Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 439

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[439] The Day of the Full Moon (3)

With the activation of the artificial brain, the arrival time of Ataraxia was more than twice as fast as before.

Staring at the colorful halo aiming in front of her, Sirone cast her magic.

‘Photon Cannon!’

As the photons compressed and shook as if they were about to explode, Ikasa appeared in front of her.


As the fist dug into the pit of the stomach, Armand bit it, but the shockwave could not be completely offset.

Equivalent exchange of cause and effect.

Valhalla action is nothing more than reversing the order of potential energy and kinetic energy, but it was difficult to adapt to beings living in time.

“How dare you do that!”

Ikasa struck at high speed with her Valhalla action, and Sirone swung Armand’s tentacles and flicked his fist.

When the photon cannon was fired from close range, this time Ikasa evaded the attack with a dazzling weaving.

The surviving rebels did not even dare to intervene in the battle where bactu and magic unfolded at the same time.

“That’s the Nephilim… … .”

Humans compete with angels as equals.

Even if he is a fallen angel, he is an existence that cannot be approached by his subjects.

For the subjects, it was a shocking event as much as breaking the beliefs they had kept since time immemorial.

‘I can’t do this!’

It was the same with Ikasa who couldn’t accept the reality.

Aren’t humans who couldn’t even move a fingertip a year ago competing on an equal footing with themselves who received the power of the Great Full Moon?

“A mere worm!”

Ikasa longed for the best combo attack that could be put into the coordinates where Sirone was.

As the afterimages of his fists formed a huge barrier and rushed like a tidal wave, Sirone took an extreme defensive stance.

As the Ultima system acted immediately, Armand’s robes twisted along with his body and grew in thickness.

A fist-shaped pattern was stamped all over Sirone’s body.


An attack so fast that you can’t think of anything but defense.

However, after this typhoon passes, an opportunity comes to Sirone.

‘As expected, there is a limit to a target with a will. If we endure this, we can win.’

Pushed away by Ikasa’s final blow, Sirone accumulated Ataraxia while enduring the pain of breaking her bones.

The prediction was accurate, and Ikasa, who had accelerated the result with the Valhalla action, was unable to even move.

‘But it’s subtle. Can I make it on time?’

It’s something you have to do.

Considering the angel’s durability, this was the only way to finish it in one blow.

Looking at Ataraxia, which was accumulating rapidly, Ikasa had the feelings of a condemned prisoner on the death row.

‘That’s dangerous.’

Archangel Ichael’s proprietary patent.

If it was completed before the Valhalla action came back, there was a high probability that it would fall into a pacif just by its existence, regardless of its power.

‘Six seconds. 5 seconds. 4 seconds.’

Ataraxia vs. Valhalla action.

It was a battle to see who perfected the power of an angel first.

“It is now. Get it out.”

When Raysis, who was watching the situation from the headquarters basement, issued an order, all living things on the ground stopped moving at the same time.


Sensing an abnormal change, Fleur raised her gaze with difficulty.

The huge pupils were moving rapidly as if observing everyone on the ground.

Biological Weapon – Jin Akamai.

The power of the antithesis reversed the law.

As if tied with a rope, Ikasa shrugged and screamed.

“Keugh! this, this… … !”

Even if he was a fallen angel, his restraining power was unbelievable.

It was a law that was difficult to endure just by receiving the power of the full moon, even if it was a normal angel level.

It was to the point where Ikasa was tied up, so there was nothing to say about the others.

The only person who showed movement was Sirone, who was enduring with the power of transcending the mind.

‘It’s a great power. What the hell is this?’

Even Armand’s robe couldn’t stand it and was dismantled in the reverse order of installation and turned into a demonic sword.

A researcher who was watching the situation underground said.

“All sack is complete. What should I do?”

Reisis threw off the commander’s mask.

Now that the materials were gathered, the rebels on the ground were nothing more than worthless pieces of meat.

“Take the crew and bring Sirone, Fleur, and the angel. Prepare the sake of anecdote right now.”

Reisis’ aides immediately moved.

While Ilhwa’s liquor was being prepared, Sirone, Fleur, and Ikasa were imprisoned behind bars.

Of course, the real prison they were imprisoning was Jin Akamai, who was staring this way from outside the cage.

Fleur gritted her teeth.

I didn’t know that Resis would start acting in the situation where the angel invaded.

‘No, it’s such a great weapon. How did they make it?’

It was a situation where the three people who had been fighting fiercely before suddenly became cellmates.


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Flew glared fiercely at Ikasa, who had ruined everything.

However, emotions were not important in this situation, so I first conveyed the necessary information to Sirone.

Reysis was strengthening herself through biological experiments, and the main point was that Sirone was chosen as the material for it, and that Garas and Flu were being used to mass-produce clones.

It was an absurd sound even for the angel Ikasa to hear.

“A lowly race trying to become a god? stupid things.”

It was an antinomy to come out of the mouth of an angel of desire, but Sirone’s thoughts were not particularly different.

‘You were cloning me? how… … .’

Then the door opened and Lacey entered.

“Whoops, they are angels and Nephilim. A truly appetizing food warehouse. No, should I say luxurious?”

Ikasa exclaimed, revealing this.

“What an insignificant human being! Do you know what the words of the one who resisted the angels are?”

“Knock-knock! Who is the one who is held captive by that insignificant man-made creature?”

Without fear, Reisis opened the cage and sat down in front of Ikasa, stroking her chin.

A tyrannical fallen angel. However, he was definitely an angel as much as his physical form.

“How beautiful it is. It is perfect for being my body.”

Sirone asked.

“Why are you doing this? Even if you become strong through such inhuman experiments, you are just a monster.”

“A monster… … .”

Resis remembered Satan’s words from long ago.

“Form is just function. It is only lowly human beings who give it aesthetic meaning. Therefore, strength is beauty.”

Reisis’ facial bones were distorted and transformed into a monster.

The eyes were slanted, the nose protruded like a beast, and the lips parted below the ears.

The surrounding scenery shimmered like a haze as the flames blazed in his snake-like eyes.

When the memory vision, which shows the images in her memory, turns on, Sirone feels as if she is in a laboratory.

The corpses of Akamai from Antithese, Kuzen from Feeder, Kenser from Infinite Cell Proliferator, Galtomic from Jinmai Plant, and Ringer from Gap Mineral were placed separately in the central Physics Machine.

“how is it? Those are the creatures that will lead me into the body of a god.”

Sirone pursed his lips.

“Do you think you can become a god with just that?”

“For living things, mortality is not inevitable. Death is also only a creature’s chosen function. If it is only for one perfect individual, death is nothing more than a phenomenon that can be eliminated. In the remaining 2 slots, you and the angel will melt. Putting it all together, I become the god of the world.”

“You are crazy.”

Hate flashed in Flew’s eyes.

She was the one who watched from beginning to end how Raysis mass-produced clones.

“Whoa, anyway, you are like excrement that cannot permeate into my body. Think whatever you want and wait until you die.”

Reisis left the room with those words.

Sooner or later, researchers will pull out Sirone and Ikasa and throw them into the Fuzix Machine.

There is no gap in the anecdotal sake made by Ankera.

Even if the body of the angel Ikasa was mixed with the plasma, there was no choice but to melt into a black liquid.

Flew strained his body with all his might, but Jin Jin Akamai’s restraining power was so great that it was difficult to move a single finger.

“It’s a big deal. If we continue like this, we will all die.”

Ikasa laughed.

“A ephemera discussing death. It’s a nerve-wracking thing.”

“Haha, is it? Come to think of it, do angels live long? I will regret it, if it perishes like this.”

Ikasa kept her mouth shut.

It was true. There will be no permanent death as long as the Akashic Records exist, but extinction was one of the most unpleasant events even for angels.

“There is one way.”


Sirone asked again, turning her head with difficulty.

Just being able to move under the restraints of True Akamai, Ikasa could guess how strong Shirone’s incarnation was.

“of course. Do you think a noble angel would be defeated by a mere man-made creature?”

said Fleur.

“Are you suffering now? What is the method?”

Ikasa thought for a moment before opening her mouth.

But the feeling of being out of balance did not leave.

“The Valhalla action is to destroy this creature. In other words, let’s draw the result of destruction first and use it.”

“Isn’t it strange? If that’s possible, why are you being held?”

When Fleur asked, Sirone said.

“Because the cost is too great.”

Ikasa didn’t hide it any longer.

“that’s right. In terms of binding force, power equivalent to at least 8 hours is paid for. In other words, if I destroy it, I will be incapacitated for 8 hours.”

“Eight hours… … .”

The binding force that Ikasa, which did not take 30 minutes to topple a mountain, had to pay for 8 hours of labor.

It was a possible result because it was the antithesis of the law, not physical force, but even so, I was able to guess how powerful the creature in front of me was.

Sirone realized the reason for Ikasa’s hesitation.

“I will definitely save you. So set us free.”

“Heh, do you think I will believe in human words?”

“You have to believe it. If we stay like this, everyone will die.”

Ikasa’s face crumpled in annoyance.

“I don’t know if it’s me, but what would be different if you guys went out? There won’t be one or two of these creatures. I’m just going to get caught again and come back here anyway.”

“That is what I have in mind.”

said Fleur.

“Garath is being held in an underground laboratory. I’m going to release it here. To them, this place will be like a flower garden.”


Ikasa thought carefully.

Garras, the king of breeding, was the worst creature she knew.

‘Remove this Park Yo-jong with Garas? Well, it’s not impossible if they’re released.’


Shirone, who had risen through mental transcendence, approached slowly and met Ikasa’s eyes.

“I will definitely come to get you. release us.”

The desire for human life is truly tenacious.

It was the reason why Ankera had no choice but to control humans, and because of that, Ikasa became a fallen angel.

“Hey, don’t compare me to a ephemera. I’m not afraid of death It just annoys me a little.”

“But also for you… … .”

Ikasa cut off Sirone’s words.

“go. let me go.”

When Sirone made a surprised expression, Ikasa snorted in disbelief.

“Not for you. There is no way, and I feel relieved to see that woman who challenges the authority of an angel perish.”

“I will definitely come back and save you. wait.”

Ikasa closed her eyes instead of answering.

As the planetary body expanded, the batteries of the Valhalla action began to accumulate in the halo.

‘The binding force is much stronger than expected.’

The conclusion of Valhalla’s calculation was 9 hours and 43 seconds.

It was the amount of time it would take for Ikasa to destroy Akamai with the power of her incarnation.

‘But it’s going to be hard to catch a level angel.’

It was her own comfort that if she hadn’t become a fallen angel, she wouldn’t have been treated like this.

‘I can’t believe the day will come when I’ll rely on someone like that.’

Ikasa’s eyes widened as she took a deep breath.

Valhalla Action!


Jin Akamai screamed with his body.

The huge focal point moved as fast as light, and the mushy body dried up.


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