Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 428

[428] Definition of creature (4)

Fleur couldn’t understand Sirone’s words.

“Have you ever been here?”

Babel is a place called the tomb of angels.

There was no possibility that Sirone, only nineteen years old, had come to a place that had been in heaven before its subjects even lived.

“Actually, I don’t know… … .”

“Hmm, is it like deja vu?”

Normally, you wouldn’t have to think deeply about it, but if you add the fact that the steel golems fell right before they attacked Sirone, it wasn’t something to be overlooked.

“Let’s go somewhere else for now. It is too dangerous here.”

“Wait. Are you going to leave it behind?”

Joon pointed to the electricity on the cone.

Even if it wasn’t an electric spirit, it was a waste to give up.

Flew thought the same, but it didn’t feel right.

Even the dead Jo Won was not a person with poor skills, but he couldn’t even react and his body was broken by a shotgun.

“Sirone, how do you feel?”

Sirone stared at the glowing electricity.

It wasn’t clear, but like something that had happened a long time ago, there was a vague impression.

‘Did I ever see that?’

Sirone’s mouth moved as he searched for memories of the past.


“huh? Sirone, what?”


Sirone turned his head with a surprised expression.

“What did you just mumble? Ultima?”

“what? Did I?”

Fleur nodded.

It must be true because she was so thorough that there was no way she could be mistaken, but I couldn’t really remember it.

“I’d like to take a look first.”

“You know it can be dangerous, right?”

“That’s why I think we need to check more. The device that controls Babel’s traps will also be in the cockpit.”

When I heard it, it made sense.

“good. But I will investigate.”

“Sir, that’s… … .”

“Listen to me. This kind of thing is originally done by the second person.”

No matter what the situation, only Sirone had to be saved, so Flew took the risk and approached.

When I took out the phoenix and gently applied it to the electricity, it made a crackling sound and grew angry, but there was no stimulation.

“Hmm, I don’t think it’s dangerous.”

Then, as if he had waited, Jo Won jumped up and grabbed the electricity with his hand.

“It’s mine!”

He was a man with a long philtrum who was tasked by Reisis to keep an eye on Sirone.

He may have been entrusted with such a mission because of his cool-headed personality, but he was just an ordinary human being in front of materialistic desires.

As the electrical energy began to be absorbed through his arm, he shouted, convinced that it was a spirit.

“Spirit, make a contract with me!”

A blue light spread across the cockpit, and the spirit’s power permeated the man.

His eyes flipped involuntarily as the grand idea filled his mind.

“Oh, it can’t be. this is so… … exorbitant… … .”

His face, which had been muttering in ecstasy, suddenly exploded with a pop.

Sirone and Fleur looked at the man whose face had disappeared in dismay.

“Stupid. No matter how much it is, what are you going to do if you don’t check it and bite it?”

It’s not because of a lack of patience. That’s how strong the Norse people’s desire for spirits was.

It was a psychology that could never be understood by Sirone and Fleur, who could activate magic anytime, anywhere through the Spirit Zone.

When Flew glared at the last member of the crew, he shook his head, raised his arms, and stepped back.

Nothing is more expensive than life, so it was an excellent choice.

“Sirone, are you going to do more?”

Fleur asked to stop, but Sirone was rather convinced by the man’s death.

Babel is a place sealed with henna. And it existed even before subjects were born.

“Those who came in and out of this place must have been angels or Nephilim. In other words, the immortal function is basic. The steel golem appeared because someone other than the Nephilim came in.”

Flu also thought that Sirone’s words would be right with a high probability when considering the circumstances.

However, since there were already two deaths, I couldn’t help but pay attention.

“Be careful though. There is such a thing as an emergency.”

Nodding her head, Sirone reached out for electricity.

There was no stinging feeling, and electricity rode up like a living creature through the fingertips.


Then I heard the sound of the wind in my head. It felt like my skull was being drilled with a drill.

The Ultima System – a cosmic integrated information system.

According to the number of laws, 1.

The concepts of the one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind numbers that do not overlap with anything else were scattered in my head at a speed close to light.


Sirone realized why the man’s head exploded. Because his head seemed to be like that now.

When the Immortal Function was opened, a tremendous sense of liberation flooded in, and the concepts of Ultima escaped into the infinite passage.

My head was empty.

He felt that only a thin, blue ray of light connected him outside the passageway.

The last member of the group approached, swallowing saliva.

“What, what was that spirit?”

Sirone turned her head with a surprised expression.

“Tell me again.”

“Ah, I was wondering what the attribute of the spirit was.”

When I heard the man’s voice with the drone’s interpretation mode off, I was finally convinced.

I couldn’t understand the pronunciation, but the meaning of the words permeated into my head.

‘Who the hell made this system?’

The subject’s language was not a problem. Any symbols existing in the world could be integrated into a single signal and deciphered.

When Sirone pushed her hand into the cone, the electricity passed through the back of her hand and the mechanism was activated.

The flow of information was read as clearly as blood vessels.

“That must have been the steering device.”

At Fleur’s words, Sirone nodded and connected to the main circuit to search for Babel.

A bird’s-eye view of a structure so gigantic that it could be described as a castle came to mind freely as imagined.

thud! thud!

When the cockpit wall was opened, a tube-shaped glass tube appeared.

As it rotated at high speed, a red cylindrical light shot out.

“That’s the main elevator.”

An elevator on the same principle as in Arabot transported the three people 100 meters underground in an instant.

“Wow, that’s huge.”

It was a control room with acreage so wide that it was difficult to check the end.

A giant screen that seemed to be 10 times larger than the real thing floated in front of it, and a cone-shaped pillar like the one in the cockpit stood next to it.

Sirone pushed his hand in without being rough.

Why did I feel like I was here? Perhaps the answer lies here.

When I browsed the records in the control room with the Ultima system, the screen lit up.

Sirone searched calmly as if reading a book, but all kinds of pages were turning with afterimages on the screen that Flew saw.

At one point, the screen stopped, and strange letters that were neither henna nor the language of the subjects appeared slowly.

Only Sirone moved his pupils following the letters.

Through Ultima’s single signal, the meaning came through in a way he could understand.

Log: The Babel Project

Light Power Omega Year 133 – Gaia, the first human being, overcomes all biological difficulties such as gender, disposition, and personality for the first time since birth and achieves an integrated mental system.

Omega Year 187 – Gaia attempts to escape the photon world through the Ultima system, but fails due to the barrier of Ankera’s Akashic Records.

Omega Year 201 – Gaia begins war with Heaven. Conflict between the Ultima System and the Akashic Records.

Omega Year 387 – Anchera, 1st Reset Attempt. Stop Gaia with the Ultima system.

Omega Year 412 – Ankera, 2nd reset attempt failed.

Year 666 Omega – Gaia loses the final war. A 90 percent decline in the Gaian population.

Omega Year 689 – The first anti-war begins. Gaia succeeds in implementing Halo by analyzing the angel’s infinite algorithm.

Year 717 Omega – Gaia creates a strategic killing weapon to eliminate Anchera. called Babel.

Year 738 of Omega – Babel, mass production begins.

Year 777 Omega – Gaia loses the second war.

Omega Year 799 – Representative of Gaia (Records EXPUNGED), suggesting the possibility of a 2nd photon field exit.

Authorization permission from Ultima Systems.

Omega Year 892-(Record EXPUNGED), talks with Anchera. breakdown.

Omega 927 – Ankera dismantles the Ultima system with the sake of anecdote.

The Gaians were divided into Kergo, Nor, and Mecca.

Omega Year 987-(Records EXPUNGED), Ikael’s (Records EXPUNGED) announced to the subjects.

Heaven’s mayhem.

Omega Year 999 – Last Gaian (Records EXPUNGED), exiting the photon world.

record end.

‘What the hell is this… … .’

Sirone opened his mouth blankly.

Before the birth of the subjects, Gaia was a file that recorded the events between humanity and Ankera.

Having achieved an integrated information system, Gaia created an ancient weapon called Babel that could kill Ankera.

However, after losing the final war, it was a history of being separated into three races: Kergo, Norr, and Mecca.

Since the whole period seemed to be divided into percentages, there was no way to know how much time a year meant, but one thing was clear.

The last remaining Gaiain, that is, the one written on the screen as (record expunged) is the one who left this record.

‘There are two kinds of record expungements. One is the name of a Gaian, and the other is what Ikael said he had committed a great sin.’

The screen has been reset.

A line of sentences, probably engraved by the last remaining Gaian, flickered.

beyond infinity.

As Sirone stared at it, Fleur could not stand it and approached.

“what? Why are you looking at something you can’t understand?”

Sirone shook her head. Jo Won’s ears were jarring to reveal about the Ultima system.

“I will tell you later. There’s something I need to check first. Please follow me.”

When the control device was activated, the iron wall opened and a path was created.

Babel is at the end of that road. The strongest weapon created by the first humans to kill God.

‘What would it look like?’

After passing through the passage, a cavity resembling a uterus came out.

A ray of light was shining down like a spotlight, and something resembling a human was sitting there with bent knees.

It was a woman made of sleek black glossy metal, and wires that came down from the ceiling were connected in clusters.

Joe’s face went pale.

“Oh, you’re an angel… … .”

“no. It’s Babel.”

Fleur asked.


“Babel is not the name of this place. It is a kind of ancient weapon that mimics the powers of angels.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve been saying weird things ever since. explain properly… … .”


Electricity flowed in as common facilities started operating.

The electricity supplied to Babel through dozens of wires has been transmitted through the Ultima system.

There is no problem with the power supply because it is a region where lightning strikes constantly, but even so, the output was enormous.

Babel’s body, which had absorbed the entire structure’s power, began to vibrate strongly.

Indeed, it was the process by which the fetus, which absorbed all of its mother’s nutrients through the womb, was finally born into the world.

The neck of the slender barbell was lifted upright, and the legs that had been kneeling stood up as if in a state of weightlessness.

With a height of more than 2 meters, a slender body, and blue wings extending, her beautiful face was revealed.

It looked very similar to someone Sirone knew.


A red light lit up in Babel’s eyes, and a halo of bright white light rotated above his head, and a high-frequency sound close to a roar was heard.

“Sir, Sirone. Let’s get out of here.”

Fleur shook her shoulders.

I felt the power beyond imagination to the extent that it is not an exaggeration to say that I imitated an angel.

‘Did the association president intend to fight something like this?’

The barbell floated about 1 meter in the air and captured the images of three people standing on the ground.

-Running the Babel program. Apply Kariel’s Algorithm.

-First goal: Punish the intruder.


Babel’s appearance changed into a tangled form of electricity and disappeared. At the same time, the sword sharp as a blade stopped in front of Sirone’s face.

It was only after hearing the fingertips whine and make clear sounds that Sirone was able to recognize her situation.

As if fixed in space, her arms did not even move, and only Babel’s face slowly approached and looked at Sirone.

-warning! warning!

-Determination of non-attack in the upper algorithm.

-Cause analysis: Gaia code number 2 discovered. Exploration of application of Ultima system. Check application.

-Result: Absolutely inviolable target.

Babel, who was making eye contact with Sirone, slowly drew his capital and backed away with his metallic feet clattering.

-Reapplied Kariel Algorithm.

-Second Goal: Exterminate all subjects.

Hey hey hey!

As the halo rotated, Babel’s body lightly floated up.

As the three terrified men raised their heads, Babel’s body was entangled in electricity and went up through the ceiling with a roar.


The three of them, centered in the shaky room, stared devastatedly at the neatly drilled circular hole.

Black Angel Advent.


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