Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 611

[611] Five Great Prestiges (4)


the choir shouted.

“Royal! Magic school!”

The reason why the recital is longer than other prestigious schools is not just because there are more syllables.

People’s eyes were focused on the road toward the north gate of the royal castle, and eight horses pulled a huge carriage that completely occupied the width of the road.


The shouts were much louder than before.

King-sized wagons were operated only in the capital city, and were a means of transportation that could not be operated unless they were backed by road control from the Royal Capital Transportation Management Department.

“Sheesh, is this because it’s royal?”

It was a school built under the order of the king to foster wizards who would lead the country, and most of the key positions in the association were from the Royal Magic School.

The four doors installed on the left and right opened at the same time, and 30 students of the Royal Magic School descended to the ground one after another.

His eyes contained the pride of being the best elite in the kingdom, and he was unmoved by the applause of the people.

The gaze of students from other prestigious schools has changed.

‘There is definitely an irrational side.’

20 graduates.

No matter how fierce the competition at the Royal Academy was, it was a great merit that only two-thirds of the successful applicants were successful.

“Dante, don’t you regret it?”

Sabina asked.

Dante and his party were also at the top of the 30th division ranking at the Royal Magic School before they transferred.

The competition would have been much easier if he had just been promoted and made it to the final 30, which is the cutoff for the graduation exam.

“You don’t have to be swayed by signs.”

Dante looked at the faces of the students of the Royal Magic School.

Unlike the students of other prestigious schools, who were engaged in a war of nerves with people of interest such as Sirone, Dante, and Fermi, he had a confident expression on his face.

“The place where I fight is the most prestigious. Have confidence.”

The corners of Sabina’s and Closer’s lips went up.

‘okay. Dante, you are the best.’

“Student entry!”

According to Bokchangdae’s instructions, a barricade was opened and 150 students in suits began to enter the central square in a row.

Although they were students, they were in their senior year, and the energy emitted by 150 aspiring wizards was enough to create an army with just them.

“All the competent people in the kingdom have gathered.”

In the sky two kilometers away from the central plaza, Rufist, the current head of the Magic Association, was casting fly magic while watching the rolling black waves.

He had a sharp expression on his pale face, a torn wound on the right corner of his mouth, and his eyebrows were vacant in a comb pattern, as if they had been scratched by a beast.

Jane, the chief of staff who assists Lufist, said.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that in terms of brains alone, the kingdom ranks from 1st to 150th. However, after all, they are just accessories of the country.”

Her red hair was pulled up and her silk robe was worn, and her face was ferocious like that of a lynx, and her age was difficult to guess because the wrinkles were artificially removed.

“Indeed, it is.”

Rufist did not recognize the value of individuals.

“But it is a key accessory.”

That’s why this remark was the best compliment I could give to the students.

“It’s about time. you’re leaving I will go to the association and prepare.”

As soon as Jane finished speaking, the two of them flew in different directions.

Flying magic was forbidden within the capital, but no one could interfere with Lufist’s flight to the central plaza.

“excuse me… … !”

Everyone looked up at the sky and pointed at Lufist.

Amid the gaze of close to 1,000 people, Lufist fluttered his black coat and landed on the podium.

‘Flying magic in the capital.’

Collie realized that his every move was a political rhetoric.

“Nice to meet you, gentlemen. The president of the Tormia Magic Association, Lufist.”

As the voices echoed through the plaza through the loudspeaker, the eyes of the graduating class students clearly changed.

‘That person… … .’

First-class Archmage Raphael Lufist.

He was one of the core powers of the kingdom of Tormia, nicknamed the Steel Wizard.

‘It’s definitely different.’

Although Sirone lived with Vice Principal Olivia, a second-class archmage, the prayers of the first-class archmage, who were only four in the kingdom, were on a different level.

‘Another gaold.’

It was the first impression Sirone felt.

“I think I need to explain before going into the review ceremony. Magicians are people who don’t act unless they understand it.”

It was a rough tone that was not like the president of the association, but it was acceptable because it was the president of the association.

“Actually, there is no particular reason for calling you guys. I just wanted to see my future family members with my own eyes while taking office as the president of the association.”

As Rufist’s eyes swept across the plaza, the hearts of the students thumped.

‘Looking at me. You must have seen me.’

While everyone was thinking the same thing, Lufist’s eyes returned to Sirone for the last time.

“You are the best 150 people in the kingdom. And 60 of them will pass. Of those 60 people, about 10 will be certified wizards. Again, out of those 10 people, there are only 5 people who can get a job at the Magic Association.”

The atmosphere became somber.

“Of course, someone will leave the red line, and someone will dig a dungeon and not come out. You guys don’t know yet, but wizards are a difficult job to manage. You need patriotism to work for the Association.”

Rufist spread his five fingers.

“I want to pack 5 people with the best elite. I don’t know which of you will pass, but if you think you’re the best, aim for the Magic Association.”

It was a kind of propaganda.

“Then why the Magic Association? you will have a question First of all, pretty women and handsome men that you guys like so much will follow one after another.”

Unlike the citizens who burst into laughter, the students’ expressions were unchangingly serious.

“And you get a lot of lobbying. Illegal funds.”

Even in front of a large number of spectators, Rufist was unstoppable.

“Of course not recommended, but how would you know? Can you think of thousands of ways to eat without being seen? Because they are smart.”

That too was true.

“I do not control the wizard. because you can’t control it There is only one standard I ask of you guys.”

Lufist’s index finger stood tall in front of his gaze.

“Can you solve the problem?”

The students’ eyes lit up.

“Conscientious or trash, I don’t care. Should I beat someone? Then lose. The King will be silent. want to kill someone? Then kill! The king will close his eyes!”

Rufist’s voice rose.

“You can do whatever you want! There is one rule you all must follow, and that is to make the kingdom stronger!”

Two fists hit the platform.

“This is why it can’t be that way, and everyone is complaining about it, but you guys shouldn’t be like that! Because they are smart! The wizard is not the one who poses the problem, but the one who solves the problem! That’s why it’s public power, and that’s why it’s a license to kill!”

The air in the plaza shook with the boiling exhalation.

“Who is the greatest wizard here!”


‘It’s me.’

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

“Remove all factors hindering the development of the kingdom! If it is a god, kill even a god! What the association wants is just such a wizard! Did you understand!”


It was a loud noise that startled the citizens.

“Cry out! Absolute power!”

“I! big! volume! force!”

The students’ voices echoed in the quiet plaza.

“That is the best gift the Magic Association can give you. If you want one, come to the Association.”

As Lufist cast space movement magic and flew to the Magic Association, a thousand eyes followed him.

It is a common sight for seniors, but it was a miraculous phenomenon for ordinary citizens.

“Now, let’s proceed with the review ceremony. Please stand in four rows at each school, 5 meters apart.”

The students moved in perfect order, and Shirone waited in line with Iruki and Nade.

“Whoa, this is no joke. I was very nervous.”

“I know. I’ve met Mr. Gaold, but his charisma doesn’t seem to lag behind.”

Iruki said.

“Raphael Lufist. In politics, he is regarded as a representative figure of the extreme right. Showing the strength of the state mobilizes people, but speaking of public authority was dangerous. If it wasn’t for that level of charisma, the citizens would have risen up.”

The reviewing ceremony began, and as 150 students, starting with the Royal Magic School, advanced along the road, the citizens applauded and welcomed them.

‘Still, it’s nice to be treated like this. Maybe being a wizard is a good job… … .’

Lufist’s power was so great that even Nade would consider it at least once.


Sirone found it first, followed by Ned’s gaze.

‘Senior Liz.’

I saw Liz standing in the crowd with a gentle smile.

He said he had forgotten, but it was only a matter of his head, and seeing her face made his heart pound again.

‘But why… … ?’

Even as she looked at Nade’s face, Liz couldn’t come up with a clear answer.

‘So what am I doing here?’

When did you push him away so cruelly, when did you come back and why do you have regrets about him?

-It is better to regret doing something than not doing something and regretting it.

Recalling her father-in-law’s words, she made up her mind and clapped her hands as hard as she could.

“Nice, Nade.”

His voice was not audible due to the cheering, but Nade definitely felt like he heard it.

‘Leeds is looking at me.’

only me

I felt thrilled as if I had fallen into a bathtub filled with drugs, but it was not enough to heal the wounds in my heart.

‘I’m sorry, senior.’

It was so painful that I was afraid to set foot there again.

“Nade… … .”

Liz looked at Nade as he walked away with a sad expression, but then smiled.

‘okay. Now I’ll take care of the pain.’

The master’s words finally made sense.

The majesty of the Magic Association, which arrived under the leadership of the military band, took away the attention of the students at once.

The 18-story building, which stood tall enough to pierce the sky, was blazing with the sunlight, and the best wizards Lufist had emphasized so much were standing still and guarding from the entrance.

“This is the end of the review ceremony. I need to submit the test participation form, so please enter in a line.”

After passing through the revolving door, Sirone saw the familiar scene of the front desk.

Due to the large number of students, they had to move through the stairs, and thanks to this, the students were able to visit the Magic Association they had been dreaming of so much.

“It’s much better than I’ve heard.”

It was on a different level from the buildings that chaebol aristocrats had only enlarged in scale for show off.

“It is no exaggeration to say that it is a collection of cutting-edge technologies built by mankind. This will definitely motivate you.”

Although she was a Sirone who had lived here as well as on field trips, her aspirations were no different from those of other students.

‘It’s not a dream anymore.’

There were times when I worried about returning alive from heaven, let alone graduating, but when I submitted the application form today, the only thing left was the graduation exam.

‘It’s Senior Fleur.’

When we arrived at the foreign management department, Fleur, who was wearing a uniform, was resting and taking a posture.

I felt the dignity of a professional in the way he looked ahead without looking at anyone.

A top graduate of the Royal Magic School.

I could feel how much effort she shed blood to get that one title.

‘Should I say hello?’

At that time, when the trouble deepened as he got closer, Fleur’s left hand slipped out of his hand behind his back.


Sirone smiled and gave her a high-five as she passed by.


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