Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 427

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[427] Definition of creature (3)

In front of the front gate of the county community.

“Cheuk, you shrank a lot. What to do with these?”

“Kill what? No, should I take you alive?”

The voices of the bodyguards were thin and muddy, as if muscles were attaching to the throat.

But more surprising than that was the aura they radiated.

Whether it’s a sword, fangs, or claws, when you face a creature with the intent to kill, you feel a strong energy, but each person’s temperament is different.

a killer? beast of prey?

The energy transmitted from them was completely different from that.

unknown creature. Or, something that is a complicated mix of existing organisms.

‘I can’t be embarrassed this time either.’

Kuan was ready to jump out at any moment.

When they reveal their true colors, they shoot external gravity in three directions.

Slash the ones on the left first, then accelerate with the feedback and wipe out the remaining ones faster than that.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

A faint sound reached Kuan’s ears so that it could not be noticed by non-schema users.

It was the sound of long nails being pulled out of the right hand of the bodyguard who was confronting Armin.

“Everybody stop moving!”

Loud shouts erupted from beyond the front door.

Quan immediately put his feet on the ground and rotated to neutralize external gravity, but it was only after he had tasted his black blood.

chin! chin!

The heads of the two bodyguards standing to the left fell.

Shiina felt a shudder when Kuan, who had been standing by her side until a moment ago, was already in the enemy camp.

I couldn’t even recognize when he was moving or what he was doing.

While most swordsmen use propulsion to ambush, Kuan rather moves through suction.

Rapid acceleration that does not even require preparation or warm-up.

I thought it was fortunate that Kuan wasn’t my enemy.

“This bastard! I will kill you!”

When the bodyguards, who witnessed the death of their comrades, rushed in, Quan also raised his sword horizontally and prepared to face it.

“Stop it, you children! Didn’t you hear my brother?”

The action of the bodyguards stopped for a moment.

There was no significant change in appearance yet, but the face was distorted to the point of approaching a monster.

The iron door opened with a click and a tall, middle-aged man walked out.

She was wearing a coat with long, soft fur like a mink, and a terrified weasel’s face was stuffed on both shoulders.

Her hair fell to her shoulders and was disheveled, and Al was wearing black glasses with pointed tips.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he occupied all the hunting grounds near the mainland, it was Frank Wine, the leader of the night blind.

Armin walked towards him and asked.

“Are you in charge of this place?”


Frankwine stroked his beard and looked at Armin, then smiled, revealing sparsely studded gold teeth.

“They are hot-blooded young people. Yes, I’m the captain here. Why did you find me?”

“I have something to ask the military community.”

“aha! So, I mean, let’s do business. Yes, business is a must. Come in, come in.”

“older brother! They killed 2 of my colleagues! Are you going to let me in like this?”

Frankwine looked back at the two corpses with their heads cut off neatly and shrugged.

“What’s wrong? When men fight with each other, they die, and what else, yes, their heads are cut off. What are you fussing about?”

“But brother… … !”

Frankwine’s face crumpled in irritation.

“Are you going to keep vomiting at my words? are you dead it’s not are you alive Then don’t care whether others die or not, go and do your job properly.”

The bodyguards looked back at Armin and the others and gritted their teeth. However, in the end, he could not resist and had no choice but to open the way.

Violent, absolute.

It was the first impression of the night blindness that Armin received.

Frank Wein gave a brief introduction to the factories on the way to the office.

I guessed it, but when I saw it with my own eyes and heard it in words, the scale was truly vast.

They were dealing with everything from colors and weapons made from elixirs to consumables and medicines needed for hunting.

‘It’s definitely different from the enemies I’ve met so far.’

Feeling wary, Armin hinted at it.

“Thank you for your time. I heard you’re busy.”

“Oh, I drank too much yesterday. I didn’t feel well. But what if you play? Anything cheaper than shit? Kuck.”

Frankwine proudly opened the office door, like a hotel manager in Armin’s world.

It was a cramped room where c*ckroaches would feel comfortable, and the wallpaper was stinking with cigarettes and alcohol.

“Wait a minute, wait here. I’ll finish my work and come back.”

After sending Armin and his party into the office, Frankwine turned and entered the room at the end of the hallway.

A blond haired handsome man with an all-back shirt stretched out his long legs on the desk, then stood up in amazement.

“Ah, brother. Are you here?”

“What did I say? You said you would kill me if you sat at my desk one more time?”

“Who knew it would take? By the way, what about you bastards?”

The second-in-command of night blindness, Meat Gun.


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There are over 300 employees in the munitions community, but Mitgan is the only competent person who dares to say that he protects Frankwine.

Frankwine put a crumpled cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

“It was worth it. Let’s leave it to the guys. Do you have the estimate from Laceys? Give it back.”

Meatgun pulled a piece of paper out of his inner pocket.

When Frankwine received it and opened it, the names of about 10 species of creatures were written on it.

It was divided into 1st and 2nd ranks, but they were all difficult to hunt.

“Geuk, I am crazy, but that woman is also insane. How are you going to get this? If you send her men, you won’t be able to find a bone.”

“But it is such an unconventional proposition. He said he would adjust the telomere level of 100 members to 5 levels.”

“Hmm, step 5.”

Telomere level refers to the sheer power to sustain life.

Therefore, it is a natural fact that the higher the telomere level, the stronger the combat power.

With a telomere level of 5, it was enough to enjoy a lifespan of 400 years under the premise that there was no explosive biological activity.

If you have 100 subordinates like that, the future of the night blind will be win-win.

However, what was curious was the reason why Raysis, who was vigilant with enemies everywhere, readily proposed unconventional conditions.

“What’s your plan, girl? I sent only the top species of the local food chain.”

In terms of survival, the species that best adapts to the environment survives, but that alone does not make it the best.

Organisms at the top of the pyramid of the food chain tend to have strong characteristics that cover all their weaknesses.

“I know it’s perverted, but isn’t it too individualistic? It would not be easy to combine with other creatures with such distinct characteristics.”

“It must have found a way. She’s an incredible woman, but she’s not clumsy. Also, the condition she presented will definitely help her night blindness.”

Frankwine crumpled up the note and stuck it in his pocket.

“So, do you think you should accept this deal?”

“yes. Whatever your thoughts on the other side, this is a great opportunity to increase the power of the Night Blind. If you have any ambitions to rule Purgatory, you must hold hands.”

Frankwine violently swung his arm and struck Meatgun in the chin.

Meat Gun’s body flew like a shell and crashed into the wall with a bang. As he fell to the floor while lying on his side, there was a huge crack in the wall.

As Mitgan stood up clutching his forehead, Frankwine opened the door and said as he walked out.

“If you sit in my chair one more time, I will kill you.”


The door is closed.

Armin and the others sitting in the office Frankwine guided us all frowned.

Another kind of fishy smell wafted through the stench of alcohol and cigarettes.

Shiina waved her hand fan and said.

“What the hell does this smell like?”

The men guessed, but remained silent.

Ethella tilted her head and said.

“Iknow, right. What kind of fish is this… … .”

Armin hurriedly changed the subject.

“It’s strange, by the way, that the head of the munitions community suddenly treats you with goodwill.”

Shiina had the same thought.

“I don’t think we should be careless. The bodyguards did too, but Frankwine’s temperament was really strange. Maybe a variable is occurring in a place we don’t know… … .”

Etella and Kuan also nodded.

But even if something happened elsewhere, they couldn’t know.

Frankwine entered with a cool smile.

“haha! I’m sorry. I’m a bit behind on work.”

Shiina asked as if she had been waiting.

“Why is the office so messy? And what the hell is this smell? Your head hurts.”

Frankwine looked at Shiina as if asking what he was asking, then burst into laughter as if realizing it.

“haha! Right! So, yesterday I played hotter than usual… … .”

Armin offered a seat.

“Sit down. I have something to tell you.”

Frankwine sat down shyly. But the calculations were running fast in my head.

Clearly, all four of them are outstanding talents. Even so, there are two innocent girls included.

A human figure that is not often seen in Purgatory, where survival is everything.

‘These are the guys from another world.’

If so, it’s rather easy to talk about. Frankwine wasn’t from Purgatory either.

“Yes, why did the scary people who wiped out two talented night blind men found such a shabby place?”

There is no way I can forget the death of my subordinate.

However, Frankwine’s feelings were not condolences, but were close to a very businesslike idea of ​​earning even money for meat.

“I want to rent a factory in the military community.”

“Hoho, it’s coming out hard from the start. what are you going to make?”

Armin provided only the information necessary for the transaction.

The key is to make a large tagis.

They added that they would pay for all the accompanying elixirs and materials, and that they would pay for renting the factory with elixirs.

Frankwine licked his lips.

It’s not that I didn’t particularly like the offer. For merchants, all trades are golden.

I just felt that things were turning strangely.

A sudden estimate from Second Commander Reisis. And this time, to the request for the production of a large Targis, which the 1st Command is sure to be involved in.

‘Something happened on the rebel side.’

Armin emphasized again.

“The case will not disappoint.”

Frankwine got out of his mind and smiled broadly.

“If there’s something big like that, of course you’ll have to find us. Now I see you’re a giant. But, you can’t just use the elixir to run the factory. You know, we’ve been doing really well lately.”


Elixir has a different use than currency, but it is the most commonly used item as a way to obtain something in the mainland.

Armin couldn’t understand Frankwine’s words that he couldn’t do it with the elixir alone.

“Hmm, what should I do with this?”

Frankwine pretended to be lost in thought, then went to his desk and scribbled something.

He tore the paper from the memo book and tossed it on the table in a crumpled condition, and Armin slowly unfolded it and looked at the contents.

A beam of light emanated from the bandages covering the eyes.

hunting list

1. Photosynthetic Monster Olkir – Hunting Rank A Class

2. Park Yo-jong Jeremont – Hunting Rank A

3. Transparent Ear Hororos-Hunting Rank B

4. Jinmai Sigjong Galtomic – Hunting Rank S Class

5. Infinite cell growth body Kenser – hunting rank S class

6. Kuzen the Devourer-Hunting Rank A

7. Musa, the King of Acid Poison – Hunting Rank B Class

8. Ringer of the sapphire mineral species – hunting rank double S


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