Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 447

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[447] Mental Armament (2)

The halo of the sun and moon that appeared at the center of Babel’s system relayed all information to Sein.

It was the same effect as if Sein’s consciousness flowed into the system, and Sein found a ray of blue light penetrating the tangled circuit like a spider’s web of light.

‘This… … .’

The Ultima system is just a signal, but Sein could not extract any information from the signal.

A concept that is highly concise, on a different level from difficulty or complexity.

It was so huge that it was an extreme insight that human cognition could not contain at once.

‘Who the hell made this?’

Sein climbed endlessly along the Ultima system.

In the place where the blue flash passed, a magic circle made up of an angelic system was blocking the center as if blocking a street corner.

The concept of the magic circle was also difficult for humans to read, but it was fortunate for the world if it was rather complicated.

Sein, who analyzed the signals of the magic circle by equalizing the halo of the sun and moon, opened his eyes as if in shock.

‘shit! It was like that.’

According to the confirmation, no matter how much the magic circle of the angels did, it seemed that this perfect unified signal could not be disturbed.

The only thing the magic circle’s algorithm changed was the purpose of the metal angel’s performance.

‘Someone tampered with the enemy detection settings. not a rebel Rather, this… … .’

A weapon for killing angels.

If so, there was only one thing Sein had to do. Reversing the setting by canceling the angel’s magic circle.

If that was the case, I could hit heaven with a counter.

Sun and moon halo!

The halo, so clear that it was impossible to even think that it was spinning, began to dismantle the angelic magic circle.


Sein was overwhelmed by the amount of information far greater than expected.

‘Damn it! This is information that is only needed to change one enemy detection setting.’

I was keenly aware of how great an intellectual product the blue flash that penetrated the system was.

‘no. It’s too late at this rate.’

Even though Sein is a Servant with equalization, it seemed like it would take 200 hours to completely dismantle the magic circle.

‘There is no chance of winning this way. I have no choice but to destroy it from the inside.’

The rotation of the halo stopped the moment the sun and moon halo was installed in the center of the angel’s magic circle.

The aftermath of the sudden stop was so powerful that Sein’s head was smashed.


The magic circle’s core logic overwhelms the world’s logic.

Then, the magic circle emitted a brilliant light, and then attacked Sein’s logic.

Blood flowed from Sein’s nose at the shock inflicted by the halo of sun and moon rotating in the opposite direction to the magician’s logic.

‘Does this make sense? How can such a proposition be established?’

The angelic magic circle completely denied the thinking that humans had developed over thousands of years.

Cracks in the halo of the sun and moon drew unpleasant cracks.

Sain’s eyes gradually turned upside down, and blood leaked out from between his clenched teeth.

‘Is this the end… … .’

Sein’s consciousness fell to the edge of the abyss.

At that moment, the Ultima System expanded the flash and permeated the magic circle.

The reverse rotation of the sun and moon halo stopped.

Sein, who woke up from the brink of death, shuddered at a phenomenon beyond imagination.


A signal made up of only one was quickly cutting off the link of the complex angelic magic circle.

‘What on earth is this system?’

A single signal that perfectly encapsulates the entire universe.

Even the grand logic of an angel was nothing more than a murmur of an idiot before the only insight that could stand against the Akashic Records.

-Reconnect to the Ultima system.

-Babel Primitive System up and running.

Babel began to reset as a small change created by Sein made Kariel’s logic system as inaccurate as a speck of dust.

As the magic circle split into fragments, Sein activated Equilibrium.

As the two gears meshed, Kariel’s destroyed logic was carefully ground and returned to the world of nothingness.

The Ultima system was still simple, but it got bigger.

As the light expanded, everything finally came together.

Woo woo woo!

Babel’s photoelectric cannon disappeared like turning off a faucet.

Then, the legs and arms stuck in the ground rose up and the upper body stood up, returning to its pre-transformation form.

thud! thud! thud!

As the pilot relaxed, dozens of Kuroi fell to their knees as the power transmitted to the piper decreased.

“What happened? Is it over?”

During the 20 seconds that photoelectric cannons fired continuously, the rebel headquarters was completely devastated.

The Titan driven by Crude was damaged, and half of the command’s forces were dead.

-Babel program initialization.

Babel, who was in a fighting stance, lowered his hand.

Then the electrical wings disintegrated into dots, and the head and knees slowly began to descend.

– No signal.

– Waiting for user registration.


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Babel knelt down in the ancient ruins and waited for the next user to appear.

A look that was absolutely disgusting to the rebels.

Kuroi’s c*ckpit opened and Kanya came running with Cigna.


bang! bang! bang!

Every time Babel’s face was struck with a sword, a powerful explosion occurred, but not even soot was formed on the metal surface.

If it had durability that could withstand heat flash cannons, it wasn’t something that could be hurt by a mere signa.

That made me even more angry.

Babel’s unmoving figure, as if willing to accept the sin, plunged Kanya’s heart into despair.

“Sister, stop!”

Lena ran crying and stopped Kanya.

Even if you take out your anger on a lump of metal, only the body of the person who hit it will be damaged.

“Let go! I will kill you! Let go!”

“And what if it works again? It’s just a machine!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Kanya threw away Cigna and screamed at the sky.

Even though he lost his father, he was so resentful that there was no way to even get revenge.


Sain wiped the bloody nose and stood up slowly.

Crude, who had disembarked from Titan, approached while remaining calm.

“You finally did it. thanks. Thanks to that, the damage was reduced.”

Even though he had already suffered tremendous damage, the inaction of Babel against Crude was that much.

“No, the system itself repaired the error on its own. I just opened the lock.”

Crude looked back at Babel with a serious expression.

“I have met many Norsemen, but I have never seen one as powerful as you. If you still say that, then what the hell is that machine?”

“I don’t know the details either. The only thing I know is that it wasn’t made to deal with subjects. It is an ancient weapon for archangels.”

“An ancient weapon… … .”

Crude approached Babel, who stopped working.

Looking down at her lowered face, he saw that the red light on the panel was still flickering.

“It’s not like the power went out. Are you sleeping?”

“maybe. It seems that the system was initialized while destroying the angel’s magic circle.”

“That’s right. Hmm.”

Crude stood up with her eyes shining.

“then… … How about we use this?”

It wasn’t that Sein hadn’t thought about it either.

However, as the person who directly explored Babel’s system, I was able to assert that there is little possibility.

“Babel’s system consists of integrated signals that transcend the human realm. We cannot decipher it.”

Babel’s capabilities transcend Titan’s.

It would be of great help to the force if it could be drawn into an ally, but what human could decipher the signal?

‘How do I use this?’

The cries of the victims permeated Sein’s cold-hearted thoughts.

* * *

It wasn’t darkness that covered the sun. It was the energy of death that had flowed in for eons of time.

As Hel, the ruler of Niflheim, showed off his presence by growing in size, Gaold and his party trembled.

Perhaps the thing that most resembles death is the cold.

The energy of death, which cannot be expressed by temperature, penetrated deep into the bones and suppressed the vitality.


Kang Nan widened his eyes and energized his body.

You have to overcome with life.

If you don’t prove that you’re alive by activating each cell, you’ll end up like the guide.

At that moment, Gaold’s face crumpled like a demon, and powerful atmospheric pressure plunged him to the ground.

Pain 100,000 times.


Darkness swept down like wallpaper peeling off, but soon the energy of death engulfed the space again.

Still, it was a strange phenomenon to Hel.

The energy that even blocked the sun couldn’t be erased with air pressure.

‘The will to live?’

It was a will beyond imagination.

“You arrogant man, why do you reject death?”

Hel raised his body and spoke solemnly, but Gaold pretended not to hear, lost in thought.

‘Certainly this one is tricky.’

He tried to measure the threshold of pain needed to suppress an energy more powerful than that of the Grim Reaper, but it was not an easy task.

When there was no answer, Hel spoke again.

“Did you walk to death in search of an abominable labyrinth? But the only thing waiting for you is the god of the dead.”


The moment he heard those words, Gaold became a completely different person.

An earthquake occurred in his pupil, and all the veins began to stand up.

“how… … Understand?”

“There is nothing unknown to the dead. It just doesn’t interfere.”

“Quack! I mean.”

Whites appeared in Gaold’s eyes.

As the haze of self-denial spread through his body, even the energy of death took a backward step as if terrified.

Kang Nan sensed the danger and approached.

I don’t know how far the limit of pain perception is, but the old limit has already been exceeded.

“How do you know what people say! obviously don’t… … !”

“shut up.”

Gangnan’s mouth was tightly shut.

This way you can’t dry it. Gaold’s mind would be nothing but Miro’s thoughts.

“Where is the maze? You’d better brush it off nicely. Unless you want to die one more time.”

“The labyrinth… … !”

shouted Hell.


The words that followed were ferocious ears that made the heart stop.

The robe came off, revealing Hel’s face, which seemed to be the sum of all the deaths in the world.

As the energy of death surged in as sharp as a blade, Zulu, who stood in the way of Gangnan, cast a boss.


Cao oh oh!

A huge bird made of light wrapped around the two of them.

The dark energy hit them the very next moment, but it just passed by without giving any impact.

Space-time bird, postmetry.

Although Zulu is famous for being a lich summoner, POSMETERY was also a tier 2 monster that only she could master.

Posmetry appears once every four years on the equatorial island of Canarica, flies for three seconds before disappearing, presumably staying in another dimension.

It took 12 years for Zulu, who collected all the records of postmetry that had been witnessed thousands of years ago, to succeed in becoming a boss.

Considering that it stays for 3 seconds once every 4 years, the exact period was only 9 seconds, and people follow Rich as a major anecdote to praise Zulu’s genius.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah Kwah!

Posmetry transported the two to another space-time for three seconds, and everything that happened during that time had no effect on them.

For the first time, Kang Nan could clearly see the aura of death passing in front of his eyes.

What I thought was darkness was actually an infinitely overlapping pattern of the screaming faces of the dead.

“Three seconds. I can’t stand it any longer.”

There was no need to listen to Zulu.

At the same time as Hel showed his true colors, Gaold was already charging towards the demon’s face.

maze! maze! maze! maze! maze! maze!

Only one word was passing at the speed of electricity in my head, and that blind belief brought even greater pain.

“The god of the dead? Something like a shell… … !”

Raising his right hand high, Gaold swung his fist down and cast a spell.

Pain 500,000 times – air pressing.

As Hel’s form disintegrated, it was trampled downward like tens of thousands of water droplets falling.

Woo woo woo woo woo!

The belated shock caused the entire landscape to vibrate up and down like a planet shaking.


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