Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 441

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[441] The Day of the Full Moon (5)

Sirone and Flew peeked at the warehouse where the rebels on the ground were captured.

Reisis’ men accompanied by Akamai were guarding the iron gate.

“What should I do? If you approach, you will be knocked down.”

“It seems that Akamai contracts with its users through blood ties. We’ll have to get rid of the user first before responding.”

Akamai was three, floating between seven men.

It was impossible to determine which person he was having blood ties with just by looking at the distance.

“Should I deal with it at once?”

“It’s a battle of timing. If we give the enemy time to respond, we will be bitten.”

“How about accessing it by teleportation?”

“It’s the easiest way, but I’m not sure. They’re Norse wizards too. If you’re an aide to Reysis, your skills must be excellent.”

Sirone remembered Armand.

After being captured by Jin Akamai, the magic sword was taken away, but there is a fact that Reisis does not know.

Armand, integrated into the Ultima system, is connected by a single signal across time and space, so information can be shared regardless of distance.

“I’d rather call Armand.”

If you are in the state of transforming into Geumgang Armed Forces, you can eliminate the members before Akamai is activated.

It was possible enough if Ikasawa’s physical ability was equal to that of Ikasawa.

“But I will get the location. What if you still don’t know that we fled? The more time the better.”

“Why don’t you think you already figured it out? If you release the rebels anyway, the location will be revealed.”

There was some truth in Sirone’s words.

The later that Raysys realizes, the higher the success rate of the operation, but it is dangerous to strategize based on uncertain assumptions.

“Hmm, good. Let’s do it. But make no mistake.”

Sirone pulled her hands back and tried normal control.

Armand’s condition could not be accurately grasped, but the location was conveyed through a vague feeling.

‘Come this way.’

I felt a sense of unity with Armand as if I had become a magnet.

As I amplified the feeling, Armand flew into Armand’s grasp, bending the trajectory at a right angle along the corridor.

Golden Armed Forces.

Sirone took a deep breath, watched the crew’s reaction, and unknowingly threw herself away.


It was the last thought of the members of their lives that a hazy afterimage was swirling in front of their eyes.

As Sirone’s body rotated, the tentacles cut everyone’s throats and passed at a faster speed.

chin. Turtle tuck.

Sirone gently frowned at the unpleasant sensation that surged through Armand.

He had no hesitation in punishing those who carried out cruel biological experiments, but it felt different from magic.

‘Calm down. It’s not my only mission.’

Flew watched Akamai’s reaction.

The user died, but if the blood adhesions were still there, there was room for a belated reaction.

‘Is it better to deal with it? Or is it scraping and swelling?’

Sirone attacked Akamai without conflict.

As the robe fluttered, a black afterimage swung around.

Three Akamai fell to the floor, split in half like a soft tropical fruit.

Flew stuck out his tongue at such a speed that he couldn’t even react.

‘Ultima System. Definitely great. If it’s at that level, it’ll be helpful enough when fighting Heaven.’

Sirone and Fleur exchanged glances in front of the iron gate.

When I unlocked the lock and opened the door, a sharp gale blew from inside the warehouse.


Armand’s robe, which was strong against impact but weak against cutting power, was shredded right before it was cut.

Feeling the pain of being cut, Sirone hurriedly shrunk her body and looked inside.

Dozens of pupils appeared with light.


It was not the rebels on the ground that were in the warehouse.

No, maybe that’s right. Because Sirone also had people who had learned the face.

However, their appearance was completely changed, with only a few personalities from when they were human.

Flu, who avoided the surprise attack with the Dawkins algorithm, frowned as he grabbed his aching shoulder.

“Like a wicked woman… … .”

Reysys turned all the useless rebels into soldiers.

Although it was not a body made with a Fuzix machine, the physical ability to raise the telomere level to 5 was not negligible.


The Norr crew members who lost their reason rushed towards Sirone.

The number of people who escaped from the warehouse was well over a hundred, and none of them had the intelligence of the past to be found.


As the curtain of light struck the monsters, their cheeks were torn and even the bones in their limbs were snapped.

But the monsters didn’t stop rushing.

‘What happened?’

Flesh was pushed out from the destroyed part, and the organ was regenerating in an instant.

‘Infinite cell proliferation sensor.’

Flew, realizing the monster’s condition, said.


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“It is equipped with the ability to regenerate cells. I won’t budge from any kind of attack.”

The monsters were divided into two groups, aiming for Syrone and Fleur, but the weight of the battle from the standpoint of the victim was not reduced by 1/2.

Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes that determine the limits of living organisms, and LACES has enhanced body functions by strengthening this part.

In addition, by combining the traits of Kenser, which has no telomere limit, it created a soldier that neither rots nor dies.

Originally, it was a tactic that was attempted to equip troops equivalent to the Kuroi of the Mecca in the war against heaven, but now it was rather acting as a major biological weapon to punish the light of Area 73.


People with snakes in their eyes, people with one arm drooping like an earthworm, and people who have turned into beasts like wolves, all with different forms and abilities, but their ferocity is second to none.

Armand’s tentacles moved at great speed and cut their flesh, but Sirone felt as if he was swinging against a wall.

‘At this rate, I’ll get tired first.’

The monsters, which were gradually closing the distance, pressed Sirone from top to bottom with a wall of flesh.


While the monsters were crushing Sirone like a grave, the monster that hadn’t tasted the flesh near the top let out a pitiful scream.


Then the tomb shook.

Quadduk! Quadd Deuk!

The shaking intensified, and a monstrous scream rose from the pile of flesh as if it were coming from the abyss.

Quad de de de de de de de deuc!

The sound of bones breaking, muscles being mashed, and blood mixing with internal organs all mingled together, and at last they all began to be sucked toward the center.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … !”

The last remaining monster crumpled like paper and disappeared into a black orb.

Sirone got on the floor and struggled to stand up.

His body was convulsing after casting a dark ball three times larger than usual.


As much as it was the power exerted by raising the mental transcendence to the limit in Immortal Function, the aftermath was considerable.

“Sirone, are you okay?”

Flu came running.

The space where she fought was strewn with numerous corpses that had been burned like coals.

If Sirone is a hard puncher who competes with power, Fleur is an irregularity who fights with precise algorithms.

No matter how excellent Kenser’s regenerative ability was, he couldn’t stand it if he lit it with a phoenix pavilion and dragged out the time with Dawkins’ algorithm.

“are you okay. It was a bit overloaded.”

Flew felt a slight chill as he looked down the hallway where five tons of weight had disappeared without a trace.

Gather the monsters in one place and cast a dark ball.

It was a tactic of brute strength that was not found to be an anomaly.

“In the end, the rebels who will help us end up like this. Now it’s just the two of us left. We have to stop Ilhwa from drinking.”

Sirone had no intention of retreating either.

Of course, there was a promise to return to Ikasa as well as to punish Reisis.

“There! catch!”

Reisis’ aides appeared from the corner of the hallway.

They were elite fighters who started searching for Armand after he left his original position.

But what was most disappointing was that each of them was accompanied by Akamai.

At first, they reflexively took a fighting stance, but the same thought passed through their heads.

‘damn! late!’

When Akamai’s eyes flashed open and the Antithesis was activated, Sirone and Fleur’s powers of action dropped sharply.

As if I was born as a species that could not move from the beginning, I felt lethargic, with no strength in my muscles.

‘No, but it’s weaker than guarding behind bars. With this, I can land a blow.’

The problem was timing.

You must either decapitate 3 people at the same time with a single attack, or kill 3 Akamai.

‘I have to wait until everyone enters the horizontal cutting trajectory.’

When Sirone and Fleur couldn’t move, Resis’ aides relaxed their expressions and approached.

“Whoa, I finally caught it, rat-like things. At least we almost went to the goal.”

When the plan went wrong, Raysis became extremely violent, and there were only 7 deaths that were swept away while being by her side.

If they had let go of Sirone and Fleur like this, they would have suffered the same.

A bald man approached with a fishy smile.

He, who had lost his pride to Flu in the affinity measurement, smiled bitterly as he enjoyed the reverse situation.

“Hey, we’ll end up meeting like this in the end.”

“You trash child. Aren’t you afraid of the sky after doing this?”

“sky? I don’t know, but this is the sky. It means that it is not a place for people from remote lands to set up and walk around.”

Bald stroked Fleur’s chin.

“Hmm, after all, the real thing is different.”

“Get your hands off me.”

“Hehe, don’t do that too much. All your clones are already dead anyway. You only have one life, you should cherish it.”

Flew kept an eye on the bald man’s movements while meticulously calculating the positions of those in the hallway.

‘Just a little bit more.’

Do not strike until the three Akamai are within range.

But the smirking man leaning on the corner showed no signs of coming all the way.

“Hehe, we only need to take Sirone anyway. So rather here… … !”


A black object suddenly protrudes from around the corner, grabbing the man and knocking him to the ground.

Then, like a swarm of insects, black things encroached on the corridor and quickly turned and glared at us.


The creature that had knocked the man down slumped against his stomach and shook his torso, both legs sticking out of the corner.

“Oh, no! don’t do it! Aaaaaa!”

It was Garas.

It was completely different from the one Sirone had seen in the containment room, but none of the Garas gathered here looked the same anyway.

Garras attacked all living things, regardless of species.

“Kyik! Kiik!”

Akamai, who was grabbed by Garas, let out a loud noise, his pupils widening, and he trembled and fell.

The Garas, who had been tied to the Antithese for a while, screamed as if they were vomiting resentment over missing the breeding ground, then ran towards the hallway.

“This, this… … !”

The bald man’s face turned pale in front of Garras’ charge, which was a mixture of the characteristics of all kinds of creatures.

It wasn’t even a threat to the extent of using magic.

Even if the entire body suffers from egg death, it is certain that they will plant the second generation in the man’s stomach.

Sirone pulled Fleur with the strength she had been saving for a counterattack.

As I planted my tentacles into the wall and widened the distance, I could see the gruesome scene at a glance.

Dark creatures were teeming with encroaching hallways.

A bald man crawled out from the bottom of the darkness and stretched out his hand to Sirone.

“I, please… … .”

It was a look that could only be seen at the end of despair.

“Kill me.”

“Kiyiyi! Hee hee hee!”


The bald man’s upper body was lifted wide, and surprise, shock, and fear flooded his face at the same time.

Sirone and Fleur felt their hair stand on end.

It was fortunate that he couldn’t see what Garas was doing because it was covered in darkness.

“Let’s go, Sirone.”

As Fleur tugged at his collar, Sirone rolled his eyes and looked at the man’s drooling face for a moment before turning away.

The maw of desire was devouring the headquarters.


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