Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 449

[449] The Beginning of Change (1)


A multidimensional space into which all the mental energy of the world flows.

There are no clear rules to define the world in this place where many rituals are mixed.

Anything can be done, anything can be denied.

Sometimes a knife comes in after the throat is cut, and there are times when the knife comes in but the throat is not cut.

Therefore, to have a clear consciousness walking around Dremo is an act of suicide.

Everything in this place was a trap unless it was supported by a high level of mental understanding.

I don’t know how much time has passed, but to the grave robber Arius felt that he had already aged 10 years.

Brahma, whose brains were stretched like hair, never separated from Arius’ side and presented a solution.

It was a place where even him, who could make a judgment in one second, made by 10,000 prudent people through compromise, had reached the end of dying several times.

“Whoa. Whoa.”

Arius slowly led his weary body into the temple.

If there are no keywords here either… … .

Miro is probably not human.

All information related to her was extracted with only the name Miro.

Being a creature, being a human being, there is no choice but to have mental trauma.

The original plan was to hit the maze with that trauma and wake her up from the dimension of cowardice, but now even that is unlikely.

A temple floating above the clouds.

Did the actual temple of the labyrinth look like this?

Arius, who opened the neat and antique door and entered, looked around with some expectation.

And he immediately crumpled his impression.

I didn’t even have to look for anything. Because there was nothing to see.

All that could be seen was the clean floor of the temple, stretched out without a speck of dust.

“Damn it! how… … How can there be no trauma! how!”

Arius bit off his teeth.

As a grave robber, he entered the minds of countless people.

Even in the heart of a person who is known as the kindest person in the world, there is a dark psychology and a trauma that can never be revealed.

That’s human, and that’s why the world is maintained.

However, Miro seemed to be completely out of those rules.

‘I can’t do this. She’s human too.’

Doing nothing doesn’t mean doing nothing.

She also lived as a human being. She loved, made mistakes, desired, and hated.

It’s just that it didn’t lead to remorse and shame, denial and self-destruction.

Literally the pinnacle of sophistication. A spirit that is infinitely free because there are no taboos and no attachments.

“What are you going to do now? I couldn’t find the keyword you said.”

Brahma asked.

His life might come and go depending on his answer, but Arius didn’t care.

I have thought that there is no perfect human being. It’s still the same now, but it was time to make a choice.

‘Have I misunderstood humans? Aren’t humans inherently imperfect?’

“Arius, can you find it?”

When he did not answer the second question, Brahma flew up with his brains fluttering.

Arius, whether aware of this or not, hovered in one place with his chin resting on his chin.


A scale magic genius unprecedented in history.

‘Maybe I took it too easy. It needs to be examined in more detail.’

Miro has been winning and winning all his life. Perhaps the most shocking event for her was the 20 judges.


Arius stopped and looked around the columns of the temple. Then he lifted his fingers and started counting.

One, two, three. Standing in front of exactly the twentieth pillar, I checked to see if there was anything different.


Numbers are the main keywords that make up the mind.

If there was such a thing as a keyword, it should have been here.

‘Should I find it in the name of referee? However, there is an object that can symbolize the judgment… … .’

“Arius, the time has come.”

Brahma approached from behind, revealing an evil expression with a light purple glow.

The time indicated by Kariel had already passed. He had come this far with his own judgment, but even he could not wait any longer.

The moment when Brahma’s arm, which had turned into a blade, quickly swung to slit Arius’ throat.


An exclamation escaped Arius’ mouth.

The two blades came to a halt, gripping his neck. Blood leaked through the cracked skin, but Arius was in no mood to feel the pain.

“ah… … Ahhh… … .”

As Arius approached the pillar, Brahma also withdrew the blade and watched a little longer.

“there is. there is.”

There was an incontinence in the grid with even irregularities that you would never know unless you looked closely.

’20 judges! Something happened that day.’

Arius’ fingertips trembled as he reached for the incontinence.

Brahma, who was watching it, activated his ability.

As the trauma of incontinence amplified, the landscape changed.

There was a small well in the black space, but the meaning of the scenery was no longer important.

Arius rushed over and looked inside.

The only scar left in Maze’s mind.

The scene of the wound was reflected like a video.

“This, this… … !”

Arius’ eyes widened in shock.

It was a very human scene, completely different from what he expected.

“Quack. Kkkkkkkkk.”

The cells of the whole body tickled, and laughter erupted all over the body.

“Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!”

The best young lady and joy in my life.

Conquered the maze.

He found the only weakness engraved in the wizard’s mind that seemed to have no gaps.

‘It’s something only I know. The labyrinth is mine now.’

Brahma gave a cold voice.

“If you find it, go ahead and start it. Kariel-sama is waiting for you.”

I was thinking of doing it without even looking.

Because I was going crazy wanting to see her expression when she was forcibly taken out of the dimension of cowardice.

“then… … shall we start?”

Since the spirit of the maze is connected to the well, Arius jumped right in.

Brahma followed, and with the only trauma Miro had, he wove a net and threw it into the plane of cowardice.

The spirit of Miro, immersed in samadhi, distorted his impression.


Even in a state of unconsciousness, she tried to maintain her sanity only by inertia.

However, the more I denied it, the more endless thoughts flooded my mind.

My heart was pounding, and only the thought of him pounded in my brain with a muddy feeling.


Miro’s eyes flashed open after his samadhi mirror was broken.

As the infinity of fear disappeared, turbid thoughts rushed in like a torrent and swept Arius and Brahma together.

When she woke up, the scenery that appeared was her own temple, different from the one in Drimo.

Miro, who was sitting cross-legged, glared at him with fierce eyes, and Arius opened his lips trembling with delight.

Miro, without answering, looked away and looked at Brahma.

3 mara It was clear that the angels had somehow found a way.

‘Utilizing trauma… … .’

It’s been annoying since before, but I never thought it would eventually catch my ankle.

“Abominable labyrinth.”

Brahma floated in the air.

“Everything is over. The only fate remaining for humans is to obey Ankera’s will. From now on, I will cut your bones into pieces.”

‘Where is my body? Have you already moved to heaven? Then there is no turning back.’

Arius added.

“If you ever intend to go into samadhi-gyeong again, put it aside. Of course you know why.”

Then, triumphantly, he approached Miro and thrust his face into it.

“I was quite shocked. I never thought you would have that side.”

Miro’s eyes trembled.

It was a great shock for others to know about thoughts that no one else should know about, and even to turn away from themselves.

However, it was by normal human standards.

As a result, Arius had chosen the wrong opponent.

“Something like a poor wizard.”

“ha ha ha! Are you qualified to say that? My heart was revealed to such a poor wizard… … .”

Arius stopped talking.

What I saw in front of me was the eyes of a maze that had grown larger than the temple.

When the tight irises grew as large as the pupils of the moment before, Brahma charged.

“Abominable Labyrinth!”

It was Brahma’s will.


Arius looked at Brahma’s corpse, which had been crushed like an ant by a finger that fell from the ceiling, and slowly turned his head again.

Nothing was visible. The relativity of scale is growing to infinity.

Arius trembled as if struck by lightning.

perfect greatness.

Huge and gigantic, the highest dignity in the universe, which could not even be recognized by the senses of a mere insignificant creature, was in front of my eyes.


A sound intoxicated with ecstasy burst out.

My heart skipped a beat as the best impression of my life filled my head.

Arius attacked her with a mad emotion.

Passing through a dense forest, crossing a lake, jumping over two convex mountains, and arriving after so many years, was the end of the world where a huge pillar was built.

‘Ah ah ah ah ah… … !’

Arius lifted his head with difficulty, leaning on his crutches.

The moment I saw Miro’s face floating huge in the sky, tears flowed.

“Finally, we finally met.”

Kneeling on her palm, he had the happiest expression in the world with his arms outstretched.

There is nothing in this universe as lovely as a maze. There is nothing more precious than a maze in this universe.

this is so beautiful

That’s why it’s so perfect, and that’s why it shouldn’t have any weaknesses.

In front of the greatest emotion of his life, Arius tilted his wrinkled face and kissed her palm.

“month! Month after month!”

And wiggled his butt like a dog.

He reduced himself to the most servile creature Arius could conceive.

You thought you could have a maze. How disrespectful is this.

she is absolute She must be unblemished by the absolute.

Therefore, it is the eyes that deserve the worst treatment.

Even these two eyes that have seen what they shouldn’t see!


Arius’ hands dug deep into the eye socket.

‘It shouldn’t exist!’

Arius pulled out the eyeball with all his might, and raised his trembling hands as if offering it to Maze.

“Absolute One, please accept this young servant.”

Miro looked down at Arius indifferently.

Having realized the dimensional wall, he will never be able to cross this wall again.

To Arius, the labyrinth was a god.

‘The dimensional wall has already been broken. I’ll have to leave first.’

Miro closed her eyes and the world went out.

At the same time, the door installed in the Great World War exploded, and two people jumped out of the maze of reality sitting cross-legged.

One was Arius, who had been blinded, and the other was Brahma, who had been crushed.

Kariel covered the distance of hundreds of meters at once and arrived at the front of the maze.

“I finally see you again.”

The eyelids of Miro, who had escaped from the samadhi, slowly rose.

“Monthly! Krrrrrr!”

At the same time, Arius fell on the floor and barked like a dog.

As a servant of Miro, the only thought in his head was to protect his master.

However, as soon as Kariel kicked him in the face, he jabbed and hurriedly hid behind the maze and rubbed his cheek.

After confirming the angel’s face, Miro opened her mouth.

“Kariel, it’s been a while.”

“Whoops, you’re still arrogant. Well, among humans, you’re the only one who can call the archangel’s name carelessly. Anyway, with this, the space-time of the labyrinth is gone.”

“It turned out just the way you wanted it. But humans won’t be easy either.”

“I don’t know about that, but it sure is interesting.”

Miro’s eyebrows twitched.

“… … What do you mean?”

Kariel opened the Great Law.

Since the space-time of the labyrinth has already disappeared, it would be better to kill him right away, but a better solution than that was currently in Purgatory.

“A human named Gaold. I think I came looking for you.”

Miro’s eyebrows narrowed slightly.

‘This idiot… … .’


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