Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 613

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[613] The Hottest Place (2)

* * *

Cirone, who went up to the 18th floor of the Magic Association, walked down the hallway recalling old memories.

Nothing much had changed, but the atmosphere was a bit more solemn, probably because the owner of the association had changed.

I arrived at the president’s office and knocked, but there was no answer.

I couldn’t open the door first, so I waited, but an employee came and said.

“Go in. The president of the association is currently in a meeting. You’ll be right back when you’re done.”


I slowly opened the door and entered Rufist’s room.

Befitting the nickname of the great wizard of steel, equipment and ornaments were made of iron.

Considering how the element of omnipotence works in magic, it was natural.

Sirone sat on a chair, rubbing her palms impatiently and waiting.

Two hours after that, the door opened and Rufist and Chief Secretary Jane entered.

It was only natural that Gaold and Gangnan overlapped in his eyes, and the first impression was that he was much colder than them.

“hello. This is Ariane Sirone.”

Rufist passed by Sirone indifferently and said.

“I am out.”

I didn’t know who I was referring to, so I was standing there, but Jane closed the door and left.

“Sit down. Is it spherical?”

It was Sirone who was aware of Lufist’s gaze in the plaza.

“yes. I am honored to have called you.”

“You don’t have to. Because I know you’re on Gaold’s side.”

Although they carried out their mission in heaven together, they did not exchange emotions like allies with Gaold.

“No, to the side… … .”

“Yes, Gaold has no side. Because I want to do everything by myself. But it’s true that you’re closer emotionally to Gaold than to me.”

If you already understood everything, Sirone didn’t have to explain.

“Are you confident about this graduation exam?”

“I will do my best. I will definitely become a wizard.”

It was an answer that seemed to have been memorized, but in front of Lupist, his voice had no choice but to gain strength.

“You think I am your enemy.”

“Isn’t that so?”

As he had already had a fight with Gaold, he didn’t flinch even in front of the president of the association, and Lufist also raised his eyebrows.

“Maybe it could be. You’re on Gaold’s side, and I’m the president of the association, who has to play a power game with countries around the world. The moment the Association embraces you, Tormia will be checked by the powerful nations.”

I had already expected it, but when I heard it from the head of the association, my stomach burned.

“I will not be taken advantage of. I will decide my future.”

“Of course it should. But none of the choices are free. They choose between red and blue and think they are free. I don’t even know who came up with the red and blue colors. That is the system.”

The part cannot outperform the whole.

“Isn’t that why you called because you have something you want to say?”

Sirone’s voice rose in front of the unpleasant truth.

“Let’s make a deal. I guarantee you maximum freedom. Also safety.”

It wasn’t a bad suggestion.

“What do I have to do to get it?”

“Fail early in the graduation exam.”


“Of course, you must be trying to find a solution in your own way. But nothing will be as easy as my suggestion. drop out It’s also inconvenient. It is to expose to the whole world that you are in fact an insignificant human being. Of course, some people know that it’s a show, but humans believe in what they see anyway. That alone will significantly remove the risk factor.”

“But if that happens… … .”

“I will guarantee everything after that. I will give you a wizard license as well as a public recognition by reporting it to the king. Then you just have to join the association and work for the kingdom. I also reinstated Fludo and Isabelle. You won’t have to worry about your treatment.”

If you fail the graduation exam, you get everything instead.

“Choose well. If you accept my offer, that’s it. It’s a test or something, you just have to go home, get a good night’s sleep, pack your things and come up. I assure you, no matter how well you perform in the graduation exam, you will not be treated as well as this.”

The fact that Lufist’s words were true broke Sirone’s heart.

“You are definitely a ticking time bomb that can cause world tragedy. But if it’s going to explode anyway, it’s natural to want to keep it by your side and take care of it. And I have the ability to manage. Only if you help me a little.”

It was to fail the graduation exam badly.

“I will refuse.”

Rufist was not surprised.

“The reason is?”

“You said that no choice is free. I don’t think so. Wouldn’t choosing nothing be another option?”

“It negates the whole thing.”

“Then I will fight the whole.”

Rufist leaned back in his chair and half-closed his eyes.

“… … Do you think you have a chance?”

“The odds are not important. Doing what I believe is right, isn’t that what a wizard is?”

Sirone wanted to become a wizard.

“If you mean it then you can’t. If you change your mind, don’t hesitate to drop out. Graduation exams haven’t even started yet.”

“yes. Thank you for caring me.”

Shirone went out the door without showing a disheveled attitude until the very end.


As I stood in the hallway and sighed, I finally felt reality.

‘Was it a good thing?’


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If I messed up the graduation exam, I would feel even more miserable, but no matter what the result was, I would have no regrets.

“Are you done talking?”

The chief of staff, Jane, approached.


“Then go to the annex on the first floor. There will be a dinner party starting at 5:30.”

She didn’t ask anything.

“thank you. Let’s go.”

After confirming that Sirone had turned the corner, Jane went into the office of the president of the Association.

Just by looking at his expression, it was clear that the negotiations had broken down.

“You said it wouldn’t work.”

Rufist put his chin on his chin and muttered.

“The single surpasses the whole. Is it possible?”

Jane turned to the door.

“He’s an Ultima.”

“But Gaia failed.”

As Lufist stood up, Jane’s head returned.

“What are you going to do? He is a talent worth losing to other countries.”

“There is no need to rush. It is a difficult food to digest. It’s not bad to watch for now.”

Rufist approached the door and turned to Jane.

“I should have started by now. A video recorder?”

“I installed it without blind spots. No major accidents will happen. If you have any thoughts.”

“Where can I see you?”

“Go to the central control room and tell me. But what are you trying to do when you see the students playing?”

Lufist raised one corner of his mouth.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve come here, but it’s sad to let go.”

* * *

Although the name is an annex, the association building is so large that even with all 150 students inside, the center is empty.

Under the light of hundreds of chandeliers, delicacies from all over the world shimmered.

Some ate and some enjoyed it, but most of the students representing the kingdom’s prestigious schools were concentrating on engaging in an invisible war of nerves with students from other schools.

In the midst of the complex entanglement of emotional arrows, the one that received the most arrows was, of course, Alpheas Magic School.

“Is it true that Mr. Baikal is going to Kreas this year?”

“I heard that too. He’s been in charge of the Royal Magic School for over 10 years.”

Rumors spread quickly, and students who did not know began to glance at the graduating class of Alpheas Magic School.

Among them, it was none other than Pony that drew the most attention.

“My lady, I have prepared a banquet dress. Please listen to my request. A party with the same clothes as nobles.”


The attendants dispatched from the royal castle surrounded Pony, so it was almost impossible to know where she was standing.

“Stop going back. I attended as a representative of the magic school, not as royalty. There are no privileges.”

“My lady, it is not something that can be denied just by denying the lineage of the royal family.”

Even so, it is only a weak bloodline that is far from power succession.

“Why do you put dirt on a noble body? If you want, I will call the president of the association right now and ask for a top-notch wizard license.”

Pony looked back at the attendant as if she was pathetic.

“All wizard licenses are the same.”

“Then I will instruct you to make a separate one. This is the highest quality certificate fit for royalty. You will love it.”

Knowing that the attendant was sincere made me even more annoyed.

Talking to people who live in a reality beyond reality made me feel like an idiot myself.

‘I don’t rely on lineage. I will become the best with my own power.’

Alfred Pony (#11 in the graduating class).

Specialty: Torrent class of water magic.

Peculiarities: Royal lineage.

“Haha, annoying.”

Feeling a headache, Pony moved quickly, and the attendants rushed after her.

“In a sense… … A little pitiful.”

Maya, who was watching with a glass of wine, murmured.

“Because there is nothing as unfortunate as a predetermined destiny.”

When I turned my head to the voice I heard next to me, Caden was standing there.

It seemed like this was the first time he had ever spoken to her in school.

“Good night, Maya. Shall we toast?”

Maya stared at the trembling liquid in the glass Caden held out.

“Why are you so nervous? My hands seem to be shaking.”

“okay? I don’t know.”

I said so, but when I started to be conscious with my head, the trembling intensified.

“weird. I think I’m shaking… … .”

“What are you talking about? Why would I shake my hands?”

Maya pointed to the glass at Kayden’s vibration as if he was holding a glass and shaking it.

“It’s overflowing with alcohol and it’s pouring.”

“Strange. I don’t know.”

“… … .”

Maya looked at Caden not even paying attention to the glass, and awkwardly raised the corner of her mouth.

“That, yes. Then have a good time.”

And immediately turned around and left the place as if to run away.

‘You have a strange personality. are you kidding me I don’t want to see them in the future.’

Cayden, whose tremors had stopped, put down his glass and smiled sadly.

“also… … Isn’t that the Red Cross?”

“Sounds like a red cross and fell asleep!”

Amy pinched Caden’s side.

“ouch! What, all of a sudden?”

“Now I see you, you were completely innocent. If you treat me like that, what woman won’t see you as crazy?”

Cayden grumbled as he rubbed his sore side.

“Why are you meddling in other people’s affairs? You know it won’t work anyway.”

“Let’s start with the premise that you are normal. what are you doing, go fast Apologize to Maya for being a prank.”

Cayden’s gaze found Maya alone in the crowd.

“really… … will it?”

“What are you proposing to? And don’t take alcohol. How to look good without even drinking one drink… … .”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Taking a deep breath, Caden approached Maya again.

“excuse me… … .”

It was only after looking into Maya’s frightened eyes that I was able to realize the reality.

“Sorry. It was a joke earlier. Just to talk to you.”

Maya’s face immediately brightened.

“Aha, somehow! i thought you were weird It was fun though.”

When the horror he imagined didn’t happen in reality, Cayden found confidence.

“Are you ready for the test?”

“huh. something feels good The advice I received from Iruki in the first half was very helpful.”

Although his magical talent was inferior, his artistic sense was a genius that even Cayden of the Red Cross couldn’t dare.

“I’m going to try my own way this time. I will hit my limit someday, but for now my goal is to graduate.”

The future of the mysterious tribe was in Maya’s hands.

Mystery Maya (28th in the senior class final rankings).

Major: Song of sound magic.

Characteristics: The possessor of natural omnipotence when it comes to singing.

“okay. You will definitely pass.”


Maya asked back at the conclusion, but Cayden answered in his heart.

‘Because I’ll be by your side.’


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