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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 440

[440] The Day of the Full Moon (4)

The metal angel’s smooth body reflected in the moonlight imitated the beauty of living things, but Sein and the others could read the heartlessness hidden in the beauty.

Of course, Babel was beautiful.

It was just chillingly cold. Just looking at it would make your bones freeze.

Sein’s Iron Wheel rotated with a loud sound. The calculation was faster than ever, but he felt that even this was not enough.

‘What is this?’

There is no unique aura that can only be felt from the strong.

However, on the contrary, I felt the solidity of super coolness that would not be shaken no matter how strong I faced.

-Target setting: No priority.

– Run random target algorithm.

Babel’s vision lens caught Lena.

No one could confirm the focal point hidden in the red panel, but only one person, Lena’s father, the witcher, threw himself.


Was Lena chosen between Kanya and Lena a superpower created by extreme paternal love?

The choice was correct, and the body of the witcher who pushed Lena came to a halt.

Babel approached and pierced the Witcher’s chest with a cold hand.

“Oh, Dad?”

Lena’s face went pale.

It swayed from time to time throughout the area right before going crazy.


Kanya, blinded by rage, jumped at Babel.

– Detect enemy approach.

-Response type: Instant death.

When Babel disappeared without even an afterimage, the witcher’s body collapsed.

Due to the extreme relativity created by ultra-high speed, Kanya’s brain could not perceive the incoming scenery in order.

In the illusion that the witcher fell first and Babel appeared in front of me, only one thing was clear.

‘He’s dying.’

Hey hey hey!

Babel’s capital stopped in front of Kanya’s neck with a chilling sound.

Over his shoulder, Sein was in a combat stance, turning his iron wheel sharply.

One Equilibrium that could have been counted as the witcher’s death.

However, Babel expanded the asteroid and dismantled the complicated operation of the cogwheel.

‘Can it be?’

Equilibrium is the ultimate crowd controller that simultaneously calculates the Sanity and Emotion coefficients.

Dismantling such a personalized code in less than a second meant that it was learned in the moment, not a set program.

‘It’s not intuition. Is it a stochastic algorithm?’

A method of randomly repeating random numbers to reach a conclusion in order to understand an object.

No matter how much Sein was a Servant, it had to be seen that his calculation speed far exceeded Babel’s ability.

“Back off.”

Sein spoke briefly.

“Oh, Dad… … !”


there are no second chances

If you don’t understand this, you have no choice but to die.

Fortunately, Kanya still had something to protect, and she desperately held onto her reason and ran to Lena.

“Lena! come here!”

Babel remained motionless even while carrying the half-fascinated Lena on her back and running away.

Her visual lens focused only on Sein, analyzing her every move.

-Target: Human. 99.8 percent accuracy.

-Type: Programmer.

– Consequences: highest level risk factors. Priority algorithm applied. 1st priority elimination target.

Babel’s body slowly turned towards Sein.

The two entities, unrivaled in arithmetic, recognized and glared at each other in different ways.

“emergency! All ready for battle!”

Crude’s voice as she ran to the hangar echoed through the night sky.

* * *

Cloning room.

The two aides sent by Reisis prepared themselves with a bucket of water.

Now that the ingredients needed for Ilhwa’s sake were prepared, what was inside was just a piece of meat.

The method suggested by Reisis is to immerse the corpse of Muusa, the acid poison king, in water.

Breathing in the strong acidic gas it produces will melt the lungs of any creature and instantly kill it within 10 seconds.

I had enough time to finish my work and come out, but when I started, I felt out of breath.

“If you take even one sip, it’s over. Let’s deal with it quickly.”

“It’s okay, but it’s a little embarrassing. Even clones.”

“You are talking nonsense. Have you even heard of it? It’s cattle anyway. Let’s deal with it quickly.”

When the iron door was opened, hot air escaped.

The cultivation room was just a room with a large square meter, and the clones were immersed in their work, unaware of the coming death.

The man who placed the bucket in the center took out the body of Muusa. The water was bubbling as the meat and meat were removed.

“Let’s go, quickly.”

Covering their noses and mouths with their collars, the two ran towards the exit. White smoke began to rise from the water tank.

* * *

With Ikasa’s help, Sirone and Fleur escaped from the cage and ran through the underground corridors of the headquarters.

Everyone was focusing on Ilhwa’s sake, so I couldn’t see the members walking around.

Of course, it was also thanks to the restraints of those who did not have access to the core of the information.

“It’s enough to get rid of the members, but the problem is Akamai. You’re going to end up like a demon caught in a barracks.”

“It will be fine until Reysis finds out. Let’s go ASAP. Where is Garras?”

“I saw a guide map hanging in the genetics lab. Let’s go there for now.”

Flew retrieved his memory and went into the genetics lab.

While Flew deciphered the map hanging on the wall, Sirone picked up the papers on the desk in the lab.

Thanks to the Ultima system, the signal was converted into a single code and transmitted just by looking at the sentence.

It was an experiment report containing clone information.

Since her clone must also be here somewhere, Sirone looked carefully, but in the end, she couldn’t turn a single page and frowned.

“How could you do this… … What do you know about humans?”

The ugly process of mass-producing clones through the triangular mechanism of Sirone, Fleur, and Garras was written.

The hand, which had been quickly turning a page or two, stopped flinching again.

The eyes that had been slowly reading through the Ultima System shook in shock.

“Here, senior. Have you read this file? Clonal culture research data.”

Flew was intent on examining the huge map with one eye squinting as if he had a headache.


“… … no. I researched only what was necessary. This, the drone’s decoding speed is too slow.”

Sirone let out a long sigh.

I wanted to tell you what I saw in the papers, but I couldn’t bear to say it out of my own mouth.

‘What do we do? Still, I’ll have to say something.’

“found. Mormot Containment Cell. Fortunately, it’s not far.”

Fleur hurriedly left the lab.

Time was not enough no matter how sparingly he spent, as he did not know when Reysys would notice the escape.

Sirone felt rather fortunate. Because sometimes not knowing can be the medicine.

The place where Fleur arrived was in front of an iron gate that rose to the ceiling.

Taking out the phoenix from Kubrick and casting fire magic, the locking device became red hot and melted into molten iron.

As they grabbed the handles on both sides and pulled them, they were greeted with a roaring sound and an extraordinary sight.

“oh my god… … .”

Like the ark from the great flood myth, all kinds of creatures were crammed into the 14-story apartment.

As I walked to the end of the containment room, I saw the only coffin that was blocked by a glass wall rather than an iron bar.

A black creature the size of a human torso was wriggling inside a two-meter-tall glass tube.

The king of breeding, Garas.

Even in this place where numerous creatures are gathered, it is possible to know how high the risk is if it is specially isolated.

Eight spider-like legs were holding onto the glass wall, and on the underside of the body, a lip-like organ was in motion to spit out something.

He had only one eye on his bony head, and his eyelids were completely open, giving him a look of surprise.

“this… … Are you Garas?”

“Garasu has no special shape. Even now, it is just a certain entity that has been passed down through infinite generations.”

Garras’s mushy hair folded in half and his eyes turned forward.

Shirone’s eyes met with the guy who wiped the mucous membranes of his pupils with his upper and lower eyelids.

One desire, one purpose.

This was the reason that there were creatures stronger than Garras, but no species stronger than Garras.

Garras turned his gaze to Flew, and his brilliance probed the nature of the species.

Flew groaned as the creature’s eyelids, grasping something, closed in half-closed form, as if in a smile.

My left temple jumped as I remembered the scene I had seen in the warehouse. It was a terrible headache.


At that moment, Garas screamed as he straightened all his legs like a spear.

“this… … !”

Sirone and Fleur hurriedly flipped their upper bodies at the force that seemed to jump out.

It was only when I felt the wetness on my back that I realized how nervous I had been.

“What should I do, senior? Are you really going to release it?”

The power of Karas is needed to neutralize Akamai and stop Ilhwa’s sorcery.

But I couldn’t bear to open Pandora’s box.

No, maybe this is the door to hell.

Command is razed to the ground when Garas regains his freedom.

Any living thing will become a target for reproduction, so the number of objects will also increase exponentially.

“You have to do it anyway. I’m going to release it for now and run unconditionally. Rescue the captured rebels and then strike the races.”

that’s the only best

It was not a relaxed situation to think of a way to survive and plan a strategy.

“then… … I will open it.”

Sirone’s hand toward the lock trembled.

When no one expected what the result would be, pressing the button ticked and the lock unlocked.

The two of them checked that far and turned around at the same time. And without even bothering to look back, he cast teleportation.

bang! The glass tube was kicked off and the glass flowed down.

His body, waddling on its eight legs to balance itself, began to grow in proportion to the size of the space.


Naturally, the screaming grew louder, and Sirone and Fleur gave in to the illusion that they could hear them from close by and screamed.


As if they had promised, the two threw their bodies and rolled left and right to slam the iron door shut.

After a while, the screams of countless living creatures came through the iron gate, breaking through the thumping noise.

Sirone was finally convinced.

What he opened was obviously the door to hell.

* * *

“Stupid children!”

Lacey opened the door roughly and entered.

As reported by the researcher, Sirone and Flu were not seen.

Akamai, shrunk like a deflated balloon, was shabbyly apart, and only Ikasa was sitting inside the cage.

“I must have asked you to check it?”

“That, well, since Akamai is there, prepare for the experiment… … .”

The researcher’s face flew away with a pop.

The attack was so fast that it was invisible to the naked eye, but Ikasa could see it.

A hideous whip concealed under her cloak.

“Hey, do you wear that kind of body? How hideous. Gorgol, the ugliest of Maras, is not like you.”


As Reisis clenched her teeth, a rough chest erupted from between the interlocking fangs.

“You dare to criticize this body for a weak angel? In a little while, you too will be in my belly.”

“Ho-ho-ho! Yes, my beautiful body must be driving me crazy. But what? I don’t think anything can fix your ugly appearance.”

Ikasa’s vitriol was unstoppable.

She could not do anything until she fulfilled the cause of the Valhalla action, but the self-esteem of an angel was nobler than death.

“I’ll tear you to pieces!”

The ground thumped with each step Raysis took.

Her skin flushed and the face of a monster was exposed, and she tore her huge mouth open and charged into the barricade.



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