Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1238

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“Distinguished guests from all over the world, we have achieved great unity in the face of global issues. All agreements were delivered in writing, and tomorrow morning, for the first time in history, the world leader will be elected… …

While the ceremony of the closing ceremony was in progress, the entertainers took their last breath in the waiting room.

“Whoa. Whoa.”

Cayden handed Maya some water.

“Now, this.”

She was thirsty enough to empty a bottle, but she only rinsed her mouth.

“You don’t have to be nervous. Are you the best?”

Maya probably doesn’t even remember that she didn’t answer.

Seeing her cold expression for the first time, Caden swallowed and went to the corner of the waiting room.

El Qiana glared at it with sad eyes.

‘anyway… … . Can’t you see I’m concentrating? The professional is over the moment you get nervous, you idiot.’ So, the fact that she was thinking about her was proof that she was nervous.

‘Whoa, no! Let’s focus, focus!’

It was quiet again, and only the sound of the conductor Panier flipping through the score could be heard.

‘That’s annoying, that guy.’

If Caden hadn’t been a little more observant, he would have been kicked out of the waiting room.

‘Nothing happens.’

Ye-in is a slave to jinx, so even the slightest feeling makes her feel like the world is collapsing.

Perhaps the sensitivity of that moment is strong enough to kill a person… … .

‘Another 30 minutes.’

If I didn’t know how to control myself, I wouldn’t have come this far.

‘Nothing happens. Just as it is, pouring out everything and coming out.’

After that, what does it matter if you end up in the emergency room after a binge?

Then a knock was heard.

‘this… … !’

It was a jinx.

Panier, suppressing the desire to scream, spat out with a cold expression.

“who is this?”

Reina stood up when a bumpy-haired man with a knife opened the door and entered.


“for a moment… … Can we talk?” She looked at the conductor, and Pannier nodded her head expressionlessly.

Getting angry only made the jinx bigger.

“Go and come.”

Reina was sensitive as well, so as soon as she came out into the hallway, she let out a low tone.

“it’s crazy? Where are you coming from? Even if it’s the lifeguard, they won’t give you permission to enter.”

“I heard from my grandfather. I can’t go into details, but it’s a dangerous situation. Follow me.”


Currently, Clump was staying in Delta as the commander of the Tormia Temple garrison.

“What are you talking about? Now the show is less than 30 minutes away.”

“You idiot, everyone dies. So I guess my grandfather pretended not to see me either. Let’s go now.”

“no. I can’t go.”

Does it make sense that a pianist would leave without notice 30 minutes before the performance?

“Without me, over 30 people will all go crazy. I can’t do that.”

“Then you die… … !”

Rai gritted it.

Being a family member, he could understand that her stubbornness was no less than his own.

“do it yourself.”

“Go back to headquarters. Don’t stay because of me.”

There was no answer.

Perhaps her younger sister would stay here, so Reina felt heavy.

‘A child whose family is everything.’

Even though it looks cold, in fact, it was the third with more residual than anyone else.

The eldest son is the eldest son, the second daughter is the second daughter, and the youngest is the youngest. … .

‘There must have been something I wished for without realizing it. Me, Gai’s older brother, and even my father and grandfather.’

Perhaps the reason why Rai is obsessed with swords is also because he wanted to prove it to his family.

‘Go on your way now. No matter what kind of person you become, we are always here.’

Rayna took a deep breath.


The mind, trained by fighting countless jinxes, returned to a state of concentration.

“I have to do it, the performance.”

For Yein, that would be everything.

Harvits asked.

“You can’t kill me? you? why?”

“Because that is the law. Anything can kill me. But I can kill them too. For example, we share the same laws with each other.”

Sirone said.

“But Satan can avoid Yahweh under any circumstances. have you ever thought about What kind of law is it that you avoid me beyond all possible cases?”

“I don’t know. What is it.”

Harvits defines nothing.


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“Because you die.” “Satan is outside the law. That’s why he always has the upper hand in terms of probability, but it’s different for Yahweh. Your chance of surviving is 0%. Rather, you were able to run away from me 100 percent because it was absolute death. In other words, you and I are the extremes and extremes of the law.”

“No, listen. I gave you a knife a moment ago… …

“to sum up.”

Sirone stopped talking.

“You can still run away from me if you want to. But because of that, if you try to kill me, death cannot be avoided under any circumstances.”

Harvitz’s instinct was the reason why he screamed.

“You tried to stab me?”

“It’s just a conclusion. I don’t know what the future would be like, but if you had stabbed me in the back… …

After reviewing for a while, Sirone spat out.

“You must be dead. One way or another, I will have found a way to kill you.”

Suddenly, I had this thought.

‘Maybe Satan… …

Because you cannot kill Yahweh, who has mastered the heart, you are corrupting the hearts of other people.


Havitz laughed dryly, and soon returned to an eerie expressionless expression and opened his mouth.


When 12 fanatics again besieged Sirone, Havitz took a detour with vanishing.

‘I’m talking nonsense.’ Shi-ok’s 12 hidden codes began to make Sirone’s mind dizzy again.


Defeat us if you are strong.

Prove your strength, rise to the top of the world, and have everyone follow you.


Sirone is not indifferent.

Rather, it is more dangerous because he has mastered the mind and suppresses all desires.

“Go away.”

In the end, it was Yahweh because it was not broken.



Si-ok, who was irritated when the hidden code didn’t work, tried to start a fight.

“100 million!”

Harbitz, whose vanishing had been released, once again passed by Sirone and rolled around in the muddy water.

“Sah, Satan… …

Second, Si-ok had no choice but to admit it.


Satan cannot kill Yahweh.


Sitting down wet, Havitz looked at his trembling legs.

‘ fear?’

No, it can’t be.

“Why is this happening again?”

Just as Harvits was about to cut off his leg with his sword, Sirone approached and said,

“It’s no use.”

“wait. I’ll solve this first and fight again. Why do you keep losing your body… …

“Havitz, do you believe in God?”

Habitz, who stopped moving, turned his head.

” god?”

“Not the God we define, but the God who really controls all dimensions. I honestly have my doubts.”

“If you are talking about God… …


Sirone said.

“I wish there was a god.”

And as he kicked Harvitz in the face, his body thrashed and fell sprawled.


Si-ok bared his teeth, but Harvits was lying in the rain calmly in a collapsed state.

“I’d rather have a god, where everything is fair and equal, no one gets hurt, and if you do something bad, lightning strikes… …

Sirone gritted his teeth and asked.

“Why are we sacrificing ourselves? why don’t you take responsibility? Is it because there is no god? Because lightning doesn’t fall from the sky, because a blade doesn’t come out of nowhere and hit you in the neck, does the world look ridiculous? Because someone puts up with it, sacrifices it, and cares for it, you mean you can do whatever you want?”


Harvits thought carefully.

“I think you know what I mean. So when I throw out the trash, someone picks it up and throws it in the trash. If no one cleans it up, the streets will get dirty, and if time goes on like that, everyone will end up living in the dump.”


“But the person who takes out the trash is unfair. Why do you always clean me up? Those people throw filth all over the place, so why am I the only one who has to clean these streets? Then, all of a sudden, this thought came to me.”

Harvits jumped up and stood up.

“If everyone didn’t litter in the first place, these streets would always be clean. There is no need for someone to sacrifice, and everyone can live happily.”

Sirone sighed heartily.


“I don’t understand.”


“Of course, there are people who clean it up, so they throw it away. Even if all 100 people throw out the trash, someone else has to step in and clean it up. The one person who least wants to live in the dump takes on the trash of 99 other people.”

Sirone was speechless.

“Of course, that one person will be unfair. He cleaned everything up himself, but 100 people enjoy the clean streets equally. But who did it? If you don’t like it, you can just not clean it. Then someone else steps in?”

Harvits pointed at Sirone.

“Just like you.”

The sound of heavy breathing mixed with the sound of rain.

“Everyone procrastinates and procrastinates, and in the end you end up taking on the burden. But I can’t help it. You do it because you have no choice but to do it. So, you can do that in the future.”

Harvits seemed to be bothered by what he said.

“I’m going to pick up the trash alone for the rest of my life, you idiot.”

“… … Photon Cannon.”

Cirone, who grabbed Harbitz by the collar and raised him up, swung his left fist.


The moment his jaw turned, a fierce flash of light raced in Havitz’s head.


A shattering headache soon followed, and he shouted, clutching his head.


“Protect Satan!”

Siok, which activated 0.666 seconds of every second, a time that did not exist in the world, made Satan escape outside the law.

“… … Superlight speed.”

Shirone’s voice widened Shiok’s eyes.

“Uh, how?”

The reason why the speed of light is constant is because it is the speed of the signals that make up this world.

So even though it’s a light-speed barrier because nothing can exist until a signal arrives.

“Can you come at a time that doesn’t exist?”

The battery at the speed of light penetrates the 0 information between the signals, the vacuum.

“Photon Cannon.”

This is the exclusive patent of Guffin, which creates something out of nothing, and the secret of the Wizard’s missing 1 frame.


Also, if you apply this battery to matter.


It becomes atomic destruction magic that fires particles at 99.9999% of the speed of light.

When Si-ok screamed and disappeared, only Havitz remained and wriggled.

“Are you sick?”

I was in no condition to answer.

“The reason suffering is a tragedy is because it is lonely. Falling into hell alone in the festival of life. no one can replace The only thing you have to be fully responsible for yourself.”

Havitz rushed.


He concentrated all the anger he was feeling into his long sword and tried to cut Sirone’s head.

“You made a mistake.”

Sirone slowly put her hand on Havitz’s chest.


As the atomic destruction magic ripped through his body again, Havitz screamed and stumbled.

“Huh! Whoa!”

As Sirone approached, Havitz’s legs instinctively began to distance themselves.

‘Eh, run away. escape… … uh?’ I see

Havitsu, who suddenly realized, looked back at Sirone with a shocked expression.

‘this… … Is it fear?

It was the only justice born out of chaos.

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