Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 610

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[610] Five Great Prestiges (3)

“Okay, hello.”

Nade said hello.

Unlike before, there was no feeling of avoidance, but rather it seemed to push Sabina away.

“What happened?”

True to his personality, he asked honestly, but Nade just smiled bitterly.

Knowing Sabina’s feelings, she wanted to be honest, but the hurt she received from doing so was sure to be poison for the graduation exam.

“I want you to graduate.”

Nade was sincere.

Because he was one of the few people who accepted his true self.

Realizing Nade’s consideration, Sabina turned sullenly, and Pandora, who was watching, stabbed her horse.

“Good to sell. Even in this situation, I can afford to care about men.”

Before the start of the second half of her senior year, she visited the head office of Alones, a perfume manufacturing company, and learned the secret techniques of Mael, the perfume wizard.

Like the insect magic fisho, it is not a favorable class for evaluation, but once you graduate, you will receive a high score in professionalism, so success in life is guaranteed.

“Don’t flatter yourself that you’re high on the rankings. There are so many air mages in society that they would be kicked.”

Azelio Pandora (#19 in the senior class final).

Specialty: Fragrance Magic Alones.

Special note: Mael’s apprentice.

Being settled in Class 2 with the benefit of Scramble Royale was a great psychological help.

Sabina approached her, remembering the bullying of Pandora during her advanced class.

“What, what?”

Contrary to Pandora’s disgust, Sabina carefully reached out and straightened the crooked collar.

“Yeah, you work hard too. Let’s go shopping together when we go social.”

Even when he first transferred to Alpheas Magic School, he felt embarrassed about having to compete with local students.

However, life at the Royal Magic School had been erased for a long time after going through the fierce process of the senior class for a year.

‘Because now my alma mater is here.’

Pandora looked at Sabina as she walked away and spoke softly.

“You too must pass. You worked hard.”

No one in the senior class was lazy.

‘Whoops, I’m not a bad kid.’

Sabina smiled and walked away, and the bell rang for 5 a.m.

Headteacher Collie arrived at the meeting point with three huge wagons.

“Ride the wagon and go to the Magic Association Creas branch. Pay attention to your manners even in the wagon, and get on quickly as there is no time.”

Thirty students were divided into groups of 10 and boarded the wagon.

Sirone, Iruki, and Nade got into the first carriage, with Dorothy riding at the other end.


Sirone and Nade, who watched Iruki for a while, quietly put their buttocks on their seats.

‘Of course Dorothy… … .’

I haven’t heard the details, but it’s clear that Iruki and Dorothy dated, and they broke up exactly 13 minutes later.

The reason was that there was no strong pull, but the terribly realistic Iruki and the 4D Dorothy who wanted more than reality made the right compromise with just a few words of conversation.

“are you okay?”

Surprisingly, Iruki spoke first.

“huh. It was very difficult, but now it’s a little better.”

“I’m sorry if I hurt you. But the important thing for us is the graduation exam.”

“okay. you will be able to overcome Don’t get hurt too much and focus on the test.”

Nade was absurd.

“… … Are you guys doing this on purpose?”

The 13-minute relationship and breakup seemed absurd to him, but the parties looked at each other as if they were serious.

Like Iruki, Dorothy wasn’t normal either.

Taylor Dorothy (#13 in the senior class).

Specialization: Joner’s manipulative class.

Special note: Utilization of the mind-sharing system Mimesis. Maximize your omnipotence with a unique operation pattern input method.

If the airflow of the first carriage was awkward, the airflow of the third carriage was full of murderous intent, as if it would explode at any moment.

It was because of the war of nerves between Fermi, who was sitting at the edge reading a book, and Lichen, an electric monster sitting at the opposite end.

After being betrayed in the upper echelons of Istas, Lichen, who murdered the child Yolga wanted to protect, was pursued by Fermi until the upper echelons disappeared.

At the time, Fermi was seriously injured, so there was no big fight, but in fact, even if they collided, it would have been Fermi who died.

“Hey, Fermi.”

Fermi turned his head.

“Do you know why I didn’t kill you then?”

Fermi raised an eyebrow in interest.

“Because I just need to kill him in the graduation exam anyway. you know? That no one should be held responsible for the deaths that occurred during the graduation exam.”

I was on my way to the Magic Association to sign it.

“In short, you are already dead. So why don’t you close the book and pray? It’s not much of a life left.”

Gunzo Lichen (final grade 3 in senior class).

Specialization: Blitz series of electric magic.

Special note: The son of Gunzo Bedium, the strongest hitman in the Black Line. The highest level of movement skills, spark magic.

Fermi closed the book.

“Lichen, do you love me?”


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“What, what’s up?”

Lichen’s face crumpled terribly.

“Hate and love have some similarities. In terms of throwing out all your emotions. So I, hating you, has become a little disgusting.”

“… … .”

“So I thought about it. What is the greatest revenge I can take on someone I hate? it erases I’m not pretending to be cool, I’m really just erasing it. Just as hatred and love are similar, revenge and forgiveness seem to have similarities. so I… … .”

Fermi opened the book again and looked away.

“I don’t care what you do.”

“This child… … !”

As Licorn jumped up, Hersie held out her hand to stop it.

“Be patient. That, too, is psychological warfare.”


I couldn’t believe it, but because it was Fermi, there was confusion.

‘You can’t be swayed. Getting caught up in his tongue is the end.’

Hersey thought so.

‘The Golden Ring has been dismantled and there is no collusion any more. Now we have to focus on Fermi.’

It was Hercy’s intention to become the next Fermi.

‘From now on, I control the graduation exam.’

Meyer Hercy (23rd final grade, senior class).

Specialty: Sona-type of sound magic.

Special note: Superhuman hearing that can even detect the sound of a creature’s heartbeat.

Leaving their own circumstances behind, the three wagons arrived at the Creas branch of the Magic Association.

When I opened the door and got down, the sky was brightening to a bluish color.

“welcome. This way.”

The association staff who had been waiting in advance guided the way to Collie.

The place where they moved to the second column was the 5th basement floor of the association, and Oscar was waiting in front of the iron door with the space movement magic circle.

“Before using the space movement magic circle, I would like to warn you.”

Sooner or later, he would become the son-in-law of the head of the headquarters, but he could not be excluded from the early morning duty of the lower ranks of the association.

“First of all, the coordinates to move to are a security area four kilometers away from the capital… … .”

Nade couldn’t hear Oscar’s words.

When we first met here, our eyes clashed for a moment, but it was good for both of us not to show it.

‘It must be disturbing.’

Sirone looked back at Nade anxiously, but I couldn’t get any special feeling from his expression.

“Then have a nice trip.”

When Oscar opened the iron door, a huge magic circle with a diameter of 100 meters was drawn.

Since it was a military facility, it was clear that an astronomical amount of money had been invested just by looking at the scale.

“Awesome. One company will be sent at once.”

If it was Dante, an expert in information magic, it would have been true.

The light of the magic circle gradually brightened, and after about 5 minutes, the face of the person next to me was so white that I couldn’t even see it.

“Don’t move.”

At the end of Collie’s final warning, a flash of light exploded, and the entire senior class disappeared.

* * *

Crata, the capital of Tormia.

The capital city, with a population of hundreds of thousands of people, was a city in itself, and the arsenal located at the outer gate to the west was active in the manufacture of weapons both formally and unofficially.

Liz, the arsenal’s Mado parts manager, walked around the warehouse checking the details of parts one by one.

Daily life as usual.

But there was no longer a partner who promised her a future.

“Manager. manager.”

A craftsman who worked in the arsenal for 30 years called Liz.

“yes? Ah yes.”

“What do you think?”

“Oh, sorry. I don’t know… … .”

“No, I am worried. Did something happen on vacation?”

Liz was honest.

“I cheated on my fiance.”

It was a time when the wounds healed to some extent.

“Oops… … . You are the worst of the world.”

“Actually, that bad person… … .”

“No, it’s not my personality, it’s that I can’t use my eyes. Kicking a beauty like Mr. Liz. You will regret it later.”

The father-in-law’s wit made Liz feel a little better.

“Go in and rest. The delivery company won’t come today. I organize the warehouse.”

“Oh, why?”

“The plaza is controlled, so transportation is not possible. There seemed to be an event at the Magic Association. It’s like a review ceremony for the top 5 prestigious families.”

5 prestigious.

If so, Alpheas Magic School would be included.

‘Nade will come too.’

She had been in a bad mood ever since she left after saying harsh words that day.

No, I really wanted to meet you.

‘Now what am I… … . She just looks like a strange woman.’

The father-in-law stared at Liz, who was hesitant like a puppy in need of something.

I didn’t know what was going on, but Yeon-ryun knew what to say at this moment.

“Do what you want to do. I don’t know the story.”


“There are some things you only learn at this age. It is far better to try and regret than not to try and regret.”

Oddly enough, those words touched Liz’s heart.

* * *

Alog Central Square.

The size of the plaza was huge as Baska’s core institutions were concentrated, and citizens and merchants complained because all eight-lane roads extending in all directions were blocked.

However, the fact that their complaints did not run amok was because of the pride in the magical power of Tormia Kingdom that they had in their hearts.

A platform with a height of 6 meters installed in the center of the plaza was carved entirely from artificial ivory, and it was exquisite and beautiful enough to be a waste to throw away after using it for several hours.

As soldiers of the Royal Guard, a cooperative organization, controlled the citizens along the outskirts of the square, carriages from all over the kingdom began to arrive.

While the drum line of the military band preparing for the review ceremony heightened tension with a fast beat, the chorus shouted.

“Oris Magic School!”

Three carriages stopped on Route 6 in the central plaza, and thirty seniors dressed in black suits emerged.

“Kai Knight Magic School!”

“Bermin Magic School!”

As the students gathered in front of the barricade one after another, the carriage of Alpheas Magic School stopped on Route 3.

“Alpheas Magic School!”

“come. Let’s get off.”

The students, who had been watching the crowds since their arrival, looked a little nervous.


As soon as I set foot on the ground, my heart jumped at the cheers of the people I heard.

‘This is right… … .’

It is the core center of the magic of the kingdom of Tormia.

The gaze of people’s aspiration and awe, which I couldn’t feel at school, seemed to penetrate my skin.

“You really mean all wizards? Are you that young?”

“They are soon to become wizards. Didn’t they say that only the best students in the kingdom were invited?”

The students gathered here today would eventually become wizards someday, advance into all fields such as economy, society, military, politics, art, and science, and lead the kingdom of Tormia.

‘Heart… … It’s about to explode.’

Mark shuddered in the eyes of the people looking at the future leader.

Since he was young, he only hung out with those who dreamed of becoming wizards. The first taste of society’s eyes on him was enough to bring out a passion he didn’t even know existed.

‘You’re clever, this time the president of the association.’

Collie nodded, feeling the atmosphere in the central square.

Internally, Rufist’s plan to imprint the association’s image on future employees and emphasize what the most important institution in the kingdom of Tormia was, externally, was right in place.


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