Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 448

[448] Mental Armament (3)

At the same time as the energy of death disappeared, Posmetry moved Zulu and Gangnan back to their original time and space.

Gangnan stared blankly at the ice sheet where the darkness had disappeared.

Only Gaold was shaking his shoulders and breathing heavily.

‘It’s like a stupid human being.’

Gaold’s power had risen unexpectedly even for her, who always accompanies him.

It was not that I had any special training or attained enlightenment.

Miro met after 20 years.

As he got closer to her time and space, the amount of pain he could endure also grew exponentially.

It was precisely this point that Gangnan was concerned.

Even if Gaold had surpassed the limits of pain due to self-reciprocating mutations, the endurance of living things was not infinite.

Just like the day 15 years ago when Gaold first fell into the great heat hell.

“What are you trying to do… … !”

“It’s not over yet.”

As Kang Nan approached, Gaold opened his mouth.

Darkness rose again from under the ice sheet as if it had been waiting for it and completed the shape of Hel.

‘Is it an incorporeal entity?’

In the world where Gaold lived, there was a representative ghost.

As an existence that crosses the boundary between mind and matter, it is not physically affected and cannot be influenced in its mental state.

However, when it is in a material state, it is a being that can exercise physical force and can also be subjected to physical force.

Hell also escaped a crisis by going from a material state to a state of mind right before Gaold’s air pressing crushed his body.

It’s a tricky ability for humans to deal with, but for Hel, the ruler of Niflheim, it hurt his pride.


Hel’s gaping pupils whirled like a whirlpool, drawing Gaold into the depths of the abyss.

The world was once again plunged into darkness, and the struggle between the undead and the immortal began.

The air magic of 500,000 times the pain was already out of the realm of the attribute of atmosphere.

Air bullets from the air gun fired at breakneck speed.

Even though it was an explosive burst of fire, Hell’s body was simultaneously punched with holes as if it had been hit by shotgun shells.

The tattered Hel rushed at Gaold.

“Human! I will sprinkle your bone meal over the body of the abominable maze!”


Hel’s provocation backfired.

Hundreds of wrinkles formed on Gaold’s distorted face, and hot steam leaked from between his teeth.

Gaold’s self-denying Great Superheat Hell unfolded.

In a space as dark as the night sky, the flames of deterioration swelled, and the souls of death, the screams of hungry ghosts, and extreme cold and heat began to mix.

Even Hel, the ruler of the dead, had no choice but to remain silent in front of Gaold’s powerful self-denial.

‘Is there such a person?’

Hel immediately changed his mind.

‘No, are they really human?’

Pain is 500,000 times the pain.

No one can imagine what hell Gaold is experiencing.

No one could even guess.

But to Gaold, that is the only reality.

‘Miro… … .’

No matter how painful it is, he doesn’t die.

‘It’s a maze.’

The reason didn’t matter.

On that day 20 years ago, the day he had to helplessly watch Maze being dragged away, Gaold gave up on being anything.

Thanks to the experience of countless shocks, even the memories were tangled up, but even in the chaos, the only thing that was not forgotten for a moment was Miro’s voice.

-Because you are weak.

20 judges. Everyone in the world clung eagerly. And the labyrinth walked into Istas on its own.

But the fact that only Gaold knew, the truth, was the voice of Miro that he met on the eve of the Twenty Judgment.

– Even if you can’t do anything!

Tears of blood poured down Gaold’s upside-down whites.

‘It’s a maze!’

Pain 1 million times – air pressing.

Hell popped and was crushed, then regrouped in midair.

It was a situation that could have been destroyed if it was a little too late to change into a mental state.

A light of confusion passed across Hel’s face as if his soul was draining.

I hope Gaold is dead.

It was the first time in existence that I wanted someone’s death so desperately.

‘Are you afraid? I?’

The ruler of the dead has no fear of death. So what Hel felt was the fear of endless acceleration.

Gaold’s self-denial, whose limits could not be measured, knew no bounds, as if he were on a rail that seemed to accelerate forever.


As Hel spread his energy with all his might, all kinds of dead people floated in the air with tails of black smoke.

Gangnan and Zulu, who found the dead rushing toward the ground, each scattered in different directions.

It can be defended with postmetry, but due to the nature of space-time birds, in order to escape 3 seconds, you must demonstrate omnipotence close to 4 years in real time.

Even Zulu, the strongest in summoning magic, was a magic that required more than 30% of mental power, and the current limit was only 1 time.

It was not a good decision to use it now to prepare for the decisive moment.


Kang Nan raised his arms and crouched down in the face of the dead attacking like a whirlpool.

Every time the fingernails scratched, black scars were engraved on the skin.

The body that had been trained all his life tried to counterattack, but it only penetrated the body of the dead who returned to a mental state.

‘The airlift has to be done at the same time. The only chance is when the enemy attacks.’

Gangnan, who caught the strand, took the posture of Ram Muay.

Between the arms erected in the shape of 11, her eyes sharply penetrated the enemy.

oh oh oh!

As the dead attacked, her body moved.

The black smoke of the dead was shattered with each successive attack that covered the shortest distance in a straight line.

Farther away, the Zulus summoned Oud Worms, giant worms, to suck in the corporeal dead.

The irrational dead did not give up, and as the population decreased, their sight gradually began to disappear.

“What about Gaold?”

he was in the sky Also, his face had changed so grotesquely that he couldn’t tell who was the ruler of the dead.

Life and death, self-denial and despair collided in the sky.

“Annoying… … !”

Gaold’s great heat inferno spread out on a scale never seen before, extending out of Hel’s darkness.

Bakum Press!

At that point, Gaold’s organ, which even compressed Ataraxia’s photon cannon, was cast.

As the vast atmosphere compressed into a single point, Hel’s body began to tighten rapidly.

‘Can’t I get out?’

Despite being transformed into a mental state, Hel was unable to penetrate the force of the vacuum, which gradually shrank in size.


Finally, Hel realized. He, the ruler of death, wondered why he was afraid of mere humans.

It was because Gaold was not afraid.


Hell continued to compress.

From a small sphere to a smaller sphere, to a point, and finally to nothing… … .

At the moment of extinction, Hel exploded, spreading the countless dead that he contained in all directions.

The lion’s roars they uttered were so strong that they spread throughout Niflheim, and contained such a powerful aura that any creature would lose their life the moment they heard it.

While Gaold was floating defenseless, Zulu and Gangnan, who had arrived behind him, transported all three of them to another time and space with the power of postmetry.

The lion’s roar compressed the air in the form of a ripple and spread out, and like the eye of a hurricane, complete silence came.

Gaold landed on the ice and raised his head. And he heard the sound of the wind whirling in the clear air.

– Even if you reject mortality, there is nothing you can hold on to forever. go to pay There is an abominable labyrinth there. She will drive you to your true death.

It was the sound of the wind.

“… … .”

While everyone was silent, after a while, nearly 100 black elixirs fell like rain from the air.

I don’t know how many black elixirs Ya Mang suggested, but I wouldn’t think of more than they had.

No one in Purgatory would be able to collect this many black elixirs.

Gaold did not laugh.

After the terrible pain, the only thing left was the reality of life that I was still alive.

Some memories have been erased and others have remained, but what value is there to memories that cannot be arranged in chronological order?

Gaold threw all his memories into the trash can of oblivion, and turned back, holding Mazeman again.

Since that day 20 years ago, he has been living like this.

“Pick it all up. go back.”

Gaold turned coldly and walked away.

Kang Nan, who was watching Gaold passing by, bared his teeth.

It is fortunate that the purpose was achieved, but the act of recklessly raising pain could lead to the project being stopped.

Tactics and strategies were nowhere to be found, and I couldn’t wait to see the battle like a thunderclap.

“Wait. In this way… … !”

The moment he turned around with a ferocious tone, Gaold’s body staggered.

Kang Nan, who took a step without realizing it, stopped moving.

should not be caught Because no one understands his pain.

He was a man who had walked alone for 20 years.

‘okay. Whether I return alive or die and be buried, it ends here.’

Gangnan made a promise. I would do anything to get Gaold there.

* * *

Sirone immediately returned to the 1st Rebel Command after integrating all forces under the 2nd Rebel Command.

Armin’s party, who was allowed to run the munitions factory, was the first to return, and Gaold’s party returned after delivering the Black Elixir to the Night Mang.

All three parties performed their duties perfectly, but Sirone couldn’t help but laugh.

It was because I heard the shocking sad news as soon as I arrived.

Headquarters had already been devastated.

The culprit who slaughtered countless people was the metal angel that Babel and Sirone had unsealed.

I couldn’t bear to look at Kanya and Lena’s faces.

Clove and Gardlock, who died in the collapse of 2nd Command, and now Kanya’s father.

Every death felt like it was his fault.

‘but… … I have to speak.’

Sirone mustered up the courage to head to the room where the two were.

At least he had to honestly confess to them that he was the one who unlocked Babel.

The sisters forced themselves to smile when they saw Sirone, but their expression disappeared again at Sirone’s confession.

Even after hearing all the shocking facts, Kanya and Lena didn’t react.

Sirone didn’t know if they were angry or if they didn’t even have the energy to get angry anymore.

“Sorry. It’s because of me. Even if I hadn’t unsealed Babel… … . It’s all my fault.”

Lena couldn’t hold back and burst into tears.

I honestly don’t know how to react.

Kanya raised her eyes fiercely and said.

“If Daddy was killed by an angel other than Babel, is it not your fault?”

Sirone couldn’t answer.

“No, it’s all your fault, Sirone. All deaths in heaven are all your fault.”

Kanya got out of bed and approached Sirone. Then he buried his face in his chest and said.

“So, fight for us.”

Sirone felt her chest get wet.

“I-I didn’t do anything. Even revenge… … I’m so helpless… … .”

In the end, Kanya also sobbed.

What she felt in front of an enemy beyond imagination was that humans are mere insignificant creatures.

But Sirone is different. And those who came with Sirone were also different.

How could that be? How can they withstand that overwhelming enormity?

Sirone let out a long breath.

I came to heaven to meet Ikael, but now I can’t do that.

“Let’s go to Babel.”


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