Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 426

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[426] Definition of creature (2)

Plateau of Corruption.

A strong, sulfur-smelling wind blew across the desolate plain.

There was not a single blade of grass on the empty ground, and dark clouds stretching all the way to the horizon spewed out lightning.

It was a dry, dreary, empty place.

The 3rd Special Task Force crashed on the light. It was a violent landing that was incomparable to the Elijah I had experienced so far.

Shirone rolled on the floor feeling that she had been knocked over by an uncontrollable force.

“Aw, that’s the head. Senior, are you okay?”

Sirone opened her eyes wide at the scenery around her.

Rectangular panels 4 meters high were erected in eight directions. Beyond the panel, two-meter-long needles were tightly packed all the way to the end of the line of sight.

As the lightning struck, powerful electricity flowed down the tributary and blasted the inside of the panels that encased them.

“This… … .”

Joe said.

“This is not a natural area where emotions gather. It is a device artificially designed to collect light.”

“Is it made by the Meccans?”

“Nobody knows who made it. Because it existed before the subjects lived in Heaven. Only the angels will know what happened in this forsaken land.”

Thunder struck again.

As the lightning split into thousands of prongs and absorbed into the ground, the ground glowed bluish as if it were infested with insects.

As a powerful white light popped out of the panel, Sirone gave instructions with a frown.

“Let’s get out of here. It could be dangerous to stay here any longer.”

The 3rd Special Task Force escaped the lightning strike area to avoid tens of thousands of needles.

Everyone has the ability to fly, but the air is a dangerous place in this environment.

The place they arrived at was a crater located four kilometers away from the well of light.

There was a hollow in the ground, as if something had fallen at a terrifying speed.

After going down to the center and sweeping the ground, an iron plate appeared. Something seemed to be buried deep in the ground.

“This is why it is called the tomb of angels.”

“That’s right. Over the centuries, numerous cults have tried to excavate these ruins. But it was all in vain.”

Joey pointed around.

“There was even a time when they tried to take out the whole area. But if you dig to a certain point, you’ll be electrocuted by the tributary. There are records of hundreds of people being slaughtered at the time.”

“After all, this seal must be lifted.”

Sirone took a closer look at the iron plate.

Although the shape was different, it was definitely henna, the language of angels.

So, a Nephilim might be able to open it. No, probably.

Sirone turned to Fleur.

Entering Immortal Function was no problem, but it was uncharted territory from now on.

“Let’s open it. If it’s dangerous, you can leave right away.”

Fleur wanted to go in.

The fact that heretics have risked their lives to excavate this place for centuries means that there is something of equivalent value underground.

Besides, Sirone had a scalpel teleport that allowed her to leave immediately, so she wouldn’t be easily attacked.

“Then let’s begin.”

When I put my hand on the steel plate and opened the immortal function, the henna shone and a huge glow radiated toward the sky.

As the crew stepped back, the echo from deep underground was transmitted through the soles of their feet.

“Sheesh! Let’s keep our distance first.”

When Jo Won said with a firm expression, Sirone also left the crater without a murmur.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

As the iron plate vibrated, a vast amount of soil poured down and something began to rise.

“That one?”

The 3rd Special Task Force stared at the iron tower that was going up incessantly.

Emerging from the ground was a huge bell-shaped structure, with a sturdy metal surface filled with henna.

The bottom of the three-metre-tall structure split in half and the exit opened.

After waiting for a long time, Sirone flew and landed in front of the structure when there was nothing wrong.

Above the entrance swallowing the darkness, letters were engraved on an iron plate.

Since it wasn’t henna, Sirone flew a drone to detoxify it. Interpretation was sent to my head via radio waves.


“bar… … bell?”

The crew muttered at the same time.

Only that letter was the language of the subjects, not the language of angels.

Flew looked back at the crew and asked.

“Babel. What do you mean?”

“I do not know. It’s the subject’s language, but it’s a word we’ve never heard before.”

It wasn’t particularly helpful information.

“Sirone, what are you going to do now?”

“Come in. After all, the purpose is exploration.”

Sirone, who moved first like a leader, cast Shining Magic and entered the entrance.

I saw a staircase going down, and through it went down endlessly, leading to a corridor.

Every 1 meter of the first step, the installed lights turned on and stretched out into the darkness.

Sirone stared blankly at the scene.

It stretches out endlessly. Calculated by distance, the size of the structure rising above the ground was just the tip of the iceberg.


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The place we arrived along the road was a circular space, and on the iron plate above the entrance, the words “control room” were engraved in the language of the subjects.

“Hmm, the control room. You can understand this.”

Everyone went inside without anyone laughing at Jo Won’s joke.

As the lights flashed on, I could see devices that could only be seen in the Great World War of Jebul, connected through wires.

Beyond the device was a huge cone-shaped column. A pillar of the same shape was descending from the ceiling, and it was moving as if a lump of electricity was caught between the two vertices.

“I-that… … !”

The members of the crew were at a loss for words with shocked expressions on their faces.

A skein of light that is shaking without being able to keep the same shape even for a moment.

It was obviously an electric spirit that was known to be impossible to collect in a pure natural state.

Flew said, touching her chin from afar.

“Hmm, what is that? Is it the power source here?”

‘That’s stupid. It’s not that trivial.’

Everyone in the group laughed at Flew’s stupidity.

What they are seeing now is the rarest spirit in Purgatory, created by the singularity of the Plateau of Corruption, where lightning strikes every day, a device that collects it into a device of enormous scale, and timeless years.

The members carefully exchanged glances.

Due to the nature of the unit, they are often dispatched to foreign countries, and in this case, their own rules apply.

If a special item is obtained during a mission, the chief officer determines the treatment, and the principle is to distribute the reward differently according to the mission achievement.

It is unlikely that these items will be observed in the field, but there was no way to create greater deterrence other than this.

‘That’s mine.’

The crew members were thinking the same thing.

Since the mission has not yet been properly carried out, according to the regulations, it is a situation where you have to bring and offer the precious electric chisel to Sirone.

As for other items, the spirit of electricity was the greatest opportunity that could not be seized even if it took the lives of the entire rebel army.

“First check!”

Jo Won ran out while making absurd excuses.

“wait! If you approach it carelessly… … !”

Before Flew could finish his words, Jo Won ran to the spirit of electricity and held out his hand to make a contract.

‘done. As long as I have this… … !’

Has your heart ever beat so fast in your life?

The huge anticipation gave the thrill to the point of paralyzing the brain.

“I will make a contract!”

At the same time as he shouted, marbles shot from the walls on the left and right.

When the man reflexively covered his face, puffer puffer puck! My body shook as the sound exploded in succession.

“Big uh… … !”

Sirone looked around with a surprised expression.

The surface of the steel wall was grooved in the form of embossing as many as the number of protruding marbles.

Even so, not a single marble fell around the man.

It bounced off the wall and went into a groove in the opposite wall.

The fact that there was no error in the trajectory even after the collision was a testament to how powerful the marbles were fired.

‘I couldn’t even react. It penetrated everything.’

thud! The man’s knees hit the floor.

Then, as the two arms came down weakly, a face with a hole was revealed, just like the shape of the wall.

Everyone raised their guard even more.

Mourning the death of a comrade was postponed until later when he left this place alive, and for now, he focused on the situation that was at hand.

“You said it was the c*ckpit. But why are the traps set?”

“It’s not a trap.”

Empty! Empty! Empty! Empty!

As soon as Sirone finished speaking, the walls of the c*ckpit were separated one by one.

It wasn’t a trap. The previous attack was nothing more than a procedure to rip out the fixed steel door.

On the inside of the wall where each section was divided, two-meter-tall steel golems were stuffed like corpses in coffins.

Then, a red light came on in his sunken eyes, and he grabbed the wall and walked out.

“Those who approach Babel will incur the wrath of God.”

The two members prepared the collective magic by taking the same action.

“Destroy with Gardin.”

Although it can only be used in special circumstances when lightning strikes, it is known to have the most destructive power among collective magic.

No matter how strong the steel golem was, it was worth fighting in a place where the spirit of electricity was standing still.

“Back off! I will destroy it!”

Contrary to what was said, the members of the crew stretched out their hands toward the front without even giving Sirone and Fleur a chance to escape.

“Goes! Gardin!”

Sirone flinched and stopped moving, and Flew also looked back at Jowon with puzzled eyes.

Contrary to the grandiose shouts, no magic was cast from their hands.

“What, what? Why is Jung… … .”

Collective magic is impossible if the spirit force is not properly connected. But not even a bit of electricity was gathering.

Sirone murmured.

“It is not an electric spirit.”

“Punish those who approach Babel.”

The golems uttered a mechanical voice and scattered, each aiming for a different target.

“Fight! All ready!”

Flew took out a phoenix and slammed it on the ground, casting a phoenix.

A hot ball of fire spread in all directions and hit the golem, but the metal body was not shocked.

So, the Norse members, who could cast wind magic in an enclosed space, could do nothing but avoid the Golem’s attack.

“Sirone! Destroy it with a laser!”

Fleur called for backup, but Sirone seemed to be stuck in place as if he hadn’t heard.

“Sirone! What are you doing? Dangerous!”

Five golems walked, shaking the ground.

A shadow grew on Sirone’s face, and a huge fist flew.

Woo woo woo!

The ground rumbled.

It wasn’t the vibration of the c*ckpit, it was the trembling caused by the stop of the forty golems.

Sirone looked at the golem’s fist that stopped right in front of her nose, then raised her gaze.

The golem’s red eyes were blinking rapidly as if calculating something.

Target Category – Human.

Attribute – Nephilim.

Code Search – Iris Pattern Identification.

Data Retrieval – Phase 1. complete. Phase 2. complete.

result… … .

result… … .

result… … .

A tremendous amount of data stored in the golem was retrieved and a single piece of information was derived.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

At the same time, all the golems extinguished their red eyes and fell forward.

The weight was so great that the interior shook enough to give the illusion that the structure might collapse.

“what? Why all of a sudden… … ?”

While the rest of the crew members were unable to move from their seats, Fleur, who was enjoying the phoenix, approached Sirone and asked.

“What happened? Why did the golem collapse?”

“I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know? But why didn’t you attack?”

Actually, Sirone was thinking about that too. Why didn’t he feel threatened by the golem?

‘Just like back then… … .’

As the Behemoth merged with the incarnation, the tangible memory disappeared, but only the feeling of unity remained, and it is still the case now. Some emotions, not words, conveyed the situation.

“Sir, I don’t know why, but… … .”

Sirone looked back at Fleur with a bewildered expression.

“I… … I think I’ve been here once.”


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