Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 429

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[429] Opportunity for Revenge (1)

Team Cage B has arrived on the mainland.

As 21 wizards occupied the road and walked around, people opened the road by themselves.

Since there are no rules other than unwritten rules between communities, those living on the mainland have developed a strong sense of smell to an evolutionary level.

However, Cage Team B did not show off a sense of intimidation by giving strength to their shoulders.

Although the party consisted of 4th to 6th grade, most of them were young as they were the best talents in the kingdom, and among the 21 people, only team leader Rose, assistant team leader Horkin, and communication wizard Wagan were the only ones who had experienced heaven.

“Ah, ah.”

A small woman with bobbed hair and bangs tied up over her forehead scratched all over her body from start to finish.

Aroella of Flame, a certified 4th-class fire mage.

She is a hot woman who uses flames of up to 3,200 degrees Celsius, and while she has a rough personality, she has a unique history of having her entire property stolen three times by three men she has dated so far.

“Why are you so ticklish? Is the air bad here?”

Unable to bear it, she reached into her clothes and scratched the itchy spot herself.

Summoning wizard Malloy frowned and asked.

“I’ve been very concerned since before. Why do you keep rubbing your chest? Have you decided to be self-sufficient now?”

“no… … My armpit has been itchy since I came here. Beam, have you ever been bitten by a strange insect?”

Insect Wizard Beam’s answer was concise.

“It’s because I don’t shave.”

“You are funny! I don’t have hair!”

Cage Team B’s Terminator Tarban said.

“That’s even weirder.”

“shut up! I’m in the worst mood right now, don’t touch me! I’m afraid I’ll burn it!”

Tarban ignored Aroella’s words and looked back at the team leader, Rose.

“What are you going to do now? Do you know where Gaold is and find him? Why don’t we leave it to Jonah in the center of the city?”

Vice-team leader Horkin shook his head.

“Arthur. Even at the cage level, the mainland is not an easy place to see. If you unnecessarily open the Spirit Zone and get swindled by strange people, it will be difficult to carry out the mission.”

Meat addict Benifis said.

“Isn’t it time for you to retire from active duty, old man? They are the most elite troops in the kingdom that can defeat demons. Aren’t you going to notice?”

“A cage-level party can catch demons. But here, demons also unite like cages.”

A moment of silence ensued.

Team leader Rose said.

“Heaven is a dangerous place. In particular, our target is Mikea Gaold, the best battle mage in the kingdom.”

Mysore Mami made an impression. She had a hysterical impression with irregular teeth and prominent cheekbones.

“What do you mean? No matter how Gaold, you can’t catch a demon by yourself. We are not pushed behind in combat power.”

said Horkin.

“Demons and humans are different. There are ways to attack demons according to logic, but humans have too many variables. and… … .”

Horkin’s face turned cold as he turned to Mami.

“Catch it by yourself, Gaold.”

Saliva trickled down Mami’s throat.

said Rose.

“The best outcome is to eliminate Gaold without sacrificing anyone on the team. But it’s not particularly strange when someone dies. It’s not like I’m playing a numbers game like it’s first class. Gaold is special.”

It was only then that the team members’ faces revealed their spleen determination.

It was the first time in years of working together that the team leader put the target first.

Tarvan, on the other hand, did not look nervous at all. It doesn’t make sense if he, who uses the most destructive magic on the team, shrinks before even fighting.

“If I can’t get into the Spirit Zone, I have no choice but to run with my feet.”

Tarvan suddenly turned and headed into the alley.

Since there was no one who did not know that he had been followed after arriving here, the team members also followed without muttering.

As we entered the alley, armed men appeared.

It was as many as Team B in Cage, and their eyes sparkled with life.

“What are you?”

The spirit wizard White connected the spirit channel and translated Tarvan’s words, but the armed robbers were not surprised.

The man who was the leader drew a sharp-edged sword and approached Tarvan as if it were natural.

“You don’t know who we are. I recognized it from the time I was looking around like a country boy. Did you think that it would be safe to gather in groups?”

On the mainland, where numerous lifestyles and organisms are mixed, information is just as important as force.

If it was a first trip to the mainland, it was such a good prey that the first to occupy it would be the owner.

“You ask because I don’t know. What are you?”

“Cheuk, then I’ll give you some particularly good information. First, when someone calls from the mainland, they immediately run and kneel. Second, give everything you have. Third, he runs away with all his might, leaving the woman behind. Now, do it.”

Tarvan looked back at his teammates.

Seeing that no one wanted to step out, he sighed and approached the robber.

“Ha, here or there… … .”

5 minutes after that.

Twenty robbers were lying on the floor of the alley with their faces smashed one by one.

They were clumsy bastards who didn’t even need to use Tarban’s long-term Kaiser Blast.

“Huh! Yes, save me… … !”

Tarban grabbed the leader by the collar and lifted him up.

“Let’s ask one thing.”

“yes yes! Whatever I know, no, even if I don’t know, I will definitely bring it to you!”

I was about to laugh out loud.

At least, the change of attitude seemed to be quicker than the intensity of the original world.


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Communication wizard Wagan smiled brightly and opened his vision with magic in front of the leader.

When Gaold’s face came to mind, even the blood disappeared from the terrified leader’s face.

“Have you seen this person?”

“Ah, uh, that… … .”

From the leader’s reaction, Cage Team B realized. He had seen Gaold before.

Spirit Mage White approached.

“You got caught, Tarvan.”

“Sheesh, I was already counting.”

Tarvan’s words may have been false, but considering the current result, it is natural.

The bottom layer of the mainland food chain that only beginners are aiming for.

If he didn’t even have the ability to measure his opponent’s capabilities, Gaold would have been followed.

“Hey, you. Tell me everything you know.”

The leader’s head spinning rapidly after hearing White’s words was transmitted through the mental channel.

‘The value of the information you have. Weighing lives and costs.’

“I-I don’t know anything. but… … .”

White didn’t even listen to the leader and turned around and went back to his teammates.

“it’s over. Let’s have a meeting.”

As Tarvan grinned and raised his fist, the leader, realizing that things were out of order, exclaimed in despair.

“Sleep, wait! I saw the truth! I saw it!”


The leader’s face was smashed into a wall.

Tarvan stood up, clenched his fists, and turned to Horkin.

“It’s cool. Isn’t it too shabby for a place where demons roam like cages?”

Just as Horkin was about to answer, a group of people appeared at the end of the alley.

Feeling the presence, Tarvan turned his head, and unlike before, Tarvan’s eyes sank calmly.

‘What are those things?’


Ethella was walking while looking at the hunting list given by Frankwine, but raised her head with a strange feeling.

21 personnel were occupying the alley.

Quan put his hand on the handle of the sword without a word. Just looking at the aura they gave off, they were all masters of their own organs.

Tension soared as if it would explode, and dozens of gazes quickly explored each other.

Tarvan had to pick up the words he had just spoken.

I thought it was a place where people lived, but it was the mainland where people who didn’t look like these people could come across in the alleys.

Horkin touched his beard with a curious smile.

‘Hmm, what should I do with this?’

For those who want to go out, this is a dead end.

If you’re not going to fight, you’ll have to back up and clear the way, but no one on Cage Team B would do anything ridiculous like that.

Realizing that he had no intention of getting out of the way, Kuan slowly moved forward.


The eyes of 21 people simultaneously looked up at Kuan’s legs.

‘Are you going to try it alone? Aren’t you crazy?’

If it’s not to hug and kiss, isn’t there a reason to come from a blocked road?

‘It’s funny. If you want to leave, you guys go back.’

When Tarban exhaled hostility as if blocking access, Kuan’s temperament was amplified in an instant, as if a chemical reaction was taking place.

“wow… … .”

Someone on the team burst into exclamations.

The corners of Tarvan’s mouth trembled, too, to the extent that he didn’t even think of scolding him.

‘Living once kills.’

There is no such thing as a friendly life, but if you do it without hesitation, it means that you have already made up your mind.

‘Yeah, I think I have to work at this level.’

Quan approached, limping with an even stride. Even so, his eyes contained half a tar without blinking.

‘One step forward.’

When that time comes, I have no choice but to call.

Time came in an instant, and Kuan’s feet crossed the line of death. At the same time, Horkin opened his mouth after a long pause.

“Don’t do that… … .”

At the same time that Kuan’s sword drew an afterimage, Tarvan’s body turned into a flash of light and was pushed away.


The swordsman’s physical reaction speed is faster than that of a wizard. It was a sword that worked so fast that it might have had a different result if Horkin hadn’t exactly cut off the pulse.

‘Did you avoid it? No, was it cut?’

The bridge of his nose was cold as if it were frozen.

It could be wind pressure, or it could be an actual cut. However, it was a shame to check it with my hands.

“uh? Are you from the continent by any chance?”

Ethella pointed at Horkin with a surprised expression.

Cage Team B, who heard the familiar language, also softened a little.

Of course, that is never a reason to get out of the way or to go back the way you came.

However, all 25 people in the alley had a hunch that it was best to end the situation well through a common ground less than dust.

The resourceful Horkin came to the fore.

“Oops, you didn’t recognize that you were a person from the same area and built up a bloodline. Nice to meet you. Are you on a mission too?”

Ethella shook hands with Horkin and smiled kindly.

“yes. At least, we almost got into a fight on the same side.”

‘Whoops, are you on the same side?’

The corners of Horkin’s mouth rose slightly.

Even seeing 21 wizards gathered, they weren’t so low that they couldn’t be reminded of Cage.

‘Are you from the Red Line?’

Wagon jumped on the reconciliation mood and approached. Of course, it was an action based on complex psychological calculations.

“I was looking for someone. Have you ever seen someone like this?”

When Gaold’s face appeared in the magical vision, Ethella opened her eyes wide in surprise and said,

“what? Isn’t this Mikea Gaold?”

Shiina added.

“I know you are the president of the Tormia Magic Association. But why are we looking for this person on the mainland?”

‘Hmm, that’s it… … .’

Horkin blinked and thought.

To be precise, he is the ‘former’ president of the Tormia Magic Association.

‘You really don’t know? It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on the mainland for a long time. Well, it hasn’t even been a month yet.’

Tarvan said curtly.

“it’s nothing. It’s just what the mission requires.”

If they met in a place like this anyway, there was a high probability that they were carrying out a classified mission, so it was an atmosphere to refrain from inquiring deeply.

“yes. then.”

Etella bowed her head, showing the courtesy of refusing to pay attention. Now it was a request to get out of her way.

There was a slight backlash in the hearts of the younger members of Cage Team B, but Rose cleared the room with a cold voice.

“I’ll open it.”

Cage Team B moved left and right, and Armin and his party escaped between them.

Most of them were wary of making eye contact, but Aroella of Fire was glaring at Shiina until the very end.

‘That woman is definitely frozen. Are you sure.’

It was Aroella’s subjection that being in a bad mood for no reason was the only natural enemy of flame, but strangely, the hit rate was high.

As Armin and the others disappeared from view, Rose immediately turned to White and asked.

“how is it?”

“How are you? Of course it’s a failure. Everyone blocks their thoughts so nothing is read. But it was a situation where I couldn’t attack aggressively.”

Rose was not disappointed and moved on to the next case.

“From that man?”

said White, turning to the robber’s leader.

“It is true that you tailed Gaold. However, it seems that Gaold did not respond and immediately left the mainland. There are two people in the group, one is Gangnan and the other is a woman I don’t know.”

“A woman you don’t know? Hmm.”

Although Zulu is the world’s best summoning wizard, few people know his face because he is a wizard from a foreign country and has a very closed personality.

“But it is strange. Wouldn’t there be no reason to stop here if you left the mainland right away?”

“According to his recollection, he never entered the building or took a break. As soon as I arrived, I was out of there within an hour.”

“Right. Finding the reason will be the fastest way to reach Gaold. From now on, we will trace back the movement.”

When Rose left the alley, the rest of the team followed suit.

Then Horkin suddenly stopped and looked back down the road.

“Inspiration, why is that?”

“The woman who shook my hand. I must have seen her somewhere, but I can’t remember. I don’t think she was out of the wizarding world.”

Tarban didn’t think much of it.

“If you had that level of skill, you would have seen it anywhere. Anyway, let’s go quickly. Because I am starving to death.”

“… … .”

Horkin’s gaze, following Tarvan, lingered for a long time on the path where Etela and the others had disappeared.


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