, but we can’t judge it rashly. I’m trying to be as objective as possible. Have you ever watched a graduation exam?”

“yes. last year.”

“Then you know what Scouts do.”

“Ah, that… … .”

At the time, he was immersed in the fierce battle of the graduation exam and was shocked by Amy’s early dropout.

“are you okay. It will be helpful to know how scouts evaluate. First of all, when the graduation exam begins, an analyst like me will see the details of the participant’s abilities with his own eyes.”

Elizabeth’s eyes glowed blue, revealing marks on her retinas that looked like arrow targets.

“… … Is it a tattoo?”

“yes. It’s a magical tattoo. The most important thing for the analyst is to judge the student’s ability level in detail. It is to determine whether the distance of the teleportation repetition compulsion is 10 meters, 10 meters 1 centimeter, or 10 meters 1 centimeter 1 millimeter.”

“… … Ah yes.”

Saying that he could confirm it with his own eyes made Sirone dazed.

“A lot of the information analyzed like that is delivered directly to the evaluator here. The evaluators then grade the students’ abilities according to the circumstances and their discretion. Judgment B grade, nerve transmission speed A grade, something like this. Then, Mr. Lara here will record the evaluation of all 30 people.”

As Lara draws a V, dozens of notebooks stacked next to her fly up into the air and flutter.

Then, the same number of pens moved automatically and pretended to write something on the notebook.

A person with the ability to write in 30 notebooks at the same time.

Sirone looked up in admiration, and Lara shrugged her shoulders with a pleasant expression.

“Just because you have great skills doesn’t mean you get a good evaluation.”

Baikal was the first to give advice.

“The manpower required by the state is a wizard who can perform 100 percent of the given mission. Most of the students hang on to the power, but from the perspective of the kingdom, if one person is not enough, it is enough to send 10 people. It will cost some money, but it is a value that can be replaced. What we want is incalculable talent.”

Baikal pointed to Flu.

“Flu’s final grade on the graduation exam was an overall A. Of course, if you expand the scope to other countries, there are A plus and S grades. However, when he was confined to the kingdom, it is true that Fleur was the best student in Tormia.”

“That’s a compliment, right?”

Fleur argued, but Baikal ignored it and continued.

“One of the reasons I hit the flu so high was that there was no waste. I moved my consciousness toward optimal efficiency in all areas, including time, mind, psychology, and behavior. This is far more important than casting massive magic or overpowering someone. Because it is not a factor that can be replaced by money or number of people.”


I had to admit that there was a difference between individual achievement and the requirements of the kingdom.

‘Because I’m just one of many wizards.’

Baikal continued.

“If you want to get a good score on the evaluation, reduce waste. Even if you are smarter than the scout, the scout can evaluate you. Because it measures the results of judgment.”

Sirone realized why Flu introduced Baikal.

“thank you. It really helped me a lot.”

Lara clapped her hands and said.

“Now, it’s time, so let’s go eat. It’s something you want to eat anyway, isn’t it?”

Elizabeth recommended Sirone.

“Sirone-kun didn’t eat lunch either, right? Eat with us.”

“no. I will eat with my friends. Eating alone is like a privilege.”

Lara made a blank expression and burst into laughter.

“Why, why are you like that?”

As Sirone’s face turned red, Elizabeth covered her mouth and laughed.

“As expected, numbers do not reflect reality. It’s so different from what I imagined on paper.”

“excuse me… … what do you mean?”

“I mean it is pure. If you become a wizard, you will know what the real perks are. Come on, let’s go.”

Following Scout out of the conference room, Sirone ate lunch in a restaurant exclusively for employees.

Since it was a place I had used often before, my tension was relieved quickly, and I was able to get a lot of information from Elizabeth.

Just then, the restaurant door burst open, and a man in uniform appeared, looked around, and immediately approached Sirone.

“What are you doing here? Do you know how many I found?”

Shirone, who was frightened, put down the tableware and said.

“Oh, sorry. I will go back now.”

As I was about to get up, the man shook his head and said.

“Don’t go there, go to the 18th floor.”

“yes? The 18th floor?”

The man’s voice became noticeably quieter.

“The president of the association wants to see you.”


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